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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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he has a big job ahead of him. the polls show that he is losing the home state. it could be the end of the line for him. he can't take a single vote for granted. >> marco rubio. >> students are ready to welcome marco rubio to florida atlantic university. the kids from the republican club is there. >> being able to participate this heavily in a system to campaign is exciting as well. we get to rally support and actually go out and sleet and give our support that way as well. >> others would like to see more candidates. >> we need to have all parties. and even though he is from there. and we have trump on the island. but we haven't seen him. he is annoying. > >> reporter: rubio is on a bus tour doing meet and greets on
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>> we need thank you. >> i need you. thank you. >> i am telling everybody. >> good. >> rubio needs every vote he can get in the battle to win the home state. he is far behind in the latest rounds of polls. >> i am asking you to vote. and i am asking you to find other people to vote and i am asking you to do everything possible over the next 36 hours to ensure not that just we win florida but we win decisively. he made stops in melbourne. his next stop is west palm beach. >> we believe, marco. >> looks like we lost ted's shot there. and other three candidate had a busy day. we will check in with natalia zea.
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>> they have been all over the place. north carolina and missouri and no one prize is bigger than florida. today in tampa, trump got a new based endorsement. >> one more reason. i always listen to my mom and my mom is with donald trump and so am i. >> state attorney general pam biondi introduced trump in a rally in tampa and former vice-presidential sarah palin was at the rally stumping for trump. this is just one of trump's stops. he like the other candidates are moving at break neck speed for the vote. >> all across the state of illinois and all across this country, people are waking up. >> the fight for the republican nomination has taken texas senator to illinois. he is hoping to secure most the
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>> we have made incredible strides and in all levels. education. employment and everything is moving in the right direction. this does not happen by accident. >> ohio governor john kasich is staying in his home state. it shows he is tied with donald trump there and the winner takes all is a big one. >> fresh off the campaign rally in boca raton saturday night, donald trump has shifted his focus to north carolina. he is polling at the top which is florida. >> we win with the young. we win with old. we win with highly educated and we win with less than highly educated. >> other big names hit the trail with the candidates. other presidential candidate
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trump and mitt romney stumped for john kasich, despite attorney general biondi endorsing trump, there is no one else. >> natalia zea. >> natd at thatia, thank you. >> on the democrat side, the same quinnipiac poll shows clinton leading. in florida, she leads bernie sanders by 60 to 34% and the poll's margin of error is 4.3%. in ohio, the race is much tighter with clinton leading sanders. 41 to 60%. that had a margin of error with .2%. >> clinton held a rally in chicago and that is a state illinois where recent polls show she is trailing sanders. she told potential voters she wants to win tomorrow and start pivoting toward the represent caves. they will hold it tomorrow
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>> senator sanders made several stops today in ohio where the race is tight. a rally in akron, sanders took on both donald trump and hillary clinton. accused trump of divisive tactics and said he is inciting violence. his campaign is not to blame. if early absentee voting is any indication, we could see a large turnout tomorrow. it is fielded by the primary campaign. gary nelson continues the live team coverage with that side of the story. he is joining us from miami in doral. >> gary? >> well, a very busy early voting has concluded in florida. absentee ballots continue to pour in and election officials are talking about the possibility of a historic presidential primary turnout now. >> election eve dawns after a busy season of absentee voting.
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>> might have a hard time getting here after work. >> i make sure i voted. >> with lots of company in broward county much more than 158,000 people early voted or returned absentees in larger miami dade. and with 2,000 early absentees so far. across the state of 12 million voters. more than 2 million have cast their ballots. heavy voting spurred by heavy hitting. >> cowr rupt marco rubio has spent years dwee frauding the people of florida. >> donald trump attacking marco rubio for improper use of a credit card in recent days. >> i believes in the american dream because he lived it. >> feel good clips about the humble clips and the contentious. >> they will hold out between
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in 2008, it was around 35%. i am expecting it to be around the hysterical trend or a little bit higher. >> obama. >> we won't see this. hour long lines in broward and miami-dade. that is a general election with a long ballot and lots more voters than there were machines and people to take care. this is a one question vote and since the last meltdown, they have been reconfigured to thin out the crowds. >> all the equipment is disliferred. it is set up for the voters. they will remember to bring with them. their picture id with signature. >> with updated machines and electronic check in. democracy promises to be just dandy, tuesday. >> most important for you to remember tomorrow. show up at the right place. lots of precincts, polling place locations have changed since you last voted.
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gary nelson srk cbs 4 news. . ahead at 5:30. senior news political editor steve will joan us from new york with an analysis of the big day and campaign 016. join discuss tomorrow morning for the special edition of 4 this morning. leading up to the primary. that is nine to 10. right here on cbs four. >> stay here and attending coverage of 2016. now through election day. this is west miami-dade. sad news involving the search for a man ride ago personal water craft who went missing saturday night. hank tester is live with the story. >> reporter: municipal, in blue lagoon. horrible news for a miami family. we shot earlier. miami-dade police found the
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surrounding the lake. they have told the family of jose that they have identified the body. the victim has had three chirp. now, this video from over the weekend, he went missing saturday. after departing antonio macio park at northwest seventh avenue. his personal water craft was found in the mangroves and the victim was not found until today. this is lorenzo from fwc. >> earlier today. around 2:30 p.m., miami-dade dive and under water recovery team got a hit on a side hit sonar on their vessel. they sent the dive team into the water and confirmed that it was a body we were looking for and recovered the body. it was confirmed by the family
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looking for. >> the victim was not wearing a life vest. >> the me e stopped here and picked up the body cause of death not known yet. >> i am hang testor, back to you. >> miami-dade police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at 3:30 this afternoon. a man was riding his bicycle when he was shot multiple times. the victim was airlifted to the trauma center where he died. police are searching for the shooter. caught on camera, a burglar rummaging through an office before taking a safe with thousands of dollars in cash. the school principal said that was student's savings for field trips. peter d'oench has more on the search for the suspect. >> reporter: this is a determined criminal at the
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he sees the camera and smashes it with a wrench. >> to be able to get away with a safe in over $5,000 in currency. >> i feel bad. >> i feel bad for the money that people. the students paid for. and it is gone. >> he has also seen scouring the kitchen. this is much time in the office before taking the safe. >> this is what they pay for their activities. for the camp. and they save throughout the year and wught, that they can have the kids go to these trips. it as sad thing. >> he just stole from over 60 kids that are planning to go on a youth retreat this week. that they have been anticipating this trip all week long. >> this is where it seems the suspect came through. >> the suspect broke in at one in the morning. spending more than an hour inside the school at northwest seventh street and 25th avenue.
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here for over an hour. maybe he visited the premises before or former student. >> the fact that he was so comfortable. as if it is okay to come into a school and come and steal from kids. >> do you recognize the guy at all. >> no. i wish i did. >> someone out there must know him. we have great video. >> someone might have information. >> come together and come forward. so we can put him behind bars before he strikeagain. >> they spent the day cleaning up. in light of the damage, there was no school on this day. the students were sent home. >> miami police said anyone who recognizes the scene will call them or the miami crime stoppers 59 the number on the screen. in miami, peter d'oench, cbs 4 news. we have great news to tell you about in hialeah. they are on the scene of a very
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you can see it from above. chopper four above. and palm weave where at least two people are critically hurt in the multdty vehicle accident. and how the crash is happened. and okeechobee road is shut down. traffic is a mess while police investigate. >> the news at five is just getting started. >> a man is killed when his carrie reasons out of control. a young circle in holywood. we are talking to her family. >> the hurricanes basketball team is headed to the ncaa tournament. jim berry will have the excitement for us. >> millions of americans are still under the gun from relentless flooding. we will show you the incredible picture. >> we went through fort lauderdale and it is up quickly and out to sea. >> what you can expect for
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week as we close the . pour crews had their hands full this morning. the road was shut down because of live downed wires. crews responded to downed wire lines. and though woard on what caused the power lines to come down. more than 17 million people are facing a severe weather threat. they target the northeast and the south.
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in the southern flooding. four of them in louisiana. >> cbs 4 laura estrana has more. >> reporter: emergency teams performed close to 60 rescues. tornadoes barreled across eastern and central arkansas sunday. as a fast-moving system, brought pounding rain and large hail to the region. the file vent weather knocked out pawsh for more than 9,000 people and is the latest threat from the storms punishing the south. >> they helped rescue more than 3,000 people in louisiana where the widespread flooding is blamed for at least four deaths. >> 78-year-old harold wore sham drowned trying to rescue bloopgings from his -- belongings from his home. >> it is a little too rough. >> it pushed lakes to levels not seen in decades.
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more than two dozen of them are in the parish where the buy yow yiew levee is in failure of breaking. a breach would threaten another 600 homes and many this this community have already felt the impact of the devastate something flooding. >> thought i would have to see my did live through this. >> she has lost everything. >> it is terrible to sit there and hold your kid at night. and watch them cry. because they lost everything. >> president obama has issued a declaration for parts of this state. >> tough situation for those folks. >> here, we have a little heat. >> the heat is on. and looking through the rest of the week, this is the last full week of winter. i think we are done. >> we are done. >> it is summer now. >> we have two seasons. one week in november and exactly.
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>> that comes up in june. it is really muggy and kind of toasty out. there and steamy side. >> fort lauderdale camera from downtown. had a shower go through there. just a few minutes bag. >> pretty warm. >> # five in miami. and # zero in keys west. if you are visiting from out-of-town. where the other place it is are getting crumb think weather. >> you are getting your money's worth. it is really nice out there. and the humidity is 95%. >> 84, fort lauderdale. and 87 in the park today. we shuck about 80 this time of year. >> they are warm everywhere. >> 86 in tallahassee and 87 in melbourne. the wind is coming out of of the west. no oaks cooling breezes today. it is very dry and very warm. there is the storm system
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going through kentucky and west virginia. there is the monster storm t we talked about it earlier and oarnlg nateed in texas. we are clinging to life. >> nice night out here. the storm will not have an impact here. >> down to 80. 76, few clouds out there tomorrow and temperatures all the way to # six. even down by the beaches. no ocean beaches 20e78 and light chop on the bay waters. and this is st. patty's day. >> more sunshine for the week. slightty better chance for the weekend. >> thanks a lot. the basketball team is going to the big dance. >> they are heading to the ncaa tournament for the first time in three years. for sports anchor. jim berry offers us more. >> this is exciting stuff. >> jim larranaga took an unknown team all the way to the final four. now at the believes they can
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march madness is here and it is indeed ready to dance. >> . they knew they were bound for the big dance and when they heard their names called sunday. they erupted in joy. >> this is why you coach. to enjoy the accomplishments of your players. >> jim larranaga's canes are the third in the south regional. they are in providence, rhode island and opener against buffalo. >> you can't look at anything. and take them for granted. who they beat and lost. you have to play the game how it is supposed to be played. >> you march in with a 27-5 record. and a roster that looks tournament ready. it has depth and starting with point guard angelo rodriguez. >> we will have fun with him and try to make a long run. >> i think our guys realize, you know, it is not just what i do or ohio i lead them.
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and how we push each other and how we encourage each other. >> he made it happen at a football school. this is the best school's ambassadors. >> young men he brought into the program and really being committed. great group of guys represent the unit of university. >> only thing left to do is dance. >> this is a time to show off your very best moves. >> you get a chance to show what you can do during march madness. the big dance is where you want to be dancing. and you want to dance a lot. >> i think they will. this year, there is no overwhelming favorite by means if the canes do, in fact, get on a roll. they could be dance ago very long way. if that happens, coach larranaga will be dancing right with them. >> he is more so than the players. >> if anyone can do it. they are seated number 3. and in the south.
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that matters is where they are seated in the there. and if it comes. it could be tough. >> shouldn't be afraid of anybody. >> they could hang with anybody and rodriguez has to play and if they get in trouble. he is the one guy who next year could be playing in the nba. >> exciting. >> jim. >> still ahead. >> is richard simmons okay. he is speaking out tonight. >> it is after a newspaper article. raises questions about the well-being. er hear what he has to say about that. >> trouble on the tracks. dozens of people hurt. when an amtrak passenger train derails in kansas. we will have the latest on the investigation. >> truly disgusting video that surfaces on line. what is man is seen doing at a plant in tennessee. find out what he did. >> cbs four news at 5:30.
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i am lauren pastrana, it could be a turning point. and they are up for grabs and it is winner takes all. meanwhile the democratwon
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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new at five. kellogg said a video is under investigation. it shows a man urinating. and kellogg said it was recorded at the memphis, tennessee factory in 2014. any product that would have been affected would have been past their expiration dates already. they were impacted were rice countries me treats and puffed rice treats. >> and crispy treats. they led to the investigation into the diesel emission scandal. he said he was wrongfully fired for refusing to take part in deleting files and reporting them to the supervisor. >> it programmed about 600,000 diesel powered cars in the u.s. to cheat on pollution tests. they are now investigating potential criminal charges. >> they are checking whether damaged train tracks from a car
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>> it was heading from chicago to los angeles and jumped the tracks west of wichita. they are injured. cbs 4s omar villa franco has more from texas. they are now on the scene in southwestern kansas to try to determine what sent an amtrak train flying off the tracks overnight. >> they will respond to the train derailment. >> first responders raced to free passengers trapped inside when five rail cars flipped over. >> ladder up and we will start with the people off the top. >> the amtrak carrying. 128 passenger answer 14 crew members was traveling from los angeles heading for chicago. >> 25-year-old daniel sresidents ba was reading on board. he said it turned dras tech. >> as soon as i opened up the room door, there was a large burning smell. >> i heard people crying for
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>> everyone was just on both sides of the train. looking for other people. >> family members. >> at least 29 people are hurt and many taken to nearby hospitals. no word on how fast the train was going when it went off the tracks. omar villa frank ca. >> -- villa franco. he slammed into a building in hollywood. he crashed into a publix grocery store. >> he was speeding and his girlfriend survived. we are live with reaction from her family. >> joan? >> eliott and rudabeh, they boarded up the hole where the red cadillac went through. and their investigation is just beginning. > >> reporter: home surveillance. you see two cars racing by on west hollywood boulevard. it is just before 3:00 in the morning.
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a large hole in a back storage area of the publix on young circle. one of the cars hit the curb and knocked down some polls and went airborne and smashed into the building. the driver drks david moore was killed. his passenger roxanne avila was seriously hurt and survived. her sister tells us she doesn't know where she was. the or what she was doing before the crash. >> she tells us she dated him on and off for two year resist. >> nice, quiet girl. >> you know. >> bother nobody. >> just dating her. >> that's it. >> it is the fourth car that i have seen since i have been here that ran through the building. >> residents say far too many cars speed down hollywood boulevard. and they end up like this through the back wall of a building.


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