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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a voice asitia choose the next preponderate. >> in pushing forward, he says he's fulfilling his constitutional duty and called on senators to do their jobs. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> if you missed the president's announcement, you can watch it in its entirely on >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended. >> marco rubio is out of the running for the presidency after getting blown out in the fight for florida. >> i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough. he's smart, and he has a great future.
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the billionaire dominated here in florida and had kind words for rubio. the guy he insulted and called little marco. a big day for trump. rick scott announced he's endorsing trump, saying it's time for the republicans to come together. >> here is a look at how the race finished in florida with 99% of the precincts reporting. 46% of the vote for donald trump. marco rubio who dropped out of the race at 27% and senator ted cruz at 17%. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton winds the state of florida. she dominated the polls. bernie sanders finished with 78%. he put up a roadblock. he's the winner in his home state, picking up the 66th 66th winner take all delegates delegates. >> after losing in his home state, rubio announced he's out
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gary nelson joins us from election headquarters in doral with more. >> well, marco rubio's political rise came crashing down to earth in meteoric fashion last night, rubio thumped by trump in every dade. >> while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> after a pounding in his home state, marco rubio's run for the white house ended tuesday night. he told a crowd of crest fallen supporters he used every gas in his political tank. i just want you to know there's nothing more you could have done. you worked as hard as anyone worked. we worked as hard as we ever could. americans fed up with the
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>> 2010, the tea party wave carried me. it gave republicans majority in the house, but nothing changed. in 2014, those same voters gave republicans a majority in the senate, and still nothing changed. i blame some of that on the conservative movement. >> exit polls show florida republicans angry, showing it with their votes. 60% said they felt betrayed by the gop. look, people are angry. people are very frustrated. it really began back in 2007. -- don't worry. you won't get beat up at our event. >> rubio was heckled by a trump supporter. who might he support now? it won't be trump. >> america needs a vibrant conservative movement but one that's built on principles and ideas, not on fear and anger
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>> while rubio is at his home in west miami today, his spokesperson messaged me a short while ago, saying rubio's first priority is to return to washington and finish out his term as a u.s. senator serving the people of florida. then, well, he's a lawyer. he could practice law, but he also bleeds politics. there's little doubt in anyone's mind that we'll see rubio running for something down the road. we're live in doral, gary nelson, cbs news. >> here is a break down of the other four races for the democrats last night. hillary clinton is the projected winner in ohio with 56% of the vote. north carolina also goes to clinton. she had 55% to sanders 41. hillary clinton also won illinois, but just by a slim margin there. and missouri, too close to call. still clinton and sanders are
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votes. here at home, voters said no to the hotel proposal. 54% of voters favored the least. 64% was needed for approval. the convention center is undergoing a renovation and expansion. the hotel would have had 800 rooms. the proposal was less than 1,000 votes away from approval. >> for a closer look at last night's results, head to at least a dozen horses dead after a fire ripped through a barn in lake worth. it was at the south florida trotting center. joan murray is live there with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. what a rough day it's been for everyone at the trotting center. this is the barn where the horses were kept. many were getting ready to
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terribly overnight. it was a devastating fire. 12 trapped horses perished in the blaze at the south florida trotting center in suburban lake worth. eleven horses made it out alive and of those, two were critically hurt. firefighters were injured. >> ann mar marie daley had no comment. >> they're mostly three-year- olds in training the to become super champions. >> it's an all purpose equine facility that performs full equine therapy. >> the south florida trotting center talks about horses being raised to compete in harness racing. smoke. the fire was at the end. we were trying to let the animals loose. it happened so quick. >> jamie daley and her fiance
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they saw the smoke in flames and tried to rescue some of the hours. >> the fire was down there, but the snaps were on fire. so by the time i got the third one out, the roof collapsed. on this side the smoke was everywhere. it's terrible. >> many investigators are on scene, but it's too early to tell what led to the fire. >> multiple animals are roaming free. the flames are described up to 30-feet high at times. there was a roof collapse that had occurred when we arrived. >> the horses that arrived are owned by people at several companies. >> it's not just bread and butter, money, some were probably going to go on to be champions and make a million this summer. it's not about the money. it's about the love. >> such a deep and personal
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the horses that survived are at a vet clinic south of here. we expect to learn more about this all at 1:00 when they're going to hold a news conference here. we'll have the latest beginning at 5:00. reporting in lake worth, joan murray. >> we have a news exclusive now. we're hearing from the mother of a baby who had a gunpointed at its head during a frightening robbery. gaby, you spoke with the victim. >> that's right, walter. this is the most frightening experience she's ever been through. she was at work for her 9-month- old son and they were both held up at gunpoint. >> it was really scary. an outer body experience, really. i felt like i was watching it from the outside. >> a mother too scared to reveal her identity.
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couple hundred dollars maybe, it's just really sad. >> the two men were caught on surveillance cameras at the store where the woman works on northwest second avenue near winnwood. it was around 1:00 in the afternoon when the alleged crooks walked in and pretended they were shopping. >> the guys acted like they were buying a bag of chips. when i looked down and looked back up, he had a gun in my face. he told me to put the baby on the ground and pointed the gun to the baby and said, as long as you do what i say, it will be fine, but if you do anything stupid, i will shoot your baby. >> the mom emptied out the register. >> he ripped out the cash drawer, took what he wanted and told me to get on the ground. >> they don't keep large amounts of money in the register for this reason. they installed bullet proof glass, a buzzer to let people in.
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it's stupid. it's ignorant. they're going to get what they deserve. >> take another look at the surveillance video. you can get a clear look at one of the robbers. detectives need your help to identify them. >> they definitely deserve to get caught. >> and the mother also tells me shell not let this horrible experience stop her from living her life. so she does plan to go back to work within is next couple of days, but she'll not be bringing her baby with her. now, if you recognize the two men in that surveillance video, police need your help. they're asking you to give them a call. the number is (305)471-tips. phillip levine is going to cuba next week with a professor from tuft university. he'll be there at the same time as president obama. the group will be in cuba for
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cbs will be in cuba next week with the coverage beginning on sunday havana. it starts monday right here on cbs news. >> still ahead on cbs news at noon, a family plea, a man is killed killed killed in a hit and run more than a year ago, and now his family is hoping for new leads. >> a good samaritan jumps into action to save an elderly man trapped inside his car. commuter chaos. down. >> and a florida woman is fighting to keep her 6-foot long pet alligator in her home. the bizarre story coming up. >> craig setzer in weather control. a cloudy start to the day, even fog across the area. here's the time lapse. once the clouds have parted,
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welcome back. family is looking for answers after their loved one was killed following a hit and run in fort lauderdale marybel rodriguez is live in fort lauderdale with more. >> a 56-year-old lost his life as he was crossing 19th and northwest 14th avenue. his family still devastated over his loss. today he's asking for your help to find the person responsible. >> he would give you the last penny out of his pocket, the last shirt off his back. >> that's how they will always
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>> it's just a pain that never goes away. i think about it all through the day, all through the night. the night of december -- 2014, according to police, he was was struck. the driver never looked back. >> you just don't kill someone and then just keep going like they were an animal or something something. >> they found her a week after. what is this? what is this? >> the 2003 blue ford f-150 pup truck was later found in lauderhill, but the driver has not been caught. today, a year and a half later,
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>> we're just asking for closure. we can't close it until justice has been served. >> cynthia holmes said it's hard to believe her brother who overcame such a life to lose his life just like this. >> aside from the deadly skin disease, her brother also overcame stage four cancer. she said he's a survivor and is asking anyone with information on who was behind the wheel of the 2003 ford pickup truck, please call crime stoppers. we're live in fort lauderdale, marybel rodriguez, cbs 4 news. >> caught on camera, a good samaritan jumped into action to save an elderly man trapped inside his car after an accident.
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people rushing to help. one man is seen trying to enter passenger door. when he can't get to the man, others break the windshield no. word on what caused the crash. >> and we're getting a look at surveillance video of a deadly crash in hollywood. the video shows the car speeding down hollywood boulevard moments before crashing into the back of a publix store. the driver was ejected from the car and died on the scene. investigators are trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. >> across america, a nightmare of a commute for those driving in the nation's capital. the d.c. rail system has been shut down for the entire day. the tunnel fire on monday morning severely impacted the service. they will spend the day inspecting 600 jumper cables to
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federal employees are working from home. all of a sudden a bird flew by his weather camera. he was pretty spooked. makes for a pretty funny video. that's for sure. >> we don't have a blue screen behind you. >> wow. did he think there was a giant bird in the studio. >> spooky. we'll show you what's going on outside. plenty of sun today, nice and warm clouds to start the day. it helps from temperatures getting too hot too quickly. great day to be out on the both, out on the water outside. 81 in miami. 78 in fort lauderdale. 80 in key west. it's a little on the humid side. wind is calm. we'll see light winds for the next couple of days. high pressure is sitting over our area. temperatures at our
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77 and 78 and miami beach. coral gables at 79. hollywood also 79 degrees. wind light and bearable. along the coast, we're going to see a little bit of a sea breeze. temperatures won't get as warm there, but away from the coast, inland areas, temperatures in the upper 80s today. lows this morning, normal is 65. coolest in southwest and south miami-dade in the mid-60s there, everybody else, upper 60s to low 70s, very much above normal. we're going to see the pattern continue over the next several days. winds light. mostly out of the north. variable in direction. it's a little more southwesterly. if you're trying to escape the heat, it is hot across the state. we'll see low 90s around orlando. very warm, the high pressure southwesterly. same story for spring and clouds. as we go through the weekend, we're ahead of a cold front.
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coming on monday. today we're looking for mild and muggy conditions. boaters wind southwest averaging around 10 knots, seas 1-2 feet. high today near 88. low near 70. some fog developing. into the weekend, temperatures warm. it's not even officially spring yet. a hot st. patrick's day the weekend of spring starts on sunday, but it feels like we're already there. >> like summer. thank you. next on cbs 4 news at noon, gator fight. >> it's not your normal reptile and this woman believes he
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the state says no this next story, file it under the only in florida category. a pet alligator, she's fighting to keep her pet. the wildlife commission says it has to two. she's fighting to keep rambo. the state said at 6-foot long,
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she says this is not a normal gator. he can drive a car and a four- wheeler. you see hem there. she says he's even potty trained. i'll believe it when i see it. >> on the money watch, amazon wants to replace awkward passwords with selfies. they've filed a patent application for this technology. customers would be able to take a picture or short video of themselves to authenticate payments. it would require you blink, smile, or tilt your head when taking a picture. here's a new reason to tune into cbs prime time tonight. it's the season premier of a new criminal minds. the original series follows the behavior of the of the subjects. we talked to two of the show's stars. >> we travel internationally. you're going to go with us and
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languages and visually to go on that ride, it's fun for us. we walk on set and think, there's our camel. >> the villains are super cool. they're interesting and unique. >> in tonight's episode, the team travels to thailand. you can watch criminal minds beyond borders starting at 10:00 followed by the cbs 4 news at 11:00. cbs 4 news at noon will be right back.
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average up that's it for cbs 4 news at noon. we'll see you later for cbs 4 at 5:00 and 6:00.
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>> you can watch all of >> marisa: when the lawyer draws up the papers, all you have to do is sign and then everyone can move on. >> luca: i wouldn' t think of standing in your way, marisa, if that' s what you really want. and if it' s really your idea. >> noah: stalling, luca. >> luca: am i? >> noah: yeah, you are. you' re just standing there thinking about what' s in this divorce for you. >> summer: look, can we just try to be civil about this, you guys? >> luca: no, it' s all right, summer. i'
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s on point. what is in it for me? what? you and marisa get to be married for better or, let' s be honest, for worse, while i' m left with what? >> marisa: well, you could aim for some self-respect. >> luca: oh, i have plenty of that. >> marisa: then how about your new job, the one at jabot? you remember, the one you manipulated your way into? take the paycheck, luca. live your life. and let me live mine. >> cane: hey! hey, what are you guys doing here? oh, no. did i get the days mixed up? i thought we were doing this tomorrow. >> lily: no, this is what we call a sneak attack. >> both: surprise! >> cane: well, i am surprised. okay. >> lily: are you up for a picnic at the park? >> cane: wait, a picnic in the park? with these hooligans? >> mattie: who are you calling hooligan? >> cane: i' m calling you a hooligan. >> charlie: wait. what' s a hooligan?


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