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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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issue. good morning. >> thank you for being with us. >> first let's check in with the forecast. the skies have cleared and temperatures have dropped. you will need to have your sweater or jacket this morning. broward is dry and mostly 50s out. 59 fort lauderdale. before kendall. mid to upper 60s in the keys. 54 kendall. fort lauderdale 56. the students will need to have a jacket or sweater with them this morning.
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pressure in control. the breeze will be increasing through the day and we will see dangerous risk of rip currents. highs in low to mid 70s with sunshine. the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. 95 nw. at 54th st. is where we start off. there are no accidents. all the construction has been cleared up. it's going to be a smooth thursday morning drive for now. take advantage. it's 95 at 151 street. here is the palmetto eastbound these commuter heading right into the interchange. and and broward 95 both directions
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president barack obama is going to visit the communist island of cuba. month. it's expected to release more details of the travel plans today. >> marybel rodriguez is live at first i restaurant. >> reporter: the president will visit cuba on march 21. normalizing relations between the us and cuba the white house determining the conditions are right for the president to visit the communist island but not everyone agrees. secretary of state john kerry travel to havana in august to reopen the us embassy. a couple of months later president barack obama said he would like to go to cuba before the end of his term in office if conditions were right. that meant enough progress had to be made in human rights issues and bilateral relations. and if he could meet with local dissidents as part of an effort
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in a new direction. ileana -- he said when the conditions are right. i asked myself what happened to make the conditions right? nothing. in fact they had deteriorated. there have been massive arrests and massive detentions. today almost 30 ladies in white which is a peaceful pro- democracy human rights group, were arrested. >> reporter: had to this play out in history? look at these ap pictures. this is president calvin coolidge in havana with his wife and cuban president. on january 19, 1928. according to the state department historian that trip 88 years ago was the last and only time a sitting us
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candidate and florida senator marco rubio had this to say. >> is that something as president you would do? >> not if it's not a free cuba. and the problem with the cuban communist leadership is anti- american communist dictatorship >> reporter: in december 2014 sbo and cuban leader raul castro announced restoration of dillon ties. after a split of more than 50 years. they shared this handshake at a summit in panama last april. >> agreed to our news partners the miami herald the president will visit cuba march 21. there's a lot going on in cuba around the states. march 20 the rolling stones will and their latin american tour with a concert in cuba and a march 20 and a march 22 national baseball team will play against tampa bay rays in havana. today secretary of state john kerry will visit with cuba's minister of foreign trade and
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announcing the president's trip and giving details. an 18-year-old accused of posing as a doctor in palm beach county is out of jail and speaking out and tonight he did anything wrong. >> i would simply ask if you could please pray for us in this time. that everything that's happened that we get the truth out of it and only the truth but we can shed some good light on some of the things that are happening in the community today. >> he was arrested after allegedly performing an exam on a female undercover deputy. he went as far as to open up his own doctor's office and even had a website. a church camp counselor is in the broward county jail accused of having sex with a 14-
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carey codd has more from church by the glades in coral springs >> reporter: 19-year-old sylvester perrone is accused of sexual battery on an underage girl. is also good to filing the trust of the church by the glades in coral springs. he says he met the underage region last summer while she attended a summer camp at the church that he was a counselor for middle school students. >> overtime he gained her trust and found some vulnerabilities and took advantage sexually. >> reporter: the 14-year-old girl and he engage in a sexual relationship or five months beginning last september. the sex acts took place at the church and ethical's home. the parents brought evidence of the crime to detectives and they arrested him. >> we believe it's a sanctuary. they center to a church summer camp and they worship -- they sent her to a church summer camp and they violate -- they worship here. there's a violation and
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>> the pastors and leaders of church by the glades were saddened to learn about the alleged criminal and sinful behavior on the part of one of our attendees. our first and greatest concern is the well-being healing and detection of the victim and family. it's our desire as always to fully cooperate with the authorities involved in the investigation to see that justice is served. >> reporter: brutus being held in jail on a counts of sexual battery. i asked the deputies of the feel there are other victims and they believe it's nice that situation but but if someone knows a list of victims they should contact bso. it's a battle for south carolina. that has a gop candidates participating in a pair of town halls over two days. it's a last chance to make their case on national television before the south carolina primary on saturday. one candidate came armed with a
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>> reporter: republicans candidates ben carson ted cruz and marco rubio participated in a town hall on cnn. >> what we need are people who know how to solve problems and not people who know how to talk. >> we see an assault on religious liberty. and we need a president who will stand up unambiguously and protect those values. >> i have 15 years of expressive turning conservative ideas into action. >> reporter: rubio picked up the most coveted endorsement in south carolina. from governor nikki haley. >> if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. >> i have a proven record -- another blow to jeb bush just days after his brother, former president george w. bush met privately with governor haley. each of the gop candidates is battling the force that is donald trump is a sizable lead in south carolina. trump appeared in a separate
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companies got the broad appeal to win the nomination. >> i must is that no one ever thought of getting in terms of republican. >> reporter: he was also asked if he could be -- behave like a president. >> i have great temperament. my biggest strength. >> reporter: he will purchase it in the scene and temple thursday night along with jeb bush and john kasich. democrats are allowed to vote in the south carolina republican primary. the pope's trip to mexico. he is headed back home this morning after a whirlwind trip. he used a mass at the us-mexico border to call on governments worldwide to open hearts. he denounced the quote human tragedy of what he calls forced migration around the world the pope took off from will rise after sundown. he was greeted by a cheering
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he will arrive in rome after 9 am. details this morning in the battle between silicon valley and the government. apple is refusing to comply with a court order to unlock the iphone blogging to one of its san benito killers don champion reports the company is getting support from another tech giant. >> reporter: google is standing with apple as its encryption battle with the government on phones. in a series of tweets when tonight the company's chief executive questioned the validity of the court order requiring apple to help unlock the iphone of san benito shooter syed farook. the move could set a troubling precedent. some iphone users flocked to the san francisco apple store wednesday to voice their support. >> they are standing up for us and we appreciate them a standing up for us. >> reporter: farook and his wife killed 14 people in december shooting rampage.
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found in the couple's getaway car. investigators want to break his passcode but first need apple to create software that would disable the phone's auto erase feature which would protect any data. mandy phifer this fianci died that day calls a common sense. >> i would be outraged if in the future it is used in other ways. but this is an investigation into a terrorist attack >> reporter: authorities maintained the order and request for only for his phone. apple ceo tim cook says complying with have chilling consequences. the company plans to appeal as early as next week and is prepared to take its fight to the supreme court. coming up a big university of miami football recruit is making news off the field. suspicious synagogue incidents.
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asking questions. thousands of sharks swimming too close for comfort along the florida coastline. the women who grace the pages of this year's sports illustrated swimsuit issue hit south beach. the palmetto looking pretty good. a 26 -- the traffic report coming up. you will not need the ac in your home or car. a cooler starts.
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happy thursday. we have a cool quiet start. here we see the dawn's early light. in my and the the skies are clear which is allowed temperatures drop further in comparison to yesterday.
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pompano beach. kendall 55. 61 miami. we see the breeze out of the northwest from 6-12 miles per hour . that is helping to filter the cold air provided by the high-pressure. we have a strong breeze that will lead to dangerous rip currents today. yesterday the national weather service confirmed we had a third tornado in davie an ef zero around 7:05 tuesday. in addition to be to others the delta pompano beach and northeast miami-dade county. a fully is not expecting this we're not expecting any active for severe weather for the next few days. it will be beautiful. next week things will change. here's the national temperatures.
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20s for minneapolis and chicago. 50s in california and texas. in south florida tomorrow high- pressure provides sudden sprinkles a gusty breeze and warmer into the weekend. the next week ahead of a friend warmer on monday and then looking stormy on tuesday. there could be some severe weather on tuesday. with el nio in place and come have severe weather we could see tornadoes. for today that's not the case. it will be gorgeous. 74 for the high today. small craft advisory with water 507 feet. lois fall to 64 near the coast -- lows fall to 64 near the coast and 59 inland.
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upper 70s sunday. warmer monday and windier and then what weather and severe storms tuesday. let's check traffic. we're went away from friday. -- one day away from friday. 95 is a busy spot southbound at northwest southbound at nw. 151st st. it's going to be a busy one there. one issue we have is summer of repairs on north miami avenue. that has it shut down from 14th st.-20th st. the rest of south florida looks good. turnpike to 88th st. to 874 17 minutes. after that nine minutes to get from there to 836. we're talking with joe.
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no more nba trades for the season. what do you think the heat will do with these few hours? >> i don't expect much to happen this is really an awkward situation for this miami heat basketball team. chris bosh will not fly with the team today for tomorrow night's game against atlanta hawks. they are still waiting to get more tests done to see feel be able to play at all the rest of this season. on top of that i think they are looking now do we have a chance to be a top team in east? the answer is no. i don't expect them to do much. as you know the salary cap goes up from city $7 million city $7 million-$90 million next year. those are looking at that for next year through free agency. but i don't expect a lot to happen today. there are 45 games out that keep being brought up as far as some guys that might get moved
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different guys. maybe kevin love. we will see what happens. i don't expect much out of the miami heat. let's talk some football. you and start recruit withdrew from st. thomas aquinas after the alleged gun photo incident. have you heard anything about this and what does it mean for his future as a hurricane? >> i think he's going to be okay. the social media stuff you would think -- we have to start teaching classes to all athletes. you got to be responsible on social media. don't think you can have a few followers you have everyone watching. you've got to be careful pictures you put out and things that you say you can get into a lot of trouble. and now he looks at is going to be looking for a new high
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can get himself into university of miami. and they were counting on the sky. he's a great football player but right now he has bigger problems. he's got to find a high school and graduate before he can. i don't think it's a big deal but having a gun on a picture on social media is not a good idea. let's look at what is trending on social media. >> reporter: let's begin by talking about another vanessa. vanessa hutchens might be in some legal hot water. the high school musical star and boyfriend austin butler are being investigated for vandalism it happened during a valentines get away to sedona arizona. they posted a photo on her instagram of the heart carved into one of the area's rare red rocks near the national forest. they can now face a fine of up
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it's hard to imagine angelina jolie without kids. the actress admitted she never actually have a desire to be a mother until actually or 2001 tomb raider movie in cambodia that her maternal instinct again to kick in. after playing the children at a school she said it was clear to her that her son was in the country summer. one year later she adopted maddox and he is now 14. an incredible video shows thousands of black tipped sharks swimming off florida coast. you can see the drone video shows the sharks off of the palm beach coastline. that's palm beach. while it might seem alarming researchers say it's not unusual . the annual visitors are here to feed on fish and bask in the warm coastal waters. for more trending stories
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lyres will give you an enormous amount of inappropriate detail to feel comfortable. >> deal had a spot a liar? an expert reveals how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. on the secret to is now coming up at 11. we're continuing to follow the big story of the morning president barack obama will make an historic trip to cuba. cameras are rolling as the car thief makes a clean getaway at a local laundromat.
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it's a sports illustrated party welcome back. charlie rose joins us from the studio in new york city. what is plans today? >> reporter: good morning we real results of a new national news poll on the presidential race. we have that and all of the major news of the day plus a closer look at how the us government is lifting hollywood
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never got to check on cheese. what's really in your parmesan. me the first american woman to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. all of that and more. we see you at seven. >> deflected not doing enough after that? >> that's what i thought. you guys go first. selfies with sizzling last night with the sports oh started swimsuit models. there celebrating the release of this year's swimsuit issue. this time at three different covers. we set -- lisa petrillo spoke with models on the red carpet. >> reporter: models everywhere. a two day and night celebration of the 2016 sports illustrated
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a first for the magazine -- three models on three separate covers celebrating all body types. ashley graham his first plus size model to make the si cover. >> you are working it. i've got to get these big guys out. they are too sexy. >> i'm in his pinch me moment. i think about the cover and see the cover but it has not hit me. >> reporter: they began with a fan fest on the south beach with models mingled with fans. >> i got my first cover this year so the fact to have the fans come out to support me is amazing. >> reporter: the red carpet had more than 24 beauties including supermodel gigi hadid who will grace the cover or filled the pages in recent years. a pregnant chrissy teigen arrived with her husband singer john legend marking seven years with si >> it's that you are his arm candy or he is yours. >> i'm usually his arm candy but with sports illustrated he's my trophy husband.
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lucky vips at the event celebrating an issue that honors all body types. an event allows them to let their hair down. >> this issue is about confidence and beauty. there is no size on beautiful. and si is stepping up the game and showing people we cannot judge on that. >> you are one of the beautiful women of color so your present as well. >> yes i represent for our sisters. >> i'm happy to be here amongst these great women and hangout. >> reporter: this party wrapped with a concert by wiz khalifa. the fan fest is on again and free to the public from 11-5. it's gorgeous outside. the complete opposite of
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in terms of fashion advice. you need sweaters or jackets. as we check out the temperatures mostly mid-to upper 50s in broward and dade county. 60s in the keys. brees out of the northwest 6-12 miles per hour. a dry breezy day leading to high risk of recurrence. highs in the low to mid 70s today. the full forecast coming up. let's get you to work and school. it's going to be a busy one on the roads. palmetto rush-hour is here.
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you can see this is westbound drive and hits southbound 826. here's the northbound commute heading eastbound a little smoother. a hit-and-run crash with an injury accident on us one southbound at 1220 street partially blocking the roadway. northbound on the turnpike we have the slowest drive. 25 minutes from 288 up to 874. they develop and this morning in historic change in relation between us and cuba. president barack obama will visit cuba next month. marybel rodriguez is live at versailles restaurant with more. >> reporter: according to our news partners the miami herald the president will visit cuba on march 21. more than one year after normalizing relations with cuba. the white house make determination the conditions are right for the president to visit.
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>> more than one year after secretary of state john kerry travel to havana for the reopening of the embassy, president barack obama will follow. he's expected to travel to the communist country next month. he said he would like to go to cuba before the end of his term only if the conditions were right. he said that meant a progress had to be made in human rights issues and bilateral relations. if you could be with political dissidents as part of an effort to nudge the cuban government in a new direction. ted cruz a marco rubio had this to say. >> it's not something i would do as long as the casters are in power. and i was saddened to hear but not surprised this was foreshadowed for a long time. >> it's a mistake the president ought to instead be pushing for a free cuba. >> one year and two months after the opening of cuba the cuban government remains as oppressive as ever but now they
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dollars and resources. >> reporter: this be the first time and 90 years a sitting us president will visit cuba. this is president calvin coolidge in havana with his wife and cuban president. on january 19, 1928. these are pictures from the associated press. according to the state department historian that trip was 88 years ago. again according to our news partners the miami herald, the president will visit cuba march 21 there's a lot going on around the states. march 20 the rolling stones will have a concert in a march 22 cuba national baseball team will play against tampa bay rays. later today the white house will be announcing the details about the trip to havana and now that the rest. will be getting a lot of
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the trip. south florida jewish community is on edge over the odd behavior of women. suspicious incidents at 2 synagogues are raising concerns hank tester reports police have spoken to the women and say that no crime was committed. >> these people came into one of the temples in the community. i believe there was one or two of them. they walked in from the parking lot and came into the temple. >> yona lunger is concerned. he's of the independent security agency that patrols the heavily jewish neighborhood of north miami beach. here's a picture then then circulating on community websites and newspapers. to middle eastern women who walked into several temples and engaged with temple members. >> showing the koran asking questions that raised concerns. enough to alert the police. >> a similar incident occurred miami beach. women asking
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times and services local and federal agencies are investigating a police car sits outside and north miami beach temple tonight. this from local police. north miami beach police are in receipt of a suspicious incidents that a temple and north miami beach. we're working with local -- multiple agencies identify the people involved. >> alarm bells went off. >> yes especially what's going on in the middle east and around the world. >> anna wintour interviewed by police and determined no crime was committed. a teenager involved in into the crash on the yours the will be charged as an adult. he's featured video homicide. he was speeding when he crashed his family porsche on harbor drive injuring himself in a front seat passenger and taking
6:36 am
in the backseat. >> because of the fact he is 17 chose to drive his porsche about 60 miles per hour for residential setting when he killed one of his friends he was high on marijuana and had xanax in the system. he's never had a drivers license. >> he showed remorse. it's been difficult time for the victim's family as a it's also been difficult for my client's family as well. you're innocent until proven guilty. he's be hello won't have to -- $100,000 bond. multiple cameras were rolling as a thief stole a car from laundromat. video showed a guy in a caps are going at 2013 camry at the front door the car owner stepped inside her clothes into the dryer he climbed into the car and took off. the shows run -- the video -- the owner ran after him try to stop him but have not counter
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asked to call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips . was your cable tv and internet not working? comcast plans to make it up to its affected customers. a cargo ship loses control while leaving a port. lisa petrillo takes us to will havana -- little havana. it will be chilly at the bus stop for the students this morning. sweater. 50s and 60s this morning.
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how would you like to sit on the bench in a plane? comcast is offering credit to customers. jill wagner has that and more. >> reporter: it sounds terrible. a bench on the plane. good morning. comcast is offering customers credit for service outage on monday. the company apologized to
6:41 am
outage it affected customers but also the credit for one day's worth of service which is about two dollars. as airplanes were not credit enough. airbus is applied for a patent to a row of airplane seats into a bench. the better ways to configure the seats. adjusting for people who are different sizes. this could work well if you have a family or a bigger person but it seems like -- >> i saw another one that looked like they put the storage underneath your seat and lifted up. just leave planes how they are. >> they are bad enough. give us more room. go the other way. facebook has a new mantra. i love this. >> be generic. it's incorporating that expression into its business. i'm already there. the motivation came about as inspiration by mark zuckerberg he was responding to a grandmother who said he wanted
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to date hundred and and she should be thinner. and create her own success in life. sounds like good advice. it's worked out well for her. back in the day nerds had a negative connotation. that has completely changed i'm proud to say that i have been injured through my life. in terms of having my head in the box and also i happen to wear glasses. the stereotypical version of what they consider to be unnerved. be proud to take on your goals and go after what you want. i love that mantra. we are seeing a few clouds. looking
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camera here's another sunrise shot. the skies have cleared along for temperatures to cool down. 50s this morning instead of mostly 60s. 59 fort lauderdale. kendall 55. 61 miami. 66 marathon. the breeze of the northwest 6- 12 miles per hour . high- pressure in control and that means through the day it will be dry and breezy. there were three tornadoes on tuesday confirmed by the national weather service. there was an additional tornado in date chosen ef zero and the ones in pompano beach and northeast miami-dade county that were ef one tornadoes. not expecting any severe weather for the next few days. 30s across the mid-atlantic
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atlanta. 50s for the central portions of the country into texas. 24 and chicago. 50s in california. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds the sprinkles are possible. we have slightly warmer conditions tomorrow but lots of sunshine. next week another cold front on the way quickly to storms on tuesday. highs in the low to mid 70s today. breezy mild afternoon with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. dangerous risk of rip currents and small craft advisory. a rough day on the water. 73 tomorrow and lows in the 60s highs in the mid-to upper 70s
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let's check traffic. rush- hour is here. a live shot on the palmetto. the steady stream of traffic heading southbound on a 26. northbound looking better. is talk about an accident on us 1 southbound at southwest at sw. 220th st. an injury accident partially blocking the road. the turnpike is seeing issues this morning 22 minutes because of that rush-hour traffic from 288 northbound to 834. video into the newsroom of a cargo ship slamming into a pedestrian walkway in thailand. ship was leaving bangkok port when he got into trouble. for weather conditions and strong currents forced the boat to slam into the walkway. it seemed backing out leaving
6:46 am
a historic rescue in reston virginia. firefighters rushed to a lake worth a dog fell through the thin ice. the dog angel was pulled from the water after several minutes and later helped angel to dryland where she was checked out by medics and returned to her owner. this is the dolphins cancer challenge on saturday. we're once again a proud sponsor thousands of items without across south florida with all routes leading back to sun life stadium. a concert celebration that night featuring melissa etheridge and sheryl crow. there's also a big kickoff party tomorrow night at some life. we have a live report half-hour special tomorrow at 7 pm at the party. it will be a lot of fun including surprise guests. for more information about the cancer challenge to cbs
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a new edition of taste of the town. we have our month-long search for finding hidden gems. >> lisa petrillo takes us to little havana.
6:50 am
cuban fish here at this joint and see the market in little havana. it's a family-owned favorite and hidden gem of locals since -- we been here for 43 years. >> there was only u-shaped counters and people eight standing up. there was definitely unique. >> the business began in havana cuba where the dead arsenio and is 10 brothers caught fish and sold them. >> we to do across street from our house in cuba. we step up food cart and would sell this and the black eyed he fritters. >> after leaving castro's cuba the beginner small fish business here in the stripmall. met chess change since it was a standup any shop but a lot has remain the same. >> we better 43 years family has come back with other kids or their older.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the food is what keeps them coming back. this iconic a menu that sandwiches coast yellowtail and braided flash fried and served on cuban role with the tail on >> now i know why it's so good. very tender fresh juicy fish. but the fry on the outside. >> reporter: both got grilled shrimp are served with onions and salad >> the shrimp is fresh and with the grilled onions it does it a crunch on the side. tons of flavor and you can taste like it came out of the water. >> reporter: the yellowtail snapper served will carved bite- size pieces and squeeze on the line and you're ready for heaven. >> you would not know this is fried. it's so light and fresh and flaky but then it has the here and crunch on the outside.
6:52 am
the best fried fish i've had. >> it's open seven days a week weekends dinner. come and check it out. i want one of everything. it's located 1952 it's located 1952 west flagler st. in little havana. >> we're always looking for hidden gems. you might see your favorite featured on the new taste of the town email us at taste of the -- taste of
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the headlines ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge,
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a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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president barack obama will make an historic visit to cuba next month. it will happen -- a sitting president has not visit cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. they will release complete details later today. a just- released poll find senator bernie sanders ahead of republican candidates in head- to-head matchup. from the secretary of state hillary clinton trails or ties the leading republicans. a church youth counselor is waking up in the hills morning accused of eight counts of sexual battery. the sheriff's office says sylvester perrone worked as a middle school youth counselor
6:57 am
they say he prayed on a 14-year- old girl. the parents -- engage in sex act of the church and at her home. pope francis is heading back home to rome after his trip to mexico. he held a mass at the us-mexico border to call on governments worldwide to open their hearts. he will arrive in rome after 9 am. let's talk with joe. . let's talk about the marlins. what do you think? >> the picture is the key to this think they needed to stay healthy so they have a talented team. i think the big thing for them is they don't have a lot of depth. it starts with jose fernandez and try to keep them healthy. i saw don mattingly the new manager talking about we have to have them healthy and of august -- into september.
6:58 am
they are talking about it and he wants to get paid a big contract and the way to do it is you've got to be pitching and pitching well in august and september. he's going to be a motivated young guy. i would say with john carlos staying healthy and right-field are the big pluses they need to happen. >> and hopefully not just pitching but finally pitching in october. talk to tomorrow. one last look at the forecast. we have a spectacular sunrise. isn't that beautiful?
6:59 am
the sun was just on fire. it still beautiful. we're cooler as well with the low 50s inland and upper 50s near the coast. high-pressure providing breezy mainly dry mild afternoon. low to mid 70s and sprinkles tomorrow. the weekend looks good but warmer with storms next week. 95 at north w. 95th st. at north w. 95th st. there's also an accident on us 1 at 220th st. southbound and the turnpike is 23 minutes. why do we and on me? kelly always and on the set from now on? it's like debbie downer. >> see this is morning is next.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz dares donald trump to sue him over an attack ad. we reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll. google backs rival apple in its fight against the fbi over unlocking a terrorist's cell phone. how about this? seven marathon on seven continents in seven days! a single mom who is the first american woman to complete this we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this has not been a i don't think anyone is surprised that donald is threaten to sue people.


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