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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:35pm EST

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next on cbs 4 news breaking news supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. how will this effect the gop debate? the candidates square off tonight. >> also ahead a teenager shot outside of a super market. we are live with how he is doing and the pope is in mexico. the hot button issues he is expected to tackle head on during this visit. cbs 4 news starts right thousand. and we begin with some big breaking news right now. supreme court justice antonin scalia is dead. word just came down within the last hour. minutes ago the u.s. marshall
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scalia was at a ranch in the big bend area. it seems he died of natural causes. right now all we know is he was last seen last night going to bed after dinner and then never showed up to breakfast. just minutes ago chief justice john roberts issued a statement paying tribute to scalia. scalia was 79 years old. this is big news any time but in the middle of a presidential election this is enormous news. he was one of the most supreme court. and now it's up to barack obama who is the most liberal him. you can count on it to be a big topic at tonight's debate. now at 6:00 teenager shot outside of a little havana super market and tonight police are searching for the gunmen. the shooting happened over
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the teen was rushed to the hospital. donna is live with the latest. donna. >> reporter: they tell us the two friends were walking to this corner store right here behind me. they were walking here to fete get some food. it was about 2:00 in the morning when police say someone drove by, opened fire, friends telling us they heard eight, ten gunshots, maybe even more. it was about 2:00 this morning as rescue crews rushed a 16- year-old boy to the hospital, the teen shot in the leg. him. and everything but they didn't let me. >> reporter: kelly was outside her home nearby waiting for her boyfriend and best friend who walked to the store. her best friend was the one who was shot. >> i was waiting for hymenology of a sudden -- for him all of a sudden i heard the shots. i called the police. >> reporter: miami police
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arrived in the little havana neighborhood to investigate. kelly says she is tired of all the gun violence among young people. >> this is ridiculous every day around this area. sometimes you hear shots somewhere and you don't even know if it's shots or fire works because it's so much. >> reporter: and here we are back out here live outside the super market where the 16-year- old was shot. he is in stable condition. shot in the thigh. his friends tell us he is a good kid, a good student at booker t. washington. and it is unclear if he was a target in this shooting. if you know anything, give miami dade crime stoppers a call. live in little havana cbs 4 news. >> thank you. now to the pope's visit to mexico. pope francis is presiding over the mass.
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mass where 15,000 people are expected to be in attendance opinion the pope you see him walking in there. he is likely to address some of mexico's biggest challenges during his visit including drugs, violence, and poverty. he will also be the first pope to visit the u.s.-mexico border. adriana diaz has our coverage from mexico city. >> reporter: pope francis emerged saturday morning to the roar of thousands. bells tolled as he road in his pope mobile. the holy father stopped time and time again to see people and kiss babies. >> i'm very excited. here with my mother. >> reporter: at the presidential palace, a military band played during the pope's official welcome ceremony. laters leader of the catholic church delivered a message of tough loss to mexican
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he told them not to be deduce -- seduced by privilege. for many this is the place to be. you feel his presence just by being close to his residence? >> yes. >> reporter: urging them to show more transparency and fight against the evils of the drug trade. >> stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage. a teenager is in jail for his shooting at a school. reagan was arrested yesterday. two days after a stray bullet from a drive bit bishooting went through a -- drive by
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at a school. police are investigating an accident that killed a four- year-old girl. investigators believe the chain reaction crash started with one vehicle losing control. all of the other victims are expected to be okay. a cyclist is recovering at the hospital after a hit and run. this all started with an attempted car burglary near first street and washington avenue. an officer witnessed a man trying to break into a car. that man ran away and jumped into a waiting car which hit the bike rider on 395 westbound near palm island. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with a few broken bones. still ahead on cbs 4 news. the search for a south florida man wanted in connection to a deadly shooting at a college near daytona beach. and a south florida student describes what it's like to
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it's a cbs 4 exclusive. >> plus a bitter blast slams the northeast. just how bad it's expected to get and the warnings already in place. >> no cold air here, beautiful day today. the sun is setting right now. going to be almost as nice tomorrow. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings
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online only. at south florida man is wanted in connection to a deadly shooting at a college party in daytona beach. he is a suspect in the shooting where three of the students were shot.
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school. investigators say he is from miami forwardens. one woman shoot in the head is in critical condition. the other victim shot in the back is currently stable. now to a cbs 4 health alert. even before we started hearing about the zika virus, a first year medical student here at fiu says he had already been intected. he was on a medical mission in his native haiti last november when he got what he described as the worst headache ever by the next day he also had a rash, pain behind the eyes and felt very weak. it turns out the 27-year-old says he had a zika virus. >> i have no idea what it was. i thought it might be some kind of disease. back then i never heard of it. >> he kicked the virus after four days. the biggest concern right now is the possible threat to pregnant women and birth
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antonin scalia is dead. word is coming down within the last hour. in the middle of the presidential election it's enormous. scalia was one of the most conservative members of the supreme court. and now it's up to barack obama to replace him. count on that to be the first question tonight at the cbs debate. jim, how large will this loom over tonight's debate? >> reporter: i think it's going to loom not only large over this debate but the presidential election. i think the death of antonin scalia will -- favoring republicans. the loss of scalia means that if president obama is aloud to pick that successor and get it through the stat, the weight of the court would shift to the left.
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will block any attempt to nominate. >> president obama's time in office obviously running out. do you see a big fight? i though you mentioned ted cruz would block any nomination. do you think this will be really drawn out? >> it's going to be a battle royal in the senate. you are going to see both all the candidates on the republican and democratic side dealing with this issue. fighting, talking about this issue. everywhere i've gone when i've been following the republican candidates and get asked a question about the supreme court nominees and who would they opponent, everyone to a map has said so far they were looking for someone like
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this is going to redefine this race. >> and jim, talk about a big pivot for these candidates that have been prepare for this debate all day long. marco rubio and ted cruz both in the senate will be a part of this nomination hearing process. how do you see this effecting not just tonight's debate but candidates in general? >> reporter: rubio and cruz have a front seat in history for this. this would have to go through the senate. now ted cruz has an advantage because he sits on the senate judiciary committee which is where a candidate would likely go. for ted cruz this is a rare move forward. in a way it hurts donald trump because you would imagine that with the emphasis now being on the senate, trump sort of fades in the distance a little bit. about. you can't talk about supreme court justices the way donald
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with mexico or china. this will be new territory. i don't think it's under estimating to say this reshuffles the entire presidential election. >> jim, thanks so much. us. i can't wait to hear from you later on this evening. there is only one place to watch tonight's gop debate. it all starts at 9:00 p.m.. and keep it here on cbs 4 after the debate jim will have a live. the state department is releasing more than 1,000 new pages of hillary clinton's new e-mails. 81 messages were classified. the department has released more than 45,000 pages of e- mails from the private accounts clinton used as secretary of state. it plans to finish making her e- mails public. a day before the super tuesday primaries. the fbi is examining the security of the private server she maintained for e-mail use while in office. remember to stay with cbs 4
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campaign 2016 on air and online at still ahead a bitter blast gripping the northeast right now and it's only expected to get worse. we take you to new york city where tonight it's expected to feel like 25 degrees below zero. also ahead the stage is set for
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we'll show you how the stars we are tracking the bitter blast that is gripping the northeast and only expected to get worse. tonight in new york city it's expected to feel like 25 degrees below zero. warnings are out for people across the region to stay
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necessary to go outside. cbs 4 brian webb has more from new york. >> reporter: at least three people were killed and several more injured in this multivehicle crash. the cause is under investigation but witnesses say it happened at the same time a snow squall was moving through the area. >> one person decides to cause an accident, everybody is involved. >> reporter: in the city that never sleeps, many new yorkers bundled up and braved the cold, windy weather despite warnings from city leaders to stay indoors. >> i want to emphasize to all new yorkers how serious this situation is and how much people should change their habits over to the next 24-48 hours. >> reporter: the arctic blast has already turned this fountain into a frozen pop popsicle.
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the wind that you know makes it brutal. >> reporter: but at the maryland zoo the penguins, feel at home. temperatures in new york and boston are expected to reach 50 degrees by tuesday. brian webb for cbs news. >> can't even imagine. meanwhile i'm here fanning myself. it's kind of hot in the studio which is rare but nothing like that here in south florida. this is is the time when the visitors here our snow birds look at the map and go ha ha ha, that is why we are here. these are current temperatures right now. in the northeast it's only 13 in new york city. 19 in d.c.. 70 in cincinnati. 15 in chicago. only 9 in boston. the heart of this cold air is drifting eastward tonight. and then a warmup begins as we get into early next week. the rest of the country though the south is warm. 60s through much of texas. 61 in new orleans and the west coast still pretty mild. 62 in san francisco. that is pretty nice for
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85 right now in phoenix. we're looking pretty good. briar camera. looking off to the west. the sun has just set. temperatures not too bad. 72 in miami. 41 fort lauderdale. 69 in key west. winds are light, northerly but they will pick up as we go through the day tomorrow. morning lows some of our cooler spots hollywood, parkland, west kendall and redland all seeing temperatures dip briefly into the upper 40s. not as cool tonight but still a little bit on the cool side. highs today mainly in the mid to upper 70s. normal high is 78. we were just shy of that. tomorrow's temperatures will be a few degrees cooler but nothing too big. now. this is the breezy cold front as it comes through. winds will pick up and be blowing through the next couple of days. 60s. the front comes through as we go through the night tonight so
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along the coast. tomorrow night we will look for the breeze to be a little gusty at times off the water. sun and breeze and temperatures a few degrees cooler. a slight chance of a shower but rain chances pretty low tomorrow. on monday they go up. gusty breeze, quick showers. and on tuesday maybe even a spotty thunderstorm ahead of another cold front. strong. so temperatures will start to warm up a little bit and fall back a little bit for wednesday, thursday, and sun and breeze not as warm. forecast for tonight pretty nice. comfy, cool. breezy along the beaches. mid 60s along the coast to low 50s. tomorrow sun and clouds. building breeze through the day. risk of rip currents going up. for boaters small craft advisory northeast at 15-20. choppy conditions in the bay and through the weekend. valentine's day looking pretty nice. for monday president's day some
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temperatures in the 70s. tonight we are getting an inside look at the rehearsals for the 58th annual grammy awards. luke bryan taking the stage in los angeles. some of this years performers will be taylor swift, justin bieber, and lady gaga. you can watch the stars take the stage at the 58th annual grammy awards monday night at 8:00. and then of course stick around for cbs 4 news and meet the doctor credited with saving adele's voice. that is monday night after the grammy's. coming up in sports, chris boss is missing the all star game and how much time he will miss for the heat. >> is there another block
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chris doesn't know the severity of his strained calf. further tests could come as early as monday. bernie the heat mascot having too much fun. s from safety of the sidelines. but no doubt the star of the weekend kobe bryant who is making his 18th and final all star appearance. >> he's been an amaze -- it's been amazing ride. be after 20 years i think literally my all star game seth might have been seven years old. so it's a joy to be around these young guys and see how much the game has evolved. >> and does carr molely anthony -- carmelo anthony have reason to look over his shoulder? but he does have a no trade
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the deal would kevin love to boston nba trade deadline is february 18th. the miami hurricanes will spend valentine's day with their biggest rival florida state. they will be playing for win number 20 on the season. jim is expected a total team effort against the seminos who have been the hottest team in the acc recently. the canes meanwhile got the better of fsu back on january 9th and they will have their hands full stopping that tomahawk chop. >> i'm pretty sure they know what we do. it's about who makes the most plays on the court. we have to study as a team. play together. and you know play defense like we've been playing it will be fine. >> elsewhere in college hoops
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two minutes to get ejected. the gamecocks crowd loved every minute of it until play resumed. the wildcats throttled south carolina. the panthers six-game home stand rolls on tonight against the predators. goalie was benched after the first period. he allowed three goals on 13 shots. it was an off night for one of the best defenses in the nhl but earlier today head coach jer rad says he hasn't lost faith. >> we don't like fooling goaltenders but we thought it would spark the team a little bit and get them a little better. the goaltender has been a strong point. we will put them back in there tonight and play well as a team. >> panthers one of the best teams at home so i think they
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>> and have to give a shoutout
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that will do that is our news for now. remember the only place to watch tonight's republican debate is right here on cbs 4 at 9:00. and join us tonight at 11:00. jim will have another live report from south carolina. we leave you with live pictures from pope francis' mass in
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> axelrod: breaking news, supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at 79. the high court's conservative anchor found inside his room at a resort in texas. the stage is set in south carolina for tonight's cbs news republican debate. the final six candidates in their last face-to-face showdown before a crucial primary. a deadly pileup on an icy interstate as temperatures in the northeast plummet toward record lows. and why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." i'm jim axelrod. we begin with breaking news.
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scalia dead at the age of 79. scalia was the longest serving justice of the current supreme court and its conservative. paula reid is in washington with the latest tonight. good evening, paula. >> reporter: i can't hear the broadcast. has it started? >> axelrod: we're having a little trouble with paula right now. this evening, chief justice john roberts released a statement saying scalia was "an extraordinary individual and jurist who was admired and treasured by his colleagues." roberts added, "scalia's passing is a great loss to the court and to the country he served." among justice scalia's most important decisions, he cast a crucial vote in "bush v. gore "the case, of course, that made
6:32 pm
2000, despite his ideological opposition to the perspectives of colleagues like justices ginsberg, and kagan, he was held in high esteem by them. we will pring in our chief legal correspondent, jan crawford right now. jan, the supreme court is scheduled to go back into session a week from monday, so how does the court move forward? >> reporter: i mean, i think that's one of those almost unimaginable questions. when you think about that seat that justice scalia has held now for 30 years being empty and the role he played on that supreme court and the impact he had on the law. of course, you know, this sparkling intellect, this conservative icon, not always able to persuade even the more conservative justices to go along with him, but always sticking to his guns, willing to write separate dissents, arguing that the law actually should be turning, in a conservative direction. and now, of course, getting that majority on the supreme court
6:33 pm
his absence on this court captain be overstated because it will change potentially the balance of the supreme court. remember, the supreme court now is narrowly divided 5-4, five conservatives, four liberals. justice scalia, of course, of icon. his passing now means the court will be four to four, so the next president or the current president could well change the direction of the supreme court. the question i think you're going to be seeing now in the next days and weeks is will president obama be appointing his third justice to the united states supreme court or will this wait for the next president? already, you're seeing conservatives argue that we should wait. senate majority leader mcconnell calling for this appointment to be made by the next president. you're going to hear democrats saying that's too long. that's a year. i think that will be the next
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right away, jim. >> axelrod: all right, jan crawford, an awful lot to keep our eye on coming of the death of the supreme court justice antonin scalia. we want to go right now to paula reid. she's got the latest on the death of antonin scalia whose body was found this morning. paula, what you can tell us? >> senior u.s. supreme court associate justice antonin scalia has died of natural causes at a ranch in southwest texas. he on an annual trip to the state, spending time with friend, when he did not come down for breakfast he was a devote dwout catholic and sources confirm that a priest from the el paso diocese was called to administer last rites. justice scalia was one of the most influential minds on the court. he led a conservative renaissance. texas governor gregg abbott reflects on how his faith informed his legal opinions. >> his faith was part of his decision-making progress, certainly in interpreting the first amendment of the constitution. >> reporter: in a statement, the court said, "his passing is
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served. we extend our deepest condolences to his wife, maureen, and his family." he is survived by nine children and numerous grandchildren. the president was informed of his passing this afternoon, and the white house said the president may have additional reaction later today. >> axelrod: paul athank you very much. as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, chief justice roberts had confirmed the death of scalia and said at the time he was "an extraordinary individual, jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues." a fiery conservative, scalia came to the court 30 years ago, ronald reagan. as a justice, scalia was a leading advocate for a strict constitution. and known for his theatrical flare in the courtroom. his rigid conservatism and jabs directed at colleagues were well known. his sharply worded dissents and


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