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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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of the revolution where he met with cuban leader fidel castro. the two leaders exchange mre san antonio tries and flew in an interpreter. they said they enjoyed their tour inspite the rain that fell. late afternoon approximately a quarter to 5:00 a drizzle fell. the first family enjoyed a dinner last night at a privately owned restaurant here in cuba. these are privately owned small businesses. that's a major focus of the president's initiative. i talked to two prominent cuban americans here from south florida and they are both supporters of the new policy and
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it's emotional because i have no business interest in cuba or intentions of doing business. but i do see the hope of cuban people. >> i'm happy to be back in the land of my birth and my parent's birth and my ancestors. this is a beautiful country. those two cuban americans very successful health care executive in south florida and the u.s. commerce secretary under president george w. bush and a lifetime republican who says he has changed his opinions and ideas and support for the former policy of the united states which was to isolate cuba and not to have diplomatic relations and not to talk to the cuban government and also not to allow americans to travel. the travel ban that's been in affect for so many years -- here are two prom nant cuban americans that say the time is
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they will participate later entrepreneurs. yesterday we saw different scenes but this is playing out in cuba. look at this video out of miramar where the ladies in white held an event yesterday. not too far from the church where they attended palm sunday mass, the ladies were confronted with a pro-government mob. here's the situation. this happened every sunday here in havana. the ladies in white represent family members in prison by the cuban government. they attend mass at the church and march through miramar and end up in an area where there are pro-government supporters. they laid themselves on the ground yesterday and they were confronted by the pro-government people and both sides shouting at each other. the police came out and they carted the ladies in white away
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the bulk of them were taken in a in police cars. they were taken away. some of the members of the cuban government that i talked to say this is for their safety and to quell this passionate scene but this happens every week there as the ladies in white march. their message of course is that cuba needs to address the issue of human rights to that the leader of the ladies in white has been invited to meet with president obama tomorrow when the president meets with people on the island. let's get a reaction to this in south florida. gabby is live in little havana and has been talking to folks there. >> reporter: we have a lot of mixed feelings here about the president's trip to cuba. many people say they are hopeful this will bring change for the
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this crowd gathered behind me are angry. they think fidel castro is the only one who wins in this arrangement. protests and political chatter in miami's little havana while obama wakes up a few hundred miles away in cuba. >> he's not asking for anything in return. >> reporter: many cuban americans are against the presidential visit to the communist nation saying we made a deal with the devil but nothing to show for it. >> you can never make it through dealing with the best person. >> reporter: the commander in chief boarded air force one sunday. disapproving crowds marched in miami.
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relations more than a year ago. >> there hasn't been any reduction of oppression. there's been an increase of political arrests and beatings. change. >> i'm torn between thinking the president's visit there opening up relations would help the people there. i think instead of protesting him we should just support what's going on. >> reporter: the real change will happen when congress lifts the trade embargo, says a professor. >> the government is adamant about not changing internally. they want to lift the embargo. >> reporter: you have had a lot of loud passionate debates and yelling out there. that's an extra police presence here but so far all the protests
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fleishman. the game is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in front of 55,000 baseball fans including castro. here's some of the highlights of the president's ie ten rare ri. the white house says the president will not meet with fidel castro. our cbs four news crews will remain in havana for the rest of the president's visit and look for more reports later tonight. now at noon a man in the hospital after he was ambushed at an atm. he was in the drive through of a
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and attacked him. joan is live at the atm. what a close call. it happened this morning after 3:00 at this bank of america atm west of 95. this man wanted nothing more than to withdraw cash but he came face to face with a man with a knife. >> it was scary. you know, i never see something like that happening. >> reporter: the victim is seen in the surveillance video rushing into a gas station pleading for help. >> reporter: fort lauderdale police say the 22-year old victim was in his car getting money out of the bank america atm when the thief surprised him with a knife. the robber stabbed him repeatedly and took off. the victim drived himself out of the car and staggered to the gas station
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he doesn't say call 911. >> reporter: outside the store as he waited for police and paramedics to arrive the man is holding his neck trying to stop the bleeding. >> he was bleeding from his neck and hands. he was bleeding so much. >> reporter: fort lauderdale police say the robber covered his face and fled the area on foot. the victim is in the hospital being treated for multiple stab wounds. >> he's in broward health medical center. police say he's expecting to survive and need your help on this one. if you know anything, give them a call. a man in custody today after a shooting on duva ll street in
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three people tried to defend a woman. three innocent bystanders taken to the hospital. the body of a man who jumped into water was found this morning. 31-year old paul flowers appeared yesterday afternoon. the boats were pushed towards the shore. the boat got caught on the rocks never returned. the chief of security at ultra says adam la convene was transvine was treat ed treated but later died.
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been released. the university official released a statement. yesterday marked the last day of the ultra music festival. the three day music party drew tens of thousands of people all over the world. 67 people were arrested during the three days. back open. campaign 2016 foreign policy takes center stage as nearly all of the presidential candidates action group. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage to loud applause from the audience at the apac conference. >> one of the first things i'll do in office is invite the house. >> reporter: clinton is looking ahead to the election and laid
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to be able to lead the world. >> we need steady hands not a president who says he's neutral on monday and pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what wednesday. >> reporter: a stark contrast to the speeches he has given on the campaign trail. >> a group of rabbis planning to boycott trump at a rally. >> it always takes two to tango but obviously it needs to be denounced from all sides. ted cruz and john kasich will also address the conference but bernie sanders the only jewish candidates is skipping the conference to campaign out west.
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online for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. the paris terrorist attacks. what police are revealing about the man captured. a starbucks lawsuit and what a group is claiming about the coffee giant and why they are accusing them of gypping customers. after a couple days well into the 80s much cooler out there this afternoon and windy too. tonight some of us could be down in the 40s.
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new spring cool authorities say salah abdeslam may have been plotting more terror. the 26-year old is being held at the belgian prison. >> reporter: this is thought to be him shot in the leg dragged into an unmarked police car. belgian foreign minister has now revealed that salah abdeslam may have even been planning further attacks. >> we have found a lot of weapons and fingerprints. >> reporter: french prosecutors accused him of being the key masser in november. a complaint.
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breach of his client confidence shlty it could stop him from speaking. >> the judge and police officers have a lot of interest. >> reporter: like who helped him slip away from paris right under the noses of belgian's finest. >> he's being held in a special section for high profile prisoners. he's due to appear before a judge on wednesday. there's a manhunt underway for two acompliss. fbi warning that high-tech cars are inkreezingly able to be hacked. researchers took control of a cars functions by remote control.
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vehicle software up today. no major announcements expected today. user complained bigger is not always better. i like my five inch phone. >> i like my big one. >> you have the giant one. >> i thought you were carrying a tv set. >> i know. it's the new ipad. >> it's windy out there. it will be a bad hair day for you. >> it's just windy and i have a lot less hair. take note you need an extra coat of hair spray. the wind is blowing to nearly 30 miles per hour at times. here's a live look from our park camera. you can see the flags flapping on top of the airboats. it will be bumpy out there for beach goers. if you're driving across the cause ways hold on tight.
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i think it's always lunchtime in key west. the relative humidity has been coming down. drier air is blowing down. we're getting gusts over that and the winds will strengthen as we get later in the day. under a 10th of an inch of rain. the rain is now gone and temperatures have gone absolutely nowhere all morning and here we are into the early afternoon. most of us in daden and brower won't get in the 60s today which is remarkable. look at the cool temperatures. the panhandle down fort myers and a north westerly wind. dade and the keys later on tonight some of the coolest air we have seen in a few weeks. no record low temperatures but with the weather being relative you get used to warm temperatures.
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differently out there. north west to north winds blowing between 10-24 miles per hour across the area right now. good kite flying weather. that cold front came through earlier this morning with a few showers but not a whole lot of measurable rain there. it's because of a storm system off the southern new england coast. they have heavy rain around boston and two inches in new york city. that's moving out to sea. one of our weather watchers happen to be in central park this morning. he's from here but sent us this picture of snow that she hasn't seen since she was four years old. beautiful shot right there for spring. a spring snow. temperatures pretty cool across the country but not especially cold anywhere. watch the green blob as it moves out to sea replaced by the yellows and reds. later this week thursday and
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afternoon. cool and partly sunny skies. for the boaters we're looking at a small craft advisory. 54 along the coast and bumpy for the boaters. the cool air does not last. wednesday, thursday and friday. rain likely later in the week. >> i'm going to wear my snow parka to work tomorrow. next on cbs news at noon a warning going out and what the
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a health warning. the mayo excluding all meat and calcium and nutrients closely monitored. it was a lucky night for the hit show hamilton on broadway. amy left a big surprise. she gave them a 1 thousand dollar tip on her 77 dollars tab. she was a bartender herself before becoming a xhed yan and wants to give back -- -- comedian. >> my heart dropped and i was so speech lessless seeing the tip.
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she was a bartender and look at her now. she's giving back. >> everybody will be tweeting her to come to their restaurant. >> yes, first hear are the current numbers on wall street. the dow up barely 1 and a half
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>> lily: wow. >> neil: hey, hey. wow, right? um, does this sign look crooked to you at all? >> lily: no, dad, it' s perfect, just like tonight will be. i promise. >> neil: [ sighs deeply ] thanks to you and your staff. look at you. you' re outshining everything in this room tonight, baby girl. >> cane: isn' t she gorgeous? >> neil: yeah. something you want to tell me? >> lily: yes. >> cane: hmm. >> neil: what? >> lily: cane moved back home, and the kids are very excited. >> neil: yes! i love this. you know what? it was the mistletoe. it was the mistletoe back at christmas. >> lily: oh, yeah.
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>> jack: what is this? are we celebrating our first donation? >> neil: jack, even better. the happy couple. >> lily: a happy married couple. >> jack: hey, that is fantastic. congratulations. >> both: thank you. >> lily: yeah, the winters clan is gathering. what about the abbotts? is everyone gonna show? >> jack: not everyone. >> billy: wow. you didn' t have to dress up for me, but i appreciate it. >> phyllis: is that your go-to look for jack' s fundraiser? >> billy: oh, yes. i don' t think jack will be very thrilled to see me right now. >> phyllis: well, i think he' d be pretty happy to see you. we worked out our pass key issue -- your idea. he loved it. >> billy: yes, yes, i hear you guys patched things up. i' m proud of you. >> phyllis: well, you know what? you gave me the push i needed. thank you. >> billy: well, good. get out of here. go celebrate with your husband. >> phyllis: that' s exactly what i plan to do, but first... [ thunder rumbles ] i' m gonna take a wild guess. ah.


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