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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we could some behold the power of protein in birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans,
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...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends. so veggie good. >> right now at 5:30. shots fired in a miami neighborhood. two women are dead. >> we are live. >> child tragedy, a driver accused of hitting a five-year- old boy while running from police appears before a judge. it is 5:31 on tuesday, february 16th. good tuesday morning to you. good morning to you as well. vanessa is standing by with a check of the roadways. >> but first let's check in with lissette, very busy. >> yes, and although we are not
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it is active across the deep south, the gulf coast start state, look at the weather, including multiple tornadoes and damaging winds. we had reports of a tornado earlier, a few minutes ago along alligator alley, mile marker 68. if you have friends and family cross the interior section toughener anyone will, we are going to have strong to severe storms. most of it is over in central to south west florida. starting see -- we have the wind flow from 10 to 14 miles per hour. very warm, he to mid 20. we will start to see a gradual coloring think had low 80s.
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southbound on e you have 9 aapp. they're starting to push it to the shoulder and clear it out of the so we have a stalled out car in the al mole sew. that left lane is blocked off and they are the -- in the -- the exit ramp is still closed off as a result. they have to repair the guardrail and construction on i- 95 has two left lanes blocked off. thank you. we are following breaking news a missing child alert shall be issued. ashley jade martinez was last seen in the 200 block of south west 14th avenue. the six-year-old is believe today with in the company of 53- year-old lily who was last seen wearing a blue floral dress. if you have any information you are urged to call police. we are continuing to follow
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men were found dead inside an apartment. gabby is live with the latest. gabby, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, miami police not confirming how those two women were killed but they tell us they responded to that scene after getting several 9-1-1 calls about shots fire. this is video from around that scene. all of it happens around 7:00. detectives say the victim's bodies were discovered in a back apartment&taken to the mall cool examiner to determine cause of death investigators did spend the entire night gathering evidence trying to piece together what happened. tiff one is a mother and they don't know why this happened.
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help with information. if you know my 305471-imtip. all right. thank you very much for that. here are the rest of your tuesday morning head lines: i driver is lucky to be alive after his truck fell off of i- 95 and fell in a miami park. the city of miami garbage truck landed in the park at south street. it landed between the building and community center. they rescued the driver to jackson memorial in serious condition. today second degree the last day remember administer only voters registered members of a police cool party president. to register you go early voting begins.
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the heat is certained a star, chris is deal being another serious health scare. some believe he's dealing once again with blood clots in his calf. hi will reportedly meet with doctors to determine the seriousness of the situation. now at 5:36. a man accused of running down a five-year-old boy, as he walked to park over the weekend. eugene ran away. he's facing charges including vehicle collar homicide and driving without a license. now to the u.s. government is expected to announce that it has signed an agreement with cuba to restore commercial airline travel.
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service, it will give trillion- - to normalize -- >> in mentoring matters we meet two special young ladies traveling the world together through cusine. we will explain how they're expanding horizons through the journey. >> this looks like a lot of chapter books. >> i like chatter books. i they begin be and her good friend whitney may not seem like they have a lot in common but they do, cust ask them. >> i'm an artist tick person. we really connected with that. >> i want someone to play with me and to talk to me. i only have a brother. you can't do much with boys. >> the two have been hanging
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exploring new places, going to dance and spending quality time. >> one of the most famous jazz guys. [ music ] i never heard one. i always wanted to. >> she moved to south florida after moving from new york was looking for volunteer opportunity, she signed up to be a big sister with the mentoring organization big brother, big sister. >> i remember having a babysitter that made a huge impact on my life when i was young. i still remember her. i want to have a positive impact on michaela's life and i am -- mikayl's life. she was happy to be matched up with someone who shared her life of add chen venn which are but she's quick to point out
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she makes sure we have a roof over our head. she's a nice, lung di. >> you are. >> some people don't. >> her mother wanted her to experience different cultures so she's going on a world tour through cusine. >> the different foods were so awesome. argentina, italy, brazil, japan food. >> i got her a world map that we framed and every some eat at a different restaurant, she huts a sister. tonight that question take them to a jamaica restaurant. >> the two were fast friends and relationship runs even deeper than.
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>> the more people do positive a mentor. we posted information on our mentoring mats page. still to come, george which knee is the. star wars fans have another reason to get excited. news about open society it. awe man saying facebook, social media site did something illegal. find out why the swim suit issue is giving you more options than ever before. it is a stormy start across portions of central and south west florida. we've had tornado warnings, a tornado watch continues for some of these areas, and all
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>> women come -- welcome back, south florida. it is a very active morning a
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you can see the severe storm reports. not only tornadoes but damaging gusty winds across the deep south, the panhandle of florida. we even had a report of a tornado touching down in north florida. just earlier we also in a report of a possible tornado touching down along the 68th mile marker of alligator alley. that's where the worst of the weather is at. if you have plans to travel, you may want to hold off and warn your friends and family that may be headed out there across the entire sections of the the peninsula. torrential downpours and also the west coast is getting slammed. fort myers, napealings and then you can see it around -- -- nalels. everything is moving from west to east. we are seeing some rain move into our areas in western broward county, and south west ranches and everything will
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lighthouse seeing rain and also south ward. miami dade get ready for the rain. don't leave home without your rain gear. the rain, and this is part to have reason we could see some strong storms here across south florida. we have the southern moist wind flow and we have the warmer temperatures low to mid 70s and plenty of available moisture in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere, coming together to produce a very stormy start at times as with the models are indicating even into 6:00 a.m., that rain spreading across not only broward but miami dade. around 7:00 or 8:00 we see more moderate rain, heavier rain around 9:00 a.m. we can see stronger storms, even into 10:00 a.m. keys deal being more of the rain as we head into lunchtime. but some precipitation left over for miami dade into the afternoon. finally as we get to 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, we will see some improvement, in terms of the
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be clearing and tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, not as warm. we have another weak cold front this weak and temperature also drop. it will be pleasant with comfortable nights, high pressure for the weekend and lots of sunshine and temperatures will be a little warmer. however, for today, looking unstable, the atmosphere in term of a stormy start and warm and windy, highs in low 80s. a dangerous hi risk of rip currents, not safe to go swimming. not a good day for -- tonight we will be mostly clear, and check out the rest of the week. it is nice. we have to get through today, plenty of sunshine, tomorrow7. 7on thursday, dropping into the 50s by friday with low 70s and then we are talking about pleasant, breezy conditions for the weekend. vanessa. all right, south florida. let's talk about broward county. we have that construction on i- 75 southbound at sheraton street. you can see the flashing lights bottom of the screen that's all that's left for the
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it is just a road ranger off to shoulder. great drive in broward, no other accidents or construction. miami-dade we had had stall car. the left lane was blocked off fbi stalled vehicle. no longer have to worry about it. unfortunately yesterday we had a garbage truck that fell over i-9 ato the southbound. we have to repair the guardrail. the exit ramp is shut down this morning. 13 minutes on the 188th up to 874 but that means the drill. drivers in both miami dade and broward, listen up the palmetto and i-75 are closing as a result of construction this week. here are detail it is. >> reporter: all northbound 826 lanes will be closed northerly at 8:00 street and thursday
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to 5 5:00 p.m. and this be then from the hour. finally all your northbound lanes of i-75 will be closed from 11:00 p.m. on tuesday to 16:00 a.m. wednesday. you will be directed to the off ramp. for all the ways i'm steering you right, go to the westbound site. >> the panthers shoot out of the slump, and another blood clot scare for chris bosch. >> maybe with the heat and chris, he's facing another blood clot scare, of course heat all star forward pulled out of the weekend because of a strained calf but now they say it is more serious than that. he is back in south florida reportedly to meet with doctors to find out what to do. he has another blood clot in
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issues last year when the clot travel today his dunging the force fussing san bernadino reporters say it is too soon he will have to shut down this year. as the panthers go to work against the ben -- penguins, they get the early lead and it would hold up until the third when the penguins guy it and force overtime. then a shoot out but the panthers mighty good in shoot outs because they have guys to put the puck in the net. now up to al to seal the deal. he was brilliant all night. >> very thankful to have them in the nets and it is a god
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it is good to have a one goal game. we got shelled. it is a good come back win. >> they snatch a team. cbs had sports this morning. it is like february 20125 all other again. what's going on with chris. >> this is sad. before we worry ant wins and losss and feeling -- about wins and losses, his health is the most important thing. i can tell you blood clots are serious, serious stuff for sure. we hope he's okay. the other side of it is of course the basketball side. 7 and a half rebounds and 19 points if he's not in line up it is hard to make the playoffs here in the last 30 games. he's that important.
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malter what anybody says. he comes back, he's still the boost sheeter and he would really be missed. i can't imagine a scenario where they have a shot to go, if they make the playoffs go past the first round they would miss the 6'11" forward/center for sure. >> his health is the number one concern. he has two little one tons way. our thoughts are with him as he deals with what he's dealing with at this time. >> the trade deadline on thursday. yesterday saw saw tweets and chatter for a trade for dwight howard. i heard a collective groan co. you think he's the right fit for this team. >> it doesn't do anything for me, lauren. i just -- dwight howard, i hear the name and think of a guy
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he has been a good sentencer. supposed to be a great center y. think he's passionate. he's hue 30 years old. it looks like he's out there to collect a pay check. you look at the numbers. he's had block problems. it doesn't do it for me. will it be an upgrade? i guess it would over whiteside but you can talking about a salary of 22 misdemeanor dollars eyer after this year, of course whiteside doesn't excite anybody the way he has been behaving. the trade, if it does happen and everything is talking about it, i had rather keep it the way it is. let's see what we can get out of whiteside over the last 30 games, let's see if we can get
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>> maybe a double dose of. give him some of mine. >> it feels like star wars the force awakens just hit theaters put disney is already filming episode 8. cut. beautiful. >> filming picking up right where the force awakens left off with luke on a remote island. joining us with lauren, delltorr and kelly marine. this movie does not have a name yet but it is set to hit -- tickets to beyonce formation will run through america before heading to europe in june.
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2013. they will kick it all ore shoo. >> she will be here in a couple of months and cesar was found with cindy crawford ander had her husband at joe's -- leslie spotted the group and posted the picture and later tweeted clooney's wife was not in attendance. straight ahead more options for readers of the sports illustrated swim suit edition. what the house approved for the first time. >> do you need relief from. >> hi. >> tonight big changes are
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florida's most popular bars but . >> welcome back. facebook is sued over the birthday reminers and the first u.s. owned phak tire is given
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we will go live with more details. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the obama administration is giving the okay for the first u.s. owned factory in cuba. the company from alabama plans to build small tractor, it would be sold, the -- created to atract foreign investments. a florida man is suing facebook over the birthday reminers. he says they sent unauthorized text messages to his phone and that violate it is tell consumer protection act. he wants $1500 per message, facebook is not commenting. walter. >> jill, we are hearing readers or in this case, viewers or page clippers have. >> you know, that's a very god
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you can kick from three separate covers and watch service yule reality with the new app. the videos can be watches on smart phones with or without virtual reality gogglesment video -- body painted by rhonda and 56-year-old griffin. so, wondering how this will go other. seems like it is a big hit. >> walter. >> we should have told our viewer about this after the show so they don't stopwatching and go straight to that. >> yeah, there goes ratings. >> we will see you in next hour. >> people look so funny with those virtual reality the aim sure they will be focused. >> that's it for cbs 4 this morning at 5:00. >> cbs 4 this morning at 6:00 starts right now. >> next at 6:00, developing a missing child alert is issued
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be with a female companion. two men are found dead at an apartment, a relative is speaking out. >> a garbage truck crashs and falls off of i-9 a. you won't believe what happen today the driver. >> music's biggest night, the winners per formans and what has everyone talking following the grammy awards. >> we are keeping an eye on the storm. a live look at real time radar showing a line of severe storm making its way through the state. good morning. it is 6:00 on tuesday, february 16th. i'm lauren. >> good tuesday morning to you. let's say good morning to ladies. we have a look at the roadways. it is busy. we will hear from hear in moments also busy on the roadway. lissette has been tracking that across the state this morning.


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