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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i'm not quite 100% i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula. vanessa was doing traffic and news and all kinds ever stuff yesterday -- of stuff yesterday. lissette? >> reporter: right now mainly dry. as we look live from our biscayne bay camera, miami, that will be changing. the rain chance increases today but mainly tomorrow. across the mainland, looking good. zooming down across the lower keys. heavy downpours and we just had wet weather on key west.
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per hour winds out of the southeast. and warmer. however temperatures are 10 degrees above our average for our lows in terms of what we should be expecting. low 70s across-the-board. this afternoon will be warm and steamy with low 80s and yes, scattered storms into the evening. the storm chance goes up as we head into tomorrow and a cold front will be rolling through. let's get a check of your traffic right now with the multi-talented vanessa borge. >> reporter: this morning only traffic for now. good news here, i was going to show you the live shot. the left lane is blocked off this morning but now you are seeing the road ranger picking up all the cones. the cones on 826 southbound are now cleared out of the way. an injury accident on snapper creek expressway westbound
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to see a right lane blocked off there and more construction to worry about on 874 northbound all the killian parkway, two lanes blocked off. >> i miss my baby boy. i miss him. >> a community marches for justice in an effort to end the street violence. someone shot and killed 6-year- old king carter saturday in broad daylight. >> now police hope someone will break the so-called code of silence and lead police to the killer. gaby fleischman is live outside king's school this morning. gaby. >> reporter: you have students, teachers, pretty much the entire community grieving and outraged over the loss of 6-
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last night they came together to march with a message. on the street, and in numbers, fed up with gun violence killing kids. around 300 marchers, moms, dads, kids in the heart of liberty city, remembering 6- year-old king carter, caught in the crossfire saturday afternoon during a drive-by shooting. the little boy's death has struck a chord. the community joining king's parents, saying the string of black on black crimes has to end. >> the community never responded like this. >> reporter: santonio carter, the boy's father, has harsh words. >> it is out of my hands. but for me before your people
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talking about how they miss you. >> gangsters have morals, manners, respect. >> reporter: at the end of the march, prayers and passion in that the words. >> a stray bullet. oh so precious. we have to start right now. they looking up to you. >> reporter: investigators are not revealing what clues they have, other than saying three men in a dark car were seen speeding away from the crime scene on 103rd lane. at the park, a call to action. >> we have to become better parents. we have to become better overseers. we have to do what we have to do. the white man never solved the black problem. we have to solve our own problem. >> reporter: and there is a $26,000 reward up for grabs for anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this
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if you know something give crime stoppers a call at 305- 471-tips. we continue our team coverage with a look at the bigger picture of all the violence and senseless shootings on the streets of south florida. eliott rodriguez has more on what local leaders are doing to address the issue. alberto gonzalez found himself paying respects at a memorial for gun violence. he wondered when the violence will stop. >> it seems be a crime to be a child in miami. >> reporter: miami dade police believe someone knows who killed the boy but isn't coming forward. local pastors presented miami dade crime stoppers with a $1000 reward in the case. >> somebody needs to be brought
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it is sickening to my soul that a 6-year-old cannot even be outside to play, any more, without having to suffer gun violence. >> reporter: once a month police along with social service workers go door-to- door, getting to know residents and forming bonds that could lead to public cooperation. >> we end up getting a phone call later with information that any other way we wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for that contact. >> reporter: and there is work being done in hal has see, by people like angela sears, who is promoting a bill that would keep the names of confidential informants a secret. >> the only way witnesses are going to talk is if they are protected. >> we need money for after school programs. we need money for additional
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>> reporter: eliott rodriguez, cbs4 this morning. >> ahead at 5:30, see how volunteers are working to get young kids out of danger and on the right path. that is this morning cbs4 mentoring matters report in our next half hour. this morning we are learning more about a standoff. family members called police yesterday afternoon to say that 71-year-old richard aller was distraught and armed. when officers arrived, he allegedly fired several shots through a door. three hours later an officer fired at him when y'aller pointed a gun out a window. and we are following breaking news out of the netherlands where a passenger trained has derailed after slamming into a crane. one person is dead and ten others are hurt. the accident happened around a town 80 miles east of amsterdam.
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republicans caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominee. donald trump is looking to secure a third win in a row, while rival ted cruz is fighting back against claims that he is running a dirty campaign. >> reporter: after winning primaries in south carolina and new hampshire, donald trump is eyeing a big win in nevada tonight. on the eve of the state's gop caucuses, the republican front runner did not hold back, slamming a protester. >> i would like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: and bashing ted cruz for what he calls dishonest campaign ads. >> this guy is sick. >> god bless the great state of nevada. >> reporter: after finishing in third place behind marco rubio in south carolina cruz is going into today's contest without
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rick tyler was asked to resign for sharing a false news story on social media that suggested marco rubio dismissed the bible. >> i have made clear we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> reporter: speaking on a flight to vegas, marco rubio called tyler the fall guy for cruz's deceptive campaign. >> you feel bad for the buy. marco rubio is leading cruz in the state. don champion opinion cbs news. >> don: champion and hillary clinton will take part in an event tonight. marco rubio has picked up
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leading south florida politicians. republican congressman mario diaz officially rallied behind marco rubio yesterday now that bush is out of the race. they say they have always supported marco rubio but have known bush longer. now they are all in for marco rubio. >> the republican party and the american people deserve a candidate for president who respects the american people, who respects the constitution of this great country, and who can attract new voters to participate in our elections. marco rubio is that candidate. >> we asked if any of these representatives will encourage bush to endorse marco rubio himself. they said that will only be up to the former governor. a south florida man will spend the rest of his life in prison. michael hernandez, today, is
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person he was in 2004. he continues to be obsessed and fascinated by violent books, movies and music, by mass murderers, serial killers. he has no real insight or empathy for the victims of these crimes and the prognosis for rehabilitation, frankly, is poor. >> reporter: hernandez's first sentence had to be reconsidered when the supreme court ruled juveniles could not get automatic life sentences without parole. he was 14 at the time of the murder. a teenager is struck in the street while trying to catch a bus. video of the impact. jockeys sent flying. a south florida beachgoer drags a shark from the ocean by
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happy tuesday south florida. i'm meteorologist lissette gonzalez. as we kick off your day, we should be waking up to the low 60s. instead low to close to mid 70s already in broward dade. we are seeing the wind flow out of the southeast and that is indicating we are seeing a shift in our weather pattern as we'll see more of a southerly flow today. anywhere from 10 to 18 miles
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a little bit of moisture across portions of the keys. thankfully in broward county you are dry. as we zoom in across portions of big pine key and earlier in key west, heavier downpours and all that moisture will start to lift across south florida, especially as we head into tomorrow and a cold front is going to be pushing through. colder temperatures across the northern tier with widespread 30s and 20s. however 59 in atlanta, 60s in new orleans and houston and where we have the flashing of air masses a threat for severe weather across the deep south. the gulf coast south could see tornadoes, damaging gusty winds and hail. already dealing with thunderstorm warnings across portions of texas near houston. you can see the line of storms pushing across the u.s. so today scattered storms, but
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gusty storms will be tomorrow. strong to severe storms in fact. once the front clears, early showers thursday. polar high pressure taking over and it will be gorgeous. we are talking cool winter sunshine and at night, dealing with chilly temperatures, but for today, warm, humid and breezy with about a 40% chance of scattered storms. i would say take your umbrellas with you today. boaters choppy on the bays. seas 4 to 6. potential for spotty showers, lows in the low 70s. tomorrow it is looking like a wet wednesday. warmer too, and gusty storms could produce torrential downpours. lows in the 60s thursday morning and highs in the 70s friday. highs in the upper 60s as we get into saturday and 73 on sunday.
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had construction just a couple of seconds ago here i-95 at gingrich road. the cones have been picked up in the last couple of minutes. they were blocking off the right lane. not the case any more. you can see the road ranger picking up cones getting out of the way as well. let's talk about miami dade county this morning. a broken down car on the airport expressway, westbound at 22nd satisfy the right lane is blocked off by the stalled car so be careful there. we had an accident on the snapper creek expressway at 874, that has cleared up but we still have construction northbound, two right lanes blocked off by construction. guys? rides the rail. to the outside, oh a spill there. it is a bad spill too. >> three jockeys are recovering from injuries suffered in this horse race collision at gulfstream park.
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>> reporter: a pair of long time horse racing pros say it is one of the worst accidents they have ever seen. >> reporter: they are off. >> reporter: it was the 11th rate at gulfstream park. as the horses prepared. >> so it is a bad spill too. >> reporter: horses and jockeys went flying. >> i don't remember the last time i saw an incident this horrendous. >> reporter: ron anderson has been representing top jockeys since the 70s. he represents rosario. the horse in front of can do clipped the horse in front of it. rosario's horse went down. he suffered a broken wrist and his helmet likely stopped a
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>> his helmet was slit in two. >> another jockey suffered a broken collarbone broken ribs and serious internal injuries. >> rafael took the brunt of the injuries. doctors euthanized can do after the race. the trainer said it is like losing a member of the family. >> it is emotional. accident. it looked like a nascar wreck. >> reporter: the jockey told me despite that sprained ankle he plans to be out here on this track racing on wednesday. the other two jockeys face a
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possibly a month, possibly more. cbs4 this morning. a 6-year-old child killed has many asking how we can stop the violence. how one group is working to make a difference in our mentoring matters report. also ahead, kim kardashian releases the first picture of her son, saint west. and a woman is held up at an atm at gunpoint. what she ultimately did that had the would-be robber running. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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online reviews have become the norm. but can a review go too far? >> as mean as people can be you have a right to be in this country. this is not north korea, china or cuba. i hate you, this pizza stinks, you are ugly. that is the stupidest dog i
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those are opinions. the way i understand the first amendment to the constitution is you are entitled to say your opinion. >> that south florida man is a web designer and he is also at the center of a defamation lawsuit from a local veterinarian. watch ruined by a review tonight at 11:00, right here on cbs4 news. let's check in with vanessa borge. >> hopefully nobody says those kind of things about me. outrage on social media after a shark was taken from the water for yet another picture. this video shows a shark, just past the surf's edge. a man pulls it onto the beach and poses for a picture. moments later another beachgoer grabs the struggling fish and puts it back in the water but
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the shark finally did swim back out but it is not clear if the shark did survive. with all the attention going on because of kanye west's meltdowns, it is easy to forget he was a father for the second time recently. kim celebrated her late father's picture by posting a picture of her son, saint west. is there anything eva longoria can't do, the actress, producer, activist, and now the sixth spice girl put a spin on
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>> for more trending stories, like our facebook page, let us know what is your favorite story of the day. that is what is trending this morning. back over to you guys. >> quite a bit of practice. soap opera, she had that show, so she's got it all covered. >> no one needs to hear my voice. lissette can sing for us this morning. > >> reporter: there is no drama in the weather department this morning. many of you will be happy to hear we are dry for now. pay attention to my words. we are going to see rain later
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short sleeves, warm, breezy police release a critical clue to find the hit and run driver who hit a teenager trying to get on a bus.


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