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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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for the stage tonight. that follows the democrat's debate last night. a student is accused of threatening two girls if they didn't send him naked pictures. we have our eyes on the road ways in just a moment. let's check with the meteorologist here. >> well it's mainly dry, however the winds are still cranking. you can see the sustained winds from 13 to 21 miles-per-hour and the peak wind gusts at 30 miles-per-hour. as we look at the dangerous risks of high rip tide today, so it's not safe to go swimming.
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we're waking up into the mild 70s here. we're talking the highs in the 80s and it's still quite windy and there could be a stray shower or string sprinkle. >> we have this accident on thewestbound side of the pal metto here on the 22nd avenue. the left lanes are blocked off and they expand all the way back here toward 17th here, you'll see that lane blocked off and delays already from that. we have an update here on the expressway here, a major closure on 57th avenue and all
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now to the debate, the republicans will square off right here tonight. they will debate for the final time before the primaries here and trump is leading. we have the latest from the university of miami. >> well i want to thank you all for coming. >> reporter: for rubio it's like comfort food being here after what it seems to be a trouble for his campaign. down to 2-1 in recent polls and picked up no delegates this last tuesday and the primary is just six days away. out. >> i will be on that ballot, i will campaign as long and hard as it takes we're going win
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>> reporter: on the way out of the rally, mobbed by long time supporters, rubio under scored his resolve. >> i'll work it really hard and i think it will be successful. >> reporter: and trump says he'll take ohio and florida. >> do you think you'll get them all? >> yeah, i think i will. it's like fighters if you knock them out nothing can happen. >> reporter: and cruise cruz is moving up. >> well the momentum is with us and conservatives are uniting with us and as that race
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clear two race, head to head, trump loses. meanwhile the democrats, sanders and clinton went head to head. they traded jabs over cuba relations and immigration. polls now show that clinton is ahead of sanders in florida. >> i would not deport children or family members. >> i don't think that the secretary fully answered your question. i will not deport children that are from the united states. >> clinton appeared startled after being questioned if she would step down if indicted for her e-mail scandal. debate?
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we turn to the spin table here. >> i think that bernie sanders is doing much better than expected and it's understandable by and he's addressing the issues and changing the world for a better place. >> they have had a few close races and she's won some and she's not taking anything for granted. >> housing and urban development, julio has been tossed around for vice president.
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1961 in cuba and they were all convinced that fiddell castro was a bad guy. but he totally transformed the society there. >> when asked, he said he didn't regret saying that and was speaking to the fact that the united states was wrong to invade them. he said that cuba has made some advances in health care and restoring ties will only make it better for the cuban people. stay with us for continuing coverage from now through the voting day, you can always stay up to date on now, a student charged with ex torting girls for sex. >> and we have the latest from the correctional center.
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was not in class, instead he is was in bond court accused of sexual battery and all four counts felons. the charges include he threatened hurting three girls and their families if they didn't send him naked pictures. detectives say he meant business. >> they feel completely humiliated and he wanted them to feel controlled and he manipulates them into having sex with him. >> the threats to the girls were all made by using the instagram app kik. >> rapist and sexual predators
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lure and manipulate and coerce sex. >> well, i know him and i would never expect something like this, but he was always kind of weird. >> that's kind of crazy. >> i am not allowed to use kik. >> i'm actually fine with that, keeping me safe, i'm in sports and i'm fine. >> the state attorney urges any more possible victims them a call to the hotline, the number on the screen. terry has been denied bond. the verdict is in for a man that left his children in a car for nearly an hour while going into a casino.
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month old and 18 month old in a car. they found them in a eighth level car garage. he later came back with food and it was unclear where he had been, he's facing ten years in prison. and now to the relations with cuba and the united states, cuba issued a strong editorial and in that paper, a cuban government said it will welcome president obama there but has no intention of changing their policies and calls for the u.s. to stop meddling with their affairs. look for our live reports on march 21st and 22nd for the live reports.
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makeshift raft and is trying to recreate the journey that many immigrants make to get here seek better life. he hopes that his trip will bring focus to that. nine years since this man disappeared and there's been pledges to find him and bring him home he disappeared during a mission. >> if the government of iran, namely the president as told to us by his foreign minister, do not know anything about it, but someone does.
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all this in iran and that's the supreme leader and he should know. >> over the last years, his wife says it has been harder than anyone could imagine. as difficult as it's been, we know that bob is living a nightmares that is one thousand times worse. we need to find out what happened to bob. if he is still alive, he's the longest captive held. fort lauderdale will soon have a capacity to hold more than 4,000 marines. fort lauderdale served as an important training center in 1942.
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out with its list with the highest paying jobs and which job came in number one. and the biggest beef with all day breakfast. coming up, a fight on an air flight and how it was started. we have number of lanes blocked off and construction closings and we'll talk about that after the b break. we're looking at that strong rip current here and we have that wind, will it be less windy as we head into the weekend? what about the rain chance?
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. happy thursday and as we look live from the camera here in miami, we're nice and quiet, but boy, has it been windy, just walking in here i felt like my hair was all out of place. humidity is also keeping up and the winds are sustained from 9
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so not only have the winds been strengthening but the temperatures have also been increasing. look at the peak wind gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour. so again, i know it's a reminder, be safe especially the beach goers, the red flags will be flying today to warn you against the rip tide out there. we're nice and quiet out here with a few clouds. much of the eastern half of the country now enjoying the benefits of high pressure and we're also seeing the spring like warmth stretching all over here. six60s in boston and the colder 30s and 20s through denver and
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we continue with this area of low pressure pumping in the moisture and that flood threat will continue. more than 16 inches of rain in the south and over on the pacific northwest. the biggest threat of severe weather here stretching into tennessee. high pressure is protecting us and keeping that jet stream to the north and west. then we'll start to see the area of the front moving in here. so we'll see a slightly better chance of showers this weekend. all about the windy and warm conditions. not a good day for swimmers and choppy on the bays. for tonight the lows fall to the mid 70s and we'll continue with the warmth this weekend and some showers and also don't forget we spring forward
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hour of sleep let's check the traffic. >> lose an hour of sleep? take a look at the drive here. we still have this injury accident unfortunately blocking the left lanes. you're seeing everybody have a slow down and jumping to the right lanes. let's talk about another issue on the palmetto here and the turnpike is closed, take the dairy road because all of the lanes are closed due to construction. caught on camera, cell phone video shows chaos as a
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hair pulling and looks like someone is pulling a punch, they tried to break it up. witnesses say it started after the flight landed and a few passengers were playing their music loudly, the fbi came but no charges were filed by the feds. miami dolphins lost a few players for the free-agency and we look what it means for the team. >> well so much for that five- game winning streak. the bradley center, where the heat have had trouble and the bucks are rallying as he throws one down. the heat, sloppy with the ball and joe johnson here take it to
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antetolounmpo, a tough player, he's a great player but they still lose. and abdul-quddus is also leaving getting a $4 million deal. and breaking the bank, $85,000,000.52 of that is guaranteed as vernon is showing a big market for the pass rushers. dolphin also say good-bye to grimes and his wife's twitter rants probably didn't help. his fate sealed when biron
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and first let's talk about vernon, did he make the right move? > [ laughter ] -- so, my gosh, 52 and a half million guaranteed, 85 million, there's a good chance he sees most of that money and all the age before 30. i'd say he made a great move. he was healthy and hit the market at the right time, the jags were in the running and the giants wanted to get their defense better than a year ago, which was awful. he was in the right place at the right time and got paid $85
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not match that. once he became productive in the first half of the season, they lost him. well lamar signed a deal with the texans. quite a few voids now and how do you think they fill them? >> well, that's the biggest problem. they filled them in and so far bandaids, i don't see anybody that can do it on a consistent basis. and you hit the bigger problem, we have a lot of holes. if it was swiss cheese there wouldn't be enough on a sandwich. they still have holes and it's about a running back, they need
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and oh by the way they lost shelby and mathis. two of the most productive guys so they lost their 2 most homegrown players. should have had better vision with the team to try and sign them and never get to free- agency with all these teams that have all this money. >> well, joe we'll see how the changes pay off, we'll talk to you in a bit. >> well i'm a little down about the free-agency with the dolphins. >> well dry the tears we'll talk about the heat later >> okay, shake, my head.
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a safety alert, a possible salmonella outbreak from trader j joes and. and we'll take you to be a restaurant for the taste of the town. the republican candidates debate tonight, can florida's senator rubio do anything to
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we'll rdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges tumble into place. dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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on the money watch, the list of highest paying jobs is out, plus trader joes recalling one of their products jill is joining us live. >> reporter: well, trader joes recalling pistachios because of a possible salmonella outbreak, no illnesses have been reported y yet. well the highest paid jobs are doctors and lawyers and
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the high-level of skill and education required and little threat that the jobs will be taken over by computers and all day breakfast at mcdonalds has been so successful their might offer it all day long. popular items like the mcgriddle are not available around the clock, because they take too long to make. >> well i would take any of those on the menu. >> me too.
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>> well john, golds, he's being phased out in the do s equis and he will be phase out. >> i didn't realize he's 77 years old. the most interesting guy. >> well this guy right here, you travel and you have a great job. cbs4 starts at 6 right now. next at 6:00 south florida debates, the candidates go head to head at the university of as
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plus big news regarding jeb bush. plus, a homestead high school student is charged with extorting students with sex and he used technology to target girls. also, an elderly woman targeted at publix. good morning. >> thanks for being here on this thursday morning. ladies are also with us, good morning. we have a traffic report and looking like it's busy already. >> happy thursday to all of you here and at home. the pacific east winds are continuing to whip out there. peak winds about 10 to 30 miles-


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