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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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new caress forever collection. now available in 4 unforgettable fragrances. this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. right now at 5:30, the denver broncos defeat the panthers to become super bowl champions for the third time in franchise stadium. still up in smoke, flames race through a little havana strip mall, now the race is on
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it is in the 40s and it feels good. it is monday, februaryal 8th. >> -- february 8th. good morning. we have your traffic and weather. we will look at the roadways, something is going on behind there. we will find out what it is in a moment. >> but first let's go to lisset texas gonzales to tell us about the temperatures. >> you will not need the ac. in of you may turn on the heater when you wake up and even once you get into your car i will not deny that i brought my winter coat with me this morning because after all, i am a south florida girl, through and through. as we look live through the biscayne bay camera, it is cry for the commute. the radar is -- it is dry for the commute. you won't need the umbrellas. it will be about the sweater, jackets and layering up the little once. temperatures are mostly in the 40s, 49 fort lauderdale, 47 in kendall, 50 for you in miami.
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the 30s across the rest of the state. near south florida. high also be up -- here in the 50s. we will continue to see a few more cold fronts sweeping through. more on the complete forecast. now, vanessa. >> reporter: we are doing it all over again, south florida. it is mopped morning at 53 -- it is monday morning at 5:31. it is i-95 at griffin. stalled vehicle. it is a hit and run crash. this car hit and then unfortunately somebody took off. so that investigation is going to continue. they have to tow the car out of the way but it is off to shoulder. so all lanes are opened up. that's good news there. let's talk about one other accident in south florida. it is in miami-dade county. it is on miami gardens, eastbound lane is blocked off at northeast 9th court just east of i-95. those are the only two issues we have out there. thank you. we begin more coverage of super bowl 50. this morning, the denver
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bowl champions for the third time in team history. the broncos were the underdogs going in but came to play from start to finish. as cbs 4 reports from santa clara, super bowl 50 came down to defense. the denver broncos have taken super bowl other. >> peyton manning and the broncos defeated carolina to win the third super bowl. >> it was for coach phillips. for for peyton and all of my teammates of course. >> man as good the first starting quarter back to win with two different teams but would not say if this was his last rodeo. >> i want to go and hugly family. i will drink -- hug my family. i will cringe a lot of budweiser tonight. >> -- drink a lot of budweiser. >> the ticket golden, people spent thousands to get in but fans say the party was worth it. >> it is all about the broncos and manning, that guy is in an
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>> the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. >> lady gaga sang the national anthem. cold play scored at half time with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. it was a golden night for more than 70,000 fans celebrating super bowl other. head over to our cbs miami facebook page to watch beyonce's interview for her show which she calls a dream come true. >> you can also log on to web site to check out the super bowl blog, photo gallery and all things related to the big game. we have a complete section on cbs now at 5:30 a massive fire burns through a little havana strip mall. now this morning federal agents are investigating. we have a report. >> reporter: early morning miami south west 8th street,
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smoky, stubborn fire on their hands, a passer by notices smoke spreading through the building, powerful pictures as firefighters attack the blaze on all fronts. ment flames looked skyward as the fire coursed through the buildings attic gaining access difficult, power saws put to work. >> at one point in time they did have to back out so we can cut holes into the roof. they're fighting the fire and within that one hour time we control. >> business owners tell cbs 4 that it started in a costume shop in the center of the building. the building has five small businesses. it is not a retail operation but produces costumes for disney world. late this afternoon, federal alcohol, tobacco and fire arms agents showed up to investigate. they concentrated in the costume shop. now, cell phone store owner erika andretti says her family were at home when the alarm company called saying there was
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when she looked at the security camera on her home computer there was no break in. >> i looked on the camera and saw that there was a fire inside the store. so, we decide today come really quick to -- decided to come really quick to see what was happening. >> they started the clean up. as of now, no official cause of this fire. people in haiti are protesting against the provisional government being implementeded in the country. >> leaders signed an agreement to install an interim government as president steps down. the run off vote to elect his successor was postponed. protesters demanded new fair elections for the president and parliament. now to campaign 2016, norm new hampshire will hold the primary. jim was recently in the state and real rised there was no better place -- realized there
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to get a much needed hair cut. >> i haven't had a chance to be well properly groomed and my boss suggested it was a good time to get a hair cut. if you want learn about politics in new hampshire, where better to go than a barbershop. let's go. >> hi. >> morning. >> got time for a hair cut. >> dana is the owner of the hang lee and has been cutting hair more than 20 years in this town. >> i am fully aware that by having the first primary, that's the reason that once every four year it is candidates all come to new hampshire and pretend they care about our opinions and what we think is so important to them. all of that, but if we did not have the first primary, we would never see them. we don't have enough votes that matter otherwise. >> i have spoken to governor romney a time or two. >> what did you think of him. >> i like him, nice folks.
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>> big family, a lot of kids. >> the clintons were in here in years ago. they're all nice folks, both sides, that's why i don't really understand so much of the 5:00 i am quite convinced that regardless of how it comes out they election is going to be hilarious. >> which brings us to donald trump. >> i doubt if he comes into a regular barbershop like this although i have heard that's his actual hair. >> besides his -- how about his policies. >> he's irritating people and having fun. i mean if only he weren't so shy, he doesn't seem to much care what you guys think or say about him, as long as you mention his name. >> we are following jeb bush, are you surprised he hasn't done as will as some people thought. >> that doesn't surprise me. i have wondered for a while why he and chris christy are still in the race.
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much anger out there. >> it is frustration and personally i think that the majorityover it has to do with our economy. people are not seeing a recovery. in spite of the happy talk from washington. >> this looks really good: i appreciate this. >> are you optimistic about if future of this condition -- the future of this country. >> oh yeah, i always have been. we have survived fools before and we will survive them again. whether i live long enough to see the good times return, remains to be seen but they will come back. >> that's a good note to end on. >> report prosecuting new hampshire, i'm jim -- report prosecuting new hampshire, i'm jim. cbs 4 new. >> and we will have more live reports late tore night right here on cbs 4 new. >> >> chipotle e. coli outbreak is officially over, why they're temporarily shutting down all rest rans today. >>
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first time to help you get -- apple is doing for the first time to help you get rid of it. >> and a ship on the way to florida runs into turbulent water. >> >> bundle up we are waking waive and give up the 40s out there across most of south florida. -- waking up with the 40s out there across most of south
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stay cool with the 60s but what a royal caribbean cruise ship is set to dock today, the anthem was the seas after travel prosecuting new york to the bahamas over weekend. passengers captured this cell phone video of the high seas. another person shows objects as you just saw there moving across the table side to side. it was caught in the winter storm traveling up the east coast. definitely not smooth sailing for them. weather wise for us, it is smooth sailing in the sense that you don't have to worry about the wet weather gear: you don't need your umbrellas, but you need sweaters and jackets, break out the boots, make sure the little ones are bundled up as we wake up with 40s. happy monday by the way. staff super bowl which is
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after the super bowl which is always tough but that's okay. we will help you take on this new work and school week. the radar is showing it is quiet and the radar is cooperating the breeze is west northwest at 3 to 9 miles per hour. temperatures, again, mostly are all about the 40s this morning, we should be seeing lows around 62, instead, temperatures close to 15 degrees below that or even more than that. 49 in fort lauderdale. 46 in pompano beach, 47 in kendall and homestead, 50 in miami, 55 in marathon, 61 in key west but wait there's more. it is even colder just to the north, with the upper 30s in central florida, and it is down right freezing in tallahassee right now with 32 degrees. the forecast model showing throughout the day today, we will see those highs only in the low 60s around lunchtime, upper 60s by 3:00 p.m., bottom line you will still need to have your sweaters around,
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tonight we will see the temperatures tumble again courtesy of another reenforcing cold front and tomorrow morning more in way of 50s and temperatures will climb back up into the 60s. checking in on the rest of the u.s. we have 15 in minneapolis. that's the coldest spot, 30s across the mid atlantic northeast as far south as atlanta. 50s in new orleans and memphis and checking in on oriental champions, denver, 22 degrees -- on our super bowl champions, denver, 2 degrees. water vapor showing a lot of red in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that means sunshine for us, highs around 66 degrees with wind flowing west northwest at 15. gulf stream advisory, seas 3 to 8. a light chop and tonight we will see lows falling to the low to mid 50s with increasing clouds. so we will continue with this cool spell for the week actually as tomorrow we will see highs in the upper 60s.
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the 40s and highs in the low to mid 60s. thursday could be even colder with 43 and by friday, temperatures start to creep up but lows will be in the 50s and as we head into the afternoon, the warm up begins, we will see highs become a little milder in the low 70s. right now let's check your traffic with vanessa. >> reporter: i-ed 5 at griffin -- i-95 at griffin road, it is a hit and run crash still off to the shoulder. just want to keep you aware of it, not causing any problems. you can see a police cruiser just got to the scene as well. off to right shoulder, all lanes are opened up. just watch out right there. it is an accident in miami-dade county, northeast ninth court affecting the eastbound drive just after you pass i-95. you will see that injury accident s. other than that, all the construction has cleared up. some good news, just 12 minutes if you start enough broward county and end up in the golden interchange and usually the
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not yet just 12 minutes on 288th. now, cbs 4 sport. >> >> super bowl 50 was a knock down drag but but the broncos were the champions. they proved why they were the round. they came out with something while most of the nation including signature curry was ride being the carolina panthers: first quarter, miller set the tone. he stripped newton, broncos zone. they take a 10- lead. but, the panthers would come bang and answer. jonathan stewart -- come back and answer. he breaks the plane. carolina finally gets on the board but trailed by 6 at the half. after peon say, cold play and bruno -- beyonce, cold play and bruno mars, the broncos danced around the panthers. ward grab it is loose ball inside the 5 and cam could feel
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, thej anderson would --tj anderson from the two and bancos claimed the -- broncos claimed the third, manning a total team effort. this has been a tough resilient unselfish bunch of guys. that was evident tonight in this game. i have been honored and grateful to be a part of it. i was thanking them for letting me be a part of the journe >> it has been every one in the locker room that has gotten me to this point. >> he kept pushing and kept being the type of guys, i'm very appreciative of them. happy for broncos nation. let's go celebrate this one all summer. >> yesterday afternoon, the clippers visit d. wade and the heat. third quarter, he's moving through the lane like a hot knife will you butter. he scores 22 points. now, wade is going ride at wesley johnson, spin move,
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wade scores 17 but it wasn't enough, miami trailed it entire second half. the highlight of the game was also the final nail in miami's coffin. they fall 100-93. the hurricanes pick up a much needed win against georgia tech, rodriguez 0 points but one pretty lob to murray. canes take a lead in the second half but here come the yellow jackets, marcus hunt hanging in the air, get it is lay up to drop. we have a three point ball game, however newton would not be phased. nothing down low: how about a three ball? they close the door for 7 a-68 win. that's it for sports. i'm mike for cbs 4 this morning. >> >> now time for talk being the wzam studio: let's get this you had out of the way -- get this out of the way early. we were both wrong our predictions incorrect. i could have been more
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right but i never expected the denver broncos, i thought they wouldn't have a lot of yards. they d. they only had 194 yards in game. they still won by two touchdowns, that's how good that denver bronco defense was, and i didn't giver that defense the number one defense in the nfl enough credit, man. that goes down in the history books. it was that good. man, what a performance. >> lest talk about miller's performance. two and a half sacks, two forced fumbles. he really was the star of the night. he was award for his efforts with the mvp. >> well, he was great against tom brady, a couple of weeks ago. i should have seen this coming. i thought the carolina offensive line would do a better job but boy he's just once they shut down the run and he's able to tee off and keep newton in the pocket, he's so quick, he gets up the field. he has lift shift moves: he
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, had five sacks against two of the best quarter back ins the nfl. just a great performance for the second overall pick of course behind cam newton in that same draft class. now let's talk about manning, he's the talk of the town this morning because everyone wants to know what he's going do next. i heard he said that he's still part of the band. he's not the lead singer but he sings a solo every now and then. what did you think? any shining moments, no touchdowns and one interception. >> well, he is lucky he had a great defense. he really is. they had great special teams. he only threw for 140 yards, you know, he's kind of sitting in the pocket. he had struggled there. he got sacked five turn, turned the ball over a couple of times. i hope, getting that championship ring that he's going to get, it will be a great way to go out. i hope this is it for peyton manning. he made a couple of nice throws
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won that game w. will go back to how we started. that defense was really good. probably bad for business, i've already a lot of people complaining that game was boring because both defenses were so good. >> yeah, it was a close enough game to end that people still thoroughly enjoyed that. that's what kept he watching to the end. plus if peyton would make a big announce. no such announcement yesterday. we will have to wait and see. thank you. all right. coming up a new way to cash in on your old i-phone, that's next. >> and the super bowl is the biggest night of the year for advertiser, a look at the top five superspots. later, supercustom cars, meet the south florida man behind these rides custom made for celebritys and athletes. the new hampshire primary is tomorrow.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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welcome back. apple is accepting damaged
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jim, good morning. morning. >> reporter: chipotle is closing from 11:00 to 3:00 example for a company-wide meeting about food safety. of e. coli. they will lay out safety measures including paid sick leave for-war which is means they will stay home -- for worker which is means they will stay home when they don't feel well. apple is letting people get up to $250 the company is looking to get more people to upgrade as iphone sales slowed down. walter. all right. jill, some people watched the super bowl for the big game, others for the commercials. last the big take away from last night's game. >> okay. so i am one of the people who watched for commercials. for super bowl other, advertisers paid a record $166,000, a second for air time.
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starred kevin hart. meter. they played it safe and tried controversial. i thought that commercial was pretty funny. favorite. >> yeah, the doritos son gram. that was my favorite. >> that scored well with the men, i think. that's consensus i am getting. >> what about you. >> a lot of people -- >> i like -- i love the commercial. maybe it is because we have spoken about it so much. i thought it was really sweet. >> there were a few that were kind of like -- >> i guess i'm alone. >> there were a couple that were good. we need another minute to talk aid and abet. maybe we will talk about it in the next hour. >> -- talk about it. >> maybe we will talk about it
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>> i am joined bailor radio and this is jelly bean. i may just run offset with her right now. >> i don't blame you. she's an incredible little sweetheart. i can't believe how calm she is. >> yeah, she's a two month old puppy. he's a mixover a shepherd and retriever. she will grow to be a larger dog: she was surrendered by a woman who had a litter of six brothers and sisters. >> wow. >> we are trying to find homes for all of them. i am sure they will go quickly. bear in mind, puppies need work. it is not easy but she's a little doll, this one. >> adorable. >> we were talking about her mother before saying that the mother has now been fixed as well. tell us about the program the say and neuter program that you offer. >> we have at certain times of the year a special on say and neutering if you can provide low cost, proof of low cost income it can be if you are on food stamps.
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have areolationsship with. if you can show proof of that by all means bring your dog in, you get the information online and you can or your cat actually, also, if you can bring in a community cat, but it must be proof it is a community cat, not one that lives with you, we will also do it for free, and show also do rabies, vaccines and everything that they need. she's really loving it. >> she's starting to learn her surroundings talking into the mic. she's adorable and ready go. >> she's ready go. she had her say and her shots and you know what, all we need a loving family who can make her part of theirs. >> i am sure once she's seen she will go very quickly. thank you very much. thank you to jelly bean. >> oh, jelly bean will go quickly for sure. >> that's it for cbs 4 this morning at 5:00. news at 6:00 starts right now. >> next at 6:00, super bowl champions, the broncos bound the carolina panthers to claim the third lombardi trophy.
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reactions from the stadium.
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