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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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conference he can talk about several issues. talk about debate on thursday or his orientation to the race and say whether he thinks it's over or not. who knows. you can never be sure >> in for a vote is counted today trump is sounding more like the nominee. >> we are getting rid of common core. we're bringing in education local. >> we're getting rid of obama care. it's a disaster. >> reporter: major. garrett says when you look at all of his actions it could be in sending a signal for the message that people believe he has his nomination wrapped up already. we will know more tonight at 9 pm when he will speak. our team coverage moves to southwest miami-dade and david sutta who is live in tropical park where marco rubio will be later tonight. >> reporter: he's expected here shortly after 8 pm. the big question we're all
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why is he here in florida when there are nearly a dozen other states are casting ballots in a primary? we got in touch with his campaign and they are saying there is twofold those two answers. he was not quite sure which state they would win in tonight so they wanted to make sure they were in a place they really needed to win. the finishing touches are underway at tropical park. marco rubio looking to rally florida voters on super tuesday. even though millions are casting ballots in a dozen other states. donald trump will be an embarrassment to america will be an investment to anyone who supported him. what he will do to our foreign- policy will embarrass everyone in this room. anyone who supports him now this cannot happen if a state knows that it is minnesota. >> reporter: he spent a few hours tuesday at an event in minnesota but the former west miami commissioner and legislator knows what happened in florida who decide his fate >> it's a must win. marco cannot continue his campaign for the presidency without guaranteeing in winning his own state.
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jeopardy. >> reporter: florida is a winner take all state 99 delegates going to who takes the majority on primary day. two weeks away. >> we are going to win win win >> reporter: trump is on the path to beat rubio at home. republican establishment is doing everything it can to help rubio with fellow politicians campaigning around the clock spoke marco is a young man but he is wise beyond his years >> reporter: rubio has been on the attack slimming trump on everything from make up to the ku klax klan support of the plane >> there's no room in the conservative movement for the ku klax klan or david duke or anyone who will not condemn them. >> reporter: will it make a difference? we might know but in two weeks we definitely will. >> reporter: his campaign tells us regardless of the outcome tonight they plan to stay in the race. florida will be the primary
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texas senator ted cruz voted this morning in houston. he remains of the about winning his home state tonight. texas has 155 public and delegates at stake. ohio governor john kasich campaigned in virginia today. he told supporters to fasten your seatbelts for when the voting goes north. he has vowed to stay in the race at least until the ohio primary march 15. that's when ben carson he did not have any events today. democratic candidate bernie sanders voted in his home state of vermont. he will win big there tonight and his hoping a high voter turnout elsewhere will carry him to other victories over hilary clinton. she will be in south florida tonight and hank tester is live in miami with a look at her campaign. >> reporter: she sure will. a crowd beginning together at this event on 14th st. in north miami in north miami avenue. hilary clinton has many regions -- reasons to be here in miami.
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preparation for tonight's hilary clinton event in miami. heavy interest concentrates on how well she scores in the delegate rich state of texas, georgia, and virginia. clinton is likely to win a majority of the delegates in the super tuesday primary, and bernie sanders if he fades into rearview mirror her campaign is quietly shifting to address potential contest against donald trump. today on her way to miami she addressed the republican campaign in general. >> i'm speaking out against bigotry and bullying where ever i hear it. i hear a lot of it from the republican candidates they seem to have forgotten completely about issues and are now running the campaigns based on insults. >> reporter: we watch night if she speaks about trump more often and how she addresses the phenomenon. tonight might give a sense of what's ahead if there is indeed a clinton-trump race for the white house. >> instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down
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and why be in miami when florida is not involved in super tuesday? clinton certainly has her eye on the delegate rich florida primary on march 15. folks are voting now early. the democratic debate here in miami march night. the highly organized campaign here the clinton campaign letting people in 10 at a time. we don't know exactly what time she will show up but i can guarantee she is here before the 11:00 news. i think that's a safe bet. we have -- clinton trump and rubio in south florida tonight. white south florida? why so early? >> as hank pointed out voting is already occurring. march 15 is the key date for
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march 15 is a day hilary clinton will likely be able to say she is going to be the nominee. she can but bernie sanders in her rearview mirror. but for the other candidates for marco rubio he was talking about he didn't know where he might win tonight. chances are he's not going to win anywhere tonight. he can tell victory party in the state you don't win. the safest thing for him to do was to have a victory party or some sort of party here in miami and keep the focus on florida. marco rubio has to win florida if he's got any chance of staying in the race. >> reporter: and ted cruz has to win texas. john kasich has to win in ohio. >> reporter: can republican establishment stop donald trump? >> here's the great irony. the republican establishment set this year up in a way that favored the early front-runner. four years ago mitt romney had to slog his way through the entire calendar before he got enough delegates to be able to be the nominee.
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said we cannot have that. we can't have these pesky outsiders taking shots at our mainstream candidates. so they rewrote the rules so that it's heavily favored toward southern states and toward these states so it the early contest winner like donald trump is now going to be able to win easier. republican establishment has only themselves to blame for this by rewriting the rules not realizing donald trump was going to come along >> be careful what you wish for. tonight at 10 cbs news has special coverage of super tuesday as results come in. then we have team coverage of the events in south florida on news at 11. disorder any broward courtroom today following yesterday's police chase in oakland park family members were upset after a judge ordered a 15-year-old who was arrested to stay in juvenile detention for three weeks. police say he and two others stole a car and sped through several neighborhoods yesterday before they were finally taken
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the north side district of miami-dade county is plagued by gun violence. far too often those holding the guns and becoming victims our kids. we settle with the police director for an exclusive look at the new plan to fight gun crimes in the district. >> asked nearly anyone who lives or works in a neighborhood served by the north side district of miami- dade police and they tell you they consist we see crime scenes like these close by some have been so close they will not put their name or face on tv. >> it's been someone dying about every day. every week is but it's a disturbing reality that led the major district to come up with a new plan to tackle gun violence in this part of town. >> police director juan perez says the plant first focuses on community policing walking the beat getting everyone from street cops to top brass involved in the neighborhoods the police. >> the community member does
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that officer perez solve this problem. the goal is to gain the trust of the public in two in turn gave their help in weeding out guys. >> the good people of the community so we can combat crime and fight crime together. >> keep it real. people don't trust their own friends. they're not going to trust the police. >> we have to get together and talk to the second tier of the plan involves working with specialized police units as well as federal agencies disease drugs and guns and make arrests like they did in this bust last month >> the third tier in this plan technology. using camera systems and shock detention to get police neighborhoods that need them quickly. put fear in so many hearts. it's a multistate plan with one goal to make the neighborhood in this area safer for those who speak out and those who are too afraid to step out of the shadows.
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the sea turtles. the request from anyone who spots one on the beach this year. south florida's billionaires . where they rank among the
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someone's hacked all our
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technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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a masked man from the south for the gadget store and is not the first time. five different cameras caught the men smashing through the front door of drone nerds on biscayne boulevard this morning. they took $30,000 worth of drones and hoverboards and left in 10 minutes. there was a similar robbery at the same store last year. the number of confirmed zika cases in south florida continues to climb. the health department says they are two new cases in miami-dade county both of all people who traveled to other countries and returned to florida. but a total of 44 zika cases in the state but only five people are still showing symptoms. it's usually spread through mosquitoes and has been linked to birth defects.
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sea turtle nesting season and this year while if officers are calling attention to a new threat for the endangered turtles. it involves photos especially ones taken with a flash. the bright lights can interrupt the turtle's natural nesting process. if you see a turtle on the beach at night and decided take a picture, make sure the flash is off. from now until the end of october 3 different species will be laying their eggs on florida beaches. it's an amazing sight to see. new at 6 feet and he will forbes magazine billionaire the 30 -- richest people in 67 countries and territories. on the list are a few south floridians you might recognize. >> reporter: most of us can easily guess who the top at the forbes billionaires list. microsoft founder bill gates worth 75 $75 billion. but some list makers have a
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number three is investing tycoon and owner of south florida car dealerships warren buffett. he has $60.8 million to his well-known name owner of the miami dolphins stephen ross joins a list and 80. his billions are self-made and come from his expansive real estate portfolio. he bought the finns from number 666. between his i got might be an unlucky number of us but he feels lucky to have $2.6 billion to spend. speaking of miami sports micky arison number 167 the ball. harbor resident has a net worth of $7.5 billion he's the ceo of carnival and owner of your miami heat his little sister is also on the list but he has bragging rights. he makes more than cherry number 392 and spends her $4.2 billion on philanthropic and charitable organizations. and name you know well and see often in south florida norman braman owner of one of four to's largest car dealerships the braman motorcars he is
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$1.78 billion. since it is super tuesday it's only fitting we mentioned republican candidate donald trump he's number 300 -- 324 on the list his worth $4.5 billion. so many numbers in that report. now you'll hit us with more. >> you are on the list argue? >> our weather is looking good. clouds right now but nothing producing precipitation. west broward -- look at the water. winds are very light across south florida. 73 in miami. still the air is dry. southeast breeze mia. elsewhere winds are light and in some cases calm. pembroke pines 73. 74 in miramar.
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into the upper 50s and along the beaches temperatures will be in mid-60s. normal high is 79. we were at 78 to 81 everywhere today. it should be warmer tomorrow into the low 80s. it has been a wet winter. which goes december january and february. it's had 20.24 inches of rain and broke the old record in 1905 . normal is only 5.93 inches. nearly 4 times the amount of rain for the winter in miami then we normally see. in terms of what's going on now not much is going on. high clouds blowing by from time to time. a storm system to the north will come through so we stay on the warm side. dry conditions in place. here comes one front to the north but once again it stays for to the north tomorrow sunshine once again with temperatures warmer in the low 80s.
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will get close to us and they give us astray shower here or there but we should stay on the warm side so temperatures in the low 80s and even friday things stay warm. weekend a cold front comes through early and drop temperatures into the 70s. maybe a few showers with that front. temperatures are cold in the upper midwest. 20s and 30s. through the midwest but warm going up the east coast. tonight comfortable with lows in the upper 50s to low to mid- 60s. tomorrow sunshine once again and warm. high temperatures around 83. no problems on the water with winds variable indirection averaging 10 kn or less. 1-2 foot waves. through the end of the week into the weekend low 80s through friday and upper 70s to mid-70s. maybe a shower saturday.
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working on the 11:00 news. -- news team is busy working on the 11:00 news. >> reporter: is loud in the newsroom now. our team is getting ready for super tuesday coverage. look for special reports from us throughout prime time plus news will have one hour of coverage at 10 pm and then take you live to the trump rubio and clinton camps here in south florida on the news tonight at 11. tonight in towards women's basketball coach at fiu is under investigation. jim berry has the details coming up. if you're not near your tv you can still watch our newscast streaming live at millions of cast votes in the 12 primaries and caucuses today. can donald trump because? can hillary clinton breakaway? we sorted out from the latest it's a pull data to what is at
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up. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: the ready for you alert,
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rdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges tumble into place. dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. we're talking about the business side of football. and something about tags. >> the franchise tags as you keep the guy you have to pay him the transition tag says you want him but at your number and
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the dolphins stabbed. with the transition tag. they want him back but at the right price. essentially this makes vernon davis treated free agent. he offered to will be one year $12.7 million. another team beats that the dolphins lose them if they don't match the higher number. that's what happened last year with charles clay. dolphins tried but failed to iron out a long-term deal so here we are. the women took steam has allegations of sexual harassment by the coach. marlin chinn has been suspended but looks into a complaint from the captain of the team. . legendary cindy russo. player destini feagin accuses him of making unwanted sexual advances for much of the season. no comment from the coach. joe johnson met team owner micky arison sunday evening in new york city. johnson meets hometown hoops fans. he makes his home debut as the heat host chicago and so far he is loving the idea of being dwayne wade's running buddy.
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that i think he can make the game a lot easier for everyone. come here and try to take some of the pressure off. and just joined a great organization. >> he's fitting right in. the marlins are worried about relief pitcher with soreness in his throwing elbow. doctors are checking it out. don mattingly will meet mr. jim morris marlins host spring opener. "it on the board with jake up a word accounts for you m loan run. he gets a hit. that's a good sign. and a bit later justin borgia -- marlins win 5-1. at the trump resort and around super tuesday has a different meaning. the championship coming up. defending chance -- champa
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last year's it was a given that mr. trump would be front and center but this year who knows. with one player won't mind if he shows up is bubba watson. >> i think it's crazy if they have a big ruckus when he shows up because they media gets away from me. and you don't hear the bad comments or twist them. >> one guy who does not mind attention. is a you can door today? >> on a horse? the guy with fancy cars love horses. some of his teammates are mesmerized they also settle up for a few rides. looks like fun but he manager terry collins says enough with this fun. we have to get focused. the mets reached the world series last year and want to get back >> the news at six will be
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the rolling stones will rock cuba soon they announced they will play a free concert in havana march 25. the biggest act to play in cuba since 1959 revolution. the bands" we've performed in many special places during our long career but this show in nevada will be a landmark event for us and we hope for all our friends in cuba. that is our news for now. thank you for joining us. have a great night. >> pelley: can trump be caught? >> super tuesday is the single best opportunity. >> pelley: he's already
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>> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to you. >> pelley: also tonight, the president argues his case for a supreme court nomination, and gets his answer. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> pelley: erin andrews testifies in her multi-million-dollar stalk case. and there's another sanders. meet bernie's bro. >> reporter: he's been called cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: norah o'donnell, john dickerson, and i are coming to you tonight from cbs news election headquarters at a turning point this this presidential campaign. it is likely the last chance for challengers to catch the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton. no candidate can clinch the nomination tonight, but voters


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