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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and freedom of religion are not just american values, but are universal. >> reporter: now, the president is bringing up those issues and also bringing up the economy reforms. the thinking is that if you change the economy and bring in the reforms, that will lead to reforms as well. you have seen some f the changes first hand. >> reporter: yes, and the tourism is an issue as well. we are told 10 million americans are expected to visit the country every year. 61,000 hotel rooms on the entire island, so you can imagine the strain that's going to have so while the united states is loosening the
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issue may be infrastructure. crowds of tourists checking in at hotel lobbies are here to see cuba before mcdonalds and starbucks beat them solid. this hotel is booked solid for the next three months. >> it's a little bit difficult to get a room here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this director of a charter company is recommending to book six months to a year in advance. >> we doubled our booking from 2014-2015. we had, i would say an 80% increase on how many cars, coordination of travel and in 2016, we are looking at incriminating from 15-another 45-50%.
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wood just signed a deal in cuba. marriott also has the green light. >> there's a sense of history here, of culture, of architecture, it's close, so people want to come. we would obviously like to be here when they come. >> reporter: all of this is trickling down to the private sector as well. this couple moved here from italy where they run a restaurant out of their home. i have seen many change ins the restaurant business here in cuba, he says, i see many cuban families coming to eat. before, it was mostly tourists. cuban families couldn't afford to eat at a place like this. >> the president's visit has people talking here in south florida. gary nelson has reaction.
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>> reporter: hi, i can tell you it's all calm here at the window of versailles in little havana. a handful of very noisy protesters left earlier and there's more talk about food an politics. in little havana, a small, but loud crowd protested the visit of president. a vote of no confidence from some. >> he is not asking for anything in return, so it's just like a tourist trip with his family and mother-in-law. >> reporter: this group, ladies in white marched and cuban officers marched in hauling the protesters off to jail. a strong message even if it
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>> it's the same. it's oppression, whatever they want to do, they are going to do. >> reporter: when the president stepped off of air force one on monday, a noticeable absence from raul castro. it prompted donald trump to tweet president obama just stepped onto cuba and castro was nowhere around. even the daughter of a political prison nor can see the counter to the argument these protesters spoke so loudly of. >> i'm torn in thinking that this will help the people there. >> reporter: and helping the people requires reaching out in every possible way.
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>> we are very impatient about rapid change, internal change and that's not going to come. >> reporter: changing 50 years of oppression is a task that's going to take some time. a profess or says the best way to access rate the change is to lift all of the bare yores and that -- barriers and that includes the economic embargo. >> gary, thank you very much. a new poll shows that a majority of americans support the ties and 52% approve of the president's visit and many think it's mostly good for the u.s., but views are mixed as to whether or not it will lead to
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our cbs4 team will stay in cuba for the president's visit. caught on camera, a man is ambushed at a drive through in fort lauderdale. cbs4's joan murray is live at the health center. joan, what do we know about the victim and how he is doing? >> reporter: well, what a dramatic time for this victim. he was rushed here to the medical center bleeding from his neck and his arm and that robber is still on the run. >> i called -9d 11. >> reporter: working the overnight shift, this worker has seen some unusual things, but the scariest was this monday morning when a man rushed in bleeding and crying. >> i asked him what happened
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because i am dying. >> reporter: minutes before, he was parked near this atm. the robber came up to him and slashed him several times and took off. >> he was bleeding so much. there was a lot of blood. >> reporter: you see on the surveillance, the victim goes outside to wait for the paramedics. >> he is too close to home, now. >> reporter: this couple lives near the bank in the neighborhood. >> i have never heard of anyone there with a knife, but i have heard of people getting robbed. >> don't go at night, and always be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: the victim was
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knife wounds were not life threatening. >> i have never seen anything like that happening. >> reporter: the police are not releasing the name of the victim just yet, but they do need your help to try to get this suspect. he was wearing a head covering, they said, so they need help from the public. if you know anything, police call crime stoppers. you could be eligible for a reward. you do not have to give your name. in fort lauderdale tonight, joan murray, cbs 4 news. >> thank you, joan. a missing child alert has been released for this 13-year- old girl from miami. jasmine was last seen at her home. her family says she has the mental capacity of a 6-year- old.
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pink pa jay ma top. ultra music festival is complete for another year. >> adam lavine was treated by paramedics and taken to the hospital. unfortunately, he died. he was a junior at the university and part of a fraternity. >> to us, it's kind of irrelevant. to us, we lost one a brother of our fraternity. >> karl wilkess seen there was arrested. a witness says he attacked a woman while she was unconscious. he is facing charges of sexual bat rhode island.
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lauderdale, a father loses his life and now the mother is speaking out. >> why did you do this to him? why? why? do you feel better? also three good samaritans jump in to help someone and end up getting shot. and we are taking on the presidential candidates. it was a cool start with the low 60s this morning and highs only in the low 70s.
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now at 6:00, a father is dead after officials say he was shot in a road range situation. we have more live from the scene, and i know you spoke with the mother, peter? >> reporter: rick, she wants answers. she does not understand how this led to the death of her oldest child and she wants answers. this happened right outside of
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see the orange markers after a confrontation in traffic. >> there's no words that can take away the pain that i have, none, none. >> reporter: don alvarez, the father of a daughter lost his life in a road rage incident. >> my life is gone, i'm broken. my heart has been completely ripped out. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the moment after the shooting as a woman administers cpr on alvarez. >> i don't understand why people can't just love each other and try to work it out and not argue and fight and kill people and hurt other people. do they know what this does to people? >> reporter: this was a confrontation after the two were driving in opposite
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toward alvarez. >> he made a u-turn and drove towards the shooter. the shooter said he was armed. >> reporter: the detectives were shone the video showing alvarez aggressively driving. >> everything seems to show that alvarez was the aggressor. >> why did you do this to him? why? do you feel better? you took something so precious to me. >> reporter: now, the victim has been arrested before.
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charges will be filed in this case. reporting live, cbs4 news. >> thank you, peter. key west police tell us there was a necessaryic dispute between a man and a woman. three people tried to defend the woman. three innocent bystanders were struck and taken to the hospital. now to campaign 2016, foreign policy took center stage today in the nation's capitol. before the speech to the american israel committee, donald trump had a tour of the new hotel and a meeting with the lawmakers on capitol hill. hillary clinton called out trump's campaign even though she never said his name. >> america should be better
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our responsibility as citizens to say so. if you see bigotry, say so, if you see violence, report it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. it's nice to have part of the morning crew here at nighttime. >> it's past our bedtime. >> it almost is. it's strange to say good evening instead of good morning. we have a beautiful sunset. we have a few clouds in the mix in the wake of a cold front that rolled through. it's now currently to our south and it certainly was a nice start to the morning with the low 60s. here's a live look from our cameras. we are seeing a couple of
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it feels so nice for the second day of spring. 64 in fort lauderdale and miami. temperatures have been tumbling and we are seeing the breeze out of the northwest from 9-18 miles per hour gusting as high as 39 miles per hour. that makes it feel even chillier to the skin and we are not done just yet m look at the clouds moving in. the lows will fall mostly in the 50s. you won't need the ac and you are going to need to break out the jackets. right now, it looks like the lows will be in the upper 60s in the keys. as we head through the the morning hours, it will be mild. we will have plenty of dry air in place as the pressure remains in place.
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temperatures will be rebounding and warming up. the nor'easter is continues to bring the snow. that area of low pressure is moving out. tonight, we will be in the low 50s. the inland areas could see the upper 40s. check out the wind gusts. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, breezy and we will see highs in the low 70s and still on the windy side at times creating the rip current. choppy on the bay, rough conditions on the water. as we head into tomorrow, 80 degrees on wednesday and we will warm up to the mid 80s on showers for the weekend. we have this in for the cbs4 news room. a south florida based carnival
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approved sailing to the island. starting may 1st, the cruise ship will be able to travel
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jim berry is here now with sports. of course, we are talking march madness. >> yes. >> what did you say?
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>> it's going to be wilder if the canes keep going. they are in the sweet 16 because they have had an angle on their side. the coach could not help but given angel rodriguez a huge hug. after blowing the lead, rodriguez had a big play, one after another. he has a small stature, but a big heart. >> basketball is a big man's game and i am a small guard and i'm going to take over the world type of attitude so he plays with a chip on his shoulder, a very good chip. well, the heat is getting back on the road. these two a big part of the heat's resurgence.
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with rapper vanilla ice. d wade says the song took him back. >> i didn't know all of the lyrics, but i knew the flow of the song. i knew vanilla ice was a cool white boy. he had a nice black person voice. that's how i looked at it. >> i think we know what you mean, d wade. lots of folks taking this picture, yeah, he is popular. he is part of a good group. the ceo stunned the tennis world over the weekend. raymond moore has apologized, but to many, it's too little too late. he said the women ride the coat tail of the men.
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if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that the roger fedders and others were born because they have carried the sport. >> i don't think anyone should be down on their knees. we have as women have come a long way. we shouldn't have to drop to our knees when we play. >> i think williams said it all. check out barely bonds. i wonder if they are getting hitting tips. the marlins trying to make something happen. this was their offense as they get a run on a wild pitch, however you can get it, that's the bottom line as the marlins win by a score of 2-1. do you
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a busy day, and that's our news for now, thank you so much for joining us, the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> look for all of our information on have a great evening. >> we'll see you later. >> this is a new day. un nuevo dia . >> pelley: and an historic day, a first meeting between u.s. and cuban presidents in havana in nearly 90 years. also tonight, new electronic gear shifts are blamed for more than 100 accidents. the little-known law that is taking this six-year-old away from the only family she's ever known. >> with very heavy hearts we
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be waiting here for them to come take her. >> pelley: and the untold story behind one of the most famous stories of all time. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: few americans thought they would live to see this day. an american president meeting with a communist president named castro in havana. 55 years after eight u.s. aircraft bombed the bay of pigs in an attempt to overthrow the castro dictatorship, air force one flew the last mission of the coal war with russia. once the world held its breath over cuba. president obama arrived in a country still waiting to exhale. margaret brennan is in havana. >> reporter: it was a striking image, president obama in havana's revolution square with a giant outline of communist icon che guevera looking down, a


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