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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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alwa we begin with breaking news, teenager playing with a gun inside a miami gardens home axilla shoots another teenager. police say the 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. family members tell us this was an accident. don is live in miami gardens tonight with what happened. >>reporter: unbelievable. this has happened. family members of the police chief told us this one was an accident. the shooting, back there. you can see a mobile command unit, the house to the right of it. and again, this shooting, this time around, an accident. . it's a very sad situation. >>reporter: another saturday night, another shot --another child shot and killed. the shooter, another teenager.
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tavares is the man killed. everyone called him judah. the shooting was accidental. junior was killed inside his mother--inside his grandmother's miami gardens home basically lost a wonderful kids but i was playing a smiling trying to make you laugh. they played together my backyard on the trampoline. the hung out to what to the movies together. he was going to the movies tonight. >>reporter: police are not say much as they investigate but the police chief did tweet about the shooting. 14-year-olds playing with a gun inside the home. the gun discharged and moments later, another life gone to send. we as parents must guide, protect, train about our future without limitations. . the only reason i'm speaking right now. everyone in the community needs to be more proactive at the kids and get themselves involved and give them something to do.
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everyone has to face. you're never going to see this kid again. >>reporter: this and they doubly week here involving guns and children across miami-dade is a slow boy was shot and killed. six rolled can carter was being -i been sexual can carter was being laid to rest. across town. we are followed the developing story of a baby has been kidnapped from her south florida home pay she has been found safe but the hospital in orlando. armed intruders burst into a apartment near fort lauderdale. friday night. they took a two-month-old who was sleeping in the home with her mother and family. an amber alert was issued this morning and investigators named a person at a just for this woman, augustine, the kind-the cousin of the baby's mother. we spoke with the neighborhood for the child's mother screaming this morning.
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i want my daughter back. she was crying and screaming. smith deputies found the baby. so far no charges have been filed. there are many unanswered questions tonight. how did investigators tracked down, augustine and how do they baby end up in the hospital in orlando? we are working to get answers to those questions and when we learn more. we will bring it to you. estimate turning to campaign 2016, make it to enroll for hillary clinton with overwhelming support from black voters, the former secretary of state won the presidential primary leaving sen. bernie sanders. more from washington dc. >>reporter: hillary clinton ran away with south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat sanders by a wide margin.
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carolina. >>reporter: exit polls showed a before percent of black voters once with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50%. and bolton helps clinton gets a chance to be president. smith the main thing on her mind is to see that americans have what they need to have. >>reporter: sanders looked past south carolina saturday and is focusing on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma and colorado. sanders was in texas on saturday were he is fighting an uphill battle in the polls.>> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. >>reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. >> we are going to compete for
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we're not taking anything and we are not taking any one for granted. >>reporter: voters told us that clinical experience is important to them and analysts say that helps clinton pick up a win in south carolina. craig boswell cbs news, washington. start the gloves are coming off of the campaign trail between trump and rubio. chris christie spoke at a donald trump rally today in arkansas. trumpet used the opportunity to take jabs at rubio, calling him a nasty guy. >> i will address little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth. he is a very nasty guy. i actually thought thatwas a liar, but rubio is worse. lightweight, rubio is a total lightweight.
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being being being being being. i don't care if i have to get in my pickup truck trouble never be the nominee for the party of lincoln and reagan. smith that was rubio firing back at a campaign stop in georgia. he will be in miami for super tuesday with super states vote in the primary. trumpet of the west palm beach on super tuesday. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 on- air and a carnival cruise ship hosting pittsburgh athletes has rescued 16 migrants in the gulf of mexico. these are pictures posted on insta graham by james harrison. the ship reported finding the migrants today brought them aboard. 15 men and one woman were picked up 50 miles north of cuba. they are set to be turned over
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officials at the next stop. the crews started thursday miami. some of the gunman opened fire at a kansas factory where he works, got the two weapons that he used in the attack from an ex-girlfriend. 28-year-old sarah hopkins is charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. 90 minutes before the shooting. ford had fish served with a protective order taken out by hopkins. he killed three people and injured 14 others in the shooting on thursday. still ahead, loved ones. remember a six rolled who died during a drive-by shooting. a group of florida students facing charges for what they put in their teachers drink. an online reviews go too far? by one man is being sued for what he wrote online. also disney changes its ticket prices and that could cost you more depending on the day. we will explain it. a nice sunny and cool day
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the satellite shows clouds thickening up along broward and
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i le the little boy who was killed in a gunfight last weekend was laid to rest today. the family of six rolled king carter said their goodbyes this afternoon. it was a long and emotional service. >>reporter: a tiny white casket in front of hundreds of mourners say goodbye to six rolled king carter. adults dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles, his favorite cartoon characters, were part of the procession led by his parents and a crown rested on a pillow to be placed on kings head before his casket was closed. family and friends laid him to rest saturday afternoon at the new birth missionary baptist
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for the outpouring of the community, we had suspects turn themselves in. >>reporter: three teenagers on custody related to his death. a 16-year-old turned himself in . he admitted he was in the car with 18-year-old leonard adamson 17-year-old irwin pressley. they went to the apartment complex to kill someone named to juju after an argument on social media. during the gunfight. king was hit and killed. suspects that a little boy whose life was cut short by violence seeing in south florida streets. all three suspects have been charged with second-degree murder. new details on a health scare for artist and singer yoko ono. she was suffering flulike symptoms that has been released from the hospital.
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sources told cbs news. an initial report was that she possibly suffered a stroke or she was suffering flulike symptoms and went to the hospital under advice of a doctor. estimate three middle school students are facing felony charges for putting red pepper flakes into their teachers decided. deputies say one of the 12-year- old girls was upset about being disciplined by her teacher. one student distracted the teacher and another grab the set up and a third dr. pepper flakes in a. deputies say the teacher began to choke and experienced shortness of breath. the girls were arrested friday and taken to juvenile detention centers really based felony charges of poisoning and tampering with consumer products. wildlife officials say 136 by phones were caught during a state sanctioned by fun challenge. these are the pictures of the competition. the longest by phone card was 15 feet and nearly 125 pounds. you don't want to meet that guy in an alley. the challenge is a way to help
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infiltrated the everglades and threatening certain native matt wells. --native mammals. >> does that give you the heebie-jeebies? synagogue can't believe you did would make. come on. think about it. similar we have an interesting second half of the weekend. the first part was clear and cool the second part cloudy. if you like a mild weather. tomorrow is going to warm up. some of you think that's great news. spotty 50s along the beaches. 60 for is the normal low this time of year. it was your imagination. it was chilly this morning we
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70s today we're supposed to be about 79. this time of year. right now we are 53 right now we are 5361 in fort lauderdale. we're not going to drop too much more. and the reason is, the wind was out of the north right now. a gentle north breeze, will start shifting into the northeast tomorrow bringing in some clouds to put a blanket on the temperatures and we want to drop much more from where we are right now. we had some clouds of showers off the coast. a few light sprinkles. the air is dry. that could be a few sprinkles as the wind turns into the east and some of those sprinkles move in, but nothing heavy expected. good visibility. partly cloudy skies and 63 in miami and 61 in fort lauderdale, 60 want to key west. the wind will turn into the
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40s and 50s up north and 60s in south florida. if you look real closed--if you look wrote close on the coast of dayton brouwer, a nudge in the wins. we have some high a mid-level clouds coming out of the gulf of mexico. no storms just clouds. we have seen but at least it's not stormy. as far as the moisture will be tracking the green. we don't see any tomorrow or monday, and wednesday will be the first chance for getting some widespread showers. cloudy with a few sprinkles and temperatures will be a 59 of 50 cooler for folks out by the turnpike and 75. 76 for tomorrow and mild for today. sprinkles early and clouds and
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making a copy for the boaters and beachgoers. moderate choppy surf temperature really cool is 660. a couple of highs in the 70s tomorrow and monday back in the 80s for next week. the first partial week of march and a couple of chances for showers. it looks like wednesday and friday, vanessa. online reviews have become a norm in society. but can a review go too far? a south florida man is being sued for what he wrote online. david set up takes a look at- -david takes a look at what you should say before you press submitted. connect i had to come your ugly. that's a stupid don't pay your car is up with. those are opinions and the way i understand the first amendment, you're entitled to say your opinion. >>reporter: david colsn has a lot of opinions about what is happening to have right now. he is a web designer at the
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this started when he got his dog neutered at a vet clinic implantation. flyer advertised $77 but when the bill came and it was $132. so they forced me to pay $132 before they gave me my seven month old puppy back. they held him hostage is what they did. >>reporter: he found a dispute with his bank and got his money back and decided to put it behind him. but six months later a website appeared on the internet detailing the entire ordeal, the veterinarian a deceptive, sneaky, tomorrow and greedy veterinarian. a flat outside. smith there is a line. reviews are one thing, and publishing websites using the name of the business and using statements that suggested egregious pattern of criminal activity were suggest conduct that is not compatible to some us trade or profession, we think that crosses the line. smith the veterinarian son happens to be the attorney.
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site down the phone number listed was david:'s business. he told him to take the site down or he would file a lawsuit. according to:, there's only one problem. sudafed did make the website. i didn't ask anyone to make the website. jonathan black made it. i first my family, we had an office at fort lauderdale. >>reporter: black took upon himself to make the site. by all accounts he is in the wind. so he could be on the moon right now. he could be across the street. i don't know. >>reporter: a short time later new websites bashing the vet surfaced on the internet. and new sites appear that went after sally's business. estimate we believe it is an alias of david colsn. >> they think that he is behind all of the sites. sirica had nothing to do with it. i told him that. >>reporter: set by the court
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remove from the internet why? because of the sites name. he crossed the line when he published the website under the veterinarian's name. >>reporter: could be mistaken for the veterinarian sexual website misleading customers. >> what they won't say to your face, they will say on the computer, which is that a real risk. >>reporter: can express your opinion online is much as you like, but you do so at your own risk. >> where is that line? if you can prove that fact is untrue, you have a case for defamation. >>reporter: calling someone a murderer or they haven't been arrested for murder could be defamation. to make you can call someone a dirt bag or stupid. but what you can do is call someone a criminal, especially were no criminal activity has taken place. >> you are the scum of the earth, is that defamatory? it's not nice, but is not
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reach out to jonathan black to prove his existence. he sent us a handful of emails and provided a scan of his drivers license. but all the information was blacked out. we also received an affidavit that was notarized in india, which we could not verify. when you post online, opinions are fine for students that can be proven false, could get you in trouble. still ahead, disney is
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tickets at the theme park. a texas woman stuck in a chimney during a break-in. lauren fox was trying to get out of the cold, but tonight she is facing charges. police were called out for a burglary and when they got there they found her stuck in the chimney. it took them nearly an hour to get her out. they had to remove the bricks from the chimney to free her. here is her mug shot, she is charged with criminal trespassing. the home. she was trying to break into was vacant. disney is rolling out single prices for-agencies. low prices for single day tickets. the change announced today will
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calendar, 8 to 11 months for now to see which days are considered value, regular or peak days. people pay more for busy times are forecast to pay value days for the magic kingdom in orlando will cost $105. that's the same as the current one day ticket price paid regular days will be five dollars more and on peak days,
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for dollars.-- $124 mike is back and he will talk about sports. did you like that transition? student the heat are jockeying for position. today they get punched in the mouth by one of the teams in their way. at times, looking offensively challenged in boston. the celtics spreading the wealth nicely. turner has a slick pass. coming off the bench, playing like a starter. he swats two shots and one possession. a triple double in boston with six players in double figures. thus the final nail in the coffin. more communication, not getting quiet when things are
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have a chance to see if they're going to do it. we say we do. it's a game. we'll have runs on both sides. you will be down in certain times and you have to stick through it all. reinforcements have arrived from miami. they announced the signing of joe johnson, who settled on a buyout allowing him to join south florida. miami needed another shooter as they get ready for a postseason push. to the ice. the panthers want to win now. they acquired three veterans. separate trades. all for draft picks. meanwhile the open up a five- game road trip in columbus. brandon getting a few cracks at this one. the second shot goes through in the blue jackets take a lead but florida have-i been florida has an answer.
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brandon is the only one who is able to find the back of the net panthers lose but pick up a point. >> he doesn't want to lose that game the way we came out in the first. it's frustrating to lose. were disappointed we didn't get the extra one. estimate the hurricanes have a shot at the first place in the acc, but they will finish without a key piece of the puzzle. newton suspended for violating team rules. but the show must go on. it was senior day final home game for five members. lewis trying to spoil the party thousand and from long distance giving louisville. a five point lead. going strong to the ran family down by one. a big job for the senior.
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so wide open three, bob. >> we are very proud of our seniors and the entire team and how well we have played at home this season. one thing we didn't want was for them to and their senior year on a loss. number six on the diamond. even the series with number one florida collins, knocking out a pair of runs, smashed the ball to the right field, giving them a lead.
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"e.t.'s" complete guide to oscar. >> are you ready? >> our time with the nominees, bracing for hollywood's biggest night. inside sly's big come back and host chris rock's last-minute jitters. >> it's a hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> plus brie larson. we get secrets from her stylist. >> there is some black in her future. >> also jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage. telling all about ben and the nanny. would she take him back? find out why they are still living on the same property. >> she's like, look, i don't hate him. you don't have to hate him. let's not beat the guy up. >> then -- >> behind the scenes of celine dion's emotional return to the stain after stage after her husband's death. mid song, she stopped.


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