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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> we're talking about a small boat crew. >> a small boat crew. okay. and how much -- do you know approximately how long before that crew is on the scene? >> no. but i can get on the phone with the command center and obtain more information. we're gathering information by the minute. so i can report back as to one station miami beach is in response or approaches. >> okay. we will let you do that. thank you. a spokesman for the u.s. coast guard saying there was a single engine prop plane that went down in 20 feet of water. that the coast guard has a unit on the way right now. what we are seeing are the miami-dade rescue units and the miami-dade marine units out there. there may be municipalities out there as well. this happened at the haulover beach there. in approximately 20 feet of water at 11:30 this morning with people on the beach, on a
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florida after some very bad weather that we had earlier in the week. on monday specifically. but today is a nice day and people are enjoying this nice day in south florida. then this happened at 11:30 this morning. taking a look at the boats out there, right over the airplane that went down according to the coast guard in approximately 20 feet of water. it may be less than that. look at the choppy conditions out there and how that boat is swerving as a result of being right over where this plane went down. later on we can check with john on the weather conditions and the wind conditions and if that played a factor in the plane going down. you see the police officers are there right over the plane. but a little earlier we saw
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with their shirts off that may have been the two passengers on this. and this is the indian creek village fire rescue boat out there. give them credit. we saw two young men who may have been on the plane. they were hugging each a they had smiles on their faces and very grateful that they were not seriously hurt. we have another unit out there. if we can get closer, we see this is one of the local police can't really tell. there's no sign that i can see on the sign of the boat. that may very well be a miami- dade police officer there. but you can see another unit and the coast guard also sending a unit. enforcement agencies, both local and federal. well. and these beach goers with their umbrellas out there and
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enjoying this day in south florida, and seeing the activity taking place off shore. if we can get john to join us in a little bit and fill us in on the weather conditions, that may shed light on the what the pilot of the airplane was faced with at 11:30 this morning when the plane went down. if you're just joining us, we're following breaking news near haulover beach where a small plane went down at 11:30 this morning. two people reportedly with minor injuries. we saw them from chopper 4. they were not in the ambulance. they seemed to be in very good spirits. they were hugging and joking and they appeared to be just fine, from what we saw. they were giving a statement to the police officer. in fact, there they are. now you don't see them but they were to the right of the police officers. they were outside of rescue unit 76 from the miami-dade fire rescue department. you also have miami-dade police
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we saw indian creek and other municipalities out there handling this as well. again, no reports of serious injuries. and no one transported to the hospital that we know of as a result of this plane that went down at 11:30 this morning. we're going to continue with these live pictures as we get more information. we have lauren pastrana standing by by the a in-- assignment desk. let's go to lauren to see what she has found out. >> based on the tail number and checking with the f.a.a. registry, we are told this is a piper fixed wing single engine aircraft. manufactured in 1981. the registry information, the owner is growl inc. out of brevard county. not here out of south florida. that is what we're learning at this point. we are going to look into what that company does.
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board are agents of the company, employees of the company. know. we don't know the names of the two people on board. based on the video we saw earlier, it appears that they are doing just fine. miami-dade fire rescue saying there were no serious injuries sustained. they were checked out. you can see the ambulance on the scene to make sure that everything is okay with the people involved in this very scary situation. not only for the people on the plane but i can imagine the people on the beach as well who saw this unfold just feet away. elliot, you spoke with someone from the coast guard a short time ago who says they got the call from a good samaritan to let them know this happened on haulover beach at 108th avenue and collins avenue. that is 20 feet of water there in haulover beach. again, two people on board at the time. the good news appears to be that the two people are doing fine. elliot, we will continue to get more information.
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airport information, where the plane took off or if it was about to land. we don't have that for you yet. that is what we are working on at this hour. >> we do know, lauren, that it was a piper fixed wing aircraft brevard county. there were two men on the plane when it went down at 11:30 this morning. right now let's check in with john jared to talk about the weather conditions out there. that is the holiday park camera that we love to see the images of the everglades. what are the conditions out there? it looks choppy as far as the water is concerned. >> it is definitely choppy out there. the winds have picked up. they were calm this morning but now blowing at 15 to 20 miles per hour. take a look at the wind speeds and the wind arrows here. any time that you see the
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east like that, that will make things fairly choppy. let's try this again here. okay. anyway, elliot -- here we go. mic fell off there. sorry about that, folks. the winds are blowing at 15 to coast. i also want to show you this view just up the coast from haulover beach. resort camera. and you can see the choppy waters there. so it does not appear it's a weather-related incident. don't know what caused that but it will be bumpy out there with the winds blowing at 15 to 20 miles per hour. relatively rough surf as well. >> again, john, the winds would be coming from the south, southwest, headed towards the north? >> the winds are coming in off the east. there.
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and you can see the wind speeds, you know, miami 17, right along the coast and inland they're blowing between 15 to 20 miles per hour. there will be gusts to about 25 out there. strong high pressure is blowing the stronger winds in out of the southeast. so that's what is causing the surf to be a little rougher right along the beaches than they would be if the winds had been blowing out of the west. earlier today, the winds were really flat. things have changed now as this wind pattern has changed. now. unfortunately they're coming out of the east/southeast. that's where we get the choppiest waters from, elliot. control. that's the ambulance that was sent out there and some of the folks out there not sure what this gentleman's role is in this.
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we don't know. the winds at that time between 15 to 20 miles per hour coming from the ocean. there could have been some stronger wind gusts at the time. again, that plane going down at 11:30 this morning. a small single engine piper fixed wing aircraft, registered in brevard county. lauren pastrana trying to find out for us where that plane in south florida. whether it was just up for a nice, you know, leisurely flight today in this -- in these clear skies that we're enjoying in south florida after not so clear skies on monday and a very wet, rainy day. like we have had also at the end of last week and especially the middle of last week when we had a couple of tornadoes come through the area. the boats are circling. we see the village of indian creek.
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involved with this and miami- dade rescue is involved as well. we have bar harbor, indian creek, not too far from surf side, miami-dade. you see ball harbor right there. that's the inlet that separates -- that you can get into the intracoastal water way from the beach at about 108th street in ball harbor. if you go north, that's haulover beach, a big park where a lot of people go and enjoy a day at the beach. and now they're watching what is going on here unfolding as we're now about 40 minutes after this plane went down. that's miami-dade police unit right there dealing with the choppy conditions. lauren pastrana is joining us again from the news desk. lauren. >> you mentioned the choppy conditions. earlier the representative from the coast guard mentioned they
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vessels to the area. i have not yet seen the coast guard unit just yet. maybe you have seen it and i missed it. with those conditions, i would imagine it would take time to get there safely. the calls came in around 11:30. it is 12:10 right now. perhaps it's one of the vessels there to get a better idea of exactly what happened in that area. unfortunately, elliot, we're working to confirm the information of where exactly this plane came from or where it was going. but we do, again, have some information from sources regarding the tail number of this plane that gives us a better idea of the type of plane that this is. we are hearing it is a piper fixed wing single engine plane. registered owner according to the f.a.a. registry is growl inc. the address there goes back to an airport road address in brevard county. i've been able to look up from
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to be some sort of an airplane company. not clear yet, unfortunately i can't find a website for the growl inc. but some of the information says doing business as airport inc. or airplane inc. that gives you an idea it's not the only plane that they have in the sky at any given time. again, we're trying to confirm all of this information. that tail number coming to us from a source. that's how we have been able to determine that this was a piper fixed wing single engine plane. just from the plane that we have seen in the images, you can tell it wasn't a large plane by any means. we are told that two people were on board at the time. and only two people were checked out by fire rescue. again, miami-dade fire rescue says no one suffered any serious injuries. in fact it doesn't appear that they will be transported because that ambulance has been there for quite some time. the people we believe were involved in this have been going in and out. closing the doors now.
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are actually in that ambulance because, again, they have been going in and out as they spoke with each other and hugged and you could tell they were happy to have made it out of this situation. elliot. >> yeah. and that fire rescue unit is now leaving. we don't know if they are in there or not. we presume they will have to fill out a medical report. that was, in fact, a u.s. coast guard vessel that we saw earlier. it seemed to be headed north and going pretty fast. but we do know that the coast guard is involved in this investigation, as are the local law enforcement units from miami-dade. we saw ball harbor out there and indian creek. there may be others as well. but the u.s. coast guard bigger boat. they're not searching for anybody right now. we do not believe there is anybody else in the water. just two people on the air plane that apparently are okay.
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we have to figure out how to get that plane out of the water there. lauren pastrana telling us that it is a single engine piper fixed wing aircraft. and it's registered to someone in brevard county. specifically in marriott island. and lauren mentioned the name of the company. it could be a company that owns other airplanes as well. now we see the wing of the airplane, part of it sticking partially out of the water there. you can see it's not deep water. feet of water. maybe even less. but the wing is sticking out. there. the marine patrol. and the investigation is now underway by the coast guard and the other authorities. and we apologize for losing that picture from chopper 4. it goes in and out. john telling us a little while ago that we have choppy
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we can see that plainly and the winds are between 15 to 20 miles per hour and they are coming from the southeast the ocean. and, yeah, breezy, windy conditions for a plane flying at that time. but nothing like what we saw had a tornado. very, very strong winds in south florida. but also a clear day. probably a nice day to be up in an airplane and enjoying the beautiful views of the beach in south florida. but this trip not ending very nicely for these two guys on the plane. although they appear to be okayment they were near the ambulance talking to the paramedics. but they did not appear to be injured. there's that coast guard vessel that we had seen earlier. it's on the top of your screen towards the center. and then also some local police agencies are on the scene as well. investigating this plane that
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of course keeping people away from the area. people might be curious to see what is going on. this is not a long swim off shore. somebody may want to take a swim. but the police units are out there to make sure that doesn't happen. lauren pastrana is back from the breaking news desk. lauren. >> yes. we are getting new information. we are hearing that the plane was based out of fort lauder day executive airport. this is a picture that we believe is of that specific plane based on the numbers that our sources were able to give to us. they are reading based on that number and the f.a.a. registry that this is a piper fixed wing single engine plane. again, the registered owner is a growl inc. company based out of merit island. we are hearing that the plane itself operates out of ft. lauderdale executive airport. a small aircraft.
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time. the wing poking out of the on the image. i would like to know when that photo was taken but i do not now. we are working to gather that information at this point. dade county area. what i do not know is if the plane was landing or if it had taken off recently. that's the information we're trying to get at this hour. as you look at the images from chopper 4, multiple crews are on the scene as this investigation gets started 40 minutes after the call came in. we saw the ambulance leave just a short time ago. miami-dade fire rescue reporting that the two people on board were not injured. we don't know their names or
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growl inked, the registered owner. i don't know if the company rents out the planes or if they are employees of the company. we are trying to gather that information right now by making numerous phone calls to the agencies not only in south florida but also in the brevard county area that the plane was registered out of. >> thank you, lauren. this plane apparently left ft. lauderdale executive airport. registered to a company based in brevard county, specifically merit island. it's called growl inc. what we don't know is what the plane was doing at the time that it went down. was this a pleasure flight or a business they're involved in. we don't know. we know there were two men on the plane. they're doing okay. that is good news. the wing is just flapping there in the choppy conditions. i wonder if any of that could break off and drift towards the ocean there. that is not something that you want to see. that's why the police units are
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out there as well with the marine patrol. phone right now. joan, what have you been able to find out for us. >> reporter: we're on the sand watching this all unfold. and i want to have this young >> stephanie. >> reporter: she is going to describe what she saw. >> i saw a plane crash into the ocean. the pilots were jumping out of the windows. they went far down and they told us that they pushed a button and the plane went crazy and went down. the people were screaming at us not to video. everybody is screaming at police and fire rescue coming. >> reporter: describe for us what it was like to see the plane go down there in the
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stephanie and her family are on vacation. >> yeah. we were in the water and we saw it come down and we started screaming. it was very scary. >> reporter: our understanding at this point, elliot, is that two people escaped the plane. they were all right. and at this point, we understand that these two people are safe. the situation is very much unfolding. i'm looking out at the water and there are still several rescue boats out there. still a very active scene. there are people standing on shore. >> joan, are you there? >> reporter: yes. i hear you. >> okay. she was breaking up a little bit when you were talking to her. did she basically say she saw the plane go nose down into the water or did it look like they were somehow trying to land the plane? at what point did she see the plane go down.
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where we're at exactly what the situation is. but according to the witnesses on shore, it sounds like the plane just experienced some kind of trouble and had to make this emergency landing coming down. and then it sounds like they were in distress for a little bit. but they were close enough to the shore that they were able to get to them rather quickly. we do understand that -- at least according to the rescued. you're absolutely right. shore. it's now under water in about 20 feet or maybe even less. and from shore, it's about, i don't know, 25 feet from shore. it's right next to the rocks there at the haulover inlet. that's approximately 82nd and off of collins avenue. shore. very lucky that they were able to make it to shore and in one piece.
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4 of two men at the ambulance. but they looked like they were just fine. in fact, they had smiles on their faces and hugging each other and very, very happy they were not seriously hurt. right now, the plane is in the water with a part of the wing sticking up. and, again, i was just wondering, the lady that you talked to, if she saw the plane -- when she saw it, was it already floating on the water or did they actually see a ocean? >> reporter: i'm going to go try to get the lady. they have to go jump and get on a plane. so this was kind of a strange they're literally just hours >> wow. bit of a hurry. you. when you saw the plane, was it floating on top of the water or
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>> first floating and then the pilots jumped out and they were holding on to the wings of the ask then the pilot -- and then ocean. >> reporter: so then there was the plane. >> no, you can't see it anymore it. >> reporter: there you have it. guess on the top. what time -- how long do you under. >> five minutes. >> reporter: there you have it. so in the beginning they could see it. you could see it and then it quickly i guess had submerged. >> in fact, joan, we have a still picture of exactly what you're describing which is the plane on the surface of the water. it looks like it's floating. but the front part of the plane is going down. so it went down nose first. but once it was already floating on the water.
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go down. the witness saw two guys get out of it and get out on time and able to make it to shore. we don't know if they were their own. if they did, they weren't far away from shore. it wasn't a long swim. they appear to be young guys. it didn't look like they would have a problem swimming from where that plane is right now to where the rocks are at this haulover inlet. so joan murray reporting to us on the ground. joan, great work getting the witnesses. of course we will watch your reports at 5:00 today. >> reporter: thank you, elliot. we're heading out to the rocks to get more information on the two men. >> joan murray on the ground for us. there's the picture that goes with the witness who joan murray talked to who said that the plane was floating on top of the water for a while and
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i can't tell. maybe somebody has better eyes than i do to the left. are those two people in the what you are? i can't tell from the picture. the description that was given to us is that two guys got out. we have aaron marks right now from miami-dade information. maybe he can give us more information as to the two aaron? okay. we lost somebody from miami- dade fire rescue. maybe we can get them. again, these are live pictures from chopper 4. you have been watching breaking news. the plane that went down at 11:30 this morning. aircraft registered in brevard more information can come from lauren pastrana at the breaking news desk. lauren.
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right now is it is a piper fixed wing single engine plane registered out of merit island. we know this specific plane from what we're hearing from came to or was traveling to ft. lauderdale executive airport. the still images we were showing, i found those images on twitter. the person who posted those pictures says the men were able to swim to shore before the plane went underwater there. everything happening quickly there. in about 20 feet of water according to the what the coast guard spokesperson told us a short time ago. the good news as we have been talking about for the last 45 minutes or so, the two people on board that plane did not sustain serious injuries of any kind. we saw two people who appear to possibly been from that aircraft walking around and talking, being checked out at the miami-dade fire rescue ambulance. so we of course staying on top of this situation.
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the scene of course we invite you to send the pictures to and that's it for cbs 4 news at noon. we thank you for watching and we will see you later on cbs 4 news at 5:00 and 6:00 and we will have complete coverage of the plane that went down this
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