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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. the polls open up at 7 am on this primary day. you have one hour to get there but you won't need it. there are no accidents or construction. 95 at sheridan street the flashing lights are off to the shoulder. there are no delays. 95 in miami-dade looking equally good. there are no accidents or construction through all of south florida. here's a live look of the palmetto. this is a 26 northbound and southbound at 120 2nd street. voters head to the polls and what could be a turning point in campaign 2016. complete coverage and what you need to know coming up.
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reality tv show. >> we're going to have a great day. >> in florida and the only one. >> one last chance to sway voters and change course of the race for the white house. its primary day in florida. this winner take all state is the biggest price for the gop. >> it's also do or die for marco rubio and governor john kasich or try to win their home states. marco rubio is a distant second place. donald trump has 43% and marco rubio 24%. >> marybel rodriguez is at a polling station with details. >> reporter: volunteers are getting ready for the voters to arrive at 7 am.
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and regardless of the pulling numbers he remains optimistic to win his home state. he be -- met with supporters all over the state yesterday. he arrived home in west miami to a roaring crowd. the ultimate -- he was optimistic he came in florida. >> i wanted to be part of this and i cannot wait tomorrow to say before you and give thanks for helping us win florida. >> reporter: he chose to spend what could be his last night as a candidate blocks away from where his political career started as a west miami commissioner. his homecoming to not come without drama. first producer kenny holtz took to his truck to announce rubio had no chance of winning. he was escorted out of the rally by police. >> i cannot wait to bring the win home. spoke in his sound system
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school with a bullhorn. >> announced my candidacy for presidency. >> reporter: 11 months ago when he announces candidacy at the freedom tower he joined the field of 16 well-known candidates. opponents dropped out and the new hampshire had a meltdown during the debate. an attack by chris christie seems to spell the beginning of the end. he would recovered but the damage had been done. the question remains now can he pull off a miracle in florida? >> don't stay home. we don't know how close going to be but we need everyone to come out. let's make sure everyone goes out and votes. >> reporter: it comes down to florida. live pictures from a fire station number two in hialeah.
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greet voters at 7 am. marco rubio remains optimistic. he said regardless of what race. you have a large party tonight and we will be there. front runner donald trump will hold a news conference at his mar-a-lago prevent -- resort tonight. florida attorney general pam bondi through support to the billionaire >> there is one more reason i always listen to my mom. my mom is with donald trump and so am i. >> she introduced trump at a rally in tampa yesterday. also former candidate sarah palin who canceled an earlier appearance to has been's taught being injured in a snowmobile accident. trump left florida and had to
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trump gets the major campaign event at the trump national. protesters went out anyway and were organized. >> in one day we were able to mobilize 3000 people on facebook to stop the xenophobic white supremacist rhetoric he keeps displaying in his rallies. >> i trump supporters across the street had a verbal scuffle with about 50 demonstrators. i went to ohio instead because he thinks he has already taken florida. it's also critical day for john kasich. he'll be in his home state of ohio. he received support yesterday from mitt romney. they. a rally in westerville ohio. romney has not endorsed any candidate but he says he wants to see anyone but trump when the republican nomination. kasich has a stop -- has a shot
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the slightly had multiple polls. the of 30% and trumpet 34% and ted cruz comes in 18% marco rubio at 5%. senator chris will be in houston tonight for election night watch party. he's placing third in most polls. they spent the day yesterday in illinois. he things he can do well there in with missouri and north carolina. hillary clinton will be in west palm beach night. she mcammond stops in chicago yesterday including a rally at a union facility. illinois has polls showing her trailing bernie sanders. she currently beat centers in delegate count and by a wide margin in florida. bernie sanders of a long day yesterday. less that he stop in chicago and hours before that he stopped in missouri. in the afternoon he spent time in north carolina or he focused on the economy campaign finance and criminal justice system.
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florida will play out it could be a busy day and what has been a busy early voting season. gaby fleischman continues our coverage from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: good morning. we have less than one hour before the polls open. if you look inside the coral ridge mall you can see the setup is underway. election workers across florida are busy making last-minute reparations. broward elections workers party voting machines and other equipment into polling places across the county . officials say they are not expecting long lines because of new electronic check-in systems that are supposed to speed up the process. but to make sure things go smoothly they want to remind people you have to vote your assigned precinct and need a valid id and because ford is a closed primary state you must be a registered democrat or
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party. in miami-dade the number is nearly 200,000 people have voted early. julia kindle across the state have already cast ballots. some voters who got the polls early are encouraging others to get out and do their civic duty. >> i hope everyone gets out and votes. it's our duty and it's a privilege. >> reporter:@coral ridge mall more than 6000 people voted early. it's one of the biggest voting locations within broward county. polls open at 7 am sharp and close at 7 pm and if you're in line by 7 pm cut you'll be allowed to vote. joining us is randy pestana a political analyst. >> thank you for being with us. no one know about the campaign we made it seems like it's been an eternity. are you surprised that donald
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voters the way he has an marco rubio has not been as effective in his home state? but the majority of us are surprised. when donald trump cannot his first campaign it was shocking to us but now we are seeing he is running the house in the party. as far as marco it is a surprise because he can with the hope and change in the american century. and he's lived up to it until this point. as he went negative you saw him drop off and voters do not want to believe him they don't like that message. >> what does rub you need to do anything to pull out a victory? >> there are two things to do. he's to get latino voters to go out to the polls. and even that might not be enough. he'll say to steal some voters from john kasich and ted cruz. most important part of the state with different demographic than here in south florida. >> because of his home state will talk about him. what would a loss in florida
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is it is not think of anything beyond what is having for lunch date. but politicians tend to do that. what you think about his future? >> it's overstated and i think he would say the same thing. many are saying if he loses this he should drop out. i would agree with that. but he has more delegates than john kasich and even john kasich were to win ohio today as far as looking toward the future my guilt mentioned him for 2018 governors race. that we something interesting to watch. >> former governor jeb bush has not endorsed anyone. he is a strong following. if you were to say today endorsed marco rubio would that help at all? >> i don't think so. i think it's too late. jeb bush is waiting to see who comes out as the establishment candidates take on ted cruz and donald trump. i think it's too early for jeb
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>> is not the gop primary. there's also the democratic primary. do you think she will have luck in florida in the general election? >> i think she will. trump is effective but he alienates some people. people will not come out to vote for hillary they will come out to vote against trump. that is a big indicator of how he will do in the general election. >> thank you so much for joining us. senator marco rubio will be live in our studio after 6:30 this morning. lay back on her during her special 9 am primary date newscast. don't miss it.
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developing story out of chicago . three officers have been shot. it happened it -- as five police officers were investigating drug activity. the officers observed a man and a woman acting suspiciously. when they approached them the men ran between buildings and began shooting. one of the officers returned fire killing the man. one was taken into custody. the officers are treated for nonlife threatening injuries. the nfl makes a stunning admission about head injuries. danger on duty for the firefighters. a star said he jennifer garner spotted in south florida. olympus recent visit to the magic kingdom has made her a viral sensation. the angry splash mountain lady
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95 is busy at 120 the street but no accidents. a look at the full traffic update coming up. weather is cooperating except for some dense fog.
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it's a huge day in florida. we're waking up to mainly quiet and dry conditions but as you are getting ready to head out we have been spoke. the visibility -- dense fog. in west kendall at homestead visibility is down less than 1 mile. it's especially heavy in inland areas but also near the coast. we have calm winds and mostly
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moisture which makes it feel muggy. look at these numbers. 70s fort lauderdale and miami and upper 60s and homestead. although we're looking at mainly dry conditions for most of the day there could be a few showers popping up as afternoon. like yesterday. the polls are open until 7 pm so i suggest keeping the umbrella in the backseat of the car in case you the stray shower. it's quite active across the carolinas and up the east coast. the west coast is dealing with activity as well with the rain and winter precipitation. here in south florida we will be soaring to the upper 80s feeling like the 90s because of the humidity.
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a light chop on the bay. no advisories. sunrise at 7:30. tonight 70 degrees. we stay warm all week even through saint patty's day. 84 on friday. better chance of storms into the weekend. let's check traffic. south florida on the palmetto southbound and injury accident has to write lanes blocked. push to the left lane. southbound on the 26. 95 at southbound northwest 103 street the shoulder blocked by a crash. there's more congestion on the roads as we approach rush hour. 86 drivers eastbound to 95
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accident on the ramp causing delays. the slowest spot will be the turnpike. 288th st. northbound up to 874. the red arrows before you 01 it slow. 23 minutes. pope francis has announced a date for the canonization of mother teresa. so become a saint on sunday on sunday, september 4. peevishly cleared mother teresa for sainthood this past year. she earned several others including nobel peace prize and died in 1997 at the age of 86. firefighters battle a massive house fire in maryland. eight of the firefighters are recovering after the front part of the house collapsed onto them. video shows and try to put out the fire when house fell down. everyone inside the home was
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a detective was killed by from a fire during an ambush outside a police station. it happened when the undercover narcotics officer arrived in an unmarked car in the middle of a firefight. in the confusion detectives was hit by a bullet from a fellow officer. the gunmen and his brothers who recorded the whole thing has since been arrested. a bombshell admission from the nfl. there is a link between football related head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte. >> do think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cd? >> certainly research has shown a number of retired nfl players diagnosed with cte so the answer the question is certainly yes. >> the mission during a congressional roundtable marks the first time a senior nfl of official has acknowledged the connection the devastating brain injury.
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90 of the 94 as the players screen for cte were found to have had. marco rubio joins us live in studio coming up. a woman's picture on disney's splash mountain goes viral. >> i laugh every time i see that. >> what could be the cutest happy birthday stephen curry
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the stars of the new movie miracles from heaven's top in south beach for the big red carpet premiere. the movie starring jennifer garner is how a mother's faith is tested after her daughter develops a rare incurable
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she told us what to expect from the movie. >> it was very emotional to do this film. i don't think you have to be a mom to see the emotion. anyone who sees a child suffering our child in pain even natural reaction. it's okay in the end. there's a happy ending. >> miracles from heaven opens in theaters tomorrow. there are many things trending on social media this morning. golden state warriors player stephen curry turned 28 yesterday. and he got a special condition of the happy birthday song. listen. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear daddy. >> everyone better be smiling. hurt his daughter riley curry
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nearly a year. was only a matter of time before she dropped her first single. it did go viral. obama had invited the cast of the hit musical hamilton to perform at the white house yesterday. responding to cue cards the president flashed first direct about nasa obamacare the constitution and even sunny and but which are the dogs. yet the to the full video it's incredible. richard simmons is speaking out about his mysterious disappearance. an article by the new york daily news says he stopped returning calls and emails and says this is the real had not been seen for two years. his friends believed he was
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he denies all claims and says he was taking it easy since making his last public appearance in 2013. have you seen the photo of the angry splash mountain lady? she looks like this while going down what's considered a fun ride. she speaking out about the picture. her name is alexander and her recent visit to the magic kingdom has made her a viral sensation. >> it was a long day. i had bronchitis and a crying baby and my husband informed me he was not going down my favorite ride. spot because her husband stephen decided to sit this one out she gave him a humorous but harsh stare for the to her husband and her husband posted online. her face is been photoshopped ever since she's been in the bernie sanders rally skydiving and was replaced by the infamous grumpy cat.
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familiar. here's what trending on our facebook page. this tour has our viewers talking and it's gross. kellogg says a criminal investigation is underway after the video surfaced online showing a man urinating on one of its factory assembly lines. the video was reported at its memphis tennessee factory in 2014. any product that would have been affected will be after expiration date and parks potentially impacted include rice crispy treats granola clusters and puffed rice treats. everyone eating cereal now is dropping their spoon. i'm sorry. like our facebook page. >> i'm having pancakes.
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-- cereal at my desk now. good morning. we have a lot ahead including john dickerson with what to expect on today's primary. we talk with ohio governor john kasich and also political ads trying to stop for runner donald trump. look at the impact they have on the key states like florida. how the community struggling to keep kids under control during spring break. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7.
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if you're headed out we have some patchy dense fog. thankfully it's dry. we do have some low-level clouds reducing visibility drastically worse than yesterday. in fact down to zero in some areas. 1 mile visibility in opa-locka. winds are calm and mostly clear skies and low-level moisture. all those elements come together to produce the fog. low 70s to the coast and mid- upper 60s inland. a hot and steamy afternoon is coming up. highs in the upper 80s with a few showers possible this afternoon. the complete forecast coming up. we see delays i-95
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st. this accident at northwest what we 9th street. a slow southbound drive on 95 this morning. 826 palmetto southbound and injury accident that has great lanes blocked. of the crash i-95 to the shoulder at 103 street southbound and for those you getting on the ramp. in less than 30 minutes the polls open in today's critical primary. we have live team coverage of the gop and democratic candidates on this make or break day. there is no other way to put it. it's do or die for fortis -- florida senator marco rubio >> he's going to primary as an underdog donald trump. that cannot even express last night as he was welcomed home.
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team coverage at the hialeah fire station were voters with the polls in under 30 minutes. >> reporter: volunteers arriving early at fire station number two at hialeah. they are ready to greet voters at 7 am. florida is it's for marco rubio and regardless of the polls he does remain optimistic. he traveled hundreds of miles across the state ending where he began his political career. >> number gorilla supporters at public atlantic university rallied around hopeful. he made a final push in florida to get every vote he can. he is facing a tough battle as he tries to win the hometown crowd. recent polls show him a distant second donald trump in florida. >> i'm asking you to vote. and ask you to find other people to vote. and do everything you can possible over the next 36 hours to ensure that is that we win
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decisively. >> reporter: on meet and greet's he spoke with optimism about the primary vote. he also to the chance to land -- land jabs against hillary clinton and donald trump. he made reference to the increasing incidence of violence that erupts between trump supporters and protesters. he ends the day in his home in west miami greeted by a roaring crowd. he choose to spend what could be his last night as a candidate blocks away from where his political career started as a west miami commissioner. this is one of the many voting places ready to greet voters in less than 30 minutes. again as i mentioned marco rubio remains optimistic. regardless of what happens he says he will remain in the race.
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fiu and we will be there. donald trump will be in west palm beach night for the primary results. on monday he cast a major campaign event at the trump national. protesters went out anyway and they were organized. in one day 3000 people on facebook sign up to protest although it was canceled. a supporter of post street had a verbal scuffle with about 50 demonstrators. trump went to ohio instead because he thinks he has already won florida. ted cruz will be in phoenix tonight. he spent is a campaigning illinois. he believes he can do well along with north carolina and missouri. north carolina has the poll
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john canceled in ohio to watch the results. he receives forestry from mitt romney. the appeared at a rally in westerville ohio. romney has not endorsed any candidate but he says he wants to see anyone but trump win the nomination. bernie sanders will be in phoenix arizona tonight. he had a long day yesterday. as they made a campaign stop in chicago and hours before that they made a stop in missouri. in the afternoon spent time in north carolina where he spoke the economy, camping finance, and criminal justice system. ilse visited ohio. hillary clinton will hold the primary night event in west palm beach. she made campaign stops in north carolina and chicago. she attended a rally at unit facility in all illinois. she's trailing senator bernie sanders. she meets sanders by a wide margin in florida. five states go to the polls today.
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the democrats. 691 delegates. unlike republicans the state is not winner take all for the democrats. republicans and early for her delegates up for grabs across the five states. for an ohio are winner take all and were once again the biggest trophy. with more on the fight for florida and will play out in today's voting booths across the state. gaby fleischman is live in fort lauderdale with more. >> reporter: good morning. we've got 30 minutes left until the polls open across south florida. this is the coral ridge mall. preparations are going on in setting up voting booths and checking machines to make sure they are ready to go when voters arrive at 7 am. broward election workers spent my preparing the 575 precincts
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the carted voting machines signs other items into polling places like this mall. helen britton voted early and she's disturbed by the campaign season. >> how sad it is we've seen -- sink so low it becomes personal rather than what is good for the people. >> reporter: more than 130 -- one 57,000 people have voted early. in my needed the number is nearly 200,000. across florida and of 12 leverage voters, over 2 million have already cast ballots. it's a highly connected campaign appears to be galvanizing voters. >> the trends hold true we're looking at between 35% and 40%. >> everything is set up for the voters and the driver to bring with them their picture id with signature. >> reporter: ms. long lines should be not be a problem. a new electronic check-in system is able to speed up the process brought you have your id.
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minute appeals as well. >> if you think about what previous presidents have done and where the future is heading, it's very essential for you to go out and vote >> i hope everyone gets out and thoughts. it's our duty and it's a privilege. >> reporter: before heading out to vote today you should double check your assigned precinct because it might have changed. polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm. officials say if you're in line by 7 pm you will be allowed to vote. marco rubio will be live in our studio coming up in a matter of minutes. going back on her for special 9 am primary day newscast.
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and online at our smartphones can do quite a bit but cannell be out in health crisis? i feel are panicking after the dating at tender -- tender mac expense ethical issues. -- experienced technical issues. we have several accidents will tally about coming up. -- i will tell you about coming up. we're waking up to fog
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welcome back. joining us in the studio is florida senator and candidate marco rubio. thank you for being with us. on little sleep you look ready to go. >> yes.
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you voted early but what to tell the voters who is not yet voted? first of all i hope they will vote. and that's true for either party. it's important to go out and vote. it matters. as far as voting for me is concerned i would love people to vote for me. if you're of republican people in the republican primary today. i'm the only one running that has a chance to win against donald trump. this is an individual who's been vulgar and divisive and i've never seen anything like it. our country deserves better. the only one who can beat him especially: florida is me. if you're thinking of one of the other candidates the have zero chance to win but if you vote for them instead of me your voting for donald trump.
6:44 am
this particular voting vote for me. >> a do or die maker break. when you hear those phrases over and over is it discouraging or do you change how you approach this day? >> it's important. it was always going to be important. it has 99 delegates. but i'm not going to die. it's a political campaign. this is not some third world country where if you lose an election to go into exile. i believe we're going to win and i still believe that strongly. but it's all up to voters. if they cannot to vote we will win. if they don't then it becomes tougher. but either way this campaign was never about me. it's about the fact that i honestly believe americans a chance to be better than it's ever been. as a toy for century village has to be our greatest era ever so we are not doing the things that need to be done and we won't if we let the wrong person.
6:45 am
exaggeration of do or die. it shows that you it's about more than politics. so you're not think about the future but after today when you think about what is next in the campaign and the politically?? what's next is utah and arizona and the way in florida as we expect to is going to give us enormous boost. of the national pundits expect us to lose micah speir bernie sanders to lose in michigan. that's what we're focused on now. tomorrow will be in utah and today were in florida. in cell phone is critical. a huge number of voters and it's obviously 7 am to 7 pm voting. i encourage everyone to go out and vote. >> a lot of pomp and circumstance made about the endorsements that everyone wants.
6:46 am
fact that governor jeb bush.cannot endorse you? >> middle don't like endorsements. i did not endorsement money or anyone in florida. is it for the voters to decide. i had my share of endorsements and i cannot complain. the tennessee and arkansas and south carolina and new mexico. i've been blessed with incredible endorsements. when it comes to president endorsements matter and help a little but voters this is not a race for circuit judge. people support they know who the candidates are the been wanting for a while. now it's time to vote and ask you to not vote >> was aboard the gop nominee if in fact is not you. you seemed to wait for a little bit this weekend. defined it possible to unite this campaign has been so the rhetoric and insults? >> it's getting harder every day to keep that pledge because
6:47 am
things he is done and sent. i know people are angry and frustrated but leaders don't take -- they address it and say here's how we going to stop it. but we are becoming a country where everyone hates each other. people hate each other today. there literally at each other's throats. the major political candidate encouraging violence at his rallies against protesters in talking up a no legal fees for someone who sucker punched a protester. you cannot just say anything you want and not believe it won't have consequences. is that we want our president? i don't think so i hope republicans realize it. >> i like ends on a positive note. what's the best part about running for president? >> the people you meet and will help you. elements of florida -- agenta
6:48 am
would not meet him until last night. everyday he was working standing at a pole. whenever asked him to he did it on his own. thousands of people across the country in which is undergoing chemotherapy and from her hospital bed is making phone calls on my behalf. when we hear these things and were terribly today which up and go because another other people out giving their all and they deserve you to give your all. >> thank you so much for joining us. we have another check of the weather and forecast and traffic. panic after tinder experienced technical issues. it is primary day in florida. >> can marco rubio pull off a
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join us we're waking up with some dense fog cements the big weather concern.
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it's become more dense in doral. visibility is reduced drastically . that has not changed since i arrived. i noticed it on the way to work. 1 mile in opa-locka. 5 miles an fort lauderdale. the fog stretches to the coast. low 70s in fort lauderdale and miami. upper 60s in kendall and homestead. the radar and satellite shows we are rain free for now. the models indicate like yesterday we could see a few spotty showers this afternoon
6:53 am
polls are open until 7 pm. we see plenty of rain and active weather for the carolinas and up the east coast. and the west coast especially pacific northwest. for severe weather across the north. in south florida hot. upper 80s and will feel like 90s. a light chop on the day. warm through saint patty's day which is thursday and friday and the weekend increase the chance for showers and possibly storms. a couple of accidents in miami-dade. 826 eastbound 95 northbound a crash on that ramp. another accident in the area 86 eastbound and nw. 17th avenue. with a hit-and-run accident of the shoulder. 874 northbound at killian
6:54 am
is your smartphone in a health crisis? >> the answer is not very. popular voice assistance by asking them about rape suicide and depression and answers included i'm here for you and i don't know what that means. several do not recognize concern when user said i'm having a heart attack. the search for love is back on use of the tinder getting after an outage at some concerned tinder fixed a glitch that accidentally deleted user matches. they told users to log out and back in to the account to have their matches restored. the problem was fixed one woman tweeted all might tinder m matches are back in my future
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is primary day in florida. these are live pictures from precinct 379 in hialeah. the winner take all state is the biggest price for the gop today. polls open in three minutes and remain open until 7 pm the is a make or break day for florida senator marco rubio. he strode donald trump in the polls. he joins us live in studio a short time ago and says he's confident he will win today and moved to utah tomorrow. you'll the primary night
6:58 am
front-runner donald trump hold a news conference at his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach night. tikrit will be in houston and john kasich will be in his home state of ohio. the clinton faces a challenge from bernie sanders in the midwest of ohio missouri and illinois. so be in west palm beach night as she watches the results come in. she will when the florida. a final check on the weather. it's not expecting -- were not expecting rain today. but we do have dense fog this morning. drive cautiously and use low beams. low 70s in fort lauderdale and muggy. highs sword to upper 80s today. a few showers are possible this afternoon. better chance of rain this
6:59 am
874 drivers northbound at killian parkway so that's because of an accident. the turnpike made you are going to the polls. 32 minutes from 288 down to 74. 95 is also busy. go to the polls. the news comes up next. good morning. it is tuesday, march 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a pivotal primary day. donald trump hopes to knock out
7:00 am
bernie sanders. the worst flooding in more than 100 years threatens entire communities in the south. and we're in miami beach with struggles to control the wild spring break parties. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place. i want to do it. great again. >> trump fights for the gop nomination. >> when you are inciting mob violence, which is what trump is doing -- >> you can beat up people. don't worry about it. i'll pay the legal fees. that's a good thing to do. >> don't worry. you're ghoingt to get beat up in my rallies. >> do you worry about the image of the parties the longer -- >> i'm worried about the image of the country. >> millions of people cleaning up now from several days of


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