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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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father of two children who is also a truck driver. as she speaks with us the fbi is hoping this will give them a break in the case. >> reporter: what are they telling you about your brother- in-law? >> they haven't told us anything yet. >> reporter: mily naite told me she cannot believe how brother-in-law is tied to this theft. a truck was robbed by two armed males in north carolina. what surprises you about this? >> he's a working man. >> reporter: not something you of the 40s get involved with? what is he like as a person? >> he said great human being, he's good. when you heard this what did you think? i couldn't believe that that's where i came. >> reporter: the fbi said he was arrested early this morning at home.
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the house and the families 26 foot open boat with the name grunt master and told it away. the truck driver said they were robbed five men who told him they were police. >> reporter: any chance he was tied to this? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: any chance? >> no i think there's a mistake, a mistaken for somebody else. if that's true i don't think he could be living here owning the type of vehicle he owns it doesn't add up. >> reporter: did your brother- in-law same thing about this? >> i haven't talked to him. >> reporter: as the fbi begins to search the home here are two composite sketches of the other two men. there is $25,000 reward. the fbi has made only a partial recovery of the gold bars. >> reporter: his sister-in-law and told me she did not know
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away, and she came here out of concern for his mother who has high blood pressure and had a heart attack last year. she also said her brother-in-law has hired an attorney and will fight the charges against him. we all live in opa-locka , breaking news right now in west 24 -- broward . it the driver of this truck was trapped in the cab of the vehicle and had to be removed took the driver is now being taken to the hospital for treatment. us 27 shut down while crews worked to free the driver. tonight police are investigating a deadly shooting in northwest miami bay, job for you over the scene near 61st st. and nw. 21st avenue, the victim was shot several times while riding
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super tuesday is in the history books. >> it is my home and we will win. >> reporter: bringing with it a new focus on florida and a valve from the underdog. >> we have come a very long way in 10 months. >> tonight the dust settles from a big day in campaign 2016. and when it settles donald trump and hillary clinton walked away the big winners, but today there are new headlines involving dr. ben carson and former presidential candidate mitt romney. elliott rodriguez has all the details. >> donald trump continues his march to the republican nomination leaving his rivals with a lot of catching up to do as they try to convince voters that they can take down trump. but so far they have had very little success. >> marco rubio cost his ballot with his wife at west city hall the building where he worked as
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>> i voted for myself what an incredible honor in this place where i started my career. it is an incredible privilege and honor to be able to vote for myself for president. just a few blocks from where i grew up. >> he only one minnesota on june super tuesday, and donald crump claimed seven victories and dismissed rubio's chances. >> i know it was a tough night for marco rubio, he had a tough night. but he works hard, he spent a lot of money, he is a lightweight. >> it was a tough night for dr. ben carson who issued a statement saying i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's super tuesday primary results. however this grassroots movement on behalf of the people will continue. intent cruz is trying to stop trump's momentum and there is word made romney will weigh in
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>> if we'd remain divided the odds of donald winning the nomination are far too high. splinted it benefits him. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is starting to pull away from bernie sanders . >> it is clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> we had lied pictures right now from michigan where marco rubio is at a rally tonight . at this hour he is there, he was thrown a lifeline from odors in minnesota, he gave him his only victory last night on super tuesday and that has recharged marco rubio and his campaign. right now he is at a rally in the michigan. we saw a lot of numbers last night as election results poured in that there is one more to add. tonight a google executive revealed that the google
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spiked 350% on super tuesday. >> chris christie is facing fallout tonight for his support for republican front-runner donald trump. six newspapers in new jersey are calling for him to resign as governor calling him an embarrassment and an utter disgrace. they are out said that he is traveling instead of dealing with business in his state. meantime he is the talk of social media for this. staring off into space . at times he appears unsettled and as he stood behind donald trump last night. tell us what you think about this 50s especially from last night, visit our facebook page to -- cbs miami.
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is here that could the course be in danger of losing pretournament after 50 year pga run? gary nelson has a closer look at that possibility on you at 6 pm. a big endorsement for the florida senate race to replace marco rubio who is giving up his seat, obama and but biden are backing, rissman murphy in the august primary. he is running against, was meant grayson and grayson has recently lashed out at members of his party and currently faces a house ethics investigation. on republican side registered republicans will choose between carlos lopez quintero and several others. the presidential primary is already underway in miami, early voting begins in broward on march 5. florida is a closed
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must be registered either as a republican or as a democrat in order to vote for the candidate in your party. republicans will see all 13 original candidate on the ballot even though they may have already dropped out of the race and quite a few of them have. if you are an independent you will only be allowed to vote if your city is holding an election , you will not be able to vote for a presidential candidate and to the general election in november . early voting ends in florida march 13 and election day is tuesday, march 15. for all the information you can find it all at our website stay with us for continuing coverage now through the coming election. the us supreme court heard arguments today regarding a texas us abortion law which requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and clinics to meet surgical standards. opponents say it is designed to shut down clinic and reduce women's access to abortions in
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around a justice law but the decision will affect several states who have similar laws. the outcome will be harder to detect in light of the recent justice skillings death. a man accused of killing two university of california students is avoiding a death sentence by pleading guilty. today he entered pleas and received four consecutive life terms. he admitted to killing an 18- year-old student and a 20-year- old student who vanished after a metallica concert at the college. the teenager accused of posing as a doctor is arrested again and accused of fraud and stealing from an elderly woman.
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18-year-old posing as a doctor left jail for the second time. he is charged with stealing $34,000 from an 88-year-old woman he was treating for stomach problems. prosecutors say he's used money to pay off a car loan and credit card debt. >> a judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation and stop playing doctor. >> i think that the mental health evaluation is a solid condition that should be used in cases like this to rule out any mental illness or mental conditions. >> it was in february malachi love-robinson was first accused of running a clinic in treating patients without a license. he was once called roaming the halls of a hospital in a white lab coat. he spoke after he was released from jail last month . >> i've had some great
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have said some negative things. but everybody is entitled to their opinion and once again i am not upset. and i respect the community for the concerns that they have. >> he has said in the past he has never called himself a doctor but this may not be his last trip to jail . even his lawyer said because of the unusual nature of this case they expect more charges to be filed. we're just getting started, coming off a consumer alert. >> the supermarket recalling blue cheese. and a police chase and bailout that we brought you live on cbs for use monday afternoon. we have brand-new details. and back on earth but feet not on the ground, scott kelly and where he is tonight. and a bird more than just a part had a part of the family. the story coming up. feeling like we're starting to get some real springlike weather here in south florida,
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it looking through the (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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two more teams have been arrested in connection with a car chase in trenton 24 -- broward county. they turned themselves in last night, and the duo sped down the highway in a stolen car
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here and they are still facing several charges . a judge has ordered them to be held in juvenile detention for five days. a disturbing discovery in oakland park where human remains have been found. the broward sheriff's office received a call this morning after a man found the remains while walking through a field. >> a man walking through a field stumbled upon skeletal remains we have not been able to determine if it is male or female. the remains are of a white male, that is updated information they have been taken to a lab where there will be any -- a determination of foul play . a woman pleading for the return of her pet birds after police say they were stolen from a cage in her backyard this morning.
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>> i grabbed her feet her kisser hug her and put her back in her cage. >> that's what i would do every morning . >> it's like taking my heart out of my body. that's how bad it is. >> her baby was much more than a feathered friend. >> taking this bird away from me is like taking my life . that's how much it means to me . i've had this bird for such a long time. >> for 33 years baby has been the part of the family. but around 4 am wednesday morning she and her husband were awakened by her dog barking. her husband went outside and said someone was running out the front. he ran to check on baby but she was gone. >> she calls my son max she
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if you play music she starts dancing whatever you do she eats anything, black beans, rice, lobster, steak anything because that is what it toward her. three parakeets and two cockatoos were also taken. she is devastating and begging them to bring a be back . >> i hope you have hearts and bring her back. or tell me we're going to leave her at this place and i will go pick her up . but please return my bird. >> were told baby is about this big, she does return to -- respond to come ons and her name. she believes they took off in a four-door silver nissan cars are asking anyone with information please call crime stoppers 305 nissan cars are asking anyone with information please call crime stoppers 305471 tips. in miami cbs news. a west kendall restaurant manager is facing charges after
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customers in the the restroom. a customer found a secret video camera in the women's restroom. he is the manager at the parlor restaurant on south w. 52nd st . detectives say he tried to hide the camry -- cameras memory chip before police arrived. he's charged with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest without violence. police in miami-dade asked searching for diabetes. then were called on the surveillance camera stealing tires on west camera stealing tires on w. 33rd st. you can see them doing that in the video. if you know anything you are asked to call police. a consumer alert and check your fridge because whole foods is announcing a nationwide contamination. they had recalled maytag raw milk blue cheese. tests in iowa revealed the presence of
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the products. the recall involves cheese sold in packaging like what we're showing you, maytag dairy farms suspended both production and distribution while the cause of the problem is investigated. no illnesses have been reported. health alert, good news for florida in the fight against the seeker virus. the cdc has fulfilled the request he made last week for more antibody tests from the mosquito borne virus and provided an additional 500 tests. currently has the ability to test more than 4600 people for active zika virus. there are currently 44 confirmed travel related cases for seeker -- opa-locka 21 -- zika. super tuesday giving way to a wonderful wednesday.
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thursday. it is on the way, i will tell you what is going on outside right now. beautiful south florida early march afternoon, lots of folks at the beach this afternoon. temperatures very comfortable in the low 80s, 82 miami, hollywood 78, the and nice and dry only 44% humidity and gentle wind out of the west. temperatures in the low 80s everywhere, timber pines and miami gardens have wins light and variable across the area and a cold front coming to later on tonight so temperatures aren't going to change that much, this just a little line of cumulus clouds. weather wise we're going to have some high clouds coming our way, subtropical jet stream that has been very active during this el nio winter and
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the area despite the jet streams, were not expecting any storms at all. not much change, temperatures will be similar and temperatures in the low end. friday looking great, who will see a return to southerly winds, mid-80s for highs, and for the weekend another front pushes through in this patent is going to last through next week, it will stay nice and temperatures in the upper 70s. perfect springlike weather. across the country now it is still winter like, temperatures in the 30s and 40s but springlike in the south and west. forecast for tonight, a nice night out there, which is near 63 degrees warmer along the coast. let your son, nice and warm and height and 82.
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southeast at 10, and a couple of a warm days ahead, 82 tomorrow and 85 for friday, then upper 70s through the weekend with a mix of cloud looking good. this is a night to remember for csi cyber fans as the notorious criminal python is back and this time he's made it personal. forcing the team to solve an elaborate team of puzzles to save a life . you can watch it at 10 pm followed immediately by the news at 11 pm. filing for bankruptcy, what is ahead for a popular sporting goods chain. scott kelly is back on earth and his year in space is over. we will tell you what he is saying about his journey after the break. and will introduce you to another south florida survivor
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and is now on a quest to do it all again. at 5:30 pm in miami-dade police released new video of the victim in this case is speaking out. we'll have that story coming up. tomorrow on cbs for this morning we go to the greek joint
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sports authority falling on hard times, they have been alluding since january that the company missed a $20 million debt payment. they will close 140 stores over the next three months but none here in south florida. the chain was once the largest sporting goods retailer that has struggled with the debt associated with the buyout a decade ago.
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stories of the day, scott kelly flying home after an out of this world trip. he spoke about his unprecedented year in space after returning to earth last night. and his completed mission paves the way for a trip to mars. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> scott kelly giving a thumbs up tuesday night moments after landing in kazakhstan. >> the cold air was amazing. >> and liftoff, a year in space starts now. >> last march he flew to an international space station and carried out countless experiments to study the defect effect of long-duration trips to space . he spent an unprecedented 340 days in orbit the same number of days it would take to get to mars. >> i am encouraged our ability to go even longer. even though i look forward to coming home and there are things that i miss, it was for the right reason i could've stayed. >> last week he admitted space is a harsh environment .
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it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping or year. >> during his mission he flew more than 143,000,000 miles. made more than 5400 orbits around the earth, and so 11,000 sunrises and sunsets. and along the way he has had plenty of fun and flooded his social media with incredible pictures of our planet. >> that didn't change today, with him posting pictures of his first sunset on earth and a picture of him stretching his space legs during his flight home to houston for a final checkup by doctors. >> he beat the closest us contender in terms of time and space by 125 days but it doesn't hold the world record if you can believe that. that belong to a russian dr. who spent 438 days in space back in the 1990s. caught on camera a car hopper taking advantage of unlocked car doors in southwest miami. he made off with everything he
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>> we have more of the video and a helpful tip from police to help you from becoming a victim. >> reporter: surveillance tape captures a suspect casually approaching a 2016 hatchback, he will into it and ransack it. it is early in the morning on january 2. chris who owns this, but did not want to give us his name, spoke with us by telephone . >> it's horrible, it was right after the holidays and we wake up as a family and we notice that the car was ransacked overnight. >> he walks up and is basically checking the door to see which door and which, has been left unlocked. and that is the kind of practice that douglas are doing, because it avoids than having to do the extra work of breaking the glass trying to
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the door locks. >> reporter: this criminal is no by police as a car hopper a person who targets dozens of unlocked vehicles in neighborhoods in the middle of the night looking for valuable items. >> what they take? >> that was the funny thing they just opened it up, trust everything inside and they didn't steal anything from any of the cars . >> you are going to find cell phones, ipods, many ipads, jewelry, all types of different things, weapons, a firearm the naked the coal mine because that is what the criminals use to commit these crimes is a stolen gun. >> as we've seen in cities like south miami, police say there has been a sharp increase in car hopping in south florida in the past four years. >> so leave your keys locked at all times with the alarms on. >> reporter: the detective urges crime watch groups to be on the lookout for, hoppers. it says you should check your vehicle for you go to bed to make sure it is locked.


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