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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it's march 3. thank you for waking up with us. >> let's start with lissette gonzalez and the forecast. i love it. it was not even planned that we wear the same thing as we're waking up you are going to love the weather. it is still very pleasant as we live from the biscayne bay camera. it's not as cool as yesterday but very pleasant with upper 60s in fort lauderdale and miami. in the breeze variable and light between 3-8 miles per hour. with a frontal boundary making its way across the area and we have plenty of clouds. this afternoon it will be a warm one with highs in the low 80s and sunshine. the forecast looks familiar? it's a repeat of yesterday.
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weekend? that answer is coming up. we're all maroon and purple. let's start off on the palmetto. a red wrote -- it's hard to make out but you can see the cones walking the left lane. that is construction on 826 eastbound. there's also an accident in broward. the exit ramp has been shut down for about one hour. it's opening up on the eastbound drive to the turnpike so you're good to go there shortly. multiple lanes are blocked because of construction and all lanes are closed northbound on the palmetto at sw. 8th st. trying to take out trump. donors from the establishment ups the ante the republican front runner. trump and the remaining republican candidates face-off tonight in a debate in
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>> an attack get funded by a new pac is to stop his book momentum. one of the committee top operators is set. in south florida. hank tester spoke with him from miami. anybody but trump stroke abc is about it florida. >> former students say trump university was a scam >> reporter: the moment to take out donald trump going on now in hard for miami in the battleground would be florida. ahead of the march 15 presidential primary >> the matter with the issue is donald trump has been on both sides. >> ads produced by the our principles pac will saturate the florida airwaves. >> we're going to do a surroundsound approach mail radio digital television >> reporter: donors who think trump will destroy the party are now making their move. the owners of the chicago cubs,
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in millions. >> big donors and big supporters worried about the republican party came together and said this organization needs more money and an infusion of cash because now is the time to stop him. if we don't do it before the primary it will be too late >> i support his candidacy at a support voting for him. >> i don't know anything about david duke took the tech has worked in iowa. trump lost to ted cruz. caloric in florida? political reporter john dickerson says? >> there's no leader of the effort and it requires a stick a big risk. they don't like to be on the wrong side of public opinion. >> this from donald trump who said i would see the republican party and everyone get together and unify. he says when we unify, there is
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for the first time trump has laid out how he will reform the health care system. the front runner publishes seven point health care reform plan yesterday the concert repealing obamacare cut breaking down barriers and making individuals health insurance premium payments fully tax-deductible. 20 top republican nominee mitt romney will give a speech in utah today. what he will say is not known but it's been a big critic of donald trump his official release says he will speak on the state of the 20 -- 2016 race. the speech is not an endorsement or announcement that he's entering the race. trump fire back on twitter saying just another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten obama. one man trump will not take on is ben carson. yesterday he sent out a statement saying he is skipping tonight's debate. he's not dropped out of the race but he says he does not see a path forward for him to
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he promises to offer details of his future when he speaks tomorrow at a conservative conference in washington. marco rubio voted early yesterday at his home precinct. he cast his ballot for himself. >> incredible privilege and honor to vote for myself for president. a few blocks from where i grew up >> it's my home and we're going to win florida >> march 15 primary could be revealed -- rubio's last stand in the race. according to a report by new york magazine rubio has lost support of fox news. sources say the head of fox news roger ailes told one of the networks host recently that we are finished with rubio he was concerned about his poor performances in the primaries and caucuses and also angry about a new york times article about a dinner rubio had in 2013 in which rubio was asked -- asking l3 support of the gang of eight immigration bill.
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deal in the hillary clinton email server scandal the washington post reports a former staffer who set the server in his new york home when she was secretly estate has been granted immunity in return for his testimony. clinton could face an indictment for the possible mishandling of classified government documents. you can find information on early voting times and locations on our website . police have found a vehicle believed to have been used in the shooting death of six-year- old king carter. officers located the car in opa- locka. he was shot and killed february 20 outside an apartment complex in miami day. he was also the complex with a cartoon up and teenagers open fire on another teenager he died in the shootout. three teenagers have been arrested so far. one year after dramatic gold heist the start in miami the fbi's mets first arrest
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stealing $4.8 million in gold bars from a truck on 95. they say three armed men intercepted the truck as it was heading from miami to boston and tied at the driver. the suspect by the sister-in- law is stunned they could be capable of the crime >> if all this were true i don't see how we could be living here on the type of vehicle he owns. it doesn't add up. >> police relieve the sketches of the other suspects they are still looking for them. two other teenagers have been arrested for a car chase in broward county. a 16-year-old boy and girl turned themselves in tuesday night. they along with three other 15- year-old spent on highway in a stolen car monday afternoon. the 15-year-olds are facing several charges. several us airlines are asking permission daily flights from south florida to cuba.
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and delta submit applications the department transportation. the packed with the cuban government is in access to 110 daily flights to cuba but only 20 of those will be allowed to go to havana. the final routes will be released this summer. tendons are on the rise this morning in the korean peninsula. in south korea the north has fired six short-range projectiles into the sea off of the east coast this came after the un security council approved the toughest sanctions on the rogue nation into decades for its recent nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. officially the projectiles could be missiles artillery or rockets. astronaut scott kelly is back in texas. he arrived at ellington field in houston overnight. 24 hours earlier he landed in kazakhstan after spending 340 days at the iss. during his year-long mission he carried out experiments to
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he spoke shortly after touching down in texas this morning >> this mission is latest achievement our country's space program but it's not the last there will be more it's in our dna. to explore and we must never stop doing this. we must lead and learn and discover. >> the kelly is now 2 inches taller than he was before and that is normal. his spine stretched out during the time being weightless. it will sell to go back to the way it was. >> so that's the trick. new details in the ongoing erin andrews peeping tom case. >> how badly was she traumatized after a stalker secretly recorded her naked in her hotel room? a psychologist reveals her diagnosis. a wild heist caught on camera when a group of men storm into a gun store.
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they got away with. a store clerk turns the table on a rubber. -- robber. the forecast coming up.
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i'm going to be fine. upper 60s in broward and dade county. 70 in marathon. wins are light from 3-8 miles per hour. as we take a look at the radar and satellite we see the clouds streaming across the state. we're looking at the 20s across boston chicago minneapolis. 40s in atlanta. 60s in texas. at the national picture it's very active across the central us. this system is pushing into the tennessee and ohio valley. we can see some wintry precipitation on the northern edge of that. and also we are dealing with a weak front sliding through. it's a dry front meaning we don't expect big changes. noticed have the warmth tomorrow is another front will
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which means not as warm. catheters drop a bit. high-pressure in control into next week. today highs climb into the low 80s with sunshine. winds out of the southeast at 10 will -- 10 kn. lows will fall to the low to mid 60s overnight. pleasant and partly cloudy. tomorrow we continue with mid- 80s so warmer but cooler saturday with low 60s and highs in the upper 70s this weekend. it's looking fantastic even into early next week. low 60s and highs around 79. let's check traffic. >> you make it look easy my friends. if i lose my breath it's because i loose my breath. a 26 drivers it is 5:15 and we have construction on the eastbound drive of the palmetto. 57th avenue. you can see the left lane is blocked.
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seeing the left lane blocked. we have an accident on 595 eastbound to the turnpike exit ramp is closed as a result. 836 westbound at 37th avenue. multiple lanes are blocked for construction. and 826 northbound at sw. 8th st. with had this major construction closer all the northbound lanes shut down. caught on camera incredible video this morning. a mob of robbers destroying the entrance of a gun store and then storming the place. rudabeh shahbazi says they are on the run with an arsenal. >> reporter: the dawn burglary the southwest houston gun shop was fast and furious. the group of men pulled up to the front of the store with a large pickup truck smashed windows and attached a changes doors and pulled them off of the hinges. 10 people then rushed in and ran through the store smashing
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scammers -- hammers grabbing handguns by this natural. there's teaching -- take scene taken guns from racks and running we see them taking for rifles from the bachrach. investigation shows that peaks that away with at least 50 weapons. some of the crooks involves have been identified and arrested. weapons stolen usually end up on the black market and are used in violent crimes. a convenient store clerk fights back against an armed robber in georgia video shows the woman beating up the thief and trying to get hold of the gun as he demands money. the woman even grabbed a hammer and tries taking him -- chasing him as he ran for it. valise are looking for the crook. defense witnesses are expected just take the stand today in the civil lawsuit brought by sports journalist erin andrews. psychologist testified
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of ptsd as a result of being secretly recorded while naked insider hotel room in 2008. attorneys told the jury of her skyrocketing career following the release of the video. the psychologist says that's an indication that anders was able to function well and her emotional distress is not severe or permanent. >> she is a resilient stable person who functions fairly well psychologically despite the horrible experience she's been through. >> she testified her self in the case crying on the stand. she's doing her soccer and the marriott franchise for 75 main dollars. us supreme court heard arguments in a case involving a texas abortion law which requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. it also requires abortion clinics to meet surgical center standards. opponents argue is designed to shut down clinics and reduce
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impact several states that have passed similar laws. the outcome of the case will be harder to predict in light of justice antonin scalia's death. anthony kennedy will likely be the swing vote now. investigators oklahoma are trying to figure out what caused a crash that killed a natural gas -- aubrey mcclendon former ceo of chesapeake energy when drove straight into a wall on the overpass. his death comes one day after he was indicted on felony antitrust charges. semi-pitchman jared fogle -- former subway pitchman has nothing fresh behind bars how much weight he's reportedly gained on his prison diet. can you describe donald trump into words? we show you some of the creative online posts. marco rubio's response. james corden like you've
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welcome back. let's check the hot topics. >> reporter: former subway pitchman jared fogle has not be eating fresh in prison. he has been cheating behind bars and has already gained 30 pounds in three months. he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after the fbi raided his home as part of a child pornography probe. to word trump has been trending. let me explain. people are taking jabs at donald in just two words. check out some of the maintenance. this one has the republican candidate bathing and about the -- box and she does. another comparing to the horror film the shining here's johnny. except this one says here's johnny. and trump's rival got into the
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tweeted simply, artist. let's talk about his of the rivals. have you seen the bad lipreading videos? they been on the receiving end lately. now it is ted cruz's turn. >> went down to the summer camp and took a can of gasoline. >> all i can say is thank you for bad lipreading. i want to see that video. for more trending stories like our facebook page and let us know your favorite story of the day. csi cyber fans if you like last night's nailbiter you can get another fix of the show sunday night at its regular time slot.
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cyber team tracks someone who is killing the biggest defenders of objectionable posts on social media we talk with cyber star and charlie kuntz about it >> it's about content moderators like for instagram and twitter. in terms of people who flag offensive posts. someone within that world has taken a vigilante stands on trying to wipe the internet clean of those offensive posts. >> jamie lynn sigler guest stars sunday night at 10 followed by the news at 11. we get is the big james corden's cover shoot for the wall street journal. you can see the host covered in face tattoos. he says they are inspired by one direction's harry styles. he offers a candid interview on his career and journey to
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show -- late late show. the men style issue hits newsstands this weekend. you can catch the late late show with david gordon weeknights at 1237 here on cbs 4 following the late show with stephen colbert >> i had no idea he had so many tattoos. now it makes sense. let's check on the forecast. we might have some parents and kids doing the carpool karaoke on the way to the bus stop. you got to love james corden for that. the weather is nice and comfortable. upper 60s. short sleeves will do today. warm afternoons with highs in the low 80s.
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we stzd{|fsz]kp#tzd{|fxzkp\tzd{|fs@kp=tzd{|f|{kpytzd{|fmnkp a south florida teenager accused of posing as a doctor is facing new charges. it's billed as one of the largest and most exciting urban projects in the country. an exclusive peek at miami world center. thank you for being with us this morning. your traffic and weather together. first let's check in with
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right now we're waking up to a nice dry start. i some of the broker backward because the past few days this has been until. but i don't hear anyone complaining. this is what you want. you don't want to do with a wet mess. it's also comfortable in terms of temperatures. we will take 67 in fort lauderdale. 60 in kendall 70 in marathon. we see the return of the 70s in spots. we see a weak front with a dry frontal path minute we don't see big changes today. is another warm afternoon with highs climb into the low 80s with sunshine. an isolated shower at best this evening. the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. instruction on the palmetto eastbound and westbound.


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