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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this debate three hours from now. >> this may well be the last time we see these three men on the stage together. john kasich has spent a lot of time in ohio hoping that will turn his campaign around. what will it take to win this debate? to win over undecided voters in the state of florida? more than a million people have already cast ballots. >> coming to you right now from the spin room, things just got a little bit interesting.
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up. he's going to tell us all about it coming up at 6:00. this is from google. a minute-by-minute report of what people are searching for. donald trump is on the top. he's also hoping to be on top after tonight's debate. the stakes couldn't be higher. time is running out to sway voters. >> tonight is the opportunity for the candidates to make their case to voters. if they don't do it tonight, they may not have a dhans in the coming days. >> for other candidates to have a shot at the nomination, they all have to take aim at donald trump. >> they're going to have to band together and call out trump.
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language, which many believe is not presidential and make the case that he's just not the person to be in the white house. >> reporter: they also have to go after other issues. >> my dad was tortured in cuba. >> also pushing the importance of the latin vote. >> i feel like people in the latino community have been slandered this season. >> we are 17% of the population but 1% of elected officials. that's unfortunate. if we don't have a seat at the
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election told. >> reporter: that gets underway tonight here at 8:30. cbs 4 news. >> thanks a lot. >> reporter: when they do take aim at donald trump, it will be interesting to see how they do it without coming across as being too aggressive, which many believe has hurt marco rubio in the past. let's talk about marco rubio. ted cruz and his wife, cameras were there as they arrived. he trails donald trump and marco rubio here in the state. a 78-year-old appears on camera appearing to punch a
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carolina at a rally. the alleged attacker is now facing charges of assault and battery and disorderly conduct. a reporter for media says she was at the hands of an attacker for trump. marco rubio is facing a wave of negative attention over a small turnout at his rally yesterday. it's impressions that his campaign is something he strongly denies. we had bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off at miami-dade college. bernie sanders is winning over a lot of young people.
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why today he was at another big university in gainesville. also, the former secretary of state, clinton, started her day on miami beach with a stop at the fountain blue hotel. >> reporter: fresh off her final debate before the florida primary, hillary clinton met with employees at the fountain blue hotel where she spent the night campaigning on the trail. >> the last time i came to this hotel was 1968. it was a long time ago. >> reporter: clinton didn't take media questions, but she
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with people. she has a clear upper hand on the race for the democratic nomination. she proved her fight was far from over. clinton promising to take up immigration reform in her first 100 days in office. >> it's her time, and the spanish crusade. if men cannot do it, just give the lady a chance to do the job. i'm sure she will accomplish that job for us. >> reporter: the appearance was quick, about 10 to 15 minutes. she was whisked away by the secret service to make a rally in tampa. >> reporter: don't forget, you can follow our cbs miami blog.
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florida. here's the university of miami. we will continue our team coverage coming up at 6:00. now, at 5:30, cbs 4 news has learned that a cyber predator has been charged with the same crime before. gary nelson has been looking into the 18-year-old's background, and he is live from homestead with the details. >> reporter: he was charged with charges of online threats and coercing sex from two students, teenagers, fellow students here at homestead. i have learned that he has been charged with doing precisely the same thing before.
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say, a vile, ka nooifing, sexual predator. he got a 15-year-old to send him a nude photo of herself by threatening to harm her family. said he knew the school bus stop for her niece. he found a compromising photo of her dad and said he'd share it if they didn't do things. he got students to perform sex acts on him at the school. this arrest report by the miami- dade police last time.
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twice to perform a sex act on him here at this house where he lives with his parents. no one answered. >> i think it's scary that you have people like that around you. >> i didn't expect anybody like that here. >> reporter: two of the three known victims helped their predator by first posting compromising photos of themselves. a very bad afternoon, actually, for this accused serial sex offender ordered held without bond. again, prosecutors and police are convinced there are more victims out there who may or may not be fellow students, and they are being urged to come forward to police or school counselors. gary nelson, cbs 4 news.
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what would you do if this video happened on your flight. and an airline fight between a group of women. screaming and hitting coming up. this time we're going to restaurants on choral way in miami. i'm tracking heavy rains and floods from texas to tennessee. nearly 20" of rain. where is it going? and will we see any of that here? that's coming up. tens of thousands of alleged isis documents are now in the hands of officials. inside the top secret data.
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those stories and hit-and-run in northd miami beach. >> they have released his identity with a clue that they hope will lead to the capture of him. >> no one in her north miami beach neighborhood knew until now.
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>> the car hit lilia may have been this older model toyota or honda. it's silver. >> we're looking to talk to the driver of the vehicle. they were in the area. >> a car hit her and didn't stop. >> it surprises me what will happen. it's something i never expected. >> reporter: speeding cars are a reality on this 19th avenue. even though the speed limit is a mere 30 miles an hour. >> a guy come through here last night doing about 100
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it's ridiculous. >> i you need to turn yourself in. you need to come and talk to us and let us know what happened. it's very important for your family. >> reporter: it's a silver older model toyota or honda. if you know anything, give them a call, or call crime stoppers. joan murray, cbs 4 news. when plane passengers attack. >> dramatic video recorded on a flight. this wild scene caught on camera.
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i can smell the garlic caught on camera, spirits were not high on a spirit airline flight. chaos in the cabin as a brawl broke out between women on a plane. pushing, and it even looks like someone throws a punch at one point. flight attendants start ed started to break it up.
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came to the scene, but no charges were filed. nestle products say they found pieces of glass in their food. they're recalling several pizzas, stoefer's lasagna and other products. head to cbs 4 miami's website for more. it's been a windy and warm week for spring breakers. this is how it looks up and down the coast. it's not just the rough surf. it's how frequent lyly the winds are blowing. high risk of rip currents.
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really deadly week in the surf with spring breakers and the beaches packed with people. don't forget, rip currents are the number 1 killer as far as deaths. 70s and 80s across the state. 77 in miami. lots of dry air here. despite some patchy cloud cover, no rain expected. there's been rain from texas to tennessee. the heavy rain and flooding is actually some good news here. it's expected to get weaker here by saturday. not a whole lot of that left. just some of the remnants pushing east of us as we head towards monday. partly cloudy and breezy overnight, down to about 73. breezy and warm with a mix of
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time now for another edition of taste of the town. we're going to try a spanish restaurant very well-known to
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>> it's called shishaun. you'll feel like you're dining at a hidden gem. >> whether it's the perfect platter of piaa. this 3,000 square foot space is named after the spanish city in which she was born. >> she always liked the deli business. she always liked the things she got in spain. >> reporter: the full deli is here on the main floor.
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>> all 100% spanish wine. >> reporter: the food is a combination of appetizers and main dishes. from the many regions of spain. >> if you are from spain or know it, you want to come here and experience the spanish food. >> reporter: we begin with the appetizer platter consisting of smoked salmon, mar marinated tuna. >> i would never put this together, but it's like, a european delicious dessert in an appetizer. that's a perfect combination of an appetizer. the sweetness of the watermelon and then saltiness of the tuna on top.
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shrimp and garlic sauce. >> the shrimp is fresh and delicious. it's not oversauced. this is the real deal. >> reporter: finally, the main dish. a spanish classic. seafood. >> if you've never gone to spain, this is what it tastes like. >> reporter: offering an escape to another continent. yes, welcome to my spanish feast. it's open seven days a week. lunch and dinner. just lunch on sundays. hasta luega, everybody. the restaurant is located at 2101 southwest miami. please send us your hidden gem
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e-mail us at taste of the town miami. e-mail lisa directly. >> go get some and enjoy. here's what's ahead on cbs 4 news at 6:00. the fight for florida is on as the remaining gop candidates make their way to the republican debate. then the body of a baby found at a dumpster at a north miami gas station, and the family says a driver for the funeral home is responsible. what a judge just decided in his case.
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case involving their meats. good evening, i'm eliott rodriguez. the fight for florida heats up. the four remaining candidates and the gop primary race will face off in two and a half hours for their 12th debate at the bank united center at miami university. they're putting the debate hall and stage together for the event tonight. this is where the candidates will meet for the last time ahead of florida's primary on tuesday. keep in mind, many people, more than 1 million voters in the state of florida have already cast their ballots. this will be very important for florida senator marco rubio. he says whoever wins florida will be the republican nominee, and all eyes will be on donald trump to see what he does
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attacked by marco rubio or ted cruz. a pair of polls were released today. senator rubio at 31%. ted cruz at 19%. rubio's support soars amongst hispanics. 20% supports cruz. this poll asked voters if they
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voted for. 39 to 27% amongst early voters. trump leads by the same margin with those who say they plan to vote on march 15th. we kick things off with hank chester, and tonight could be marco rubio's last stand. >> it could be, but also, listening to what you had to say about those polls, it looks like he is creeping up and in better shape than we thought he was. donald trump really ratcheted up the heat today. he has a lot of tv buys. he says he's sticking in there. let's take a look. >> reporter: marco rubio soldiers on with his withdrawal in the republican presidential race. calls to get out so the


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