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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> right here this is where the family had that beware of dog sign on the front fence touch owner said they will consider a lawsuit in this case. i spoke with a spokesperson from the police department, he said that internal affairs will investigate this. he said that no officer wants to shoot or injury or harm or kill a person's animal. police and prosecutors say he murdered a rabbi. that suspect wants to be granted bail, today a judge heard the arguments for that. >> a minor criminal record and the defense attorney says the case against him is circumstantial. he wanted to get him out of jail.
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jail, in court today trying to convince the judge to set bail. charles accused of killing a rabbi who was walking to his since caution in 2014, when charles was arrested it was announced that dna played a part in nabbing the suspect. the three sets of caan were -- dna were found on the core handle -- door handle. >> i think i had a understanding of the dna evidence. >> what he heard was that dna associated with the suspect and a victim could fit 1/3 of the population. >> 1/3 of the population has a type thats represented to handle, and that the defendant shares the type that's within the 1/3 of the population. >> it's a complicated case.
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eyewitness and cell phone evident. the judge will study the evidence and decide if bail could be lowered. >> in this case they don't have enough, they have a weak eyewitness we think was tainted by a lot of things and the dna doesn't say anything. >> no decision today. the judge says he will take it under advicement and have a decision in the near future. now the campaign 2016, new poll numbers show bad news for rubio, donald trump leads 38% to 30% among florida primary voters. the rest of the vote is way behind. florida is a winner take all primary with 99 delegates.
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sanders campaign says sanders will be in miami. he will talk about flee college tuition, getting big money out of politics. the event is free to the public, rsvp is encouraged. and donald trump is facing the most intense criticism. mexico president says trump's strategy calls for sim -- simple solutions to complicated problems. he said that's how hitler and muse leaney got the power. caught on camera, a man used a stolen credit card to make purchases. he reached into a woman's purse and stole her credit card. police say he was when the company of another man caught
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if you recognize them call police. local pastors are helping teenagers after another youngster shot in miami gardens. 10 rounds were fired at michael green has he was talking on the phone. it was outside a home on northwest 20th avenue and 171st terrace. he was shot in the upper left shoulder. the pastor of the new beginning the new mentoring program. chance. they are tying at five, dying at six, dying at 17. we have created this to give kids a chance. to give them a chance at life. >> pastor says any parent can
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wednesday night at the new beginning missionary baptist church. each day long before many are headed to work a team of medics are scouring the streets extending a life-line to the most vulnerable. addressing homelessness is taking a turn as the chief investigator saw firsthand as for weeks she rode with the mobile street medics. >> to you and i he's a faceless stranger. a man who was living in a discarded cardboard box, in a core way in a busy downtown miami street. this morning responding to an offer of help. >> when you pull the cardboard back there's a moment of hoping he's alive. he trusts us.
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morning and attended to by a unique outreach team that scours the streets. >> rain or shine, they bring a new wave of doctoring to the streets. >> they bandage wounds and lives, they are the face of the lazarus project. >> there's an urgent mission, help and hope to the most chronic of homeless, so many suffering from mental illness. some on the streets for decades and more. >> everyone here cares about the people we're trying to help. it's a novel idea changing the paragon and the homelessness and mental illness and the cost of hospitalization. some scour% -- 64% had serious
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>> one of the most important programs is the lazarus project. >> understanding we're not getting the chronic people off the streets and the vast majority we make sure we're getting the medicines. we make sure the needs are met on the streets. >> the team searches for clues. >> we're talking to them every day. >> the project is the brain child of a 20 year veteran of the homeless assistance program, he goes where many wouldn't venture. a rain the team is driven to locate jesse to administer a shot. after two decades of living on the streets, he used to run away from the team.
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warnings you find him. >> adrian a psychiatric nurse. >> he was walking and he was scared of us. >> now he comes to them. >> he's doing good. he's very calm. he doesn't want to go in the shelter. he manages to stay out of the hospital and manages to stay out of jail. what's the cost of this project, the truth is what's the cost of not doing the project. >> the lazarus project committing to to be it. one round, one visit. one pair of old sneakers, one empty cardboard box at a time. >> the lazarus project was named to 2 men, the supervisor who had the light bulb moment, let's bring the medicine to the streets. the biblical figure lazarus who
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join us tomorrow at 6:00 for part two of our series. interesting. you've been following it. it's a complex story. >> interesting. how do they make sure they take the medications. >> they spend months building trusts. smile, socks, laughs and eventually that person, you can imagine out weary they are. tomorrow you see where they go into shelter. a first step to independent living. still ahead, one of the greatest quarterbacks announces he's thrown his last pass. >> our daughter asked is this the last game. yes it's the last game of the season. >> i want to you win that trophy. i do too. >> coming up. peyton manning emotional
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his retirement official. miami trade mess want to talk with a suspect who had no idea there was a witness watching his every move. >> do you have an exotic pet that's too big to handle. zoo miami wants to help. lots of breeze, no rain from those clouds yet. i've got the forecast coming up. >> here's the evening news, breaking political news, mike bloomberg will not run for president. we'll have all the latest on the race for the g.o.p nomination. could a crew missile halt trump's momentum. we'll introduce you to the first person to get a uterus transplant.
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. funeral plans for nancy reagan, she will lie in repose wednesday and thursday at the reagan presidential library. the publish is -- public is welcome. funeral service will be friday morning. mrs. reagan will be buried at
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reagan. police want to know more about this person. a witness took the picture at 52 northwest 85th court in northwest miami-dade. he was trying to get into a fenced yard and after a couple failed attempts he was scared off by the man who lived there. when he came back the resident took this picture. exotic animals don't make the best of pets. this weekend exotic pet owners can surrender those animals for free. gabby good friendly with animals. >> conan the barbarian made zoo miami his home. he was dropped off after he
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>> he has a versus areas an bite. >> he was turned over pet owners can drop them off, no judgment, no questions asked. >> people get the pets thinking they will be a great pet. you can take animal out of the wild, you can't take the wild out of the animal. >> animals include reptiles, amphibians, fish and vertebraes. dogs and cats will be turned out. >> they buy it when it's a foot lock and it turns into this. the macaws and it is loud. they started the program to protect unwanted animals and to keep people from releasing them
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>> you are creating a monster. it can do serious damage to the environment. >> fwc will help get the animals adopted by experienced owners. >> there are cats and dogs looking for homes all over south florida. adopt one of those animals. >> it's happened saturday march 12. you can drop off the animals or adopt one between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. >> gabby is braver than i am. you would never see me with a snake like that. here's a look outside, a beautiful south florida afternoon, the sunsetting in the west. a breeze out there.
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72 in miami. stickiness scale is low. humidity is low, east wind at 16, gust 25. temperature in the low 70s,. >> highs normal up to 80, starting the warming trend, high today in the mid- to upper 70s. it will be a slow temperature climb. the winds are strong off the water. temperature getting back up to the low 80s. wind gust 25 to 35 miles an hour. winds in this range and higher. on the breeze we're seeing the clouds blowing in. a stray sprinkle is possible. you can make out the percipitation. high pressure will control the weather, more of the same. calling for a mix of sun and clouds and the breeze continues
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high pressure in the upper 70s. going into wednesday the winds pick up more. gusts at 30 miles an hour. breezy conditions gusty at times. thursday and friday, breezy on thursday, less breeze on friday. cold front is coming our way. spotty storms. here's the forecast. it's nice, but breezy, low near 66, sun and clouds, high pressure in the upper 70s, getting to the 80s. choppy conditions on the bay, and the risk of rip currents will remain high. forecast into the week looks like this. temperature come up, the winds stay up, warmer by the weekend. the news team is working on the 11:00 news. what is in the works?
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wring you. fugitives on the run, how many drunk drivers are walking free. a naples daily news investigation discovered 1500 cases in florida in which suspects remain free over a year. for a dozen families the justice remains out of reach, i'll reveal stories from south florida. the miami dolphins in talk with the eagles over a trade. michael have details in sports. if you're not near a tv you can today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. . the dolphins doing a lot of negotiating. >> plays chess in the off- season. moving money around. it been a busy day for the doll fingerprints. the team is expected to release brett grimes. help is on the way. miami and philadelphia agreed to a deal sending lonzo and maxwell in exchance for five years $60 million contract. million this season. peyton manning is retiring from the game of football after 18
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today in denver the broncos and manning held a news conference to make the announcement. the last image will be raising the super bowl trophy. he set countless records. >> every moment, every drop of sweat, every bleary-eyed night of preparation, every note i took and frame of film i watched was reference for this game. more players that were talented but no one could out prepare me. i have no regrets. >> maria sharapova failed a drug test. testing positive for meldoania, it was used to help health issues, an official said she's on the schedule to play in an
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the heat mascot is flipping over the way the heat is playing. last night he was setting up the heat offense in a win over the 76ers, miami has won 5 straight. >> crazy right, crazy. >> and donald trump finally shows up to the cadillac championship, his resort was hosting the event. adam scott took home the trophy. in hockey luongo and the panthers gearing up for a huge game. florida has troped in the standings -- dropped in the standings.
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fernandez on the mound for the marlins. he throws two hitless innings. struck out one batter. miami loses to washington. can't wait for baseball. you know what's coming in april, the yankees. i have my tickets. still ahead, a discovery deep at the bottom of the ocean.
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. finally tonight an underwater discovery comes across as an unknown creature. some are calling it kasper, it's an octopod. it was 14,000 feet below the surface. how cute is that. thank you for joining us. the evening news is next. for all the headlines on the news at 11:00. you can watch the news on >> pelley: breaking news, michael bloomberg says he will not run for president. while elsewhere in the campaign, there's cursing -- >> they're ripping the [bleeped]
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>> i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. i swear. >> pelley: and scolding, too. >> you know... >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> pelley: also tonight, a laptop bomb blows up at somali airport. how terrorists are changing their tactics. a jury awards erin andrews $55 million in her stalker lawsuit. an historic uterus transplant gives women new hope. and remembering nancy reagan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this evening billionaire and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg announced he will not be an independent candidate for president. he had spent the last many weeks researching a run, but now he says a three-way race would likely lead to the election of donald trump or ted cruz, which


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