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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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believe this is an isolated situation. but they say if anyone has information of other victims they should contact the broward sheriff's office. live in fort lauderdale, cbs 4 news. it's been nearly a year since fort lauderdale fired three police officers accused of sending text messages with racial slurs. now one of the officers is trying to get his job back. there's a hearing under way at city hall for the officers. cbs 4 is live in fort lauderdale with more. >> good evening. well this is an arbitration hearing that was guaranteed under the union contract. that this officer had with the city when he worked here about a year ago. he has hired his own attorney to fight his case. the city meanwhile has to prove that this firing was justified. it was a disturbing homemade video with images of the kkk. pictures of the president, and african americans being threatened and harmed. it sent shock waves throughout fort lauderdale. the video coupled with
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to the firing of three fort lauderdale police officers. >> our interest here is giving a fair hearing to both sides. >> now one of those officers, james wells is trying to get his job back. an arbitrator is hearing testimony to determine if he should be reinstated. >> the public and the city has the right to have a police force which is ever has an integrity, honor, unbiased to protect the citizens of fort lauderdale. the exfiance of who was accused of making the video sent the information to the police chief. >> people working for the state
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so i went and i emailed the chief. it was hard. you had to read them a bunch of times to get through. some of this was talked in code for lack of better terms. you had to decipher things in there. to get what was being discussed. >> but his attorneys says he has a right to privacy. and that the information was illegally obtained. >> everybody has a right to privacy. in this situation there were text messages between individuals. and florida law governs the capture of those text messages. store now the hearing is not over. it's going to go on until friday. mostly these were city witnesses today. wells still has to present his testimony. in these cases, most often the officer does testify. it's not clear if he'll testify at this arbitration hearing, after it's over, there will not be an immediate decision.
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uphold the firing or reinstate wells. in fort lauderdale, joan murray, cbs 4 news. a lot of people spent the day cleaning up after a trio of tornadoes touched down in miami dade and broward yesterday. ted is live in northeast miami dade with some details. ted? >> yeah elliott, right now we're in the sky lake neighborhood. scenes like this all over the place. big piles of tree debris. right back there, a huge crane in the neighborhood. there's a couple of them here. they can get rid of larger trees in the area that need to be taken out. now there's a new problem we're seeing. over here, this is a water main break that happened as crews were trying to restore the power. normally well manicured sky lake in northeast miami dade is a mess filled with work crews trying to clear the streets and get power back on. this is what it looked like as a tornado blew through the area, mary lou phifer lived here for years. she remembers once before when
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>> it's been like hurricane andrew, exactly. except this came and we had no warning. it was unbelievable. it was over with in less than ten minutes. >> down the street, crews are also busy cleaning up downed trees and replacing roofs. the roof partially came off this building. >> i could look out the window and i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> clean up was going on all around him. he was stunned as the storm moved through. >> i saw winds swirling around. like unbelievable. everything flying flu the air -- flying through the air. unreal. in miami gardens, a lot of trees were down. many tell us they weren't used to seeing tornadoes. >> i never remember tornadoes rather hurricanes. so this was kind of a shock to us. dash cam video caught this tornado in pompano beach. they're cleaning up after that one too.
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where the national weather service confirmed a third south florida tornado that blew this ping-pong table from one backyard to another. and in hollywood, they're picking up the pieces after two trees fell on a mobile home trapping a man and woman inside. this is all they've been able to salvage. >> i haven't slept all night, you know, my stomach's been in knots. thankfully we're out alive. but just taking it hour by hour. >> a live look barack here in sky lake where crews are working to plug up this water main break. or to stop that water from leaking out. right now what folks are dealing with here is a water main break. they have no power. there's a lot of tree debris that needs to be cleaned up. life in northeast miami dade, ted, cbs news. new details about a teen charged in a crash that took the life of a college freshman. for the first time we're hearing from his attorney.
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learning the driver never had a license. >> he shows no emotion and says nothing as a prosecutor delivers strong words about him in this crash on january 1st that injured him. and took the life of 18-year- old university freshman, daniela miguel who was in the backseat. >> the state is very concerned about the fact that a 17-year- old chose to drive his porsche, probably about 60 miles per hour through a residential setting where he killed one of his friends. he was high on marijuana. he also had xanax in his system. and he never had a driver's license. >> he was released after his arrest and didn't have a gps monitor. he was taken into custody after he was charged as an adult. $100,000. a police report said he and medina had been using a golf
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party to party on new year's eve. while he reported lid denied they used drugs, he did admit they were drinking and said medina wanted to show off the family porsche. >> the bond that the state is asking is extremely reasonable under the circumstances here. if anything, i would have set a high ur bond. >> he will be on house arrest, cannot drive and will wear a gps monitor. >> is there anything at all you can say about your son? >> his mother was not talking. his attorney did say. >> he's shown a tremendous amount of mountaineers. it's been a difficult time for the victim's family. and it's been difficult for my client's family as well. medina's mother is about to be evicted from her condominium. and his father is a diplomat at the united nations.
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random drug testing. peter dench cbs 4 news. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee says he won't bring up the proposal for a hearing. he has the power to kill any bill that comes through his committee by refusing to hear it. the open carry proposal was passed in the state house but will not be taken up by the senate. a woman from new zealand is protesting at the aquarium. danielle dolls spent four days in a bathtub outside the attraction. she says she's simulating the killer whale's life in captivity. she plans to hold her protest for 30 days to raise awareness. >> it's cruel. they're wild and they don't belong in captivity. it's animal cruelty and it's all about profit.
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saying there's no evidence lolita would survive if she were to be moved from her home. it would be wreckless and cruel to treat her life as an experiment. the florida winners of the powerball jackpot were finally revealed. the couple came forward at a news conference today in tallahassee. cbs 4 is live in the control room with what they had to say. >> david and maureen smith a couple from melbourne beach claimed their portion of the winnings. they elected a lump sum payment option of almost 328 million. smith bought the winning ticket and one quick pick for $3 at a publix super market near their home. maureen is a homemaker, david a manufacturing engineer, what is the first thing they plan to buy? >> he wants to get a new car. >> how about you? >> i really don't know yet. i want to get a massage.
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>> she could hire her own personal massage therapist for the rest of her life. the florida couple is one of three winners splitting the drawing. the other two winning tickets were bought in california and tennessee. in the control room, cbs 4 news. back to you. two lucky and rich people. still ahead on cbs 4 news at 6:00, the ceo of apple is taking on the fbi over a judges ruling that would force the tech giant to unlock an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. also ahead, an officer shot in the line of duty surprises his youngest supporters and we're there to see the smiles on their faces. i'm live at the american airlines arena. back on the practice court without injured all-star chris bosh. we'll have the latest on his situation and hear what dwayne wade has to say about his friend. a beautiful sunset
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i'll let (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. a federal judge wants apple to de crypt a locked iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino california attacker. but apple's ceo plans to fight the judge's order. investigators say syed farook and his wife carefully planned
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in san bernardino. the fbi has one of their iphones but hasn't been able to open it. now a judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into the ebb iphone. apple's ceo says the government is asking for something too dangerous to create. cook explained the problem in an interview with 60 minutes charlie rose last year. >> the reality is in you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody, for good guys and bad guys. >> apple has five days to file an appeal which would go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. a big surprise for a group of students who have helped encourage a miami gardens police officer during his recovery. officer david starling was shot as he sat in his patrol car last month. cbs 4 is live at an elementary school in miami with more. >> officer starling came here to the elementary school to personally thank the 50 or so little girls who sent him get well cards after he was
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job last month. take a look. as these little girls sing to and greet miami gardens police officer david starling, the recovering officer can't help but smile big. kindness. >> officer starling surprised the girls with a visit to thank them personally for sending him get well cards while he was in the hospital after being shot on the job. the cards were part of a lesson in values matter. the cars part of the embrace girl power program after school. >> i wrote officer starling, i hope you get well soon, feel better. >> they care about us. and they want everybody safe. and they want to keep -- and they want to protect us when we're in danger. >> when i got home from the hospital. we had a big box of cards and each girl put a message on it. and that meant a lot. my wife and i went through each one.
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>> accused shooter david mejia is in jail denied bond and charged with five attempted murder charges. mejia pulled up next to officer starling as he sat in his patrol unit filling out paper work. mejia suddenly started shooting at him. officers quickly found and arrested mejia. starling was rushed to the hospital needing surgery after he was shot in the buttocks which he is recovering from at home. >> i've been a street cop for most of my career, the walls are closing in. but it's okay. >> officer starling is feeling better. but he's still getting around with a cane and preparing to start physical therapy soon. live in miami, cbs 4 news. great to see him getting better. and craig also great to finally have the winter weather we deserve in south florida. >> we do deserve it. don't we?
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here, days like this make it perfect. our broward camera catching the sun going down over the horizon. sunset getting later and later everyday. temperatures now are comfortable. 72 miami. 70 in key west. it's super dry out there. humidity only 35%. wind west, northwest at 7 and no west today. it's been quite the nice day. temperatures elsewhere across south florida, deer field beach, 69. miami beach 71. winds gentle out there. but they'll pick up later tomorrow. normal high is 78. everywhere. just about as perfect of a normal day as you can get in the middle of february. the clouds moved out this morning. plenty of sunshine now. in the coming days, we'll see a good deal of sunshine. more breeze off the water on friday. sprinkles. good.
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so tomorrow, a breezy sunshine. not as warm. temperatures in the mid 70s for highs opposed to the upper 70s. on friday, temperatures fall a few more degrees. because the clouds coming in. a sun and sprinkles blowing off the ocean. pleasant high pressure settling into the area. mid 70s to upper 70s through the weekend. comfortablely cool at night. here comes the next cold front. we're in this el nino winter pattern. we've had upper level wind shear. wind shear it's a favorable for severe weather. this is a possibility for tuesday. it looks like tuesday night and wednesday. a long range heads up that there's the potential for more severe weather tuesday through wednesday. that time frame. in terms of temperatures across the country now, they're not bad. still cool through the great lakes into the northeast, temperatures 20s, 30s, and 40s. but to the spotty and southwest, it's on the warm side, 60s, 70s, and 80s. lows in the low 50s to around
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breezy and warm, but not as warm as today. high temperature around 75 degrees. for boaters, small craft advisory in the gulf stream, choppy conditions on the bays. surf temperature at virginia key is 71. and taking us through the weekend into next week, mid 70s for highs over night low, 50s and 60s. a little more breeze tomorrow a few sprinkles friday. the weekend looking great. next thunderstorm chance, tuesday, back to you. tonight at 11:00, for some drinking wine is a daily routine. but what else might be in the glass besides wine, it might surprise you. >> when you drink a glass of wine, especially a relatively inexpensive wine. you're drinking a huge array of compounds and chemicals that you have no idea are present in the wine. okay. what types of additives are we talking about? and should we be concerned? cbs 4's vanessa borge records, what's in your wine tonight at 11:00 on cbs 4 news.
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this saturday is the dolphin's cancer challenge. cbs 4 is a proud sponsor once again of the annual event. thousands of us will be heading out across south florida saturday morning with all routes leading back to sun life stadium for a concert featuring melissa ethridge and sheryl crow. there's also a big kickoff party friday night at sun life stadium. join us for a live half hour special friday at 7:00 p.m. from the party. it promises to be a lot of fun and will include surprise guests as well. for more information about the dolphins cancer challenge go to the miami heat make an
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jim berries live where there's a lot of concern about the health of chris bosh, right jim? >> that's right, elliott. and still a bit of mystery. here's what we can tell you tonight, no, chris bosh did not practice with the heat as they returned from the all-star break. and he won't travel with the team as they take on the atlanta hawks this week. but yes, his pal dwayne wade had an optimistic tone about the state of his health. so we'll keep our fingers cross. maybe that's good news. the heat back on the court. coach and the heat offering no confirmation that bosh has another blood clot. like last season the team is picking up after the all-star
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but this time dwayne wade told me bosh's situation doesn't seem as scary as last year when he landed in the hospital. so the heat maybe more hopeful this time around. >> we're not doctors. we don't know exactly what it is. but we're going off him. and you know we've talked and he's feeling good. he has a positive outlook on things. so that's all i worry about. >> meanwhile the florida panthers battling their own health issues. they have to get over teams taking shots at some of their best players. the team back practicing after a loss at pittsburgh. the panthers missing key players like sasha because they know now that they're in first place, teams are gunning for him. the panthers did rebound. and are showing that maybe they will follow what that sign says. no excuses. no matter what the situation is.
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down. they play hard and well, and credit to those guys. they're working hard and having fun. and like i said, every team goes through this. it's part of hockey. >> u.n. football commit san bruce from saint thomas aquinas high school this after posing with a gun in a photo. bruce of course all smiles just a week ago when he made formal his commitment to the university of miami. but apparently this picture riled folks up. he posed with a gun. he had a beef about a girl. and there you have it. apparently he plans to enroll at another high school. finish school and graduate and still enroll at the university of miami and greg jennings on the talk show circuit confirming what a lot of fans all ready know when it comes to quarterback ryan tannehill, jennings says the jury is still out. >> i've played with great quarterbacks.
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quickly tell if one has it or not. it's been difficult for me to even tell if he has it or not because he hasn't been given liberty. >> well this could be the make or break for ryan tannehill. as for chris bosh, fingers crossed that he's going to be okay. but nobody for sure is saying
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that's spo that's the news for now, thank you for joining us, the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. look for the day's headlines to be the at 11:00. and watch the news casts tonight on our website,
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>> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided tonight. the f.b.i. got a court order requiring apple to help


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