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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is south florida cbs4 news. donald trump hold a rally in south florida where he was met by protesters, the event did not get ugly like in recent nights where you see some video of protests at a rally turned violent.
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news poll shows donald trump is keeping his lead in florida but it also shows a big change for florida senator. marco rubio who is now behind senator. ted cruz here in his home state. a cbs news poll of likely republican primary voters shows trump ahead with 44%, ted cruz is beating marco rubio in florida with 24% and senator. rubio not too far behind at 21%, the poll's margin of error is 4.8%. donald trump targeted florida senator. marco rubio during his campaign rally tonight in boca raton and he urged the crowd of thousands to vote in florida's winner take all primary and cbs4 is live in boca raton with the latest. >> reporter: good evening natalia, we are here in style, the campaign rented an amphitheater, he touched unfamiliar topics of emigration, the trade imbalance and the crowd loved it.
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it was about as presidential as he could get, republican hopeful, billionaire businessman donald trump arriving at his boca raton rally on a chopper. two days before the florida primaries he urged the crowd to vote even though he is ahead in the polls.>> we love that don't wait? that is going to happen folks, no one will tell us what to do and i am working for you. i am working for you folks.>>[ music ]>> obama as a socialist.>> we will see the schools are again clean, we are well educated and they are all safe places for children to learn.
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i do when with women and i went with men. we do with the military and with the vets as well. we win with the young and the old, the highly educated,. >> there were the disruptors, this man was towards the end, and this woman as well.>> [ indiscernible yelling ]>> these two came over from miami to hear donald trump.>> i like his attitude overall and he sends a message. he feels real passion.>> he is
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himself.>> i love you, go vote on tuesday.>> and with that trump left, before leaving he did sign autographs, he was supposed to make an appearance tomorrow but that has been postponed and the trump campaign says if he went on tuesday he will be back and direlle on that day, live in boca raton joan murray cbs4 news.>> and trump supporters were also busy on the campaign trail ahead of tuesday's primaries, today senator. ted cruz held a rally in north carolina where he was joined by former presidential candidate carly fiorina. meanwhile senator. marco rubio continues his fight for florida and made a few campaign stops in pensacola and ohio governor john kasich campaign in his home state or polls show he is tied for first place with donald trump. on the democratic side of former senator. hillary clinton and senator. bernie sanders held a town hall meeting in ohio and today
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ms. clinton announced she will travel to florida to hold the primary event tuesday night in the latest cbs news poll of likely democratic primary voters in florida shows clinton leading 62% and sanders far behind with 34%. the florida primary is still two days away and nearly half of all registered republican and democratic voters in florida have already cast their ballot. today was the final day of early voting and absentee ballots continue to roll into election headquarters in miami- dade and broward. you can say this about south florida voters, they like to vote absentee and they like to vote early.>> i worked tuesday night. i want to make sure that i vote.>> it gives me time enough so i don't have to rush. >> after two full weeks of early voting in miami-dade more than 83,000 voters cast their ballot and a whopping 114,000 absentee ballots were returned through saturday.
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broward offered only eight days of early voting and still more than 82,000 voters went to polling places to make their preference them. nearly 75,000 already voted absentee, some went to great lengths to select the parties nominee like this man who voted for bernie sanders geared >> i was in the hospital until late last night for this was my first opportunity i do not want to miss it. >> voters are placing a lot of importance on this election, jeffrey triano went for hillary clinton.>> mrs. do i want for the united states, this is the most important election in the last 20 years. >> that kind of passion also brought out republican voters like frank gutierrez who passed his vote for donald trump. >> early voting in both counties has ended and the last chance to vote in this primary
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tuesday at 7 am from 7 pm, you can only vote at your assigned polling place, good our website to confirm where that is. stay with cbs4 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day. we will have a special edition of cbs4 this morning leading up to florida's primary and that for complete election coverage tomorrow and tuesday at 9 am right here on cbs4. now at 11 there were two people hurt in a boating accident at key biscayne and they were transported to area hospitals and cbs4 is a live in key biscayne with what went wrong. >> reporter: that boat is still out on the sandbar and it is a dark night hearing key biscayne, therefore people still on it when he for high tide and meanwhile the two women were rushed to the hospital. >> it was a 32 foot vessel>> they left the given early sunday with 13 people onboard
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and on the way back to the arena the driver cut sharply to the inlet but suddenly ran aground on a sandbar, the stop was so sudden and severe one woman flew out of the boat and another slammed into the center console. >> it was in an area where you can go full throttle but unfortunately they made a turn sharper than what you are supposed to that is when they hit bottom and the vessel stopped completely at full speed ejecting the first person that was airlifted and the other person who broke her arm. >> miami-dade fire and rescue went to a landing area where the chopper flew her to the hospital on the other woman thrown in the boat was also taken to the hospital with a broken arm. hours later the dark night there were four people still on the stranded boat waiting for high tide after refusing to be towed. alcohol wasn't a factor but inexperience was.>> inexperience is a great part unfortunately. we do have new equipment that helps us with navigation, and if you don't have gps you should know the area that you're boating and if not death
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that can show you the correct way to get around. >> therefore people still on the boat waiting for high tide which is a couple of hours away at 1 am, the two women were released from the hospital and are expected be okay. a safety alert, police are looking for a man accused of robbing a sexually assaulting a woman in coral gables. it happened on the 1300 block of granada boulevard around 7 am this morning, police say a man and a woman, sexually battered her and took off with her belongings they believe he was a latin man around 35 years old scene in a white suv or van. call police if you have any information. their crews searching for the night for man who went out on a lake in a wave runner and did not return, they are looking for a father of three, he went out on the blue lagoon lake last night near miami international airport and the
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wave runner covered in debris and they believe he may have crashed into trees. they think he was not wearing a speeding, search teams have been looking by aaron in the water and they plan to continue their search all day tomorrow. still ahead, a tragic into spring break weekend on south beach, crowds there witnessed a deadly shooting and what we next. was some of sean penn's story about his meeting with l chopper false? the basketball team has plenty to celebrate tonight, they've put their tickets to the ncaa tournament and we were be there for the big party. most of us got through the weekend without getting rain but there is some to the north of us headed towards tampa and the central florida has rain forests and possible thunderstorms tonight, we will
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the door and what their spoken to a person of interest in connection to a deadly shooting on ocean drive but the person has not been charged. the victim is 23-year-old antoine decades where he was second to jackson memorial hospital where he died in this shooting unfolded in front of a huge spring break crowd. >> reporter: ocean drive looked like a scene out of a csi miami episode, crime tape and
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from night to 10th st., and witnesses say it started as a fist fight the middle of ocean drive and escalated into a shooting, a man shot once in the chest died at the hospital, the investigation continuing in the morning hours in this one happened to be in the area at the type of the shooting - at the time of the shooting.>> about 100 people ran past me and i got up the wall with my dogs, and policemen without care for themselves flew by. began searching the neighborhood for the suspect and one man says he did not see anything but got caught in the middle of the crowd.>> yeah, people were running.>> miami beach police confirming there were two shootings overnight, although there is no victim in the second shooting they do confirm finding shell casings
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it has been a busy and rowdy weekend with thousands of spring breakers on south beach and on friday seven people were arrested and a scuffle on the scene was described as chaotic and out-of-control. you can see it on cell phone video, posted on social media. the shooting early sunday morning had a lot of tourists vacation. i am not feeling safe.>> we came here to enjoy and have a great time.>> at this time the identity of the victim hasn't been released a police are still working on releasing a description of the suspect heard cbs4 news.>>.shooting shut down ocean drive last night but it is now back open and there was a large crowd when the shooting happened, if you were there or someone you know was there and saw something call miami-dade crimestoppers. tonight miami beach police are also looking for thieves to burglarized several cars, it happened early this morning
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outside an apartment building near first street and alton road, they shattered the car windows to get the stuff inside.>> this is the first time this is a record, at least that we are aware of, so some young kids, or some grown-ups maybe, broke in and thought they would get something out of these vehicles.>> if you find anything suspicious in the area again it is around first and alton, call police. march madness is here and the miami hurricanes or join the party, today the basketball team found out who they would be playing in this year's ncaa tournament, mike cugno was in coral gables. >> reporter: the hurricanes are going dancing, miami's basketball team was picked as a number three seed in this year's ncaa tournament after one of their best seasons in program history heard >> basketball career with the culmination of all of your
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what you can do during march madness. the big dance is where you want to be dancing and you want to dance a lot.>> the fans are ready for miami's opening-round game against buffalo, the campus was packed for today's watch party.>> it is great that the community is enjoying us, with a lot of support here. >> last year they had the consolation of the mig tournament, they were happy to get rid of it.>> we got that out of the way really quick. >> it was a great feeling, you can see the guys during. it was an awesome feeling. so much is going on. >> anyone who watches knows these guys can cut it loose.
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what it takes to cut down the nets.>> whether you are one seed, a two-seater, or 11 seed you want to try to win the national championship and that is what we will try to do during the next three weeks. we have to win six games and you have to take them one at a time and play gray in everyone.>> for some of those highlights you can see miami has a physical ability, today's head coach had a psychologist speak to his team just to make sure they had their minds right as well, mike could now with cbs4 sports. cbs meteorologist joins us now. beautiful weekend.>> we were stamey for march but we're looking at maybe a few showers around tomorrow, not much headed out the door we will be fine but a warm and humid week humming up. right now we're looking outside from the biscayne bay camera indicating good visibility with
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no rain and radar is clear, miami 75, currently 76 for key west during the humidity is at 85% so it is muggy out with a light breeze from the south southwest of 6 miles per hour which will boost the highs well into the 80s for the first few days of this week. highs today made it 85 in miami, 83 for fort lauderdale, around 80 normally this time of year. a few light showers popped up this afternoon but they are long gone and skies are partly cloudy there is one week weather system working for across central florida, had some showers and a few thundershowers out of the eastern gulf toward tampa. they've also pushed off the coast. this system will slowly wiggle its way down south as we go through the next 24 hours and we might see a few spotty showers here. they've had terrible weather in
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tennessee with several tornado reports and alina very severe weather but that will have an impact on our weather here. there was that disturbance the winter central florida tonight and as it pushes up the coast, we get a little bit of energy to give us a few scattered showers here in afternoon. moisture and instability around during the day monday that watches we see that drier and more stable air comment on tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well, and towards friday we get a surge of moisture and another instability here. rain chances highest on monday and on friday, but they are really pretty slim. tonight is a nice that with mild temps down a 71, tomorrow may be in afternoon shower but a nice morning with temps of your 86, not too bad out for the voters, this is the future forecast and as i mentioned we look at a site ranges monday and friday and st. patrick's day looks good.
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in world news an explosion ripped through a busy square today in turkey's capital killing at least 34 people and injuring 125 others. it appears the explosion was caused by a car bomb that went off close to a bus stop. police you believe the kurdish militants carried it out and that one of the bombers responsible was a woman. the actress or actor that met with mexican drug load el chapo denied reports that she got money from him here and she's a chilling met with him to document his life or maybe, castillo and sean penn met with guzman and remote part of mexico last year and according to the new yorker magazine castillo claims an encounter at
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the new yorker said that welcome back, disney's utopia finished first at the box office for a second week in the row, the animated comedy and $50 million this weekend, the thriller 10 cloverfield lane. came second earning $35 million, and roddick at the top three was the film dead pool starring ronald - starring ryan reynolds. there was a block party this weekend of those who attended had a chance to enjoy winter of yummy food and music from all kinds of hispanic cultures. the event was hosted by the kiwanis club raising funds for
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welcome back, it must be much because college baseball teams from around the country have put on their dancing shoes, the miami hurricanes are in this year's ncaa tournament in miami players are going crazy this evening when they found out they were the number three seed but they will face level on thursday, it is the first time in four years they
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have gone to the big dance and the only member of that 2012 came team is ready to soak up one more run with the hurricanes.>> you know my freshman year i wasn't playing ball, the guys playing were excited, i did not know what was going on. i was excited because they were excited. >> the hurricanes will have company from acc in the tournament, seven teams from the conference are in and two of them are north carolina and virginia who were selected as number one seeds. last night the heat went to battle in toronto without dwayne wade. they scored a whopping 38 points, and despite wade and chris bosh sitting out they had joe johnson but it wasn't enough as miami fell onto overtime 112 104 at the heat were happy with effort and the ability to score without the top two scoring options.>> i
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think we are in a predictable team as far as who will score on the basketball, we are not predictable. we have a lot of guys that are very versatile and can make plays offensively and defensively. i think it takes pressure off everybody heard >> the clippers owner and mickey mouse looking for a win over the cavaliers, good luck with that one, lebron james is doing this he dropped a game- high 27 points in cleveland was lights out, irving from another area code and the cavaliers go on to down the clippers 114 to 90. it appears the panthers that got their groove back, back to back wins have the gas inching back to first place in their division and last night the panthers with a back-and-forth thriller against the flyers and the two squads went goal for goal of the first 60 minutes of play, forcing overtime in the finals but thanks to the sharpshooting alexander bark
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off florida one in a shootout and pull to within one point of the boston bruins in the atlanta individual one. >> we will come back and win the game as i was pretty confident in my team and everybody else was copied on the bench. we knew that we were going to come back and put in pressure. >> and on the diamond the marlins taking on the mets and jupiter and john carlos gets hosed down in the second, looks like he was testing that for me. it went quiet today and it was
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zumba class? that is our news for now but for more news go to and remember if you see news are weather happening and you capture at, send it to us. you could see your image on our next newscast, be sure to tune into cbs4 this morning beginning at 5 am.
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"the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i want to dedicate this song -- >> is the madonna circus hurting her children? >> that's just part of our good week. >> bad week. >> i'm thankful for this
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>> including the evolution of jennifer aniston, and was rebel wilson drugged at a club? then kim kardashian and bette midler's feud gets ugly. why the two divas are trashing each other and twitter. plus, the new dancing cast is announced, but why was jodi sweeten harassed with this racy photo? >> what caused this superstar speechless moment. we are inside her fountain of youth formula. >> looking good. hollywood from the inside-out. >> the top comedy queen cheryl underwood opens up to me about her hidden heartaches. the sexual abuse, her husband's suicide.


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