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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> the news is not good for marco rubio. trump is shown ahead with 46% of the vote and marco rubio comes in with 22%. ted cruz is next with 14% and the polls margin of error is plus or minus 4%. >> marco rubio as well as ted cruz has a lot of work to do if they want to catch trump. >> reporter: tomorrow's contests are critical. five states are holding primaries. florida, illinois, ohio, north carolina and missouri. >> all across this country people are waking up. >> the fight for the republican nomination has taken ted cruz to illinois where he's hoping to secure most of the 69 delegates.
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strides as all levels in education and employment. everything is moving in the right direction. this does not happen by accident. >> ohio governor john kasich is staying in his home state trying to lock down voters. polls show he's tied with trump and the prize is a big one. >> fresh off the campaign rally where some protestors were escorted out trump is leading in florida. >> we win with young and old. we win with highly educated and we win with less than highly educated. >> reporter: winning florida is not optional for marco rubio who is throwing everything at the shun shine state.
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in jacksonville this morning and moving on to melbourne and west palm beach and ending in miami. >> i'm asking you to vote and find other people to vote and do everything you can possible over the next 26 hours to ensure not that we win florida but decisively. >> let's look at hickory, north carolina. donald trump is on the stage there and being interviewed by former new jersey governor by chris christie. there are protestors apparently in the crowd that could be heard a short time ago yelling out "stop the hate". he's been criticized widely for setting a tone of an anti protest mentality among supporters. tomorrow's primary represent the last chance republican
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it would likely make him the nominee unless the republican national committee tries to contest his nomination. on the democratic side a poll shows hillary clinton leading in florida and ohio. she leads senator sanders 60% to 40%. in ohio the race a much tighter one with clinton leading sanders 51% to 40%. a short time ago hillary clinton made a campaign stop in chicago. she attended an immigration workshop in the heart of the city's mexican american community. the organization trains people to help immigrants work through the process. clinton will travel to south florida to hold a primary here tomorrow night. bernie sanders is hitting the campaign trail hard. sanders held a rally this
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then will travel to north carolina and missouri. hundreds of thousands of republican and democratic voters in florida have already cast their ballots. >> absentee ballots continuing to roll in in miami dade and broward. gabby is live with the latest. >> reporter: hey lauren and vanessa. the polls are closed today but preparation is well underway. the board here is going through absentee ballots that came in this morning and based on the numbers so far election officials are expecting a busy day. a record number of south florida voters have already cast their ballots ahead of super tuesday. >> they might have a hard time getting here after work. >> reporter: with less than 24 hours before election day, all hands are on deck.
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up so we can open at 7:00 a.m.. >> we have to be ready for them. all the equipment is delivered. >> reporter: more than 83,000 people cast their ballots in miami dade county and 114,000 absentee ballots sent in. still more than 82,000 people voted early and nearly 75,000 submitted absentee ballots. >> i'm optimistic we will get a huge voter turn out. i'm looking forward to people getting on board. >> if the trends hold true we're looking at a turn out between 35 and 40%. >> you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote for your party's primary nominee. >> if you're not, we have to tell you that you're not eligible. >> while they work to set up
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voters to check your assignment precinct because it may have changed. >> between the redistribution of voters and the fact it's an easy ballot, i think they will move through the process quickly. >> so far 65% of absentee ballots have been returned in miami dade county. your last chance to vote in this primary is election day which is tomorrow. you can go between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. but go to your assigned precinct and if you're in line, you will be allowed to vote. live from dor rel, gabby fleischman. now to a developing story, police investigating an
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peter do we know what was taken? cash. >> reporter: the thief broke in at 1:00 in the morning and seemed very familiar with this safe at the school. he went through this building and headed over to closets like this one rifling through them looking for valuable items. this thief stole money children had been saving for field trips. surveillance tape shows the suspect ransacking an office as the presbyterian school. the target was a safe. at one point he smashes the camera. >> he hangs out here for an hour and goes room to room and causes damage but he got away with a safe containing over 5,$000 in
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we don't know what the other intentions were. we know someone out there must know him. someone must have information. we're asking the community to come forward and let us know information so we can put this guy behind bars rfrnlts police say he's here an an hour and looks comfortable. the school director she's heart broken the kids have paid for their field trips and the activities they have and now the money is gone. for them it's big. this is a school where kids are under scholarships. come by. it's a big loss for them. now we have to figure out moving forward. >> we don't know if maybe he's visited the premised before or maybe he's a former student but again, it's very disturbing to us but on a positive note we have good video and still frames soon.
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>> back here live in the wake of the damage you're looking at, no school today and the children were sent home. miami police hoping someone will recognize the thief seen in that very colorful surveillance tape. if you can help, call miami dade crime stoppers. we're live in miami, peter d'oench miami live news. a car slams into a publix grocery store. >> reporter: that driver was going at a very high rate of speed on hollywood boulevard. there's a big curve as you approach the publix shopping center. he missed the curb and went into the building. smashed up cars were pulled from
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>> i've heard it so many times that i jumped out of bed and i thought it was a bad accident. i couldn't see anything because the wall was blocking it. >> reporter: just before 3:00 a red cadillac slammed into the back of the publix in hollywood young circle. the driver was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected. the passenger was transported to memorial regional hospital in critical condition. stephen scott says he has seen this happen way too much. >> i've heard it many times and it was 3:00 in the morning and i was pretty tired. obviously i wish i had come down now. maybe i could have helped. >> reporter: he was driving at a high rate of speed westbound on hollywood boulevard when he lost control and struck a median. the car crashed head on into the rear storage room of the public.
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curb where the circle starts and it's a big circle. we have signals here that let drivers know coming from the beach. also placed here along the curb these orange stakes standing up with reflectors on it. >> joyce newman, another resident says more needs to be done to prevent tragedies from happening in the area. >> it's the fourth car that ran through the building since i have been here. >> reporter: the accident didn't cause any structural damage to the building. they're in the process of cleaning it up and boarding it up. investigators will be looking into if drugs and alcohol played a factor. >> thank you. new details this afternoon in the search for a man who went out on a south florida lake and did not return.
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police back on the scene near miami international airport. they are looking for the father of three. he disappeared on saturday night and crews found his wave runner covered in debris. he was not wearing a life vest and may have been speeding. police investigating the fatal shooting of a 20-year old man in miami beach. he was shot once in the chest early sunday morning and died in the hospital. police have spoke to a person of interest but so far no arrests have been made. other the weekend seven people were arrested after a fight broke out on the beach. if you have information on the shooting you you are urged to call miami dade crime stoppers. police are looking for a man accused of robbing and sexually assaulted a woman. he took off with her belongings after.
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35 years old and got away in a white suv or van. still ahead on cbs four news at noon. off the tram. a amtrak derails. a maryland police officer is gunned down outside a police station and what authorities are saying about the attack. a tiny sea lion pup loses his way where he was wandering around. adorable. so very warm and steamy. look at these temperatures. we could almost say a little summer like. right now it feels like the mid
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so what's an amtrak derailed when it went off the tracks as it headed from los angeles to chicago. >> reporter: dozens of passengers went flying when an amtrak train jumped the tracks in the middle of the night near wichita, kansas. first responders raced to free passengers trapped inside. >> we'll start evacuating people off the top. >> reporter: the chief carrying 128 passengers and 14 crew
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angeles heading to chicago. 25-year old daniel surbo was reading on board and he felt tour bu lance that turned drastic. >> i heard people crying for help and looking for folks. everyone was on both sides of the train looking for other people and family members. >> reporter: a person in a passing car captured the wreckage on cell phone video. many taken to nearby hospitals. to news from across america. police in maryland are calling the shooting of a police officer an unprovoked attack. he fired at an officer he saw outside the station.
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29th was an undercover narcotics office and was shot and died. people at a fish market in san diego were surprised to find the baby sea lion chilling out in the parking lot. he jumped into one car and played with the radio and even got behind the wheel. sea world rescue was called to the scene and picked him up. if you're a sea lion the fish market sounds like a good place to go. >> i love it. >> very cute. >> how does it look out there? >> warm and sticky. it's miami. we're not even kicking off spring just yet in terms of the ek knox coming up in a week but it's feeling summary.
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a mix of sun and clouds. everyone in town for spring break. the winds have settled down so a low risk of rip currents and boating has improved. look at how warm we are already. 83 in pom pa know beach. when you fact to in humidity it feels like 80 for some spots. 80s up through central florida and mid to upper 70s for the big ben and panhandle of florida. tomorrow the big day for election day. winds blowing 40-50 miles per hour. we do have a frontal boundary that is fizzling out to the north. it's bringing rains across central fla florida we could see
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as we get into 1:00 or 2 p.m. the models are indicating there could be developing showers around 3 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. not a wash out. 20% chance of rain. nothing like what is happening across the mid atlantic areas. they're getting soaked and dealing with wintery weather. the west coast is also getting slammed due to the system bringing not only the rain but the snow through higher elevations and let's zoom in and show you the threat for severe weather. central portions of the country around kansas city and omaha. the greatest threat is around the careless and in terms of our weather, we're in the 80s but
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50s in minneapolis and 38 is the coldest spot in billings. we're not done warming up yet. we'll add a few more degrees to the numbers and there could be afternoon showers. tonight low spots at 70 degrees. tomorrow for election day as you're headed to the polls, crank up the ac. rain down to 10% for saint patrick's day. better chance of wet weather and more for the weekend. next on news at noon. blueberry booths. how the tiny super food could be the next weapon in the fight for alzheimer's disease. good news for people who
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blueberries may help fight off alzheimer's. previous studies show the fruit may protect against heart disease. in today's tech minute, say good-bye to apple genius bar. they are replacing it with wooden stools where apple technicians will sit next to you and make the customer experience more intimate and equal. looks like your back will hurt
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cushion or something thanks for watching the news
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>> all our newscast are >> natalie: where' s billy? >> jack: good morning to you, too. >> natalie: [ sighs ] have you seen him? because i know where he' s not. i tried to catch him at home, but victoria just reamed me. >> jack: yeah, secrets and lies have a way of destroying an engagement. >> natalie: i feel sorry for
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m just the genius here. >> jack: oh, are you? >> natalie: after that little anti-reverse engineering to tighten pass key? hell yes. the beta rocks. i know you' re not a high-vibe type of dude, but can you give me something? >> jack: good for you. too bad i' m killing the project. >> phyllis: hi. >> billy: hi. >> phyllis: well, it' s worse than i thought. you' re gonna thank me. >> billy: what is this? i don' t -- i don' t need -- i don' t need this. >> phyllis: well, the way victoria broke things off, i know that you took it out on a bottle of scotch, and nobody would blame you, okay? but today is noah' s trial. you got to be at your best. you got to be sharp. and it' s a very good thing that you' re awake, you' re dressed, you' re ready to go -- sort of. >> billy: phyllis, i' m not hung over. >> phyllis: it' s the egg that'


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