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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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as we head into the afternoon, we will see some warm sunshine. highs climbing to the low 80s. they be a stray shower into the evening. we will have a check of the traffic. we will start off on the palmetto and move over to brouwer's. 8:26 am -- we want to show you that it is a busy drive. here is a northbound commute. nw. 25th st., here's a southbound drive leading to the dolphin expressway. palmetto, looking great. no accidents. no construction. here's i-95 in miami dade. there is a southbound side and northbound. leaving you want i-95 in broward county, sheridan street, no accidents. it is a good drive at 6 am in the morning. super tuesday is in the books. now, the focus on florida.>> i love you my me. >> i'm so excited to be here in florida.
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always south florida and cbs4 is right there with them. our extensive coverage of super tuesday starts now. voters in 13 states and the us territory at the polls in the race for the white house. this morning the focus is on florida and it is 99 winner take all delegates for the race. we bring you coverage of three candidates all of them in florida. -- >> the truck campaign, live in palm beach.>> we have moron marco rubio, and hillary clinton on her big night. >> we will drive and -- dive into the campaign aware they are. first, let's look at the big picture. >> as far as winning states, donald trump and hillary clinton are winners with victories in seven states each. -- >> texas and georgia the two most popular states in play. >> truck carried georgia, arkansas, tennessee, vermont, and virginia.
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of texas and overnight, alaska, bolstering his case as he can beat drop outside of his home state. >> hillary clinton one arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, and virginia. vermont senator. is the winner in his home state of vermont as well as colorado, minnesota, and oklahoma. we have reported -- we have more from the truck campaign.>> reporter: donald trump is a big winner on the republican side on super tuesday. .com it is time for the party to work together and focus on november. >> i am a unifier. i know that people will find that hard to believe. but i am a unifier. once we get all of this finish, i'm going to go after one person. hillary clinton.
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allowed to run which is a big assumption. i do not know she will be allowed to run.>> reporter: while concentrating on clinton, she had words for his republican candidates. especially marco rubio. >> i know that it was a tough night for marco rubio. he worked hard. he is a lightweight as i have said many times before. i want to congratulate taz -- ted cruz on the winning of texas. i congratulate ted cruz on that win. that was an excellent win. >> reporter: he also discussed the border wall and how he will get mexico to fit the bill.>> mexico is going to pay the bill. we have a trade deficit of $58 billion. wall is going to cost $10 billion. it is so easy.>> reporter: is also promising to bring jobs back to the us and boost the military. >> were going to make the
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to mess with us, folks. >> reporter: our primary is in florida in two weeks and it is winner take all. donald trump says he will be spending a lot of time in florida between now and then. and palm beach, ted scout -- ted scout in.cbs4. mirabelle is with rubio skimping. >> reporter: rubio was disappointed over his campaign. he was disappointed -- he was excited giving him extra needed support coming into the primary.>> i love you my me. >> reporter: senator. marco rubio had the whole coming he needed tuesday night were night he just one one victory. over the past five days, his words are working.>> our numbers are going up. the number one question is why
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a dozen other states are voting.>> were in florida because this was the launch of marco's campaign in florida. we have 15 days, numerous debates. >> reporter: they plan to hit trump hard and the billionaire is not all that far.>> and he went florida? i he has done it before. we have gotten the criticism before. he was counted out from the start, he was the underdog the whole race, but he won that race.>> reporter: that was a common theme among his supporters on tuesday night. >> it is time to work for him. more than anything.>> reporter: republicans like randy ray could define not just the 2016 presidency but the republican party. >> the republican party will be affected. i am, for one, one of those that will never support trump. i will not support hillary but i will not support trump as
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weeks to go into debates, rubio is eager to show the tide is changing. i will except that. we have all been underdogs. underdogs. this is the fate of underdogs underdogs. but we will win.>> reporter: rubio was not home for long. he had offered michigan four a rally today. tomorrow. wilson for the republican debate which is on march -- a we will see the candidates wilson for the republican the university of miami. we are live in tropical park. mirrored -- mirabelle rodriguez. ted cruz believes that he is the only republican alternative to donald trump. cruz one texas. is needed -- is neighboring state of oklahoma and alaska. during his speech, he called for some of his republican rivals to drop out. he did not mention marco rubio or john kasich by name, he made
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could drop out so that they could rally around him as a viable alternative to donald trump. >> as long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remind -- remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans.>> cruises ila won in the republican candidate to beat strout -- to be drop in three states right now. having one in iowa last month. track it was another big night for hillary clinton. the former secretary of state came out on top winning seven states. our team coverage continues with gabby in the control room with more on hillary's big night. gabby? >> reporter: good morning. she rallied with a large number of supporters. they are already talking of for is the democratic nominee.>> what is super tuesday.
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with you in florida. >> reporter: with her eyes already set on the florida primary in two weeks, hillary clinton racked up some big wins and grabbed eight chunk of delegates in major states on super tuesday.>> i believe that what we need in america today is more love and kindness. you know what? it worked. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers.>> reporter: clinton's speech a stripped-down version of for standard speech. she did not take on bernie sanders, or mention donald trump. only jabbed at the republicans in the dogfight campaign. >> it is clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. the rhetoric that we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america
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and we are not going to let it work.>> reporter: clinton speech went down well with the carefully managed clinton crowd. >> i think that speech with awesome. >> they think that she was coming back to, which was breaking down barriers, is so relevant. >> i'm so excited that i got to exercise my right to vote for the right candidate.>> reporter: clinton has to campaign event scheduled in new york today. shall be back in florida on march 9 against bernie sanders and miami-dade college.>> -- bernie sanders 14 states including his home state of vermont.>> this campaign is not just about electing the president. it is about transforming america. it is about making our great
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it has the potential to be.>> the next gone test takes place on saturday with hillary clinton holding a commanding lead. down the campaign switches to florida.>> we dive into the analysis of what is next for the race for the white house. >> reporter: good morning walter and lauren. i am here with jim. where do we go from here?>> here, the next step is florida. florida is on march 15. you have ted cruz. he comes out winning texas. he has to try to make a move forward. marco rubio has to in florida on march 15. he has what would have been an awful night on super tuesday. minnesota saved him. somehow, the little section of st. paul came through for him at the last second and he
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a debacle for his campaign. now, he moves forward. he is an argument to say, i want a state. he moves to march 15 and tries to win -- has to to win -- cannot lose florida. on the democratic side, hillary clinton looks like she is well on her way. this race is almost over of the democratic size. bernie sanders did well. he won a couple of states perky one colorado late in the evening. but still, you have to wonder at what point is bernie sanders began to look at the map and the equations and say where do i win? where am i going to win a popular states, one that has avenue. american communities. ones -- one that has african- american communities, hispanic communities. right now, it shows that -- it shows hillary clinton is a good spot right now.>> stay tuned
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you can find a link to the delegates by logging into our website. were following a developing story. -- florida has rearrested the teen who posed as a doctor. malachi love robinson was booked into the palm beach county but -- palm beach county jail. he faces five cases of fraud in using someone's identity. he was arrested last month on grand theft charges. the team claims he never said he had a medical to are but he did treat patients. a legendary rock 'n roll band is making a stop in cuba. that is not the only thing taken place on the island this month. tweeters go crazy over donald -- chris christie's speech over donald trump's
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back -- ben affleck's huge back tattoo. : comfortable across the state. we're seeing the 60s and a few upper 50s this
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check out this stunning sunrise from our biscayne bay camera in miami. you do not want to miss it if you are in the midst of making coffee or breakfast for the kiddos, getting ready to head to work. you want to take this in. is little motivation for you this morning. isn't that glorious? seeing the clouds in the mix making for a dramatic sunrise. we care -- we are waking up to a cool, comfortable start. just like yesterday. low 60s inland. you are going to need a light jacket. 62 in homestead, especially for kids getting ready for school. upper 60s in fort lauderdale and miami. the same goes down through marathoning key west. the wins are calm and light. it will be shifting more out of the southeast. that can carrying isolated shower. the rain chance of 10% today. still dealing with the pesky cloud streaming in from the gulf of mexico. check it out. what -- the wettest winter on
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the third wettest winter on record for fort lauderdale was 17.07 inches of rain. keep in mind that meteorological winter taking place from december to february 2016, that is eggs to the el nio pattern. thankfully, it is been relatively dry as we have had high pressure and control the past couple of days. for us, that is not been the deal. there were severe weather yesterday in mississippi and alabama. it is active up and down the seaboard, and there is wintry weather on the northern edge. that front is not going to impact our weather. we're going to continue with the warmth the next few days until we see a week cold front sweep through this weekend. that means a few showers and temperatures not as warm. however, this afternoon, we will see the numbers jump to 20 degrees warmer as compared to this morning. below to midshipman 80s with plenty of sunshine this
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boaters see upper 60s on the coast. low 60s as we head into thursday tomorrow. highs in the low 80s with warm sunshine continuing on friday. 84 degrees. a couple of showers, 79, cooler with the high around 76 degrees. we will get a check of the traffic. take a look at how many drivers are out the door. the palmetto is packed at 816 eight -- at 816. northbound lanes, southbound lanes heading toward the dolphin expressway. we have an accident on i-95 it hollywood boulevard. we are getting word that two center lanes are blocked off. the highway the troll is reporting this morning. it will be a slow driver approaching hollywood boulevard. it starts to slow down as you start to get toward eight 836.
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yellow arrows from 2/88 two us one. it will take you several minutes. joe is live from the studio. it is unfortunately negative new's. carter is undergoing an mri. what is going on with him right now?>> reporter: that is the worst news the you can have early on. pitchers and catchers have only been together for a few days. to find out that a guy that was about his dominant per inning as anybody in baseball with strikeouts, just dominant power. as a closer or as a setup guy, they were not sure how they were going to do it. aj ramos very good. but to lose one of those guys,
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especially late in games when they had a lead. if they lose this guy, that elbow is a bad sign. to have an injury this early before you even get to the regular season, hopefully that turns out. i hope you get some rest and he will be okay. >> hopefully. speaking of baseball. joe, want to know what you think about the suspension and whether it sends a strong message. i see that he is not appealing. he seems to have owned up to the situation. that, in a good way, i guess. that what you think? is 30 games enough for him? >> reporter: i would have given him more. any idiot that goes out and shoots their game because they have a dispute with a girlfriend, and the family looks like it is party -- covering part of the story of because nobody wants to go after and ruin of the money train their.
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the gun often the garage seven or eight times. this is ridiculous. this is not a domestic dispute back and forth and then you go shoot your gun. with everything going on in the stories that you guys do every day, with guns, every day, and you have a guy that is so -- i would've given it to them.>> he will be losing pay as well. he will be taking a financial hit as well. he says that he wants to be back with the team on the quest for the world series. we will see if that becomes a reality. thank you so much. we will talk you later on. >> maybe he can control his temper next time he has a dispute with his girlfriend or his wife. thank you. this morning, we're learning more about what is on president obama's travel plans as he heads to cuba.
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game between the tampa bay team in cuba. in the meantime, the rolling stones will be performing in cuba. the stones announced that they will play a free concert in have an on march 25. it will be the biggest active play in cuba since the 1959 revolution. in a statement, the band said quote were performed in many special places during our long career, but the show in havana will be a landmark event for us. we hope for all of our friends in cuba too. let's check in with vanessa for the hot topics that are trending on social media this morning. >> reporter: trump took the stage right in south florida. but on twitter, the highlight of his victory speech was the man who introduced him, chris christie.>> donald trump is the clear winner on super
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said that christie looked confused and said as he introduced drop. as a front runner spoke, you can see right here that christie stood behind him staring blankly into the distance. twitter took no time to start. one twitter user suggested that's how chris christie felt. ben affleck is turning heads with his new tattoo. he was wearing a hospital gown, and on his back, a colorful tattoo many say that it is his midlife crisis tattoo. jennifer lopez went on saying the tattoo is awful.>> they should not be so colorful. they should be cooler. i do not know.>> reporter:
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bash the tattoo. ex-wife also poked fun at it. hell hath no fury like a jennifer scorn. let us know what is your favorite story of the day here that is trending this morning. that is back to you guys. jennifer garner said bless his heart. she is not a fan either. coming up. disorder in a court. >> what a judge was forced to do as three teens in a car chase me their first appearance in a courtroom. .-- scott
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we struck welcome back. that coach of the women's basketball team at florida international university has been suspended while they investigate allegations of sexual harassment against and -- against him. marlon chen is in his first season. he pursued a sexual relationship against a player
6:28 am
he propositioned her, made over sexual advances, and even groped her. he believed that he suspended her after she complained about the harassment. disorder in a courtroom when three teens connected to a car chase faced a judge. >> family members were upset when a judge ordered a 15-year- old to stay in juvenile detention. police say that he and three other stole a car and sped through several neighborhoods before they were taken into custody. in court, the judge called the disruptors, -- called the disruptors up to the bench where the mother tried to reason with them. one suspect remains on the run this morning. nora joins us live. what are you working on for today show.>> reporter: good morning to you walter and lauren. we have all of the super
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clinton had huge wins. we will rebel u.s. news & world report's list of the best places to live in america. this is phil collins ready to come out of retirement. anthony mason in an interview with the music superstar. the news is back in the morning. we will see you back at 7 am. have a great day. the time right now is 6:30 am. let's get a check on your wednesday morning weather. for that, we will turn it over to miss gonzales. what a way to start the day. were nice, cool, and comfortable. upper 60s for you in miami. low 60s and candle in homestead. the upper 60s down through the keys. the wind's blowing light out of the west in portions of broward county.
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acrossed much of the state. throughout today, we will be warming to the low 80s with plenty of sunshine this afternoon. isolated showers cannot be ruled out. mainly driving in the evening. we will talk about a week cold front on the way for the weekend. let's get it check of traffic with vanessa. 8:26 am -- 826, very busy. there are no accidents there. just rush hour traffic as we get closer to 7 am. it is really busy out there. let's talk about accidents. we do have a couple to worry bout. i-95 northbound at hollywood boulevard, you will see two center lanes blocked off by that accident. on for 41, there is a ghastly. they of had to block off a number of lanes and that intersection. you can always take the turnpike at hollywood boulevard. it runs parallel to for 41 purpose low spot of the turnpike. 15 minutes. lots of red arrows from northbound 88 two us one.
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donald trump and hillary clinton are well on their way to sweeping -- after sleeping on super tuesday.>>gaby fleischman is live with an update .>> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton tightening the grips on the nominations, each picking up seven states making them much harder to beat. after securing key victories in several delegate rich states, he shifts his focus to the general election and republican party. >> i'm going to get along great with congress. if i do not, paul ryan will have to pay a big price. okay?>> reporter: he is going wins in -- ted cruz is talking
6:32 am
alaska.>> reporter: it will -- ted cruz is -- rubio just picked up one when yesterday minnesota. >> i'm the only candidate that can unite the party and grow it. if donald trump once the republican nomination, it will split the republican party are in -- split the republican party and the republican movement.>> reporter: hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. sanders one in colorado, oklahoma, minnesota, and his home state of vermont. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> reporter: the presidential candidates face the next major test on march 15. voters in five states, including florida will head to the polls to vote for their parties residential nominee. early voting is already
6:33 am
live in the control room, gaby fleischman, cbs4 this morning. let's start off with usa today. super surge. trump and hillary pickup scenes. a similar scene in today's wall street journal. client -- trump, clinton pilot victories. in the washington post headline. early voting is underway in early voting sites set up in miami dade this year. registered voters can go to any location now through march 13 two cast their ballot. in monroe county, early voting runs through the 12. registered voters in broward will have to wait until march 5 to participate in early voting. for more information including where to find early voting
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website at cbs my mam -- cbs miami. the three-tiered plan will use federal agencies to conduct sweeps and confiscate drugs and weapons from the street. it relies on technology such as cameras and license plate readers to dispatch police officers to troubled areas more quickly. offers -- officers will attend local meetings to earn the trust of the community.>> stand with the good people of the community so that we can combat and fight crime together. the -- >> people do not even trust their own friends prepared not going to trust the police. they are also having majors come up with new ideas to help fight crime and their areas. videos of anderson being naked in a hotel. her hotel room showed up on the internet. she will never be the same
6:35 am
another tearful day of testimony yesterday andrews told the jury that she has dealt with embarrassment, humiliation, and depression since being stockton secretly videotaped. through a peephole in a nashville marriott hotel in 2008.>> i instantly covered the people, and then i do a check of the room. i looked everywhere.>> the hotel says that andrew stocker, andrew barrett is the only one to blame. they hinted at the videos were good for andrews career. she is seeking $75 million. struck me this morning, back on earth after a year in space. astronaut scott kelly plush back to the green planet early this morning and keswick stand. he landed along with a russian cosmonaut who shared his unprecedented journey. he circled the world 545 times
6:36 am
they will now examine his body to see how space impacts the human body. talk about a different tax bracket, the annual list of the world's richest people is out. find out who came out on top. a little later, another edition of south florida survivors. this woman story is not just about reaching the finish line, it is about thriving in the midst of your struggles. morning, south florida. as you are getting students ready for school, the bus stop forcast is showing a cool and comfortable start in the 60s. a light jacket will help you out. you will not need it by this afternoon since highs will be climbing to the low 80s. we will let you know about a weak front as we head toward the later part of the week. my complete forecast ahead. good morning. i am rudabeh shahbazi, and i am rick folbaum.
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hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort allergy spray. muddle no more on the money watch this morning.
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world's richest? plus, will we soon have directv without a dish. were join live from the new york stock exchange. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. soon you will be able to get directv without the bulky satellite dish. at&t which brought -- which bought the satellite company last year said the -- said it will soon run on apps. the world's richest, warren buffett is third. even though his net profit or net worth dropped a little bit as the stock market lost value. maybe next year we will be on that list.>> probably not. i will not hold my breast.>> this is one list -- i will not hold my breath.
6:41 am
bad to be on the bottom of.>> reporter: anywhere is not a bad place to be on that list. there is a new sports car that is now out.>> reporter: a -- the lamborghini is out with a new car. the car cost $2 million. there are only 40 being made. in case you are interested, those cars already sold out. walter, i think that you would look pretty good in one of those. >> i agree. but unfortunately they are sold out.>> that is the only thing preventing you from getting one.>> thank you, jill. welcome to wednesday. the sky is glowing. what a dramatic sunrise, courtesy of these clouds. as we look live from the biscayne bay camera in miami,
6:42 am
we're very fortunate to be enjoying this or just winter sky. the past few mornings, we have had some spectacular sunrise shots. here's one from our windjammer resorts. some weather watcher stepping some photos. do not forget that we love to share your pics. i am sure that we will see some stunning photos on twitter and facebook and instagram. keep them coming. waking up to cool start with the upper 60s in fort lauderdale and miami. upper 60s down to the keys. winds are calm. we will see more of the southeast flow later today. the clouds still lingering across much of the state not producing any precipitation. however, looking back on this past meteorological winter, we had the wettest winter on
6:43 am
we picked up 19.15 inches in the third wettest winter on record for fort lauderdale was 17.07 inches. thank you, el nino. were dry that we are seeing active weather up and down the atlantic seaboard. the cold front knocking again. we will stay nice someone with a mix of sun and clouds and stray showers the next few days. a weak cold front moves for this weekend and temperatures will drop a bit. we will see a few showers on saturday and sunday. today, 83 degrees. jackets for now but short sleeves will do later with all of the sunshine in place. voters, lows will be in the upper 60s near the coast. low 60s inland. we continue with a.d. until friday. then we cool things down a bit on saturday with spotty showers. upper 70s. sunday, waking up to 76 degrees. let's get a check of your traffic alert with vanessa.>> reporter: we have chopper for
6:44 am
it is on us 441 at miramar parkway. you can see right in the middle of the screen, it seems like an suv is flipped onto its side. those two left lanes are blocked off. hopefully drivers and passengers involved in this one are okay. it is a rollover klatt -- rollover crash. they are only letting the northbound lane get through. all of the lanes are opening up. you do not have to worry about delays in that area. web another accident that you have to worry about. it is on i-95 at hollywood boulevard. the two center lanes are blocked off. we're also getting word of a gas leak on hollywood boulevard and 441 which is where we saw that accident. it is possible those are connected. try to avoid that area. take the turnpike instead. thank you. all week at cbs4 were honoring our mentors. mentoring matters initiative . it is people who shaped us tube who we are today.
6:45 am
derek bubba was my first boss in this business when i was a 19-year-old college journalism student just anxious for any real-life work experience that i could get. bubba gave me my first shot. a chance to run the audio board at bubba gave me my first shot. a chance to run the audio board at 9:40 am and news radio. i was an intern at the time but from there, he made sure the news director knew who i was and help me get behind the microphone doing jurors -- doing first traffic and the news. he always encourage me to reach my tv dreams. anybody the new bubba knew he was a hardest working person in the building. is a technical operations director, he was a go to guy for any problem and he did it with his signature baseball usually on backwards and a very big smile. sadly, our beloved bubba passed away in 2007 while at work. he left his job, his collies, and we loved him. thank you bubba for all that
6:46 am
i hope that i am making you proud.>> what a story that was.>> i hope -- i think about him all the time and i hope that he is looking down on me and saying good job. he would always say dude. and i hope that he is saying dude, you're doing a good job. straightahead, we will introduce you to another south florida. -- provider.>> geraldine
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at
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welcome back. we have and all new edition of south florida survivors for you. imagine waking up screaming and no one heard you are waking up speaking and no one heard you. >> that is what happened with this woman. she proved that surviving is a lifelong fight, and one that she is carried on.>> reporter: geraldine is used to seeing her brain on display. that is exactly what this busy wife, mother, teacher, and cheerleading coach wants to hear. >> i love to teach. i love children.
6:50 am
i would not choose any other career. >> reporter: but her career is on hold as she battles brain cancer for the second time.>> even though i had a certificate that i was cancer free, after five years you are technically clear, eight years later, i -- my news this time was a shock.>> reporter: akin 2007, geraldine says something was not right. she with -- she woke up confused in her speech was jumbled it work. she went to baptist hospital where she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. >> i cried. i was devastated. >> reporter: after ongoing brain surgery and chemotherapy, she was deemed cancer free. she got married and had a baby. but last year, a familiar feeling. >> i told my mom, i cannot feel my hands.>> reporter: she had a seizure went back to the hospital.
6:51 am
the tumor was back.>> she forgot about the tumor and moved on with her life, and she is now back again to the same issues. the tumor is aggressive. i was quite surprised that she made it for such a long time.>> reporter: geraldine went -- underwent a craniotomy. >> as crazy as it seems, it was fun. i did hear everything that was going on around me but i did not will anything. >> she is still on antiseizure medication and has a few rounds of chemo to go. while she is cautious, she calls herself a survivor. >> survivor to me is -- i cannot say that word because i do not know what tomorrow is going to bring. i have done this before. i had been cancer free quote, unquote, so i am just going to keep going again.
6:52 am
i'm just going to keep going every day. >> reporter: but isn't that what surviving is all about. moving forward despite the odds. in our book, geraldine is not just surviving, she is thriving.>> i've never given up going to practice. i go to practice every single day. that is what keeps me going. it is rough. i am not going to live. what keeps me going is honestly the cheerleading, my family, my child, my husband. they make me keep going and want to wake up.>> keep going geraldine. we wish you nothing but the best. >> so inspiring. >> she really is. are cheerleaders love her. her son, a big hug -- a big hug
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6:56 am
of your wednesday morning headlines. donald trump is getting closer to securing the presidential republican nomination. he 17 states on super tuesday. ted cruz 13 states including his home state of texas while "rubio one just one state. the republican candidates will face off tomorrow in a debate in michigan. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is beginning to pull away. clinton celebrated in miami after celebrating winning seven states and one territory. bernie sanders one his home state in vermont and several other states. authorities have rearrested a teenager posing as a doctor. he was booked into the palm beach county jail late last night. he faces five charges of fraud, larceny, and using someone's identity. he was arrested last month on grand theft charges. this morning, the head coach of the women's best quality met florida international university's suspended while authorities
6:57 am
harassment against him. marlon shen pursued a sexual relationship with a player for most of the season. a cruise line docked again last night after issues. joe is live from the studios. he went to spring training was some pretty cool prides. a different ride entirely. ahold other kind of horsepower. check this out. what do you think? >> i was try to figure out what the horse does the whole time while he is practicing. that is the first thing that i thought. what is that horse get to do. he has to stand around and watch baseball practice during the day. i was trying to figure that one out.
6:58 am
i will tell you what, this guy is a different dude. that is for sure. he went from real expensive cars to that horse. where is he keeping the horse? is it is worse? boy, does this guy like to spend money. >> i have to give credit where credit is due. it was his idea. not just on his own.>> thank you very much. we will talk to tomorrow. have a great day. it is a beautiful sunrise as we look live from our fort lauderdale camera. happy wednesday. were halfway through the week. it is a nice, cool, comfy start with the upper 60s to the coast. low 60s inland. we're still dealing with clouds and sunshine for this afternoon. warming is up to the low 80s. we will continue with a similar pattern throughout the rest of the work week waking up to the
6:59 am
midshipman 80s until that weekend. we will see highs in the upper 70s and on sunday we will wake up to lows in the upper 70s. around 76. a 26 drivers, starting off with you on the north hand -- northbound. southbound is going to be busier. not bad. the turnpike is slow. 20 minutes from 288th all the way up to us one. let's of red arrows. and then another 20 minutes from us 12 836. if i'm doing my math correctly, from 2/88 two -- cbs this morning is coming up. they will talk about super tuesday the results and what it means. phil collins coming out of retirement? we will find
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump domts inates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his attention to hillary clinton hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. instead of building walls we are going to break down barriers. >> when we unify, there is nobody, nobody going to beat us. >> trump and clinton dominate super tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to go but gets more difficult after tonight. >> we are going to take our


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