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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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explained that to me again? tonight. a south florida mayor choose
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tirade oliver social media. mayor levine was livid when he side driver double part three confronted him on the spot, and recorded the whole thing. we spoke with the mayor and we are live at miami beach city hall. >>reporter: good morning. he considers himself a hands-on mayor and said he could not look the other way. he spotted a fedex truck that was improperly parked am blocking traffic. let me ask you a question. what is the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of the road? >>reporter: mayor levine spotted a fedex truck that he said it was holding up traffic. when we see someone double parking, a big truck parking and making a problem that we
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posting it on youtube hoping to send a message. how does social media affect the governing today? think it's important. we get to report a problem immediately and we send out an alarm bell to all delivery trucks, dhl, fedex, stop blocking our roads. we love you, your grade. we appreciate your service but don't block our roads don't make a problem that we already have worse. transfer seven we reached out to fedex for, they provided this , do. safety is our highest priority and anyone providing service on behalf of the fedex is expected to comply with the law. the behavior of the individual in this video is not consistent with the professionalism, fedex demonstrates and safety insecurely delivering millions of packages to customers every day. we take these matters seriously and will address it with those
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the mayor said is not the first time he has filed a complaint on social media and not the last. reporting live from miami beach, back to you. one suspect in jail and one more on the run after 2 shootings in two days . today bullets at a classroom is children sat inside. hank hester is outside miami- dade jail were a suspect is being held. treasury seven issue today school, you'll wind up in jail. that's what's going on with the guy who was involved in the carol high school shooting. he will be in court tomorrow morning and the shooting by coconut grove elementary. miami the hunt for those guys. let's take a look. the scene familiar miami-dade superintendent of schools at a school shooting. this time coconut groves
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an exchange of gunfire between unknown individuals results and stray bullets penetrated this portable classroom. peter d'oench spoke to a student who is inside the portable classroom. >>reporter: what was the teacher say what has happened? >> she told us to get on the ground. tran20 seven a close call. no word on possible suspects. snack at this community does not rise up and speak up against a code of silence that is killing and threatening our kids, this.. tran20 seven miami gardens clean up after yesterday's shooting at a senior high school. police bring down a suspect last night. initially charging him with possession of a firearm on school property. our first look at the 18-year- old. according to police. he is a member of the 2100 gang.
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carol city senior high school. tonight he produced a black firearm and discharged in the direction of the school and students during dismissal. spit bullets went into the window and wounded the intended victim in the hand, but the judge was not through. >> be directed charge might be aggravated assault with a deadly weapon so i will bring in a police officer for a probable cause hearing tomorrow morning. tran20 seven he will be at the courthouse in the morning. if you're tired of all of this shooting around the schools are you know something about it. call crimestoppers. i am hank tester zika news tonight. take a look this picture. this is a 13-year-old who has been missing since the morning of february 3 win her mom dropped her off at miami southridge senior hydration likes to hang out at a park. if you have information on her whereabouts call the police.
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are urged to boil their water. the city sent us this map of the affected area. the advisory impacts 1100 people living on northeast 36 street and ne. 32nd ave. crews have had to make emergency repairs. they water main we will let you know when this advisory is lifted. caught on camera, a disabled man followed an ambush in the parking lot of a south florida restaurant he said the robber had a large knife. he wasn't hurt, but he wants the criminal caught. we spoke with the victim tonight. joining us from hollywood with more. 27. that victim was a man in his 60s who is on disability but as he was leaving this mcdonald's 10 days ago. he walked over to his car and he did not know a man was following him with a knife about a foot long. surveillance cameras rolled inside this hollywood
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police say this guy am a sweater was waiting and watching . the victim walked to his car. the thief confronted him. tonight he said give me your wallet because i'm going to kill you right now. why? why you going to tell me? i have to buy food for my kids. >>reporter: the thief was not interested in food. he wanted a wall of the the thief threatened him with a knife . that was 10 to 12 inches long.>> it was like a sword. >>reporter: he thought his life was over. >>reporter: he has been on a disability since a major medical issue. he decided to do something instinctual. after he punched him. the thief stole his back with a new cell phone, computer and camera inside and got away. he hopes somebody turns him in
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big lesson and personal safety. to make you have to be careful and watch around you where you are walking and parking and you have to protect yourself. 27. police believe the thief was wearing a sweater and he had a full set of gold teeth. if you know who he is contact crimestoppers 954-543-tips. a terrifying scene, the northwest miami-dade today when a pair of criminals robbed drivers delivering appliances. that was just the start of their crime spree. live at miami-dade police headquarters. 27. detectives are looking for these men who ambushed delivery man. a family, terrorizing them at gunpoint before taking off in a loaded delivery truck. smith, it was quick, it was
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zika seven in the middle of the day delivery guys took new appliances to this house and northwest miami-dade in expected and terrifying happened. men ambush the delivery man and the family at gunpoint, ordering them to the ground. >> i believe they were following the delivery guys they came and i got the keys and took off. tonight they took the victim's money on cell phones and they shot at them. it ricocheted off the newly delivered a driver. a neighbor was with her kids but she saw that drivers paid a red bandanna covering one space and they ran down quickly still in the truck full of other deliveries. >> this robbery at noon. how do you account for that? you have 2 subjects in a truck with the logo on it, filled with merchandise. >>reporter: brands my said they have never had this happen on any of its deliveries and it
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the company contracts, ryder trucks. writer is also thankful no one was hurt. they are working with officials investigating the armed robbery to locate the stolen truck.>>i don't want anybody to come back. >>reporter: take a look. police are looking for a writer moving truck with florida tags eabl97. they encourage you to call 954-543-tips and you can remain anonymous and even get a reward. earlier tonight, sanders and clinton debating for the first time since sanders. when this week in the new hampshire primary. they are facing off in milwaukee. the topics ranging from universal healthcare to raining and wall street to raising taxes . there they were asked about the possibility of clinton being the first female
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>>i am not asking people to support me because i am a woman that i am asking people to support me because i am the most qualified, experienced and ready person. to make a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. civic center saying he hoped the us can and the trade embargo with cuba. donald trump will be campaigning in tampa tomorrow we will be there to cover it all and the remaining republicans, including jeb bush and marco rubio will debate saturday night in south carolina. you can watch that debate right here on channel 3. we will be in south carolina, look for the live report. starting tomorrow. marco rubio began his day at the dentist office. he had a run-in with a twix bar. to make. i cracked a molar or something but we are going to keep campaigning. rubio said he
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and he thought the candy bar was frozen. >> you have to be careful. coming up, a stray dog danger. estimate they started coming after man, i started thinking, i am done. stray german shepherds tried to kill her. now she wants to know why they were not put down. the black hole discovery traces back to einstein. a beautiful sunset this evening. if you can't get you caught a good shot of nature at its finest bad cold temperatures with us, but they warming trends is about to get going.
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up. a south florida woman was attacked by stray german shepherds were walking near her home shares her terrifying story. student this is the first time we are hearing from the 51-year- old from the moment she thought might be her last. >> i was scared to death.
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training by seven-i been >>reporter: cheryl oswald was the day she was attacked by two german shepherds and east rutland. >> they are big dogs. they are big german shepherds. >>reporter: cheryl is for feet 11 inches and pettitte walked out to the practice he was a neighbor's dog had been barking all night. that's when she came face-to- face with 26 stray dogs. similar they started coming after me and i thought i am done. they bit me here and they got me here. that's not good. that's not a good place. i grabbed my arm and i started walking away. and they started after me again and this time i had my back to them. they knocked me down.
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get up, i am done for. 27. the dogs were upper arm and punctured her rear end. her screams scare them away. >> 911 got here in the dogs attacked the worker. >>reporter: cheryl and her neighbors said stray dogs are a common site because people abandon their pets and they were all parts of miami-dade. >> don't dump your animal food. if you can't take care of your animal, don't get an animal. it said what they have to go through and people like me what we have to go through with dogs attacking me. >>reporter: has been more than a month or cheryl a self- employed deli owner is still recovering. she wants answers. >> dogs that are that vicious should not be out in society. thankfully, seven. the dogs are back in society. they were taken to the animal services shelter where they were quarantined and put up for adoption. doing that floored me. i was flipping out. how could they do that? 27 miami-dade animal services says it determines what happens
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attacks on a case-by-case basis. >> the dogs showed aggression when they attacked the people that during their stay with individuals that interacted with the dogs. they did not show aggression. 27 animal enforcement supervisor sean gallagher tells us one of the dogs went to a rescue group and the other one was adopted by both parties were made aware of the dogs history of aggression. >> there is a waiver that they sign before they can get the dog. >> no explanation taken cheryl self-proclaimed all lovers of the policy should be reviewed. >> my concern is this. the 2015, they received stray dogs at large request.
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because of aggressive nature. us secretary of state john kerry reports to put maps meeting in munich have agreed to work in syrian parties to work in some kind of cease-fire. john kerry hopes to have a deal by next week that would not apply to the islamic state group. diplomats have also agreed to rush the delivery of humanitarian aid. the department of commerce and treasury. the second round of regulatory talks in washington dc come experts will discuss the changes last month that affect the export of financing of goods and services. this comes as both countries work towards building trust in finding ways to work together economically. pope francis will hold a historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church in cuba.
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religious reconciliation. this will be the first time these two have much. the catholic and orthodox churches split during the great schism of 1050 ford have remained a strange. elliott rodriguez is in havana right now, look for his live reports tomorrow on traffic. he has done some interesting stuff already. to make valentine's day. taking notes? i got a big list. people are asking if we can turn the heat back on. we are done with want to pay. guess what, that's going to happen. look at south beach they are on another crisp evening. temperatures in the 50s. 58 in miami. 57 in fort lauderdale. the air is dry winds are calm with
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cooling northwest broward and parkland in the upper 40s and 50s south miami-dade homestead and redlands in the upper 40s and low 50s. calm winds and temperatures will fall further for they start to warm up tomorrow for the highs made it into the 70s. we are going to be closer to that tomorrow and a good deal of sunshine. look at our tran19 of the last week we are in the 70s. friday and saturday and a long spell of 60s. typically we don't get into the 70s. 71. today, thus the trends now back up to the normal high of 78. cool, very early in the sun gets up. it's going to warm up quickly. on saturday, here comes the next cold front of this is different. ahead of it is plenty of sun nice and warm and on sunday. the breeze picks up. think we will see some son but
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temperatures not as warm and by monday they will pull on a few showers and by tuesday chance for thunderstorms saturday looks the best and sunday looks okay and monday looks like it's going to be on the rainy side. very cold. 21. in new york, 18 in cincinnati 17 chicago tomorrow. look for sunshine. high temperatures near 76. light chop on the bay and surf temperatures at 72 through the rest of the future. no big cold fronts and valentine's day, i am making that list. back to you. >> keep working on a. last night we showed you the sweater wearing shelter dog.
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adopted.>>the new owner took him straight to work at a nursing home will he will visit three times a week. million people saw him on social media, he was looking so sad in his green christmas letter after his owners abandon him. it miami-dade animal services. >> i'm happy that he is safe. he will be well taken care of. >> in addition to visiting the nursing home. he will also join three dogs it his new home. to learn more about adopting a pet in south florida had to cbs synergy traded in his green sweater for a red sweater. he looks great. >> he is a handsome guy. tonight.
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, the kardashian clan taking part is 20,000 fans and celebrities crowded into madison square garden for the official debut of kanye west new fashion line and he premiered his latest album entitled life of pablo. lamar odom joined instances healthcare. the first time he has been out and about, looking pretty good. is kim kardashian blonde again? i can't keep that. bruce springsteen has a new memoir on the way, the publisher said it will be out in september. it is called born to run. he will be in south florida next tuesday night for a concert and sunrise. , listen up game of thrones fans today they posted new pictures from the upcoming
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take a look at this picture. issue blind? has she been found? and check out this one is he standing? where is he? do you care? me, i don't watch but i learned how to say the names for the story so that counts for something.>> albert einstein gravitational waves. evidence of black holes colliding 1 billion light years away is that confirmation, einstein predicted the nature of black holes a century ago. years of research. a physicist said this will be one of the major breakthroughs in the field of physics. >> , einstein predicted there would be a show within a mountain areas. in sports, the first
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pick up some fresh florida zucchini, beautiful golden squash, plump tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes visit i am steve goldstein. the 1st pl., panthers open a homestand against st. louis.
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standings. on the ice today. a few goals behind. they should be smiling at age 43. seven goals, matching a season- high and they want top of their last 15 at home. you feel happy. it's completely different. that waking up in a gray of ontario. >> we had made some good ground. the all-star break is sunday in toronto and they will be there. when they returned their teammate. whiteside will be suspended for an elbow from the other night against san antonio.
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for this foul. the nba trade deadline is next weekend as well. the miami hurricane is ranked 12th in the nation. shelby mcclellan was named as a list of potential award winners. best player saw that may seem like they are flying under the radar. the coach may have a theory. we were in the third place in the league. instead of tied for second place, maybe people would be talking about it more, i don't know but i love coaching him. he's a great kid in as long as he keeps playing the way he is playing we are in good shape. and five hurricanes are invited to the scouting combine later this month. he supposed to be in the first three rounds of the draft and
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