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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cruise to win new hampshire. but there was at least one surprise. we have live team coverage. then a missing woman. miami police are looking for a college student who left work and disappeared. what she left behind that has her parents worried. and fists fly inside a south florida high school and it is all caught on camera. two people are killed in a fiery crash on i-95. good morning south florida. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm walter makaula. >> and i'm lauren pastrana. we are going to begin with the deadly crash on the interstate. vanessa? >> reporter: good morning walter lauren and all of you at home. you just saw pictures from earlier this morning of the car fire. massive flames, smoke billowing. that fire is now out. this is what the scene looks like right now at 6:00 in the morning. so i 95 northbound at 836, that is the section we are talking about in south florida.
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drive u.s. 1, this is going to affect you. all the right lanes are blocked off. the car involved where you saw the fire, that is right over here. you can hardly make out the car. so if you are heading in that direction, they have the lanes blocked off. they are not going to be opened up anytime soon. at one point they shut down i- 95 to except the officers and road rangers safe. they may shut down the scene again, so be aware of that. i-95 northbound at 836, only one lane is getting through. heavy delays in the area. you can sake u.s. 441 or take u.s. 1 as your alternates and we have marybel rodriguez live at the scene. >> reporter: vanessa, good morning, very active still. the traffic here is down to one lane. you can see several troopers out here. the tow truck also arrived, and
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hp confirming speed definitely played a role. one victim is from illinois and they were driving a nissan. still very active in the process of trying to clear out the scene. the car. just minutes after the accident up in flames, the vehicle completely engulfed. right side. firefighters trying to put out the massive flames. the car unrecognizable. nissan. there were two people inside the vehicle. unfortunately, they both died. one the driver on the way to the hospital, the passenger died here. the victims. he did not want to be on camera but says he was in another vehicle ahead of them. >> i was just driving down the
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>> reporter: and again back live here on northbound 95, on the shoulder between northwest 2nd street and the entrance to taken off with the vehicle. they are in the process of clearing the road as well. now according to fhp, the car was heading northbound on 95, hit the far left median, taking out a chunk of it. again confirming that speed definitely employed a factor in this crash. of course the trooper here is going to be giving us more information and we'll bring it to you at 6:30. marybel rodriguez, cbs4 this morning. >> thanks for the live report. let's check your weather now with meteorologist john girard. >> reporter: a live look overlooking the bay and intracoastal. good visibility, that means
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there. a good start to the day as far as that is concerned but take the jacket, grab the sweater. 57 in miami right now. 55 in ft. lauderdale, 65 in key west. schooler. 62 at 9:00, -- feels cooler. 62 at 9:00. 66 with sunshine at 3:00. back with more in just a few. people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and, by the way, to the media establishment. >> he wants to give away our country, folks. we are not going to let it happen. we are not going to let it happen. the campaign 2016 now it was a big night for donald
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hampshire primary. the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to south carolina. weijia jiang kicks off our live coverage live from manchester, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter. good morning everybody. these crushing wins for trip and sanders really speak loudly here and highlight voter frustration. there is a long way to go before the party conventions in july and on the gop side there is a lot of uncertainty about who is trip's most threat -- trump's most threatening challenger. after finishing first last night, donald trump has his sights set on the next major contest. >> we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> reporter: exit polls show voters favored trip's position as political outsider and
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to ban muslims from the u.s. john kasich rose to second place. >> pundits say first place iowa finisher ted cruz could regain momentum in the palmetto state. >> the claim for kasich is the same against trip, which is neither of them are real conservatives. >> reporter: bernie sanders rode a wave of support from young people and independents to beat hillary clinton. >> what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> reporter: clinton's camp is banking on support from minorities to give her an edge. >> it is not whether you get knocked down that matters, it is whether you get back up.
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will take to the debate stage tomorrow night in wisconsin and the republican contenders are also preparing for a showdown this weekend at a cbs news debate in south carolina. chris christie says he doesn't know if he is going to that state. he went home and says he is taking a quote deep breath to decide if he will stay in the race. weijia jiang cbs4 this morning. our team coverage continues now with cbs4's david. >> reporter: good morning guys. you know we thought this was going to be jeb bush on the ropes and in the end it was marco rubio on the ropes. bush had a very big night, it was what he was hoping to do here in new hampshire. to be honest, he was looking to do even better. he had spent 54 days on the
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and in the end, he came in, in fourth place, which was like i said, he was looking for first. at the very least second. trip was obviously the -- trump was obviously the one everyone turned out to be. the governor was hoping to be the pick amongst the governors. last night he said his campaign is not dead and we are going to south carolina. >> we need a president with a steady hand, with a proven record, who has a servant's all about him. that is why i'm running for the presidency of the united states and why i'm so grateful for the people of new hampshire. you have given me the chance now to go to south carolina where we are going to do really well, thanks to you all. god bless you all. >> reporter: the question is whether bush can, of course, energize the people in south carolina. moving on, marco rubio, the big surprise of the night. a week ago he finished third in iowa, was coming into new
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saturday night happened with the exchange with governor christie where he had a rehearsed message and it kept coming out over and over again. by the time the primary happened it didn't play well for him. in fact the debate really mattered. 46% in new hampshire made their decision in the last few days and 20% made it on election day. marco admitted it is his fault he didn't do so well in new hampshire. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well saturday night. so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> and now both marco and jeb are in south carolina.
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momentum, marco hoping to leave what happened in new hampshire behind him. >> good to see you out of the morning. >> jim will be in south carolina for the live debate. friday. miami police need your help to a missing woman who disappeared monday. gaby fleischman is live with what her mother is saying. >> reporter: good morning lauren. karen wright's mom says the 21- year-old left everything behind, she hasn't shown up for work or school and her family is worried she might be in trouble. >> we are concerned. she is alone on the street. >> reporter: karen wright's parents are beside themselves. their 21-year-old daughter left her job monday afternoon and no one has heard from her since. they tell us karen left her car, her purse and her wallet behind. >> she didn't tell anybody i'm thinking of walking away from
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never missing a day of work. >> reporter: karen's parents say the last time anyone saw her was tuesday morning. a security guard who saw her sleeping in the cold outside of an office building found her work badge on the ground. >> for her to sleep on the street, and cut all ties, you know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think that there is something not right. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is set to graduate from may and wanted her own place but was acting strange lately. she was increasingly isolated. her parents worry more with each passing hour. >> you would never think this. then this happens and your world crumbles. >> reporter: karen was last seen wearing a black long- sleeved shirt, navy pants and black high-heeled shoes. if you have seen her or have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to call police.
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this morning we are getting a look at video of a massive brawl at south high school in homestead. cameras captured it in the cafeteria. at one point you see a student's hair getting pulled as she is dragged across the floor. another shows one student kicking another in the head. watch as a security guard attempts to break things up and is pushed away. >> this girl got kicked in the neck. the other girl was pulling her hair out and she was like bam, bam. i was like oh my god that is crazy. >> no one was seriously injured in the fight and no arrests were made. a scare in the air on board a cross country flight. why the plane was forced to be diverted. plus two wild attacks, one with a sword. ahead at 6:30, we'll hear from a battered victim and his wife. trending this morning, how long the mcdonalds happy meal really lasts.
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meal was purchased. good morning south florida. we are still talking about the traffic alert on i-95, but the scene is starting to clear. the car involved in this car fire northbound at 836 is towed out of the way. there are still only two lanes opened. they did open up another lane northbound on 95 at 836. we are going to talk about this traffic alert and the other traffic alert out there, when we get back. the radar is clear. just a few clouds rolling through right now. but a otherwise cool start to the day, so make sure you grab your sweater or jacket as you
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a tragedy on i-95 has your right lanes blocked off as you expressway. this is a fatal car fire. a person died at the scene and another died on the way to the hospital this morning. a car fire from earlier this morning. chopper 4 panning back, the delays starting to build on i- 95 northbound as you approach the dolphin expressway right before you choose the ramps to direction you are going. those right lanes have been morning.
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but the car involved in this car fire was towed away. they are starting to open up another lane, hopefully a few more so they can alleviate some of these delays in the area. you can take 441 or 7 or biscayne boulevard. we have another accident this morning this time in broward county on 595 eastbound to i-95 southbound. that is the only other crash we have out there, it is on the ramp and you will be able to drive around it. thanks vanessa. people want to know two things when it comes to the weather, do we need the umbrella? and do we need to bring a jacket. no to question one and yes to question two a live look from our biscayne bay camera. overlooking the cause ways and toward miami beach. good visibility, no rain out there, no fog. nothing to slow you down in
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you will need a sweater or light jacket. 57 in miami, 55 in ft. lauderdale. 65 in the lower keys at key west. tomorrow is 10 degrees colder than this. if you have them handy keep them handy for one more night and one more early morning. no rain so far since midnight, don't expect any today and the humidity is at 64%. as we go through the day at 9:00 a.m. it will be breezy and cool with cloudy skies and 62. noon 64, even with the sunshine a bit of a cool breeze. at 3:00 this afternoon, 66. running errands out there. lots of sun and again the cool breeze. look at the temperatures in north florida. below freezing. gainesville 31. currently 32 in tallahassee, 32 in jacksonville. 54 over in fort meyers. a steady stream of clouds. we'll see sun filtered through
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fortunately no storms heading in our direction. 66 with lots of breezy sunshine out there, especially later today. choppy out there, 2 to 3-foot seas. we'll see a couple of more days 48 tomorrow morning, warming up as we head toward the holiday weekend and there is no rain john thank you. row. joe rose is live from the studio this morning. good to see the heat and shaquille o'neal friendly once again. they are going to retire shaq's jersey next season. i think that is cool right? >> reporter: i think it is. it is great to see people don't remember how this thing ended because it was a little ugly when shaq left town and you'll recall he took shots at trainers, some of the guys he played with, it got real bad and pat riley was yelling if you would have lost some weight shaq. and by the way, have you seen shaq recently? he is bigger than a house right now.
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they are going to put his number up. i think most people will forgive him. was a big part of the first nba championship along with dwayne wade and alonso morning and all the great work they did. so to get that first championship and parade on biscayne boulevard, i'm glad to see shaq in three and a half years of work will have his number 32 retired with the miami heat. >> a lot of great memories from that season. seems deserving. the canes had a big win yesterday a thriller 65-63 following an angel rodriguez tip in. i know our executive producer was there. i'm sure he is still thinking about it. >> reporter: it was one of the best games. if you saw the last five minutes you couldn't turn it off, you couldn't go to the bathroom, you couldn't grab a sandwich. you had to watch it. angel rodriguez was sensational. great passes but most
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with a second and change left, tips it in. the smallest guy on the court, tips the ball in on a third opportunity. he was just unbelievable last night. if angel rodriguez doesn't play out of his mind they don't win that game. pittsburgh was a stubborn team. they are fighting to get into the acc tournament and be a high seed in that. so boy that is another big win for them. they struggled in the first, played a lot better in the second half. but boy, just holding on last night after the game gets tied- up on a three-point shot by pittsburgh, angel rodriguez with the tip in. huge play, another win at home. >> props to the short people joe. i love it. have a great day. >> it is time now to find out what is trending on social media this morning. >> vanessa? >> i feel you lauren.
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topping the list in miami, the heat's hassan whiteside was ejected from last night's loss to the spurs. whiteside was tossed in the fourth quarter when he swung an elbow toward the head of the spurs's center. whiteside was actually sent home by the team, the heat. the coach said they don't condone that kind of play and they'll take care of it. and social media is buzzing about this cover this morning. gigi adid landed two covers. she is completely naked in one of them. the model says it is a dream come true to be on the cover of vogue. and those fries stuck between your car seat haven't gone bad, but maybe hold off on eating them. one woman posted this photo on facebook of a happy meal from mcdonalds which she says she purchased six years ago. she said as part of an
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you would want to do there, she allowed her happy meal to sit around her office. fast forward six years, you can see the meal of nuggets and fries are still looking pretty fresh. lauren and walter i won't do that for you guys. that is the gross news trending on social media. >> unfortunately, i'm sure there is a french fry somewhere in my car. thanks vanessa. tonight it is an all out wars between grocery stores in south florida. they are cutting prices. >> this chicken used to be $1.49 a pound. on a 6-pound average that would be about $9 for the customer. today at $1 a pound the customer is paying $6. >> tonight at 11:00 on cbs4 news, an exclusive look at the competition and what to look out for on your next trip to the supermarket that could save you big bucks. coming up, is amy shumer pregnant?
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on the bill cosby controversy
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allegations against the up at 7:00. gayle king is joining us live. what do you have planned for >> a hot flash. walter. i knew you would want to know. i just had a fan and they took it away from me. it is good to see both of you. donald trump will be right here in studio 57 after last night's big new hampshire win. we'll also talk with john kasich and jeb bush a. and how about this did you know what you eat can affect how you sleep? the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. so walter and lauren, no more cupcakes for you before you go to bed. >> not surprising when you eat
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that is going to affect my sleep. >> i know. >> v bs this morning kicks off at 7:00 a.m. sha sha gabor is in the hospital awaiting surgery just days after turning 99. gabor's husband says she is at the ucla medical center after having trouble breathing. the star has been confined to her home for years since having her leg amputated in 2011. her husband says he hopes she can make it to see her 100th birthday next year. kanye west tweeted bill cosby innocent to his 18.4 million followers yesterday. he didn't offer up any further explanation and went on to post about other topics. dozens of women have accused cosby of sexual assault, dating back decades. amy shumer is expecting.
6:26 am
she posted this photo of her with a pregnant belly. she captioned it quote what to expect and made sure to include two bottles of alcohol in the photo at the bottom. perhaps to avoid any confusion there. on a more serious note, we have been following a deadly crash on i-95. let's get more details from >> good morning. unfortunately, two people did die as a result of this car fire northbound on 836. blocked off. they opened up one lane then two lanes. up. fhp has cleared the scene. you are good to go on 95 northbound. a couple of other accidents, 826 southbound at miami lakes drive after you hit the big curve, a crash off to the shoulder.
6:27 am
gardens drive, a crash partially blocking the shoulder as well. 595 drivers the only accident we have in broward is eastbound at i-95 southbound. that crash is on the ramp and you will be able to drive around it. lauren? an update on the crash you mentioned the deadly wreck on i- 95. investigators tell us a nissan suv crashed and erupted into flames. they tell us speed was definitely a factor. one of the people who died is from illinois. the other was pulled from the vehicle by a road ranger but later died at jackson memorial hospital. another cool morning for us. the good news is the skies are clear. >> reporter: it is on the cloudy side but the radar is clear. leave your radar home. yeah. leave the umbrella home. let's look at the umbrella right now. anyway that is how it is when i fill in for lissette in the morning. takes awhile for me to get my
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broward and dade and the keys are dry. you can see the biscayne bay camera overlooking the bay and the intracoastal as we are about to approach daybreak. it is cool. get your jacket ready. 55 in ft. lauderdale, 65 in key west. now to campaign 2016 and the result of the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders were the big winners last night after second place finishes in iowa. >> what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> reporter: sanders rode a wave of support from young voters to handley beat hillary clinton, whose camp is banking on minority voters to give her
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sanders's win marks the first time a jewish candidate won a presidential primary. >> let me tell you, there is so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night. so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> florida senator marco rubio slipped behind ted cruz and jeb bush. rubio blamed his performance at the debate on his lackluster showing. and the new hampshire primary is front page news across the country.
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morning's new hampshire union leader. the headline sanders trump take new hampshire with pictures of both men. a similar take this morning in the wall street journal. the headline reads trump and sanders roll in new hampshire. and here is this morning's new york daily news. the headline don of the brain dead with a picture of donald trump looking like a clown. the victories for trump and sanders are important, but it could be months before we know who will be facing off in the general election this november. candidates are competing in each state in order to win delegates. the one with the most wins his or her party's nomination. candidates who do poorly early on usually have no choice but to drop out, so the field could look very different when florida voters go to the polls
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the late date to register to vote in that primary is february 16th. jim will be in south carolina for set's debate. look for his live report on cbs4 news. two brutal attacks. we are hearing from an elderly victim and his brave wife who helped save him. >> it is like a nightmare. >> reporter: douglas has black eyes, bruises and stitches all over his face after this, an attack caught on surveillance camera at a gas station sunday. the man in the red hat grabs him and rains punches on him but his wife stood by herman and then some. anything. >> reporter: she reacted, getting between her husband and attacker away. >> she is very courageous.
6:32 am
>> reporter: the attacker is jevon walker he then took aim at a worker at a swap shop with a sword, hitting him again and again as the worker tried desperately to defend himself. >> i heard a scream, this was real life. >> reporter: lawrence hawkins heard the cries for help and ran to see what he could do. walker was running away but hawkins and another man pursued him and when walker dropped the sword, hawkins and the other man tackled walker and held him until police arrived. >> i was thinking about the next life. i couldn't live with that on my conscience. >> reporter: the suspect is being held in jail without bond, a judge ordered a psychiatric exam for him. one interesting note, the elderly man we spoke with, and his wife, they told us they would prefer to see walker get treatment for his problems rather than be prosecuted.
6:33 am
a south florida teenager, missing since december is issuing a tearful plea for her son to come home. 16-year-old jergenson's motherrish outside a plea for him to come home. his father kicked him out of his car. >> if you are still there, then the fbi. those people there are helping you, so don't be afraid. >> reporter: his father, bruce jergenson remains in jail. when they arrested him they found a one way plane ticket to new zealand. police have arrested a man who flashed several people. jose gerdau is accused of
6:34 am
parking lot on three separate occasions. the 26-year-old is charged with three counts of indecent exposure. the number of zika virus cases are on the rise. there are 66 cases in 17 states and washington d.c. federal health officials have sent florida an additional 950 kits to test for the virus. the state now has almost 1500 test kits from the cdc. so far officials have confirmed 16 cases of the virus in florida, six in miami dade and two in broward. experts say wearing insect repellant is one way to avoid zika. a scare in the air from san diego to boston. the alaska airlines flight was diverted to denver last night to remove an intoxicated passenger. police took the passenger into charges.
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6:37 right now. a cbs4 safety alert. ikea announces a major recall. that and more on this morning's money watch. plus caught on camera, what got this woman so angry in this video that has now gone viral. parents are concerned about technology interfering with their child's homework but there are some tech tools that might help. straight ahead, find out the potential drawbacks though to keep in mind. another traffic alert on the palmetto expressway blocking off left lanes southbound at i-75. delays are extending past that big curve. we are going to talk about this traffic alert and anything else showing you down, i'll let you know, after the break. it is a cloudy, cool start to the day. many of us are in the mid 50s right now but the radar is clear. i'll let you know what the forecast looks like into the upcoming holiday weekend in just a couple of quick minutes. shahbazi. sales, coupons low prices.
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>> join us tonight at is miami on amazon's list for the most romantic cities? plus ikea has issued a recall. jill wagner has more.
6:37 am
ikea is recalling two types of sealing lamps. the plastic clip that holds the glass shade can break. over a million have been sold in the united states and canada. and target is moving beyond the labels for boys and girls when it comes to bedding. their new pillow collection is meant to appeal to all kids. there are more prints and stripes and themes like dinosaurs, bicycles and tropical tree houses. >> those are cute. jill the most romantic day of the year is coming up and we hear that those of us living in miami are somehow in the right place. what is this about? >> reporter: yes i don't know if you knew this. but okay virginia has a list of the most romantic cities. alexandria, virginia is the number one city for romance.
6:38 am
which is pretty good. knoxville, tennessee is third. for the record new york not even in the top 20. lauren? >> that is because down here in miami you can take a romantic walk on the beach jill that is what it is right? >> reporter: yeah i'm coming for a visit officially. i need some romance. >> i don't understand the miami connection. when you give chocolates for valentine's day they melt in the sun. the flowers last longer i guess right? anyway a romantic look at the radar this morning. not a whole lot on it, which is good news if you are heading out to work and school this morning. i don't know why that makes it romantic i thought i would just throw that in. broward and miami dade and the keys, not looking bad. but grab your sweater. it is cool. from our ft. lauderdale camera out to the
6:39 am
more and more sunshine, fewer and fewer clouds later in the day. you can leave the umbrella home and you will be able to take the sweaters off as well. 57 in miami, 55 in flowered, 65 in key west. it is -- in ft. lauderdale and key west. then it warms up toward the rest of the week of the the wind is blowing at about 7 miles per hour from the north, northwest. not as windy today as it was yesterday. temperatures in the mid-50s all across-the-board. pembroke pines 55. 57 mainly along the coast, 54 in pompano right now.
6:40 am
tallahassee was 28 just an hour ago. 43 in orlando. and 59 in naples. a steady stream of high to the gulf of mexico. that is evidence el nino is still out there. but we are going to continue to time to time. still more sunshine than clouds days. at 9:00, 62 degrees. 66 at 3:00. with a cool breeze even with the sunshine still saying below 70 and well below the normal of 77 this time of year. through the holiday weekend, 48 tomorrow morning, mid-70s on friday, saturday looks great. valentine's day sunday looks good as well and for the holiday on monday cloudy and breezy and 75. traffic alert. yet again south florida.
6:41 am
you can see a couple of lanes blocked off as a result. we'll show you how far back you go, 57th avenue gridlock leading you all the way toward i-75 past that big curve. this is a live look at the palmetto the westbound drive at 57th avenue. take any one of your side streets, try to avoid 826 westbound this morning. looking good throughout the rest of south florida. no other major accidents to report, if you are heading on palmetto. good to go. ash wednesday is the first day of lent and is observed by fasting. typically an ash cross is placed on the foreheads of those observing as a reminder of sinfulness and mortality. lent ends on easter weekend. that means mardi gras is over. thousands lined the streets of celebrate fat tuesday. revloners eat and drink and
6:42 am
now caught on camera, check out this video. a woman, tacking her husband's car -- attacking her husband's car after he was caught with another woman. her husband eventually drove away from the scene while witnesses encouraged the woman to go after him. the video has since gone viral on social media with more than 1 million views on youtube. >> i think she made her point.
6:43 am
child use website and his there are some tech tools that might help with homework. >> some websites and apps are giving immediate help but teachers and students warn there are potential drawbacks to keep in mind. >> reporter: school is over and homework time is just beginning for 15-year-old lauren grub. she turns to websites and apps. >> i rely on them heavily, actually.
6:44 am
that is pretty much the go-to thing. >> reporter: lauren isn't alone. experts say most students don't go to the library and do hand searches any more. >> the world's libraries are open to us at the touch of a button that can bring us knowledge from anywhere in the world, no matter where we are. >> reporter: there are several tech tools available for homework health. among the most popular, grammary. experts say these tools relief a lot of pressure. >> homework demands are going way up. many kids may be feeling stressed by the amount of homework they have. >> reporter: but can stress tempt kids to have the sites do their work? some do actually provide complete answers, which isn't really good for learning. >> they are depriving themselves of the opportunity for interaction and learning if they use an app to get it right and they never learn what they
6:45 am
understand that process. >> reporter: what can parents do to make the most of their homework tech tools? experts say monitor your child's homework to make sure they are not cheating. brush up on subjects so you can be most helpful and ask your child's teach tore recommend the most appropriate site. lauren is thankful for technology and her mom's time. >> we can go hang out with our friends, things we wouldn't have been able to do without it. free time, you know relax. >> by the way for parents who would like to brush up on subjects, there are a number of websites for that too. >> there is an app for that.
6:46 am
we are continuing to follow a developing story out of miami where two people are dead following a fiery crash on i- 95. a nissan suv erupted in flames. they tell us speed was a factor. one of the people who died is from illinois. the other was pulled from the
6:47 am
here is a quick wrap-up of the rest of your wednesday morning headlines. >> the focus of the presidential campaigns now shifts to south carolina following last night's new hampshire primary. donald trump was the republican winner. john kasich in second place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders easily defeated hillary clinton. miami police are looking for a young woman who disappeared. karen wright's parents tell us the 21-year-old left her job monday afternoon. karen left her car, her purse and her wallet behind. a security guard found karen's work badge tuesday morning after she slept outside the building in the cold. if you have any information you are urged to call police. our news partners at the
6:48 am
isaiah medina is charged with vehicular homicide. he crashed his silver porsche on harbor drive on the morning of january 1, killing freshman daniela san miguel. and david beckham's partner and lead negotiator is scheduled to meet with citi officials today to discuss building and zoning issues for a new major league soccer stadium. there has been interest from investors from around the world to become a partner. now it is time for talking with joe. joe rose is live this morning. before we chat about this, we have to play this sound, cam newton saying he has no regrets about walking out during the super bowl news conference. listen to this. >> i have been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good lose and i'll show you a loser. it is not a popularity contest you know what i'm saying? i'm here to win football games.
6:49 am
>> reporter: nobody likes to lose. he is one of the greatest winners i have ever seen though. nobody celebrates like this guy does. hey bottom line is, this topic has been going on now for a few days because he is such a great player coming off such a great season. but i just, you are either going to like cam newton or you are not. and if you don't like all the celebrating and the way he acted after losing that game to denver, then you know, you are not going to like the guy. if you like what he does when he is winning, it is going to this guy. and i understand it. he is going to stay true the it is obvious. when he loses doesn't sound especially if you are in the media, because he is not going to give you very good stuff. thanks so much. we'll talk to you tomorrow. have a great day. >> reporter: lauren you take care. i know you are not a loser. >> neither are you.
6:50 am
be a little sour about it. i'm not going to lie. >> reporter: hey vanessa. >> i'm just going to sit her putting. one last look at our winning forecast. >> i love to win. i love to win. i'll admit t i'm a sore loser too. i really am. check out what is happening in terms of our extended forecast, 60s today and tomorrow. you think it is cool now, tomorrow in the mid-40s for lows, then we bounce back in the 70s, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. sunday is what everybody? >> i don't know. >> valentine's day. traffic alerts 826 south at i-75 you can see a lane blocked off on that southbound side and now you can see the delays at 57th avenue as a result. it is going to be a slow one on the palmetto westbound all the way over to 75 where you saw
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i'm done.
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