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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we begin tonight with major breaking news. the associated press reported. obama is set to visit cuba, that trip set for next month. >> this would be the biggest step in the restoration of relations between us and cuba. the countries will reopen the respective embassies. john kerry travel to havana to reopen the embassy in august. and the president wants to go to cuba. also, if the conditions are right. that means enough progress has to be made in human rights issues of bilateral relations and if he can meet with political dissidents as part of the plan to nudge the cuban direction in a new direction. an official announcement is expected from the white house
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similar take a look at these associated press pictures for some perspective. this is pres. calvin coolidge in havana with his wife and the cuban president on january 19 the cuban president on january 19, 1928. according to the state department 88 years ago was the last and only time a sitting us president to visit cuba.>> congresswoman iliana--invited us to her home tonight. >> he said when the conditions are right and i asked myself, what happened to make additions, right? they deteriorated since the president made his speech december 17 the year before, there have been massive arrests, massive detentions. today, almost 30 ladies in white, a peaceful pro-democracy human rights group were arrested. >> around the same tight. we were talking with the
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candidate and sen. marco rubio had this to say on cnn. >> is that something is the president that you would do? to make. i will tell you the problem with the cuban government, it is not just a communist dictatorship at an anti- american dictatorship. >> in december 2014 obama and castro announced the restoration of diplomatic ties between the us and cuba after a split of more than 50 years. they shared a handshake at a summit in panama. last april, and we're working on our coverage plans on cbs4. you can count on us to have it for you. a developing story, suspicious incidents at south florida synagogues. tonight, police are looking for several women. hank is working the story in north miami beach. >>reporter: the citizen report,
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city of miami beach went with an incident that north miami beach. we have to tell you that no crime was committed. police talked to the women involved and no crime was involved. let's take a look. >> these people came into one of the temples in the community. i believe there were one if not to and they walked in from the parking lot and came into the temple and walked inside the temple. >>reporter: involved with the independent security agency that patrols the neighborhood of miami beach. a picture has been circulating community headlines in newspapers. two middle eastern women walking into several temples and engaging with temple members.>> showing the quran and asking questions that is enough of a concern to alert the police departments. >> women asking questions about meeting times and services and local agencies investigating.
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miami beach tumble tonight. north miami beach police received a suspicious incidents at a temple in north miami beach. we are working with multiple agencies to identify the people involved. >> alarm bells went off with what is going on now in the middle east. worldwide, london, france, paris, everywhere. >>reporter: no crime committed whatsoever. they were investigating different religions, that is what they told police. back to you. to make a church camp counselor is in the broward county jail accused of having sex with a 13- year-old girl he meant of his can't. we are at church by the glades and coral springs with a man worked. >>reporter: 19-year-old sylvester perrone is accused of sexual battery on underage girl at accused of violating the trust of the church by the
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the broward sheriff's office said he meant the underage girl while she attended a somerset --a summer camp at the church for he was a counselor for middle school students. >> he gained her trust and found some vulnerabilities. it took advantage sexually. >>reporter: they engaged in a sexual relationship for five months. last september. the sex acts took place at the church and the girls home. the girl's parents brought evidence of the crimes to detectives said they arrested him. >> it's a sanctuary, they sent her to a church summer camp and they worshiped at the place where she was violated. we understand there is a level of mistrust that goes with that. >>reporter: the church by the glazed -by the glades released a statements are the pastors and the staff were saddened to learn about the criminal and sinful behavior a part of one of our attendees through the
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of the victims and families. it is our desire is always to authorities involved in this investigation to see that justice is served. >>reporter: perrone faces eight counts of sexual battery. i asked investigators they think there might be more victims of a tummy at this point they think this is an isolated situation but if anyone knows of additional victims. they should contact the broward sheriff office. terry todd tran05's news tonight. a very wet mess on top of a tornado. a water main broke tonight in northeast miami-dade flooding, one neighborhood in the storm's path. in the meantime, some people who lost her yesterday morning, just got it back. donna joins us live with their story. >>reporter: 40 hours after the tornado ripped through this neighborhood, you can see that crews are still behind me, they are down this other street.
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neighborhood. the crews are still working and just got power restored 45 minutes ago. this neighborhood was hit hard between miami gardens north miami beach. nearly 2 days after tornadoes ripped through parts of south florida. crews were today at night to power up the neighborhood in northeast miami-dade. the people that live here are trying to carry on as normal as possible. despite the darkness. >> we have a gas generator out there, but we could not get it connected. so there is no hot water. >>reporter: in north miami beach, wednesday was clean update after a powerful trio of tornadoes touched down tuesday morning. cam got this one along dixie highway in pompano beach. roofs blew wide open, blowing everything from a trampoline to
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truck. >> there was panic. the car was smoking. it was horrible. it was a horrible experience.>> if you saw it coming. it was right behind us. it sounded like a bad storm. >>reporter: back that power has been restored, clearing up huge piles of debris in front of every single home in this hard- hit neighborhood. live in northeast miami-dade cbs4 tonight face to make an 18- year-old accused of posing as a doctor is out of jail. malachi robinson was arrested in palm beach after performing an exam on a female undercover deputy. robinson denies he did anything wrong. >> i was asking if you could pray for us in this time that everything that has happened,
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not only the truth but we can shed some light on some of the things that are happening in the community today. similar deputies say he went as far as opening up his own doctor's office and he even had a website. estimate campaign 2016. marco rubio is a big endorsement tonight for the popular governor of south carolina. >> every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. stroke south carolina's gop primaries saturday. gov. nicki haley and sen. rubio. together for the announcement. and we were at that event earlier today. jim joins us from columbia, south carolina. good to see you, jim. what does this mean for rubio's campaign? >>reporter: against him and
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he is coming to south carolina to basically say, he is trying to portray himself as a comeback kid. he has more peppy this. the crowds are more energized. he is feeling free. he is less scripted. he is not on the same hard message that he was, giving the same speech at every stop every time. he is enjoying it more. now that the handlers have taken away the chains, he is enjoying it. as for the nicki haley event a few miles from here. he stayed long after shook lots of hands, he was smiling, anytime you see marco rubio, smiling, it is a good day. when he gets dark, that's a problem. he is more upbeat now i'm doing well. >> i know you were at a bush event earlier today. how does he seem to you? if someone has been covering him for many years.
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win the nomination? >>reporter: i will tell you, i was talking to some of his staff earlier in summerville, south carolina about an hour and a half south of here. and he was not on his game as much today. a part of the reason was he had just received a phone call from gov. haley telling him that she was going to be endorsing marco rubio. whether or not. south carolina is in for him if he has to be well enough here to continue, the staff is taking a long view of things for they want to beat marco rubio. their internal polls say they are within two points of marco rubio. if that stays, then i think they consider this a tie like they did in new hampshire and they move onto the next state, moving ahead to march 15 in florida and that can be a real death match. >> thank you, jim, reporting from south carolina.
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coverage of campaign 2016. striker brand-new video of sharks. thousands of them swimming too close to a south florida beach. you have not seen this until now. apple in for a fight like never before. here, why it is defying an fbi demand. >>reporter: a sports illustrated red carpet. we will have it all. coming up on tran05's news. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time
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new video tonight, thousands of black tipped sharks swimming off the florida coast. you can see incredible drone video showing the sharks off the palm beach coastline. while it may seem alarming. researchers say this is not unusual to see these animals. the visitors are here to feed on fish and to bask in the coastal waters. tonight the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided. the fbi getting a court order to require apple to hack the phones of one of the terrace behind the san bernardino massacre. but the head of apple is
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tonight a top apple official tells us that apple could theoretically right software to comply with the judge's order, although it has not been done before, but apple is refusing. here is the apple ceo tim cook in a 60 minutes video last year. smith, the reality is if you put that back door in, that is for everybody. >>reporter: within hours after the ruling cook called the demand chilling and it could lead to him having to build surveillance software to access your phones microphone or camera without your knowledge. since the terrorists killed 14 people in a december shooting rampage in san bernardino, california, the fbi has been scrubbing their electronic and internet history that has not been able to get into an iphone provided to one of the terrace by his employer that could provide key clues to his contacts and where about. >> i don't want to live in a
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there is a way for them to be beyond the law. >>reporter: apple has been cooperating with the fbi by providing information. the couple backed up online. apple plans to file an appeal as early as next week will take the case to the supreme court if it has to. pope francis is on his way back to rome after a five-day visit to mexico. this afternoon. he celebrated mass where many mexicans have risked their lives trying to enter the united states. he brought a message of hope to migrants seeking a better life. he also walked to the fence to pray for those who made it across and for those who did not. south beach has been sizzling tonight. the sports illustrated swimsuit models are here. smith there celebrated the release of this year. swimsuit issues and this time with three different covers. we spoke with many of the models on the red carpet tonight. >>reporter: models everywhere ,
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beach. a celebration of the 2016 sports. illustration swimsuit issue. three models with three separate covers celebrating all body types. ashley is the first plus size model to make the cover.>>i am still in the pinch me mode. i think about the cover and i see the cover but it hasn't hit me. >>reporter: the day began with a fan fest at south beach where the models mingled with fans. >> it's nice to have the fans coming out to support me. it's amazing. >>reporter: wednesday night, the red carpet had more than 30 beauties. if they have graced the cover are filled the pages with in recent years and christie keegan arrived with john legend. >> are you his arm candy or is he your arm candy?
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sports illustrated, he is my trophy husband. >>reporter: all of the models and lucky vips are celebrating issues that honor all body types. at an event that allows him to let their hair down. >> there is no size limit for women sports illustrated is stepping up the game is showing people that we can't judge on that. >> you are one of the beautiful women of color so you represent as well. >> i am excited to be here just hanging out. >>reporter: we are wrapping up with a big concert in a big fan fest with sports illustrated models on tomorrow from 11 am to 5 pm and it is free. >> i should have asked off for the night tonight. the weather is a little bit
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first of all, paralyzed a camera showing a crisp and cool evening underway. temperatures in the low 60s. 65 in key west and 63 in fort lauderdale. you are still dry with calm winds and clear skies. it will get cooler tonight. homestead and kendall and south of west dade in the 50s. winds are calm. everybody is going to be in the 50s tonight in a few spots. those digging into the upper 40s. highs 78 just about their today. a perfectly normal mid-50 day. more of that tomorrow less warm tomorrow in the low to mid 70s. friday the breeze brings in a few sprinkles here and there and then over the weekend high pressure settles over us. a little bit warmer and the breeze. a little bit lighter and our next cold front coming into the
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with a very strong upper-level wind, the southern branch of the jet stream is going to be there again. early next week, especially tuesday, tuesday night and wednesday, there is potential looking fantastic. the northeast part of the country is still cool in the southwest is warm. 76 in phoenix. clear and crisp tonight. cools in the upper 50s and upper 40s which means tomorrow will be a little chilly at the bus stop. warming up to the mid-70s by afternoon. for boaters, exercise caution in the gulf stream. northeast winds building and choppy conditions on the day. temperature sitting at 71 and through the weekend. mid 70s warmer monday and tuesday but the weekend is looking great. the next thunderstorm chances on tuesday. back to you. the truth about wine and
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it could surprise you. >> vanessa find out what is in your wind tonight. >>reporter: for wine lovers that is a beautiful sound. but you could be uncorking and pouring more than your favorite kind of glass of gray. student the perception as you are drinking fermented grape juice but the reality is that is not the truth. >>reporter: christopher knowles study the contents of modestly priced wines and he found more than just grapes. >> when you're drinking a glass of wine, you are drinking a huge array of compounds and chemicals that you have no idea are in the line. >>reporter: gino santangelo is more than a wine lover, he is an expert. he has a famous wine cellar the carries 45,000 bottles. and he knows the contents of all.
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than the other? >> the quality, the region, the land. and the winery. the winemaker. >>reporter: usually a cheaper bottle has more ingredients other than fermented grapes. >> nobody wants to add anything. they wanted to be pure. they wanted to be wine by itself, but mother nature doesn't work every year. >>reporter: to make even batches year in and year out, winemakers at 200 potential adages including salt for preservation mega purple for coloring, gelatin for texture and a chemical that kills any living organism in the line. experts say inconsistent grape harvest force, winemakers to add additives to every bottle of wine to make sure every glass taste the same. the batches could end up tasting different or worse,
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some of the quality of the wine will change and prices will rise a little bit because it's less grape. >>reporter: what if you want to know additives? look for bottles labeled organic or natural. they contain. if you are know additives.
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itself.>>i (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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today the florida winners of the historic powerball jackpot were revealed. >> david schmidt and his wife of melbourne beach claimed $528.7 million. >> we really don't know yet. i want to get a massage. >>we will take care of family. we have a lot to think about. we really don't know. we have to think about it. >> they seem like a nice couple.
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at . jim barry and jim berry and trying to figure out how to get back on the court. let's keep them off of that before a packed media house. everyone said that chanted is practicing with the team for friday's game in atlanta. there was plenty of worry last year. this year, it seems, not so
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>>it's not a health scare like it was last year. >> it's good. i hope he is better. we don't know what is going on right now but i am praying for him.>>they were battling on the first half against virginia tech. and after intermission. i like a ranked team finally. rodriguez was open for 14 and before you know it. he cradles the baby and puts it to bed. now tied for first. guess what? saturday they go to chapel hill to take on the tar heels. no comment tonight from a hot shot the ball recruit sam bruce. he has withdrawn from st.
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showed a photo of bruce holding a gun. he went to enroll in another school and still plans to attend un in the fall. start the panthers say no excuses. they are banged up. they must keep climbing up. tough tomorrow against san jose. monday against pittsburgh. it might be that way. they need your help. she would have to hold the fort down to figure out ways to win. it will be tight games.
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that's it for us tonight. the late show is coming up next with kate hudson.
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