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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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potentia new dramatic video shows what happened when a truck plunged off a highway overpass in miami. mentoring matters the importance of helping children focusing. 530 5:30 am thank you for making as a part of your morning.
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together. was sacked is standing by -- sometimes you have to think what day is it taking a today, we made it through monday. we will continue with this the breezy weather as we see. the cameras are shaking yesterday. that will be the deal today. caring and some cloud coverage on the radar. they are producing showers. you have to zoom in close we had a few showers though by oakland park and tamarac and portions of 595 these showers racing because of the strong east breeze. the keys had some sprinkles for the wind flow
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-- 18. highs will be pleasantly the upper 70s with the strong east breeze. some stray showers heading through the day. i will tell you about the rain chance coming up. check on your traffic with vanessa. i 95 traffic alerts southbound lanes. left lane blocked because of the crash. general purpose lanes open. be careful as you merge. stick to the right. the accident on i-95 in broward northbound commercial boulevard left lane blocked by overnight construction. instruction on i 75 at sheraton street all lanes blocked. same goes with i-95 north same goes with i-95 n. miami gardens dr. into miami dating -- miami- dade. incredible video of a dump
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and i -- overpass. it left a huge mess. hank was there when the truck fell off the rear. >>reporter: we are on i-95 offramp towards southwest. watch for white paint. everything. this is what happened right here debris 15. eight garbage truck captured it all as a huge truck plummet 75 feet off the offramp and into josi marti park. cars wiped out, a huge mess buildings damaged. >> he fell 75 feet into the park. he is of life. -- alive. >>reporter: the car bounces off
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cracks. watch as debris flies. the windchill shatters and then the camera catches it all straightened out into the park right into the asphalt between the pool office at a community center. >> he did not have a single on her how he landed down in the park along with the truck and he survived is short of a miracle. >>reporter: the video you can see as the driver crashes in the car begins to roll. he seems to disappear out of the side of the truck. did he go down with the truck or fall outside? were protected him? trading out of hospital and not talking to >> we are charging him with careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. >>reporter: the city said the
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is helping them resolve this case. there are more and headlines in miami family angry saying officers with the miami-dade police department should not have opened fire on their dog. adrian garcia says the dog showed up at his home looking for someone and his dog reacted. garcia says the dog barked and growled at the officer stopped the garcia says his mom offered to take the dog inside the one of the officer shot the dog in the neck killing him. the police spokesperson said internal affairs will investigate. two presidential hopefuls will bring campaign to florida. donald trump will hold a press conference in jupiter at the trump national golf club. democratic candidate bernie sanders will make a stop in miami. the vermont senator. will hold a rally at the night center. nine people injured after a commuter train derailed in california.
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fell onto the tracks causing the train to dereference it was traveling from central california to san francisco bay 214 passengers on board. a golden retriever estate after it was rescued from a canal in southwest miami-dade. i sanders saw the dog in the water for a while to realize the dog clinton at the call for help. rescue crews rushed to the scene we can see the firefighters jumped into the water just in time to save her for the dog was taken to try 25 animal shelter to see if she has -- miami-dade animal hospital. mentoring matters. stories of people in the community who are dedicated to impacting the lives of young people.>> we take you to the school for advanced studies.
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surprising the mentor. >> be careful when it comes out. >>reporter: 17-year-old is working in a science lab with his organic chemistry professor dr. james away. he scored the highest in his class on his recent example at miami-dade college is homesick school. the competent that would be a static on any level. it is the challenges he continues to overcome to realize the dream of becoming a doctor that so impressed dr. way. separate plan is to become pediatric ortho surgeon and that is the ticket out of poverty for me. in the same respect it is not about the money. it is a job that i would do even if it was minimum wage because it is my passion and i want to help people. >>reporter: you wouldn't know from his student laptop at
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rest of his family slaves in a shelter the states with a family member's we can use the internet and focus on his study. at one point he took to buses and a train to get to dr. wade's class every day waking up at 4:00 am and not returning home until after midnight. >> how hard he is trying and how much potential he has is a no-brainer. >>reporter: there is a reason he is a passionate at the -- that becoming deserted. was born with cerebral palsy. he has been to countless surgeries. >> all of the surgeries and what i have been through that added to the drive that i have always had her >>reporter: dr. way saw a shining light and gave him a model community study when he couldn't afford them and jumped through hoops to allow the student to continue to take more of his classes for the volunteers his time to work with roberto and students in a research lab.
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he is going somewhere else. he will go there with empty hands. he used the equipment. i have written up abstracts. >> he is like a parental figure to me. he watches over me and the work that i do. it is clear his goal is to make me a great chemistry >>reporter: on this night take combination of the efforts together.>> i know i have the things. there is nothing that can stop me. >>reporter: dr. way in the audience supporting roberto. >> explored the possibilities, chase your dreams. kindle your passion and always know that no matter the circumstances you can and will always find the achievement. >> he has tremendous -- a
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i've never seen anyone overcome these obstacles. they plan to stay in touch long after roberto has finished his studies in his been accepted to colorado college on full scholarship. dr. way says roberto story casts light on the issue of homelessness. he has a place for his dedicated students and that is one exceptional young man. to see how you can become a mentor had to our website tran10/mentoring matters. we have a whole list of organizations. time 5:40 am summer vacation right around the corner where she go that won't break the bank. the top spots that are a bargain. apple customers could get money back if they purchased an e-book. detailed in the money was for
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football teams play on facebook. -- able to watch. the amazing story about dad
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south florida welcome back. we are dealing with the breezy conditions. broward county can't help but yesterday throughout the day the cameras were shaking and we are seeing clouds streaming and on the onshore flow off the ocean. a few showers is because habits weekend on the breeze across portions of broward county. portions of 95 will be slick. these are fast-moving showers. we had a few showers across the upper keys and then sprinkled around big pine. the rain
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be some stray showers and the breeze is persistent out of the stronger than yesterday. hour. rip currents high today. low 70s across-the-board. yesterday upper 60s sell and little warmer. mild and comfy with the east breeze. 40s and 30s from the mid- atlantic to new england in the 50s across minneapolis and chicago. feeling like spring across the central us from texas to kansas city. 60s and show contrast we have the 30s behind this powerful front and because of the crashing of the contracting mss quite active around texas and oklahoma and central portions of the country right now dealing with severe weather, tornadoes, damaging wind and hail.
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rain and snow there. in terms of our forecast high- pressure hanging on type providing breezy conditions due to the the gusting breeze can make tomorrow and thursday windy and then the wind license up the breezy at times into the weekend from spotty storms ahead of the city cold front and warm and humid will be the trend. warming up by a few degrees every day. upper 70s this afternoon mix of sun and clouds not safe to go swimming. you will see the flags flying. small craft advisories. not a good day for boaters tonight. breezy and comfy, 68 degrees inland and highs in the low to mid 80s. check of your traffic. this is i-95 southbound. all the left lane is blocked by
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looks like it will clear out. the crash and broward county i- 95 northbound commercial boulevard it has cleared. not seeing any accident and broward and miami-dade to isolate five s. bound all laser shut down for construction and now they are all (watch out i- 95 n. miami gardens dr. seeing a couple of lanes blocked off. and emotional peyton manning said goodbye to football and where the panthers >> for the path of able to win? the dolphins defense is getting a makeover at it is starting with brett grimes. the team plans to release the pro bowler who has been with them for the past three years. there are multiple reports of a
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for the dolphins will get linebacker tycho alonso and byron maxwell in exchange for draft picks. earlier yesterday they manning said goodbye to football retiring after 18 years. he gave an emotional speech. manning one. manning 12 super bowl and rides off into the sunset with five mvp trophies and a laundry list of passing records.>> when someone exhaust and express they can help but we direct. i revere football and love the game. you don't have to wonder if i will miss it. absolutely. >> on the ice storm the humidor returning to action after missing the last six games panthers hosting the bruins boston drops the fourth spot. roberto after one. florida trailed by three but makes a comeback.
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knocked in a rebound to tie the game. headed to overtime but the bruins stop the bleeding with a minute to go florida pivotal point but they lose five, four. back in action on thursday. time for talking with jojo. good morning. >> good morning. you know what is coming up? nfl free agency around the corner. tomorrow it is official at 4:00 pm. >> are you excited? >> yes because i would like to see the dolphins get better through free agency. they have a lot of holes to fill. unfortunately the draft will take care of it won't take everything they have to find some guys. that we have -- the dolphins
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>> i am really not the he is their best cover quarter but he is making a lot of money. he didn't play as well. i knew they wanted him to take a cut in pay so i will be surprised if they do officially releasing today or sometime early tomorrow . i saw this coming. if he did take a little cut in pay he made it clear -- his wife made it clear he wasn't going to take a cut in pay and if he did it would be with the miami dolphins. i am not surprised. still a really good football player. i wish they could have worked something out because miami dolphins could still use brett grimes. >> i like the wife coming in saying he wouldn't take a pay cut for the dolphins adding to the roster. the additions, are they good enough? >> the dolphins have a lot of
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the trade really talented rookie year with the buffalo bills that has an injured her last year played through some injuries again after coming off knee problems did not play as well as he had. oh and 25 and if he can stay healthy he will be really good. byron maxwell the quarter was making a little more than $10 million a year to not live up to his contract and i well enough. if he is on this football team brett grimes the best quarter he is the second best corner. the dolphins desperately need help. their secondary cover corners next to brett grimes are not very good. i have a bunch of young guys. i don't know if they can play and because of that i guess he is an upgrade >> we will see what happens. thank you so much for your
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florida father being called a hero. he stopped a flying back from hitting his son and a baseball game. the race is on deflecting the back from hitting his son's favorite cunningham says his son was not paying attention when the bat flew into the stands.>> it happened so fast i didn't have time to think. once i realized it was heading for us and my son after my arm out and tried to block it the best i could.>> it was coming to hit me and i didn't know what it was. it hit my shoulder right here and it felt like i hit a window. >> the dad suffered some bruising on his arm and otherwise he is fine. >> father's natural reaction. coming up to worry about
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get free pancakes. why more people are renting and not owning homes in the suburbs. apple is forced to pay customers $450 million in an e- book settlement this nine note taking on a challenge most adults would find difficult. -- nine-year-old. a big day in politics.
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tonight and bernie sanders has good morning to you looking to prevent a family vacation? here are seven global vacation spots that are a bargain for americans. number one the canary islands, the average family cost for a rental for four people is $97. number two, south africa and montrial canada the fourth spot goes to france where the euro has declined 20% against the us dollar since 2014. number five bali and
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and then mexico and not least melbourne australia vacation rentals for a family of four an average of hundred $77 per night. once a cheap? experts say several locations offer a mix of favorable currency conversions. struck the money watch a new study finds suburbanites rent and apple has to pay up over e-book price-fixing. joe wagner is joining us live -- jill. apple have to pay 450 million to settle the book over the price-fixing. most of the money goes back to customers. apple was found guilty of conspiring with publishers to inflate e-book prices. the supreme court declined to hear apple's appeal. buying a home with a white picket fence used to be part of the american dream. times are changing. a new study finds a growing
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americans who live in suburbs rent. researchers say it's mostly because it is more affordable. facebook moving beyond the status update. it is making a bigger push in july to bed to live stream nfl because they were cbs and nbc have the rights to editable on tv and the nfl is selling streaming write separately. amazon and verizon are interested. >> that will make fans happy. you know what else will make them happy? the table -- able to let breakfast all day long. tell us about this. >> when it is free. it is national pancake day. that means ihop is giving away free flapjacks from 7 am until 7 pm. the restaurant chain is asking customers to leave a donation to the children's miracle network hospitals. the campaign has raised a 20 million flapjacks from 7 am
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the restaurant chain is asking customers to leave a donation network hospitals. the campaign has raised a $20 million since 2006. can't lose.>> perfect timing right after the show at 7:00 am. i love pancakes. >> we will have to find the nearest one here. >> i know were there is one thing that will do it for us this morning at 5:00 pm. next at six a pet dog killed by police when a family says the shooting was not justified. video of a truck flying over an overpass in miami. campaign 2015 fourth it up for grab. secretly filmed naked erin andrews react to the verdict and her case. good morning, 6:00 am we
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together. >> let's get started with the weather. good morning. the view from the camera in miami and looks quiet, dark we are dealing with the strong -- east breeze carried in cloud coverage of the atlantic as well as some sprinkled and light showers. these are fast movers. oakland park we had some rain as well as the rack and some showers around the upper keys. the action has simmered down. it is dry now but the breeze is stronger compared to yesterday. gusts over 25 miles per hour a little warmer than yesterday. highs in the upper 70s this afternoon and some stray shower since we have the strong east breeze. high risk of recurrence will continue. looking at the national map


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