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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  WFOR  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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beginning with david set up at marco rubio's camp. >> it is ironic we are here senator marco rubio expected sometime around 8 pm. he is not in a state that is voting tonight. perhaps he's in florida because florida may break or make his campaign. >> the finishing touches are underway at tropical park. marco rubio is looking to rally florida voters on super tuesday. even though millions are casting ballots in nearly a dozen other states. donald trump will be an embarrassment to america will be an embarrassment to anyone who support him >> what he wanted to our foreign policy will embarrass everyone in this room. this cannot happen. if any state knows that it is minnesota >> reporter: rubio spent a few hours tuesday at event in the soda but the former west miami commissioner and legislator
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could decide his fate >> it must win. he cannot continue his campaign for the president without guaranteeing and winning his own state which now looks to be in jeopardy. >> reporter: florida is a winner take all state with money i get that's going to if it takes the majority on election day in two weeks. according to the polls trump is on the path to beat rubio at home the republican establishment doing everything he can to help rubio with fellow politicians campaigning around the clock >> marco is he a man but he is wise beyond his years. >> reporter: rubio has been on the attack slamming trump on everything from his makeup to the ku klax klan support of the brainerd >> there is no room in the conservative movement for david duke oriental not condemn them. >> reporter: will it make a difference? tonight we might now. in two weeks we definitely will. his campaign says tonight is of course huge for them but they
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releases saying they will be staying in this fight regardless of the outcome tonight something tells me the next two weeks will be fascinating in florida. our news team coverage moves to ted scouten. >> donald trump will be holding a news conference later tonight. >> reporter: donald trump is now heading to south florida. he's going to be here at the mar-a-lago club in palm beach others are planning rallies with the supporters instead he has a news conference these going to have tonight but already today has been busy. donald trump leading a rally in columbus ohio where the primary vote is still two weeks away the same day as florida. him being there shows the importance of both states. in the midst of his ugly republican contest he is calling for americans to work together
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divided it's divided politically . it's divided among white and black. it's divided in so many ways. we're going to bring our country together >> reporter: and back to the trump we have come to know hitting his republican competitors with insults. he's hoping to be ted cruz in texas crews's homestay. >> the same thing with ted cruz. the common lying tech we will build a wall he says. and the war of words between trump and marco rubio amped up over the weekend with rubio talking about the size of his pants. >> he said i had small hands they are not small are they? i never heard that one before i've always had people say donald you have the most beautiful hands. >> reporter: there was talk at an issue company sending jobs to mexico. >> many people are moving to
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won't have any jobs left mexico is the new china remember this. i love the mexican people. i love the hispanic people. but their leaders are too smart for our leaders our leaders don't have a clue. our leaders are stupid. >> reporter: as we know donald trump is known for not following the pack he's holding true to that tonight. instead of having a rally was supporters he's going to have a news conference so he will be with reporters and photographers. as he waits for results to come in from super tuesday states. from ted we turn things to hank tester >> he's live in miami where hillary clinton will appear in a few hours >> reporter: hello. we're in n. miami avenue. folks behind us are getting ready for hillary clinton because she is on her way to miami and for good reason.
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it is a very big day for hillary clinton and a busy day to boot. she has started her day in virginia and then it was on to minnesota. >> working hard everywhere i know it's hard. and i think all we can do is turn out the primaries and caucuses and do as well as we can. >> reporter: tomorrow she will be in miami watching super tuesday from afar? simply because she has a huge poll lead in texas, georgia, virginia a good shot in alabama, arkansas and tennessee. she has her eye on the florida democratic primary for 246 delegates will be awarded on a proportional basis. most polls put clinton will head of sanders indecisive march 15 win in florida would put the former first lady in secretary of state in the momentum driver seat meanwhile her opponent is voting in his home state of vermont he will not be coming to south florida.
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several states on super tuesday. >> a day in which the american people around the country have an opportunity to stand up and say moment to a corrupt campaign-finance system. say no to wall street and billionaires >> you're watching volunteers signing up folks for the very organized hillary campaign march 15 is the date of the florida primary. hillary clinton knows that is very important. and also she will be in town march 9 for the debate. the democratic debate here in miami. hillary clinton is getting a lot of face time in south florida. jim defede he host of facing south florida. you think the florida primary was today. >> essentially it is here today. voting already started for early voting.
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going out for a while now over has among people have already voted. in many ways the primary has begun. >> marco rubio. what does he need to do tonight to stay relevant in this gop contest? >> marco will gather up whatever delegates yes. he's already out trying to downplay expectations saying he made gather as few as 100 delegates of the 500 or so today. his entire campaign is take on march 15. if he does not win florida his campaign is done ted cruz if he does not win texas heat than his campaign is done. john kasich in ohio on march 15, that is his battle call. it's these last gasp attempts to grab onto something with these candidates to try to have some rationale to challenge donald trump >> tonight the all important delegates are divvied up depending on the amount of each state >> correct. but march 15 that is it.
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>> on the republican side it's winner take all on march 15 on the democratic side it's proportional basis. for hillary clinton in florida coming up she will want to run up the score as much as possible. she wants to do in florida what she did in south carolina which is get big numbers to get more delegates. but the republican side for marco rubio he has to win but otherwise he gets zero delegates. it's a huge shot in they are all trying to get to 1237 delegates on the republican side. donald trump is going to be way ahead after sniper he's going to have many delegates going in the question is coming to tie him getting to the 1237 number x >> the schenectady democrats. he wasn't hillary on the stump she's only be presumptive nominee. bernie sanders this morning we saw him a moment ago said he's not going anywhere. he's taking his campaign straight to the convention >> that's what he says. is what every campaign says when you're faced with that?
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for bernie sanders to move on if he does not start winning more states. and minnesota, vermont does not count. he's got to start winning states and doing well in states that have a diverse population. you cannot just win in iowa or new hampshire or vermont. if you're going to get blown out and have any percent of african-american voting's against you in south carolina you will lose the hispanic vote in nevada, if you're not going to dwell with minorities you cannot be the democratic standardbearer. for bernie sanders there's going to be a lot of pressure on him after tonight and certainly after march 15 to bow out of the race. >> looking for to your analysis through the evening. our team coverage has now to texas and reporter jack spank of our sister station in dallas. you, senator ted cruz earlier.
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cruz remains upbeat. not just about winning his home state but also doing well in the other super tuesday states. he also called on the other candidates today to come together tomorrow if they don't do as well. he and his wife heidi went to vote this morning in their hometown they brought along their young daughters. texas is the biggest prize today with one or 55 -- 155 delegates in the primary. even though he did not mention his challenges by name he was referring to florida senator marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich and neurosurgeon ben carson when he said how important it is to beat donald trump. >> for any candidate that wakes up tomorrow morning who has not won any state, for any candidate who accept tomorrow morning who has negligible number of delegates, it starts -- time to start thinking about coming together and unifying in presenting a clear choice.
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on a strong turnout why conservatives. as for marco rubio he is trailing donald trump in the polls in the sunshine state but rubio insisted to me on friday he is going to win in his home state kasich is also trailing trump in his home state of ohio but he said last week he would drop out if he does not win on march 15. candidate john kasich spending super tuesday in virginia. the ohio governor holding a town hall event in arlington showing the crowd you cannot beat donald trump by insulting him. instead governor kasich says you win by being patient newt gingrich also attended today's kasich event. doctor ben carson who is still in the race staying out of the super tuesday spotlight today. this is video from yesterday of the candidates speaking to a crowd at the town hall in
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doctor carson has been trailing in the polls but he says he is not giving up because he thinks he will see surprising results today on super tuesday. candidates are focusing on florida but when it comes to the general election, who would fare better? a new cnn poll shows bernie sanders would beat donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz but the same cannot be said of hillary clinton. clinton topped trump 52% to 44%. but she trails rubio by three points and ted cruz by one point sanders leads all three by wide margins. trump by 12 points, rubio by eight points and ted cruz by 17 points. sanders does better among men younger voters and independents against all three candidates. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus the poll has a margin of error of plus or -3 points. our comforter super tuesday does not end here. members of congress are
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duke. how that might impact the race as we move forward that is coming up at 5 to 30 look for complete coverage of super tuesday in the candidates in south florida tonight on the news at 11. in a shakeup in florida international athletic department the women's basketball coach has been suspended >> reporter: his name is marlins in he's been suspended on the school looks into allegations he had sexually harassed a player on the women's team. she's in his first season as head coach replacing the legendary cindy russo. he struggled going 4-23 so far. the captain of the team destiny fagen claims he has pursued a sexual relationship with her for much of the season. he claims the coaches spencer for the four games after she refused his advances. they have taken their complaints to the school and no response from the coach about the allegations.
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we're getting started. >> still to come burglars break into a story making off with high-priced electronics. concert in cuba. the rolling stones with a major announcement. where they will be playing a free show. find out why two people were arrested after the chase
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new details in the police chase. three teenagers were arrested appeared in court >> during today's's hearing things got chaotic joan murray was there and is live in fort lauderdale. >> if you that yesterday was chaotic the it continued here into the courtroom as a judge ordered two people arrested and sent to juvenile detention center for disrupting court proceedings. an outburst from family members upset after a judge said the 15- year-old was arrested after a while police pursuit monday will have to stay in juvenile detention for three weeks. the
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news either and had to be taken out of the courtroom. >> i'm his mother and this is his father. >> the teenager had some mental health issues and needs medication. he and two others jetted down the highway in a stolen car monday afternoon after bailing out and running they gave it another stolen car and wound their way through several water hill neighborhoods. before being taken down. >> it's very scary to know that you can not leave your car open or leave your door open. >> reporter: the judge called the disruptors before the bench. public defender and mother of one of the suspects tried to reason with one of the girls. >> look at him and apologize what you did. >> reporter: six were marched out of court in handcuffs. the judge ordered 2 to be held
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in addition to that the three who were in court today, to will be held in juvenile detention for 21 days a third teenager is going home and will be held on house arrest for 21 days. all three right now are just facing charges in regard to the stolen vehicle. more charges will be added. people in cuba will get a chance to rock out with the rolling stones. they announced they would play a free concert in havana march 25 it's the biggest acts to play in cuba since the 1959 revolution. in a statement the band said we could perform the many special places during our long career but this shelley vana will be a landmark event for us and we hope for all of our friends in cuba. the concert comes three days after president barack obama visit to havana the news will be live in cuba for the president of this historic
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but for our live report march 21 and 22nd. craig setzer joins us now with the forecast. >> a little warm perfect weather let's show you what's going on. our windjammer resort camera showing a beautiful afternoon lots of folks taking advantage of the great weather. temperatures are comfortable is 76 in miami. 74 key west. the air is relatively dry. 54% humidity. east southeast breeze and 10 in lows this morning upper 50s. here is the satellite loop. not much to speak of in terms of clouds. the pattern will not change lot with the storm system working its way across the southeast these icons will stream in
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good. dry conditions continue maybe a stray shower in the next couple of days but rain chances are low. fronts to the north will get close but not come through for the next few days. plenty of some tomorrow and warmer. temperatures in the low 80s. thursday one of these fronts moves down to keep us from getting to the mid-80s. possibly a stray shower thursday. friday sun and warm. a weak front will move through over the weekend on saturday so a few showers and not as warm. temperatures only in the 70s. temperatures in the upper midwest are cold. 24 chicago. 26 minneapolis. after 74 yesterday, only 39 today in kansas city. 60 in washington dc. tonight comfortable temperatures
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and -- upper 50s and low 60s. nice and warm again tomorrow. temperature around 83. winds out of the east averaging 5-10 but mostly variable through the day. smooth conditions on the day. into the weekend temperatures in the low 80s through the end of the week and upper 70s into the weekend. all in all looking good. it's a big story of the day. super tuesday. >> from the candidates to congress. the developments on this big day. he's called the craigslist attempted killer. accused of trying to beat and choke his new roommate nearly to death. his bid for bond coming up. burglars rake into a store and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of drones and hoverboards. it's caught on surveillance tape.
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happened before. >> you try to run an honest operation and this is the second time we have been robbed.
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crooks breaking into a store that specializes in your own sales. >> police in the store owner hope the video will help lead them to the thieves. here is peter dench. >> these images captured on camera horrify the owner of this adventurous storm >> it's horrible. you try to run an honest operation and this is the second time we've been robbed in less than one year. it is frustrating. you do everything you can to prevent this but the criminals don't care. >> five different cameras document the crime. men dressed in black and wearing masks smashed through the front door of drone nerds. in less than 10 minutes the owner says they still more than
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and hoverboards. you see them turning around and taking items. >> around 4 to 30 this morning we had a couple people break into our store. they took a crowbar to the front window. came in and stole quite a bit of merchandise from us. >> reporter: when he arrived he found his business on biscayne boulevard had been ransacked. >> when i arrived the police were here and our front door was shattered. there was stuff all over the floor. drones were on the floor >> reporter: a similar amount of items were stolen less than a year ago. police say they don't know of the fencing operation in stolen drones and say they are often sold on the street or at pawnshops. >> with some of the other people in the business across the country we have seen a string of break-ins over the past year. it's a high-value item easy for them to sell. >> reporter: she hope someone recognizes one of the criminals. >> definitely call the police
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showing their face. were hoping someone out there recognizes them and does the right thing and gets them off the street >> he does have insurance for the stolen drones and the store has reopened. the suspects who appeared to be in their early to mid 20s also stole a tv. if you can help police find them call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. it is super tuesday. millions of voters head to the polls to cast ballots in presidential primaries in 12 states and american samoa. in hours everyone's attention will turn to results. 865 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats. >> numbers 595 for the republican we have team coverage of this big night in campaign 2016. the biggest so far.
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>> reporter: a supremely confident donald trump has three events today and none of state. that's a sign of how confident he has that this election will go his way tonight. he will await hit results at his home in martin palm beach where marco rubio will be a park in miami after campaigning in minnesota. . all the candidates are covering the map as this, for hundreds of delegates. >> donald trump stepped off his private plane in ohio and quickly headed to a rally where he singled out his closest rivals on super tuesday. >> i do with rubio. i deal with crews. these guys don't know anything on >> reporter: of the dozen states on super tuesday polls show trump is leading in all but one >> he is everything the republican primary electorate is looking for >> reporter: trump opponents say it not so fast >> he'll be an embarrassment to america and an embarrassment to anyone who supported him >> reporter: ted cruz voted in his home state of texas and
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support him. if your monday 60% of republicans who recognize that donald trump would be a disaster as the nominee then i ask you to join us even if you're thinking of another candidate. >> i would rather not win an election than when by sneering somebody. that is not the way i have ever operated and i don't intend to start now >> today is a single biggest day of voting in the primary season. 595 delegates up for grabs on the republican side which is about half the number needed to win the nomination. >> the goal today is to end up with as many delegates as we possibly can. >> reporter: 859 democratic delegates at stake in 11 states but hilary clinton has a commanding lead in six southern states. >> all we can do is turn out for the primary and caucus and do as well as we can. >> reporter: that's when the former first lady and secretary of state is in minnesota estate


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