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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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home where the state placed him. a nationwide amber alert was issued. caregiver rebecca rodriquez said she got up in the middle of the night and logan was gone. now rodriquez, pablo mesa, her son, and logan's grand mother have been charged in a hoke. that all three knew that logan's mother boarded a bus with him for texas. the grandmother bought the bus tickets. >> the current carrier has been arrested. >> a judge ordered logan returned to state foster care. the attorney for his mother sorts things out. >> the actions are unexpected. i don't think anyone can jump
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>> she declined to say why he was taken from his mom and now a cast of characters persona non grata in the child's life. >> logan's mother was cut loose by authorities out in texas. a spokesperson telling me this afternoon that they had no arrest warrant for her, no extradition questions for her and that the jail in larado was not going to hold her based on a "custody" dispute. >> if she returns to florida she'll be subject to arrest. we're live in miami. right now all new at 5:00 dramatic video show what
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an overpass in miami. >> what strikes you with the video, the truck driver could have lost his life. you see him driving down the exit ramp and plummeting 75 feet to the ground. you see the truck driver's reaction as well. >> i've not seen this. this was very short, a miracle he survived. >> video from the inside of miami garbage smith shows smith looking out the window and thing items tossed around. his truck crushes two cars, leaving debris, another camera angle shows the truck going down the southbound exit ramp, when fhp says he loses control and over corrects and striking the wall.
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crete wall twice, then he over corrected, he hit the right concrete wall, fell on to the park. he fell 75 feet into the park, and he's survived. >> we hear the noise that goes like a bomb. >> imagine what smith must have been thinking while plummeting to the ground. his struck landed by the community center. >> he landed in the park, thank god there were no kids in the park at that time. through the entire ordeal, this accident. today he's home. so he's a very lucky man. we don't have facts he was
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know he lost control of the vehicle, he flew off i-95. >> now the tape from the truck was released as part of the investigation by the florida highway patrol. he was cited for careless driving and not wearing a seat belt. now a safety alert and the arrest of a man the sheriff office said offered candy to a five-year-old and sexually assaulted her. investigators say may weather does not live there. he offered candy to other children and they are worried about other victims. we are following a
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she failed a drug test at the australia open. she made the announcement hours ago. she tested positive for something she's taken for health issue. it became a banned substance this year. she feels theys let her fans down. >> i know with this i face consequences, and i've, i don't want to end my career this way and i hope that i will be given game. >> the tennis star received aless of banned substances this december. she failed to look at it. as of right now she's scheduled this month. supersaturday made the race for the republican nomination
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cruz and trump -- man field. cruz and trump are ahead. clinton and sanders faced off in michigan last night. >> mush misch takes -- michigan takes place ahead of miami. >> when the chips were down and i voted for the auto bailout, he voted against it because it helped the banks. >> but sanders struck back. >> the other problem is that it's untrue. there was one vote. whether or not we support the automobile industry, i voted yes. >> both parties in michigan and
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trump and cruz hope it will be a knockout blue to marco rubio. >> rubio feeling confident from his win in puerto rico vows he's not going anywhere. >> we don't have to be more moderate, we have to be conservative. >> rubio got bad news, the sub sentinal saying it cannot endorse any republican candidate in the primary. saying florida junior senator has done little but run for office. when he gets in office he doesn't go to work. rubio will stay in the work through florida but cruz trails trump by 81. >> as for why the sun sent natural did not indoors any
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911 cnn. >> we did end up with none of the above. >> have you ever not endorsed a candidate in years past? >> no, this is the first time that we've made this choice. >> bernie sanders will be in miami tomorrow, he will hold a rally tomorrow night in downtown miami. on wednesday he debates hillary clinton. we have this just in. cnn reports that michael bloomberg will not get into the presidential race on a third party ticket. florida voters are taking advantage of early voting. 1million have cast ballots. 571,000 paps have cast ballots.
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16,000 votes have been cast in broward, 51,000 absentee ballots. and for more information on early voting times and locations go to and stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage. president obama deputy security adviser is coming to miami this week. while he's here he will meet with leaders from the cuban- american community. the white house said it important to continue the dialogue with the community here. we're headed to cuba to cover the president's visit there. look for our live reports. nancy reagan will be laid
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this friday during a private funeral. >> americans are mourning the passing of the former first lady who died sunday. she was 94. cris martinez is at the presidential library with more details. >> thousands of people are expected to come here, both for public visitations and a friday funeral, all coming to pay respects to nancy reagan. >> flowers and cards pay tribute to nancy reagan. the first lady of the united states, nancy davis reagan. >> she will lie in repose for public visitations two days before her funeral on friday. >> she will be buried next to her husband. dignitaries are expected to attend.
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people will be here for the ceremony. >> nancy reagan was president reagans trusted political adviser. she campaigned against drug abuse. following the alzheimer's diagnosis she advocated for stem cell research. colin powell served in the reagan administration, he recalled the president depending on the wife so much it was difficult. >> he was fretful, he was distracted. on the third day we would have a meaning -- meeting. >> he would be the first to acknowledge that, she will be missed. >> the white house lowered the flags to half-staff in nancy reagan's memory. >> the public visitations will
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thursday and friday's funeral will be televised. such a beautiful love story. affiliation. people have great things to say. look for more on the life of nancy reagan on the evening news at 6:30. still to come, a exclusive, burglars break into a bike shop making off with $150,000 word of bikes. who police are looking for. something about 18 years, 18 is a good number, and today i've retired from pro football. >> peyton manning calls it's a career, what he said about moving on. . and hulk hogan takes on
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. . i look at my nfl career, i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win.
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ever hangs up his helmet and cleats. >> there was no one that could out prepare me. i have no regrets. >> that's as you can see the quarterback was emotional at times as he explained why it's time to heave the game. mike is here with what manning had to say. >> manning admits the decision to retire was not easy. but he goes out on top. today his emotional farewell summing up two decades of football. >> there's something about 18 years, 18 is a good number, and today i retire from pro football. >> an emotional peyton manning said good-bye to football, a game he recalls fondly, even his first appearance.
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was after my dad, my favorite player, hamer dan mariner, completed a 25-yard skinny post. >> the five time mvp would break many of marino's record. raising one of the trophies in miami. manning admitted he wasn't sure when he would retire and he couldn't give hits daughter a straight answer. >> she asked daddy, is this the last game ever? and that's when i shook my head, more than adam shifter got to my daughter. >> we know the answer, and this won't be the last we hear from peyton. his popularity is on the small screen.
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>> i'm convinced the end of my football career is the beginning of something i haven't discovered. life is morphing into a new world of possibilities. >> on the field the manning and the dolphins clashed. four years ago cameras chased manning before he signed with the broncos. >> i remember watching that. jurors in nashville are deliberating in the erin andrews case. andrews is suing the stalker, owner and former operator of the nashville marriott. the stalker admitted to altering hotel room peep holes and taking nude videos of andrews and posting them
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in st. petersburgs opening statements between hulk hogan and gawker. hogan is suing talker for taking pictures of him. >> tmz called me and said there's a rumor there may be a tape out there. a sex tape. >> hogan said the tape was made without his knowledge said it has caused emotional distress. governor scott signed the new death penalty law. 10 of 12 jurors must agree. the law prohibits judges from imposing death if the jury does not recommend it. a bill establishing guideline for body cameras
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police must develop standards for the use of body cameras and how audio and video will be stored by police and training for the use of body cameras. >> craig setzer is with us. it's windy out there. it looks good though. what's going on. it breezy, here's a live picture. breeze blowing good off the ocean. the risk of rip currents will remain high. 74 in -- air is dry. humidity is 46%. wind gusts 30 miles an hour. sunrise, pembroke pines. the winds will stay up. maybe get stronger before they drop off.
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the clouds come in. the air is so dry not much rain coming from the clouds. we'll see a quick sprinkle. to our west not much going on. storm system in the southern u.s. will affect us. high pressure is in control of the weather. the high will strengthen as we move to the east. our winds will come up a bit. tomorrow sun and clouds. on wednesday, gusty breeze, could be our windiest day. by late in the week, the breeze drops off. the winds turn more souterly. womaning up -- warming up by the weekend. for us tonight. breezy along the beaches, low near 66, tomorrow a mix of sun
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near 79 degrees, 15 to 20 over the water. 5 to 7-foot seas and choppy on the ways -- bay. forecast through the end of the week, temperature slowly come up. breezy the next several days. a chance for thunderstorm and better hair days later in the week. here's what we're bringing you tonight. fugitives on the run. how many drunk drivers are walking free. at least 1500 cases in florida suspects remained free for a year after the crashes. for a dozen south florida families the justice they seek is out of reach. >> how could you take a life and hide, and run.
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i wake up in the morning, you here yet. your daughter is. >> here. join me tonight as i reveal stories from south florida. how many dui fugitives are on the run. >> so heart wrenching for the families. >> there's so many cases, one woman is who we spoke to but there's others like her. a historic transplant headed by doctors from south florida. the first uterus transplant. the royal family in the french alps. >> the importance of helping
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tomorrow, summer vacation is around the corner, where should
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the seven spots that are a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. consumer alert, check your
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chicken nutels -- nuggets. there may be a piece of plastic. packages have a best before date of september 27th. and a brand of applesauce is being recalled after inspectors found residue in factory pumps. go go squeeze is recalling packages with best buy kates of september 4s 2015 to 2017. the recall does not include organic products. doctors have performed the first of the kind transplant in the u.s., they transplanted a uterus in a woman. it's developed in cleveland, but the procedure was carried out in cleveland, ohio.
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doctors said she would not be able to have children. >> i've prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> lindsey was worn without a uterus, now she's the first patient in the u.s. to receive a uterus transplant. >> it involved removing a healthy uterus from a deceased healthy woman. the uterus is cooled, transported and transplanted. >> the nine hour surgery was performed last month. >> the hospital has screened 250 women to find 10 who qualify for the research study. >> women crave that experience of the carying their own pregnancy, we know they will get that experience. >> lindsey will have to wait a year before trying to get pregnant.
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pregnancies they will remove the uterus so she's not on rejection drugs the rest of her life. >> they provided me with a gift i will never be able to replay. >> lindsey and her parents are parents to 3 adopted sons. >> if she's able to have a successful pregnancy the baby would be delivered by c- section. a gang of thieves get away with a couple hundred thousand dollars word of bicycle -- the hunt is on. the burglary was caught on surveillance video, the store owner was stunned when he saw how quickly the thieves got what they could. >> you know we see a lot of surveillance video but what makes this stand out is the number of people involved in this.
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them. a truck pulled up over here and the guys walked up to the door, they used a pry bar, pried open the door and got in. here are all the lightweight bike, here were the electronic bikes. >> thomas showed how crooks ripped him off stealing $200,000 in pikes. >> they pulled up with a pickup truck, a dark colored pickup truck. a white minivan. they case the place about 10:50, moments later a truck shows up, dumps the roofing material, gets into place for the heist. at the same time a couple guys look like they are trying to steal a few more trucks.


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