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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  March 18, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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that's over on tbs and the final 11 seconds. that's over on tbs. thrower launches up top for the key. and goes back to kentucky for final seven seconds. bill: will run it out here. steve pikiell, terrific run. so close last year with that three by high schooly against -- by huley against a ban in. jim: going to be an 85-57 final. nope, that's it. coach cal and kentucky have an opponent with indiana on saturday. let's bring back the rivalry. and it looks like providence
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go against u.s.c. to win it. kentucky rolls on here. providence did just win at the buzzer. i'm told. bill: ben ben till -- ben bentil with that three. jim: and coach cal and kentucky -- by the way that's kentucky's 22nd all-time win in school history. 2200 for the cats. and let's send it over to you with trace y with the victorious wildcats. tracy: thanks a lot. first let me ask you, jamal, 1-9 but you came without 19 points. what did this guy say to you over in the locker room? >> he said just play. don't think too much that's what
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i missed in the first half. but i got going in the second. tracy: i think you cleaned that up a little bit. how about his performance and the way he came out after the break? >> can we talk about the first step? his first ncaa tournament game and he was a little shaky. he's a terrific player. he does crazy stuff. it used to be seven times a half. yeah, it was. but he's starting to do the right things. you know, the first half he didn't play the way he's been playing. he's been efficient. he's been making the right plays. but we'll chalked it up to the first ncaa tournament game. tracy: let's talk about the second game and that's a matchup with indiana. now, it's here. your thoughts? >> tom crean should be coach of the year nationally.
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they win their league like they did? they won on the road. they were unbeatable at home. thank goodness we're not playing them in their building. they pass the ball. they shoot the ball. , you know, we know how hard the game. is we're just happy we're playing another game. tracy: thanks a lot. good luck. >> thank you. jim: it's going to be some guy, isn't it guys? bill: yes, indeed. they're both defensive-minded. gotten better, indiana. jim: the tournament continues live now on tbs and trutv. coverage begins at noon eastern. for raf and grant, i'm jim. we'll send you to the studios
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greg: hello, everyone. welcome back to our studios here in new york. greg gumbel along with clark, kenny and charles. kentucky rolls on 85-57. the wildcats a force to be reckonned with. kenny: without question. you look at tyler ulis and jamal murray, those are two guys regardless if they're shooting well or not, they're steady. they won't turn the basketball over. they can pressure the basketball as well. you add in the blend of
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perfect blend. charles: i'm not sure if they can win the tournament. but the next game against indiana, must-see tv. probably two of the best in all of college basketball. cannot wait for saturday. greg: as you say, kentucky moves on to play indiana. meanwhile in east regional play, this one just ended and providence knocking off u.s.c. clark: a terrific game all day long and providence has the ballast and scores the game-winning shot. u.s.c. played great up until that last -- really last minute and half, they had a chance to close it out and couldn't. greg: they move on to play north carolina. and over on trutv, gonzaga is leading at halftime by a score of 35-25.
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late news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" as he welcomes william h. macy and melissa rauch. followed by "the late late show"." four games in the early block tomorrow. 16 games in all. that will do it for now. are you tired? are you ready -- kenny: they're ready to go. charles: let's find out what we can do in new york city. kenny: you ever heard "fake it until you make it"? i'm tired. i'm not faking it. [laughter] greg: for all of us, including ernie johnson, thanks for join
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thank you for staying up late, we begin with breaking news out of northwest miami where an nfl player has been injured in a dirt bike accident. we are on the scene with the breaking details. >> reporter: we are in a net - - residential neighborhood off of 75th and northwest 21st street. one of the things the investigators are looking into is the possibility of another player from another team who had been here at the scene. who and why? that why? that is still under investigation.
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number 25 in place for the ravens. his uncle showed up at the scene. on thursday at 8:00 at night, walker was writing his dirt bike riding his dirt bike and crashed into an suv. his condition was critical. >> the dirtbike was traveling westbound on one of these dark streets. >> family and friends waited to hear the update. >> we asked everybody to keep faith and keep praying and make sure he come out of surgery. >> . >> reporter: walker has been home for a couple of weeks and he was selected by the ravens in the fourth round of the 2015 draft. >> we got a statement a statement from the head coach of the ravens who says quote oh my god this is devastating news, our prayers and hopes are with trey and his
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>> we are also following breaking news where three people have been shot. police are on the scene on southwest 62nd street. there is no word on the condition of those three. and there is no word on a possible motive. when we know more, we will pass it along. a man was severely burned during a high school pep rally that went horribly wrong. he caught fire in a gym packed with students and they put pulled out their cell phones and began recording. hank has this story from delray beach. >> reporter: the infernal challenge, ricky is bringing his show to your event and that's what he was up to the prep rally in delray beach. the grand finale?
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wrong, so wrong, he was engulfed in flames. they scrambled to put out stubborn flames and ricky charles is rushed to a local hospital. >> he got burns from the neck up , and on his nose and face. >> reporter: this is his boss in the hospital. he said he never lost consciousness. >> he normally pulls away and he noticed a small spot was still lit on his shirt. he went to paddle it out, maybe he had something on his neck that had fumes. it immediately sparked. >> and for students - - students thought it was all part of the act but it was not. >> we realize what happened after he dropped the torch and his jacket caught fire and the guy was completely covered in fire. >> seven . >> seven of them were transported with breathing
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will be fine. and ricky charles tweeted out this picture from his hospital room. and a question from parents about allowing this act in school facilities. >> i . >> i do not believe this was a wireless - - a wise choice. >> reporter: you can see the picture of ricky charles and he told us and joan murray that he's going to hold a press conference a press conference at the hospital tomorrow morning. now to our traffic alert, stay away from downtown miami we repeat, stay this is the scene today. the music festival festival begins tomorrow and music week is already under way.
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traffic will be reduced along the festival waterfront and event planners are working closely with local officials to keep everything under control. >> we spent over $1 million with police, fire, medics, sanitation, making it safe and fun for everybody attending. >> ocean drive will also be closed to cars from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. the beach will be off-limits after sundown. but there is no need to avoid march madness after they had survived the first round scary against buffalo. but it was certainly close. >> they've got to be close this they finally dispatched a a buffalo thanks to a big game from angel rodriguez. they need to get this thing first half the bulls come right up and drive
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the group swung the ball beautifully. he makes him a kite and pulls up the string. trooper study tonight, tonight, finishing with 24 points, even taking seven rebounds as they take the victory. afterwards jim is staying in his place. >> he is just a great general, a real leader with a lot of energy and a lot of fight. he's got a big heart and he loves to compete. in an event like this, he just wants victory, that's all victory, that's all he cares about is winning. >> and they did get the wind, next is wichita state against arizona tonight. now to president obama and his historic trip to cuba and
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saying reforming political conditions will not be discussed. if you think president obama will not raise the topics. he will be able to talk about whatever he wants. his hopes and dreams for the future of the island nation which include reforms. he will be the first sitting president to visit the island since 1928. we just caught video of the cuban national facebook - - baseball team practicing and they are taking on the tampa bay rays on tuesday. and they they said they all dreamed of making it to major league baseball one day but for now they are just happy they can play at the major league level. and we will be in havana covering the historic visit, next week look
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report this sunday night at 11: 00. onto kevin in 2015, donald trump has been hacked, anonymous published his social security number, so phone number and other personal information. they only targeted trump among all of the other hand - - candidates. >> marco rubio is back to work in washington and is talking about moving on from life as a politician. >> would you consider recruitment as vice president? >> i'm not interested. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm finishing my turn and we will work very hard here and we have some things we want to achieve. then i will be a private citizen in january. >> rubio went on to make it clear that he is not running for reelection in the senate and is
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but said it cannot be trump, as he was quoted saying. the search for a man who killed his estranged wife. detective say he shot at his wife and her mother during an argument and he was gone when police got to the scene. police aren't saying how they found him . a high-profile prisoner talks to us about his time in jail, he is free now, of course, and what it has been like in his first year of freedom. >> seaworld announces big changes for some killer whales. what does it mean for the aquarium's? >> dramatic video of an suv slamming into a pizza place. plus, a dog lost at sea for
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it was found, the incredible story coming up after the break. >> we saw some clouds after
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changes are in now to a a cbs news exclusive, and perhaps the most high profile
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in cuba. and many consider his release as a a linchpin for diplomatic breakthroughs with cuba. he worked in 50 countries setting up communications. michelle reports that his life came to a halt when he turned his attention to cuba and inadvertently helped to change history and how he seeps - - how he sees life. >> reporter: here we are in front of the white house. >> did you ever have moments thinking you would never be back on us soil? >> i always knew that i would come back. always. >> reporter: allen said he relentlessly clung to that hope for five years. he sat for days and nights, or nearly one year in total darkness, incarcerated in a cuban jail cell. >> the first time i heard the clanking of the door behind me, it was
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>> reporter: he was interrogated by cuban police for allegedly being an american spy. >> they threatened to hang me and they threatened to pull out my fingernails, they said i'd never see the light of day and i didn't for more than 20 minutes the first year. >> reporter: he was sought out and hired to set up internet actions in cuba in what turned out to be a pilot project for the jewish community. >> the contact was straightforward. it was a tactical project. >> what was the goal of getting the equipment in? snoo the goal was to bring broadband connectivity to cuba. that was it. >> reporter: that's what he was - - he said he was led to believe. >> and illegal to distribute
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part by the us government. i did not know that. >> reporter: is project was sponsored and funded by a development agency. he says he quickly found out more information. >> i was wondering where was my government and when they would take me home and you know, where they held - - where the hall - - where the hell are they? >> and for five years his wife championed, meeting with congresspeople, private lawyers that she had to hire as well. year after year, her health - - his health deteriorated. >> there was a lot of infestation in the food. >> reporter: but he was determined to survive, survive, thinking of his
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holocaust. >> i thought about them every day. >> reporter: he lost time, weight, and five teeth, which he held onto. >> oh my gosh. >> that along with a sense of humor he says that kept him alive. he said he will be forever connected to the island and the cuban people. and judy worked with a a new team of workers and a new strategy was contemplated, a contemplated, a swap for cuban spies. >> they grabbed me to poke uncle sam in the eye but then they got it in their minds that they could leverage me to get the return of other spies. >> why do you think it took so long for release? snoo our government in general could not get their hands around the idea - - heads
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civilian for nonce - - for five spies. >> can i i ask you for the record today, were you a spy? >> absolutely not. if i had been a spy, i i would have been hung in weeks, not years. >> what is your message to him just days before he is heading to cuba? >> i am eternally grateful to the president and i wish them every bit of luck on his trip because - - because he will need it. >> why does he think so and why does he want to return? run on one with his wife and tough questions about what the project he was working on was really all about. big changes are coming to seaworld. the marine mammal themepark is phasing out an orca program.
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the you humane society to focus on conservation. they are also changing whale shows to a more natural setting and animal rights activists are freed. >> we've been happy to see this change among customers and experts. and the new laws to keep them out of prolonged activity. we are asking for them to do the same and put her in a sanctuary so she can thrive. >> the aquarium said in part the marine mammal shows miami aquariums are evolving to incorporate important elements. they said we will continue appreciation for all green
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an suv - - a driver appears to be parking but instead of hitting the brakes, she steps on the gas and smashes right into two different people sitting by the counter. two people were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. the driver was not injured. a consumer alert now, and an important recall of canned light tuna. the recall because of possible contamination. and the recall includes 31,000 cases that are impacted. take a look at the screen for the can code for all of those that are - - affected. the best buy dates are in february. you are being advised to throw
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that has been recalled. for more information, go to the consumer section of our website at - - c bsmiami. com. celebrating the holidays tonight in lynnwood, everybody is rocking their best green and drinking beer for good saint patty's day fund. food trucks got music, happy saint patrick's day. >> nice green tie tonight. >> i would wear green but the map would show through me. this is a picture of downtown miami. a nice night, warm, humid, above normal, 75 in miami, 77 degrees in key west. the wind is calm right now, no gusts, no rainfall. and it is some 6 degrees to the
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southwest wind, fog development tonight. 80 is the normal high, low 80s along the beaches. it took some time for this to come in. upper 80s and we see that again tomorrow. warm temperatures through the weekend, sun and clouds tomorrow, middle to upper 80s on saturday, cloudy storms are possible, saturday and sunday there is a is a good chance of showers and thunderstorms passing by, cooler late on sunday night as the cold front comes through. this one is healthy, cooling us off to the lower to middle 70s, a 15-degree temperature drop, not full loan summer yet. a cool breeze for many of the schools having spring break and it should be very pleasant for the weekend. the
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side and the southern half is on the warmer side. 54 degrees in new york city. 56 degrees in dc. mild and muggy, patchy fog north and england. light wind tomorrow, morning clouds, fog gives way to sunshine, sunshine, sun and clouds, warm temperatures again in the upper 80s and a few spots get to 90 degrees. the seabreeze comes in during the late morning and afternoon. temperatures come on up to 80 degrees. a little bit above normal for this time of year and through the weekend, above normal temperatures for the highs. a better chance of a breeze on sunday, and as spring arrives, temperatures are going to cool off. more on that later tonight.


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