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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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on this monday february 15, happy presidents day. >> thank you so much for joining us on this monday, your traffic and weather together this morning, vanessa is standing by with a look at the roads. >> but first a good morning to lissette gonzalez with a look at your forecast. >> good morning, right now we are waking up to a milder morning with 70s already. a little cooler for miami-dade county with the upper 60s. homestead 68, 69 miami, 70 and marathon. it will be a blustery day. and fact wins already sustained checking in on the radar we are seeing a few showers sweeping in on the breeze around sea. and also we just had rain in fort lauderdale, and daisy just had a quick shower. most of miami-dade county quiet. showers across the keys.
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ranging from -- it will be warmer this afternoon compared to the last few days. the rain chance going up tonight and tomorrow. details ahead. let's get check on your traffic. we have a crew that just arrived to a scene of that police involved crash on the florida turnpike. we are hearing this as is a police involved accident as well. if you're heading southbound, three cars involved including the police officer's cruiser as well. luckily, the good news we are hearing from the scene everybody's going to be okay. that is the great news, the southbound lanes are still shut down at 216th street. you're going to be detoured off 216th, you can jump back on. we have another accident you have to worry about as well this
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move over i can show you is ugly where that is working. okeechobee road northbound at the florida turnpike and that is where that injury accident is working this morning. just be careful right in between that intersection. again was to have the police involved crash southbound having all of the line shut down and you can see all of the red arrows indicating that drive at a standstill. the northbound side is where we see the majority of drivers around this time of morning. but luckily that accident 216 is not affecting the drive time from 288 all the way up to 874, that will take you 13 minutes. thank you, the family of a man killed in a hit-and-run crash comes together to remember his life. this morning they are making a plea for that driver to come forward. the crash happened thursday night on north dixie highway in fort lauderdale. >> the victims family gathered where the place where the victim lost his life. >>reporter:lauren, and walter, the speed limit out here on this portion of dixie highway is 30 miles per hour.
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night there were drivers speeding past switching into oncoming lanes to pass other cars. families and neighbors of charles who was riding his bike out here when he was killed. hope his death says is a wake-up call. people honor the mary -- memory of 46-year-old charles blackledge during a candlelight vigil in the very spot where he died last thursday night. blackledge was riding his bike from work, he was just two blocks away from home when a car driving along dixie highway in fort lauderdale hit him and sent him flying on northeast 16th street. one of the neighbors had said that that they were out and saw the impact, and that the car was going so fast that they cannot see the car. >>reporter:has heartbroken family flew in from arkansas to take care of things. meanwhile, many of the other mourners live along the homes on house on dixie highway benny running out to help
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the car that hit him already gone. >> charles blackledge is one victim too many. >>reporter:laura lives across the street, just yards from where blackledge was hit. she and other neighbors say the stretch of dixie highway has been dangerous and deadly long enough. drivers constantly going way above the posted 30 mile-per- hour speed limit. >> this is one victim too many. enough! the city of fort lauderdale is supposed to wake up and do something about it >>reporter:black wedges sister has a message to the driver responded to her brother and left him to die on the side of the road. >> you know you hit somebody. you cannot get by with it, and if not, maybe someone who knows can tell on him to where they can at least pay the price. >> the city does have a project listed on its website to improve dixie highway to keep
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pedestrians but no word on when in the meantime, police say they are looking for a silver car that was involved in this hit and run crash -- or a friend and damage. if you have any information you are asked to call broward crimestoppers. live in fort lauderdale, gabby, cbs4 this morning police are investigating a dade. the shooting happened last night a northwest 50 -- 75th street, authorities run the same gathering evidence there. it is unclear how many people were shot. if you have any information call police. details this morning on the unexpected death of us supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old died of natural causes for the late supreme court justice suddenly passed away during a hunting trip to texas over the weekend.
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battle is already underway over who should replace them. >>reporter:a whitehurst carries the body of antonin scalia to a west texas airport sunday, bound for virginia at the request of his family. the 79-year-old supreme court justice passed away suddenly over the weekend, while vacationing at this resort ranch. the county judge ruled antonin scalia died of natural causes after consulting with a physician and sheriff's investigators. >> one of the things i did ask the sheriff, and the marshal that was there, if there were any signs of foul play? and they said absolutely not. >>reporter:on sunday, flies funds across the country and in the nation's capital flew at half staff in honor of the longtime justice. known for his strict conservative views, scalia was both reviled and beloved by his colleagues. and it 2008, 60 minute interview he maintain his disagreements were not personable >> i attack ideas, do not attack people. >>reporter:the debate is already
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obama should nominate as antonin scalia's successor. >> the president has the right, responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice >> we cannot afford to have antonin scalia replaced by someone the nominees he has put there in the past >>reporter:the president says he will nominate a successor in due time, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell maintains any vacancy should be filled once a new present -- president is in office. don champion, cbs news, washington >> funeral arrangements for antonin scalia have not yet been announced campaign 2016, bill clinton will make a campaign stop in south florida today. the former president will attend an event on hillary clinton's behalf. she canceled her parents on friday and said she will be attending events in nevada. the event here in south florida will take place at 2 p.m. this afternoon at the port of palm beach or riviera beach. for more information go to the
6:08 am family support today. george w. bush was will hit brother. he and his wife laura will attend a rally at the northern charleston coliseum. the rally marks the first time he will hit the campaign trail for his brother, jeb. the latest cbs news poll shows donald trunk with a commanding -- trump with a commanding lead. pulling a 42%. argo rubio came out on top in a different poll after saturday night's debate. another cbs poll shows 32% of republicans and independents declared him debate winner. tromp who clash with rubio and ted cruz finished second in the polls. >> today, as a candidate he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood, i disagree with him on that. >> you are the biggest liar, you are probably worse than jeb
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according to the pool hillary poll hillary clinton has the support of 59% of like ely primary voters in south carolina. the time is running out for you to vote for the presidential primary election. the last day to register is tomorrow february 16. we are a closed primary state only voters who are registered members can vote for the respective parties candidates. to register you must be 18 years old and be a us citizen. early voting begins february 29 and runs to sunday march 13. primary day in florida is m arch 15. stay with cbs4 news and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. former israeli prime minister arrived at the present to begin serving a 19 month sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice. he is the first israeli prime minister to serve present time. the 70 70-year-old was convicted in march of 2014 he was accused of accepting bribes to promote a real estate
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here's a look at what is open and close today. public schools in both counties are also close. post offices are shut down, as well. most banks are closed, but you should check with your individual branch just to be sure. tri-rail will run on a normal schedule as well miami-dade and broward county transit. coming up, how much is marlon hernandez home worth? we are talking with joe about this one after the break. smash and grab a burglaries caught on camera. quick moving crooks hit three cell phone stores and in a one night crime spree, and other searches on to find these four thieves. trending this morning, mixed reactions after nellie furtado saying the canadian national anthem before the nba all-star game in toronto. kanye west reveals what could be the biggest shocker
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who he is asking to bail him out? good morning, good morning, south florida, a busy drive i-95 and broward, this is the southbound side northbound approaching 595. we will talk about any accidents. do not go anywhere. a windy residence day ahead.
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as high as 29 miles per hour. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back south florida, this presidents' day, many of you enjoying the day off. some of you may be working. regardless we are dealing with a few showers this morning. what you will notice is that in comparison to last week, it is certainly warmer, and we will be wetter especially as we head into tomorrow ahead of a cold front. right now, live view from our biscayne a camera, the radar showing we just have a few showers here and there, moving quickly around lauderdale by the sea earlier and pompeo beach. most of the showers developing over the atlantic waters of being -- moving on from that breeze. lauderdale lake dealing with a couple of showers as well as cooper city and davie. most of miami-dade county right now quiet and dry, we did have
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keys. sustained winds eight-18 miles per hour out of the east. that will be another big story for us locally. peak when gusts high as 2 2-29 miles per hour. throughout the day today, hang onto your hats and a bolus as we will see a 20% chance of rain, nonetheless there could be one of those fast-moving shower sneaking up on you. 70 fort lauderdale and pompano beach. we are still above that. even in miami-dade where it is slightly cooler, 66 kendall, hello homestead, 68 miami, and 67 down to key west feeling nice. 50s for central florida, north florida waking up to the 40s and the brutally cold temperatures continue for the northern portions of the country only five in boston. 15 new york city. teens in chicago and m inneapolis, atlanta on the flipside of the front 60s in new orleans and houston. along that front across central us very active weather pattern as well is across the south in the gulf coast states. tennessee river valley all of
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of mentoring -- wintry mix. here in south florida, we are talking a high of 78 down right windy at times, and passing showers not a good day for swimming or boating. in fact dangerous with a high risk of rip currents and also small craft advisories choppy on the base. for tonight lowe's around 70 degrees, scattered showers mild and breezy. tomorrow we will be warmer with the 80s and a better chance of breezy showers and storms, but then we will cool off wednesday waking up to those in the mid 60s highs in the upper 70s. with highs in the upper 70s as we get towards thursday and friday. that's get a check of your traffic right now with vanessa. we have a live look outside from a traffic alert on the florida turnpike southbound, these are life pictures of the scene. what we are hearing on the florida turnpike is that everything is going to be okay,
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involved banged up and write in the middle of the roadways. those plain southbound at 216th on the turnpike not going to be opened up anytime soon. we are hearing a third car is involved. it is going to take plenty of time to clear this one out as police continue that investigation. you are going to be detoured off 216th as a result of this crash. and then you can jump back onto the turnpike a little bit further south into 16. we also have another accident to worry about as well this morning. this went on us 27 at the florida turnpike causing major delays on that side. already starting to accumulate all the way up us 27 on the florida turnpike. watch out there is an injury accident. we have that crash, and the turnpike northbound you will see delays as a result of that crash on the turnpike. almost 20 minutes from 288 all the way up to 874. thank you, now it's time for talking with joe, live from the studios this morning, no love between the canes and
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for that game last night. so close it down to the very end. what did you think of that matchup? >> i thought it was a great game, and another unbelievable tight win for the miami hurricanes who really needed that game last night. because they have gotten some tough ones coming up over the virginia tech wednesday night. it was a tight ballgame, and the miami hurricanes have found a way to win most of the side games, but winning on the road last night was just making just enough plays at the and four. and nine and three in the acc. good enough for second place right behind north carolina. that is pretty impressive with just a handful of games left. as josi fernandez worth $30 million a year? simple as that. >> josi fernandez, if he is healthy he is worth $30 million because that is what all of the top pitchers are getting now.
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him is can he stay healthy? weather he wants it now or not, i don't think too many would give it to him right now. he has to show that he can stay healthy for a full season. now, if he stays healthy, there is no question he is as good as anybody in baseball. he throws it hard, he's got a mean breaking pets, love his makeup. he is the total package. and he is a young player. but he has got to stay healthy. that is the big thing for him. we can talk about who is going to pay, who is not going to pay you. he's got to focus on being able to stay healthy with -- right now. >> i know the marlins are not huge fans of his agent. alright we will see how that turns out. thank you so much. we will talk to you later on this morning. tomorrow, an all-day protest against beyonci super bowl performance will take
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in new york city. critics described her performance as anti- police and a tribute to the black panther party. on wednesday, kate middleton will act as a guest editor, the huffington post uk. the duchess of cambridge will help launch of the new hashtag young minds matter to help raise awareness and children's mental health issues. on friday that is the deadline to register your drum. anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft must register with the federal aviation administration before they fly outdoors so they could face civil and criminal penalties. on saturday, the race for the white house will take center stage once again, the south carolina republican presidential primary and the democratic caucuses in nevada will take place on sunday will be the 58th running of the daytona 500, 20- year-old chase elliott will be the polesitter for the great american race. now it's time to find out what is treading on social media this morning, cbs4
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those hot topics. tyra banks revealed her pride and joy over the weekend. she show the world what a top model baby looks like. and he is absolutely adorable. check out the picture of tyra and her baby boy who was born via a surrogate. she posted the picture on social media saying this is the happiest valentine's day of my life. kelly furtado has been quiet on the music front lately and many think it should stay that way. the singer was slammed on twitter for what some described as her off key rendition of o canada at the nba all-star game in toronto. you be the judge. bad. many say it was the worst performance of the canadian anthem they have heard kanye west has revealed he is $53 million in debt. the wrapper tweeted about his personal finances, asking his
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he then called out facebook founder, marx zuckerberg asking him to invest $1 billion in kanye's ideas. justin timberlake rocked his body to the carlton with carlton again. during the 2016 pro-am tournament in pebble beach california. he busted the iconic fresh prince of bel air dance with the man who made it famous. for more trending stories, like our facebook page, let us know what your favorite story of the day. that is what is trending this morning. back over to you, walter. >> nice try. i have not even seen myself do it. [ laughter] it's never going to happen. >> i think alfonso has them beat on that one for sure. >> and just for the record, i will get her back. up next, your first look at
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later, the pope's historic
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welcome back, this morning's top news, the stage is set for tonight's 58th annual grammy awards. stars will be vying for the industry's biggest honor pretty will be packed with unique collaborations and stiff competition. >> with the recent deaths of so many music legends, this year's grammys promises to stir up a lot of emotions. we are live in los angeles to take a look -- a preview. >>reporter:good morning, we are going to see some really emotional tributes tonight. also look for some varied performances from artists ranging from the weekend, and carrie underwood to justin bieber and mina ritchie. wrapper and nominee pitbull will rock the grammy stage with a diverse mashup of musicians. >> we are up there with joe perry, from aerosmith, does not get more rock 'n roll than that >>reporter:the performance as part of a grammy tradition that partners artists from different genres and
6:26 am
using -- rising stars like andra day, she will melt her voice with popstar ellie goulding and a duet. organizers say this year's grammys here at the staples center is different from previous years. the show will be filled with stirring tributes to honor the long list of music legends who have died recently. album of the year contender, chris stapleton, will lead an all-star tribute to bb king. gary clark junior, and kings) on a rate will also perform. >> it was the greatest. >>reporter:lady gaga is almost to the late david bowie's expected to be among the nice biggest performances. >> it is a medley of nine tunes >>reporter:niall rogers put together the elaborate tribute. >> this is very personal, because it feels like a wonderful way to say goodbye >>reporter:the biggest spotlight may belong to taylor swift who is out for seven grammys.
6:27 am
leads with 11 nominations. not only are kendrick lamarr and taylor swift going head to head into of the most coveted categories, album of the year and song of the year, they are also nominated together for best pop duo. look forward to be a pretty big night. reporting live from downtown los angeles, i am terry, back to you. >> a reminder the only place you can watch the grammys is right here on cbs4, it begins at 8 o'clock followed by cbs4 news tonight. if someone asks you who are you want to going to call? you know the answer, ghostbusters. 30 years after the original film took the world by storm, it is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. the 282nd trailer has no sign of its main stars, there are shots of what looks like chaos in the streets as we prepare for possible danger. the full trailer is expected to
6:28 am
is set to hit theaters july 15 cbs this morning is coming up at 7 a.m. right here on cbs4. charlie rose is life in new york city, good morning, what you plan for today? good morning, we are looking at supreme court antonin s calia's legacy in the and the fight over who might replace him. plus one of my discussions with his thoughts. attorney david boyd is here he argued major cases in front of justice antonin scalia, and this , anthony mason is inside staples center with what to expect from tonight's grammys on cbs. that and more. the news is back in the morning. we will see with it at 7 a.m. >> so looking forward to the grammys tonight. remember cbs this morning caps off at 7 a.m. right here on cbs4. let's get a check on our
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very excited about the grammys. >> i love to hear anthony mason is going to be covering it, he is so wonderful with everything that has to be -- deal with music. i reset my dvr, 8 o'clock is late for us in terms of our bedtime. i always stay up late and that i just watch the rest of it the next day. make sure to tune in at 8 p.m. right now this will be music to your ears we are waking up to dry conditions in fort lauderdale. broward county that is the case, but not the case for everyone across south florida. there are a few showers here and there. most of broward county is dry except for a couple of showers earlier in lauderdale. miami-dade county is nice and quiet, and we are seeing it is also quiet across the keys. with that strong eased the breeze, that could carry and a little bit of my shop the atlantic. we are going to see some passing showers today. peak wind gust 29 already pretty will be windy and blustery at times.
6:30 am
going up tonight into tomorrow way. that means we will see some more storms around. complete forecast right now let's get a check of your forecast with vanessa. still have that traffic turn pout -- turnpike southbound at 216th. officer and a couple of other cars involved in this crash as well. it will take plenty of time to clear up. everyone involved in this crash is going to be okay. the three cars involved are still in the middle of the roadway. whatsoever. the turnpike drivers southbound at 26 -- 216th you are going to be detoured off 216th and then side street to get onto the florida turnpike. another accident to worry about this morning as well. it is going to take you 21 minutes on the northbound. that other crashes on us 27 okeechobee road northbound at the causing major delays on the
6:31 am
okeechobee. caught on camera, four guys manage to knock off three hialeah cell phone stars in one night using a sledgehammer. >> we have more on the smash and grabs. these guys are thieves, but you have got to give them credit for efficiency. a group of four men smashed their way into three hialeah cell phone stars all in the same night and into the early morning hours. >> they broke a lot of stuff. window cases, the door. employees at several mobile solutions onto other cell phone stores are cleaning up the mess the men left behind with their hands and a sledgehammer. marveling at the greed it takes to steal everything they did. they grabbed all of the phones they could fit in their hands o n -- duffel bags. one grabbed a big box of merchandise, phones falling out as a runaway.
6:32 am
store, and even the used phones and turned in for service. these men do not seem to scare easily, they took their time during some of the break-ins and even turned on the lights at one point to better see their stolen goods. >> is insane, we have an alarm and a good camera system. they came in the middle of the night. nobody saw or heard anything even though they broke the front doors >>reporter:store owner to -- store owners, managers and employees want these men caught. they hope to get back the more than $20,000 of stolen merchandise during this crime spree. natalia, cbs4 this morning. >> if you recognize any of those men and that video call hialeah police or crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. hollywood police are looking for a man who robbed a jewelry store in broad daylight. it happened yesterday morning in a shopping center on sheridan street. police say when the man made his way into the store he
6:33 am
bathroom at gunpoint. he was able to get away with half a million dollars worth of jewelry for people who spend time in that area are shocked. >> $500,000 worth of jewelry? s erious! it is a nice neighborhood, and to hear that store right next to yogurt land that we come to very often with our family got robbed. police say the robber pistol whipped one of the employees. anyone with information is urged to call hollywood police. police are searching for the shooter who opened fire on a man in miami. this happened on saturday near northwest eighth street and sixth avenue. family members identify the victim as mitch johnson per he was shot several times and taken to the hospital in critical condition. if you have any information call miami police. take a look at this mass, driver lost control and hit pedestrians on a sidewalk along second street in fort lauderdale.
6:34 am
no word on their conditions. now to the pope's visit to mexico, today pope francis will travel to mexico southern border. >> yesterday the pope had a jampacked sunday that included an outdoor mass. adriana diaz has the latest from mexico city. >>reporter:pope francis visited a check -- children's hospital in mexico city. he asked the children to pray for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of of a maria. mexico city has been pope francis had since he arrived. from here he has been taking trips across the country. the holy father also traveled by helicopter to -- on sunday. there, he celebrated an outdoor mass before more than 300,000 for the largest event on his
6:35 am
visit. in his homily, the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunity for all. with an estimated 2 million people lining his motorcade roots, many waving vatican flags and balloons. >> it's amazing! >>reporter:pope francis traveled by flame -- plane later today to meet with indigenous people living on mexico southern border. adriana diaz, cbs news, mexico city. >> concerned about the zika virus, mexican officials started spraying and house to house fumigation's to protect the pope from the disease. a virgin atlantic flight, the pilot was forced to turn around the flight from london to new york following what the airline called a laser incident. the flight was heading to new york on sunday when a laser was pointed at the plane following the incident. one of the crewmembers was not feeling well.
6:36 am
to the airport. the plane landed safely, the flight is scheduled to head to new york today. straightahead, a billion- dollar bus, we will tell you what was found inside art supplies and women's undergarments. a day of skiing takes a terrifying turn, when a bus filled with children erupts in flames. now the children are doing this morning, and what went wrong? i walked back and forth in the weather center to the weather wall, i have not worked out in a while. i'm looking forward to that story. right now, tracking some showers this morning, windy day ahead, warmer and wetter as we head into tomorrow. i will have your complete forecast.
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adventures from $599, plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean. book now, offer ends today. continuing to talk about this traffic alert on the floor turnpike that has good lanes closed down at 216th . we have live pictures of a carew out
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a police involved crash. the good news everyone will be okay molden this accident but you are seeing a tow truck out on the scene and that we have chopper for over the entire accident so you can get an aerial view of all of the lanes shut down. the other side of the roadway, that is the northbound lanes of the turnpike at 216th. obviously a slow drive northbound and then all of the lanes shut down south. you are going to be detoured off onto southwest 216th, major delays on those sidestreets. you have to continue southbound and then chuck back onto the turnpike southbound we have another accident you have to worry about this time on us 27 at okeechobee road. northbound at the florida turnpike you are seeing red arrows indicating slow -- two lanes are blocked off there. ice chunks could be seen in lake michigan over the weekend. these pictures were taken along the banks of the belmont harbor in chicago.
6:41 am
area saw about 3 inches of snow, or the 130 flights at o'hare international airport were canceled due to weather. take a look at the sea smoking forming in boston, it is actually steam, not smoke. the fall forms when the cold air moves over the relatively warmer waters. many cities along the east coast are dealing with extremely cold temperatures. new york central park are two negative 1 degrees on sunday morning raking a record set in 1916. a sharp contrast, we are waking up to the 70s and upper 60s here in south florida. certainly warmer in comparison and up north, and warmer in comparison with was going on lastly for us, we had some lows in the 40s, and 50s. that is not the case today, we will also see a better chance of wet weather and windy. you can see the camera shaking, a breezy downright blustery day ahead.
6:42 am
clouds on the breeze. we have had showers around deerfield beach, lighthouse., a few showers embedded with these fast-moving cells. also dealing with a few isolated showers. earlier we had the rain out and had a rain earlier down into the keys for the big story today locally is we do have that wind flowing out of the east staying anywhere from 15-18 miles per hour and gusting as high as 2 8- 29 and we will seek us even stronger than that. dangerous high risk of rip currents and recurrence and not a good day for boating. 70s in fort lauderdale, upper 60s in miami-dade county, kendall 66, 66 miami, 70 marathon, we are seeing the cooler air just to our north with 50s in central florida 40s across the big and and the panhandle. check it out we have the
6:43 am
northern half of the country. the front is leading to some active weather across the central us. rain and wintry mix as we are looking at the gulf coast states into the tennessee river valley. also see some strong storms and then some of that wintry weather stretching across portions of the carolinas, and wrapping around into the great lakes. here in south florida, keep your umbrella handy. a 20% chance of passing showers with those strong easterly windy. if you are headed to the beach, not a good idea to go swimming, stay out of the water. those of you visiting from out of town, the red flags mean it is downright dangerous.
6:44 am
umbrellas as you head back to work and back to school. warmer and wet with low '80s, breezy showers and those lows in the 60s wednesday and thursday. highs in the upper 70s on friday middle to the end of the week. a busy morning for new york firefighters more than 100 of them are called out overnight to battle a morte -- multi- story fire in brooklyn. five people were displaced because of the fire, nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. take a look at this, a ski bus burst into flames in washington say just minutes after a group of students got off of it. the bus carrying the high school is schoolers off the mountain, a mechanical error cause the plane -- flames. within minutes the group was on the slopes skiing. in australia, police carried out a massive drug bust seizing 1 billion australian dollars worth of math, that is about 700 million us dollars.
6:45 am
found hidden inside silicon brawl inserts. which led them to a storage facility where they found more meth and eventually arrested for suspects. the grammy awards airing live right here on cbs4. ll cool j will be back to host music's biggest night. he will be joined by some of music's biggest stars. there will be more than 30 performers including taylor swift who was the opening act, adele, lady gaga who is slated to give the highly anticipated tribute to david bowie. there is something brand-new this year just for all of us at home. >> we are going to have the live streaming grammy cam this year. you will literally be in your favorite artist hands, if they win, the trophy girl will hand them the trophy and there will be a camera inside the grammy, you will see the point of view the artist has, you will be
6:46 am
you have never been this close. >> a reminder that the only place you can watch the grammys is right here on cbs4 it begins at 8 o'clock followed by cbs4 news tonight. straight ahead, going to the gym can be intimidating. >> especially the weight room which can make women want to skip strength training altogether. now there is a new batch of apps to help women add some
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on the healthwatch this morning, going to the gym can be intimidating especially the weight room which experts say can have women skip strength training altogether and focus on cardio >> as vanessa tell us there is a new batch of apps to help women add muscle to their workout both in and out of the gym. after leah kendrick had her second child, she knew she wants to get back in shape. but she was also hesitant to walk into a gym. >> seeing the majority of guys weight training and you feel like you do not belong, or that you are going to get these looks like what is this girl doing here
6:50 am
decided to try something new i strength training app called fit fire athlete created by two women who were unhappy with what works currently on the market when it came to women's fit a pps. >> they took something that was designed for men, make it pink, these apps would feature a lot of aesthetic training, be about weight loss. they really would not ever mention anything about athletic goals or performance related goals. >>reporter:teaching everything from strength training basics to advanced techniques. allowing users to build to a harder workout as they go. >> we actually wanted to infuse the sense of female strength and power into our app from the very beginning. how to set up the equipment. using an app that shows you how
6:51 am
confidence. >>reporter:one study showing 24% download them to their phones, and dixie stanforth a professional -- believes these apps can make a real difference in getting women in the weight room. >> for many women, training is a key part of their overall health that is totally lacking, and the apps give them the confidence to add resistance training into their training regimen. >>reporter:which is vital to an over -- a woman's overall health more than outer appearance >> i'm going to have a reduced risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, become stronger mentally and physically. they feel better to handle anything that comes in their way of life. >>reporter:it is on that for leah since finding the apps she has falling in love with lifting and now feels confident to step into a gym. >> i became the girl i always wanted to be, now i have the
6:52 am
definitely improved. >>reporter:ladies, if you are afraid of lifting weights, thinking you're going to bulk up like a bodybuilder, dixie says those fears are unfounded. knitting weights will give you definition, it is testosterone that causes men to put on mass
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> no comment welcome back, wrap up of your morning headlines the family of a man killed in a hit and run crashes pleading for the driver responsible to come forward. 46-year-old charles blackledge was killed thursday night at northeast 16th and dixie highway in fort lauderdale. his family held a vigil there last i pretty was riding his bike home when a car slammed into them. if you have information call police. the body of a late supreme court justice, antonin scalia, was flown back to washington dc last may. he died of natural causes on saturday during a hunting trip to texas. a debate is now raging on the campaign trail over weather president obama or the next president should nominate antonin scalia's successor. bill clinton will make a campaign stop in south florida today, he will attend on hillary clinton's behalf. she canceled her appearance on friday comments that you will be attending events in nevada. the south florida event will take place at 2 p.m.
6:56 am
palm beach and riviera beach the president's days holiday will be wideouts for parts of the northeast including western new york could see up to 8 inches of snow or the saving grace is many people will be staying home because of the presidents' day holiday. now it's time for talking with jojo live from the studios this morning, the panthers were so hot earlier on in the season, now they have lost four out of the last five. do think they can bounce back out of the next upcoming games? >>reporter:they are going to be fine, they are going through a bad stretch once again here and they still have a bunch of home games including pittsburgh tonight is in town. they will get it turned around they have a couple of guys banged up, but no excuses. they need to get back and get it rolling. yeah, they have not played well. listen, they've got a 12 game winning streak, they have two five-game winning streaks, this game -- this team is for real.
6:57 am
which by the way, every team over 82 games goes through this. do not be surprised, they are just going through a little bad stretch here. they are going to be fine. too much talent to continue to play poorly. i don't think it will happen. >> if memory serves me c orrectly, it is the 44th birthday today, but see if they can get a win. >>reporter:wow, before i let you go, can carne west really be $53 million in debt? is a possible? >> that is what he is saying. i was asking earlier if kim kardashian do he was going to put all of that information on blast? >> those kardashian women, stay away from those kardashian women they are bad news. >> you stay away from them, joe. we will talk to you tomorrow. have a good day, joe. [ laughter] let's check in with vanessa for a traffic alert.
6:58 am
involved in this crash being put on the back of that tow truck this is turn bike southbound at 216th. this is aerial views of that area everybody being detoured off of 216th and then you will see onlooker delays on the northbound side as well this morning. if you are heading out the door that area, be careful take your sidestreets. also an accident on us 27 turnpike. i'd morning, as we take a life you hear from our fort lauderdale camera we're seeing a few clouds in the mix. upper 60s across-the-board, miami fort lauderdale key west has had a few showers here and there, you just saw them in deerfield beach and parkland throughout the . throughout the day, 20% chance of passing showers with the upper 70s it will be a warmer start to the week and warmer weather as we will be increasing the chance for storms. 82, by the middle of the week
6:59 am
upper 70s. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. anthony mason is live in los angeles at the staples center captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan. justice antonin scalia's death has a battle over his replacement. >> trump donald trump has a commanding lead in north carolina but jeb bush's brother expects to hit the campaign trail today. >> and what we expect to see tonight at the grammy awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> simply, i cannot think what i could do for an encore.


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