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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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trump is at 38%. marco rubio at 31, and ted cruz at 19. it finds marco rubio support soaring amongst hispanics, 49% in florida. donald trump follows with the support of 19% of hispanic voters. now, a sufficient fok university poll shows him with a 9-point lead. rubio, 27%. cruz in third. they had asked voters if they voted early, who would they vote for. cruz had 16% amongst the early vote. trump leads by the same margin with those who say they plan to
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we've got cbs 4 live news coverage, and we kick things off live in the spin room. >> hey, elliott, we are in the filing room/spin room. i played basketball here. this is the wellness center, and they have converted it into this really cool spin room/media room. you see the media all set up. the board sponsored by google trends. they're looking at who is being googled right now. this is the ohio results. rubio at the top. trump is the second. it's all very fascinating to see. it's all happening here in miami. very exciting, but there has been some interesting developments that have happened in this room.
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>> i'm here today to announce my endorsement of ted cruz. >> texas senator ted cruz is making headlines from a fellow senator. >> he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump and hillary clinton, and i believe he will. >> one, he's a tea party favorite. conservative we need in office. >> reporter: they expressed regret of what's happened so far. >> we knew the field was going to narrow. it would have been great if
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still in it. >> what do you say to all this criticism that donald trump is doing well because he's doing everything the republicans are not? >> he's tuned into something that's going on. the republicans are frustrated with the last 8 years with barack obama, and they want some things to change. >> i can tell you, naturally, the number 1 person being searched as far as the candidates go is donald trump. you can see all the donald trump conversation. good or bad, it's being searched on google. in florida, we've had an outstanding number of people casting ballots early.
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republican chairman, not only can you see record turnout, you would see a lot of this decided prior to election tuesday. this is going to be really good for them, better than 2008, better than 2012. what is stimulating all that? he says, it's donald trump. donald trump is bringing a lot of people out. it should be interesting to see how all that plays out. >> reporter: more cbs news coverage continues with hank covering marco rubio, and hank, a lot of people have been saying it could be marco rubio's last stand tonight. >> he is going to be having a watch party here tonight during the debate. if donald trump is the excitement, marco rubio is the
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pressure on him to leave the campaign. he's not done well in debates and caucuses. that's how it's set. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long and hard as it takes. >> reporter: in his public utterances, marco rubio is all in for an all-out campaign no matter what the poll numbers are. >> polls are polls. >> reporter: due to poor showing, out of character attacks during debates, rubio finds himself, according to polls, behind almost two to one. there is mounting pressure to withdraw for the senator. fellow senator and cuban american ted cruz to unite the party against donald trump.
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tricks. if anyone calls you and tells you marco rubio is getting out, you heard it from me, they are lying to you. >> reporter: how he plays off of ted cruz and handles trump is certainly under the microscope. last night, donald trump did say he wanted to go for a knockout. he's making that big attempt tonight. we're going to show you a trump spot that links up marco rubio with a lot of his pals. that's the latest. cbs 4 news. >> reporter: thank you for that. joining me here on the shores of os yo la is steve shigaris.
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>> thank you for having me. >> reporter: many think we're going to see a tamer donald trump. is that even possible? >> we've seen him in these events where he seems to try to be more presidential, but i think it will get heated up quickly. i'm interested to see how rubio tries to turn the tables and get people focused on him and his solutions. he went after trump. he pulled what trump calls a routine in attacking him, and that strategy didn't work. i still think you'll see cruz
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he suggested trump is part of the establishment, given money to democrats and republicans. he says vote for me, i am the pure conservative. i'm on your side with health care and immigration. he's done a pretty good job of turning the attention back to himself. >> i think it's huge. this week is just huge for rubio. you mentioned these polls that shows him even close to trump. this represents him from the senate. he's been representing the state for five years, and yet, he is down to trump in every poll that's come out this week. so this debate is really his last opportunity for floridians but to show he is a viable candidate here.
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mistake to go so aggressively against donald trump, but he's almost impervious to this. >> trump's supporters are so fervently supporting him. they can say all this stuff, and it's just the establishment attacking him. this is why somebody like cruz is attacking him. rubio didn't do that. it's like the establishment attacking him is what he wants. >> reporter: thank you so much. political editor joining us here on the university of miami campus. let's talk about the democrats. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has
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he was sporting a university of florida hat. that wouldn't go over well here. >> what this campaign is about is telling the truth, and the truth is, that there are people in washington and in corporate america who do not want you to be voting. they do not want you to participate in the political process. >> reporter: now, sanders also spent time in tampa and kissimee tonight. speaking of clinton, she spent time in tampa today.
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the fountain blue hotel. stay with cbs 4 news with continuing coverage of campaign 2016. for coverage any time, head over to this campus has hosted presidential debates before. in fact, in 2004, we had george w. bush and john carey take the -- kerry take the stage. lauren, back to you. >> thank you. we are just getting started here. still to come, a consumer alert. a frozen food recall that could impact your dinner. and the key to solving a deadly hit-and-run crash over
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and new information on blood clot concerns later. and i'm peter dance live where there is an unusual sight. city hall is shut down as the f.b.i. raids it. another windy and warm sunny day. some rough surf and rip currents.
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and a an incredible sight today. city hall is shut down. >> peter dance joins us live from city hall. >> reporter: they're not saying who the focus on the probe is, but several republican public officials are under scrutiny.
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it's been a long time coming. >> moving boxes of records. >> agents called the inside building. >> moving employees in the hallways. >> as soon as they move out, we're going to block it off, and we're going to have a street party. >> reporter: it focuses on top officials and commissioners. >> we're glad to see the f.b.i. in our city. the citizens do not trust the government we have. we have felt for a long time there was no hope. we feel like there's hope. >> reporter: they have been
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mismanagement. he was fired last november because he complained he violated the city charter before telling them. >> i will not and cannot work with this manager. >> reporter: steve shiver pointed out that he had been following them. >> i found some things that just didn't make sense. i hope our justice system will rapidly resolve this issue. >> reporter: some residents can't remember when it was shut down like this before because of financial problems. the f.b.i. says if you think you've been a victim of corruption, fraud, or incidents like this, call the
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754-703-2000. we're live in opelika. legal trouble tonight for two university of miami football players. offensive line men were accused of standing in the middle of the road blocking traffic. they were asked several times to move, but they refused. cbs 4 sports anchor jim is joining us. >> he's making it clear he intends to play again this season. in a statement, he says the situation has never been life-
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>> he remains positive that he will be able to play again this season. his statement offers clues. >> it sounds like he did not have a blood clot this time. if that is correct, once he's off of blood thinners, he can go back to playing. contrary, if he did, there's controversy as to whether or not he should stay on anticoagulants indefinitely. >> the heat are on the road tomorrow night playing in
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i'm jim berry, cbs 4 sports. people can visit nancy reagan's body. we have our eye on the storm in louisiana where three people have been killed in flooded parts of the state. another foot of rain could be on the way. this is to call for the mandatory evacuations of more than 3500 homes. now, the special report from cb s news. i'm in new york, good. there is breaking news in a cbs news investigation of this country's largest veteran's charity. the board of director's of the wounded warrior project has just fired the chief executive officer and chief operating
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our investigation raised questions about how that charity spends the millions of dollars it receives in donations every year. chip reed is our respondent, and he's here with the breaking news. chip? >> they were fired after criticisms from more than 40 employees of how they spent more than $800 million at staff retreats and other costs at the expense of veterans. they made the the decision after meeting this afternoon in new york. sources tell cbs news, the board has received preliminary results of a financial and policy audit. there are discussions underway about retired senior military officials who are being considered to take over the helm of the organization, who
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dollars since 2003. >> what are some of the things that happened to it since our original report. >> we are well aware there has been a major debate of whether to fire the ceo and a number of major donors that have bailed out. >> the board launched this investigation after your original report. >> that's exactly right, scott. >> when you compare the wounded warrior project to other well-known charities, they were spending far less. >> between 54 and 60%, they were spending themselves. >> a lot of this money was going to parties and conventions that they were holding and some big salaries. chip, thank you very much. to repeat now, the ceo and the
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wounded warrior project have been fired today. this follows our cbs news investigation that exposed the lavish spending by the country's largest charity. we will have more on tonight's cbs evening news and our 24- hour digital news service cbsn. that was a cbs news report. john gerard is standing by for us with weather. we have a real big problem with rip currents the last few days. all across south florida, there were winds about 16 miles an hour.
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southeast. generally-speaking between 10 and 20 miles an hour out of the east and southeast, you can see the winds are where you are. it's only a big concern if you're down by the beaches. saturday, we lower that to a moderate risk. never swim at unguarded beaches. the big story in weather, big floods from east texas and the deep south. parts of texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi. 10 to 20" of rain, and unfortunately, some fatalities. drier air here. it will be shrinking to our west. by the time some of that ram pushes in, it will be much weaker, and pushing out on monday. nothing like what they're seeing right now. breezy and mild.
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stronger down by the beaches. a breezy and warm day. we were 84 today as well. for the boaters, 3 to 5' seas. otherwise, breezy and warm over the next few days. that's weather. >> john, thank you. still to come, clues in a hit-and-run driver. and a man faces a judge accused of groping women. we'll also have these stories. quick stop before she left town. who she met and who she brought along with her.
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alleged online new details now on the case involving a man inappropriately touching a woman. rodolpho torres is charged with grabbing women's behinds when
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bicycle. >> i'm going to live with this forever. i feel like i'm no longer naive. i lost my innocence. >> police believe there could be more victims. if you were affected, you're asked to call police. on the university of miami campus, the republicans will debate one last time before the primaries. >> the fight for florida is is intense with two new polls out today showing a much tighter race than what previous polls revealed. >> leave on lake osceola, elliott?
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this debate three hours from now. >> this may well be the last time we see these three men on the stage together. john kasich has spent a lot of time in ohio hoping that will turn his campaign around. what will it take to win this debate? to win over undecided voters in the state of florida? more than a million people have already cast ballots. >> coming to you right now from the spin room, things just got a little bit interesting.


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