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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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dc's union station with more details on that. >>reporter: police cars patrol the outside while inside there are officers carrying rifles and bomb sniffing dogs checking luggage at american airports and train stations. >> we have security measures here that help attacks. >>reporter: authorities say there's no evidence of a planned strike like in breast shuls but worried about copy cats. the fbi has increased their surveillance of terrorist suspects living in the u.s.. >> the most important thing is prevent the act before it happens. >>reporter: stepped up patrols at places like union station here in washington happened automatically. >> what happened in brussels is an example of one of the many threats that face washington and other regions around the country and the threats we're prepared for.
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repairedness in the capital. >> the public can play a political role here, if you see something, say something. >>reporter: even with increased patrol, the u.s. has not raised the terror alert level due to the lack of terror threat. >> our cbs 4 live team coverage on the belgium attacks continues at 6. we'll have the latest for you from brussels. plus what's being done locally to protect air travelers. we'll talk with a belgium man who lives in corals gable who mother got out on one of the last flights before it attacked. keep it here for continues cbs 4 coverage for the belgium attacks on air and online at cbs 4 our other big stair of the -- story of the day, president
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the plane tookoff a little more than an hour ago. >> they're still coughing in havana what's been a very busy, final full day for the president. they join us live. >>reporter: hey, rick and lauren, well, one of the important parts of president obama's visit here to cuba is a first time the u.s. president has set foot on cuban soil in 18 years was -- 88 years was meeting with dis-dents. he met with some of the most vocal people with the castro party. >> they had the mass and demonstration and the confrontation with the demonstration. what iment to point out is that american presidents have met with cuban dissidents in the past but never on cuban soil but this was so of the utmost
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here in cuba get zero media attention. if you talk to people on the street, it's very rare for people to know these people. during president's obama's stay here, notten did he meet with the dissidents, he spoke about them during the speech. he said the cuban government must allow room for people who have differing opinion ands that picking up dissidents and picking people up because they have counter-viewpoints is not the way of the future. really for the cuban government to embrace basic american principles of freedom and democracy. >> he spoke directly to raul castro saying you have nothing to fear because i believe in the cuban people. if you give them open relations and be part of the community, they will step up. he mentioned miami and south florida and said we've seen how industrious they are and what
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that is miami. >> this speech is not only gonna be for cubans here on the island but cuban americans. the vast majority are in south florida and mentioned some successful cuban americans, gloria estefan, pit bull. people who have succeeded when they are allowed freedoms. >>reporter: yes, and lauren and rick, we'll send it back to you now. >> thank you so much. we will talk to you again a little bit later on on the cbs 4 news at 6:00 p.m.. we'll take a look back at the historic visit of the president in cuba. hear what the cuban people are saying and still to come, she made her feelings known today loud and clear on the house familiar. that and nor -- floor. that and more as we continue our coverage. new at 5:30 now.
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notice to sue the power plant. the new studies prove the atom ick generator by the bay is in dang. it's a danger to our water supply and marine life. gary nelson has the story. >>reporter: the turkey point power plant as environmental groups were filing this notice of intent to sue in federal court. florida power and government regulators activists say have permitted the nuke plant to threaten biscan bay and our brining water. >> the shredding of the regulatory safety net that should be in place. >> the state judge ripped them for allowing turkey point to pollute.
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directly impacted. >>reporter: radio active isotopes leaking into the waters of biscan bay national parks. a huge salt water plume is spreading towards the drinking water. >> unless we shit that down and look for new technologies that can make better use of water that don't pollute the activities ferras wheel, we will never have protection for the national park or for the drinking water for 3 million people. >>reporter: an spo rep. told us, yes, they're aware of issues that can be fixed and that environmental armageddon is not a threat. >> the public really needs to know those facts. >>reporter: these critics say two new study wills a smoking gun proving this plant toxic. activist say their federal
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and regulators don't come up with solid plans to clean up turkey point's act and quickly. time they say is a luxury we can no longer afford. g richardson nelson, cbs 4 news. new details on the teenager accused of shooting and killing another teen in the garcia: sports tens. last month he was showing off a gun to a 14 year-old when the gun went off and hit him. he's facing several charges including manslaughter. a house goes up in flames overnight in north miami. fire crews called to the scene on north miami avenue arpaio 3 this morning. no one was inside the home at the time. the house was for sale and in the process of being remodeled. it is a total loss.
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determine what sparked that fire. a suspected drug dealer who was arrested after leaving the ill tenth ranked aggies music fest -- ultra music festival appear inside court. 22 counts of drug trafficking and possession. he was stopped with pills after leaving ultra. john hurlly was concerned he was dealing drugs to young people at the music festival in miami. held on more than $22,000 bond. the miami hurricanes are on their way to kentucky for the sweet 16 matchup against villanova. >> the team leaving this afternoon from the unm campus. >> well, guys, they are bound for louisville, kentucky but the real goal is to reach houston. louisville, here we come.
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meets the handful of fans who came out to send him off. thursday night, jim hopes to find more of march matchup against villanova. it would send them to the elite eight for thefire time. >> they only get a chance once in a while to experience this and this is the last time for our seniors to have a shot at trying to win a sweet 16 game and move on in the ncaa tournament. >> i'm sure when it's all said and done, we'll all the look back to it and truly say, man, we did something that nobody has done in school. at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to win a championship. that's what we're aiming for. >> starts at 7:00 p.m. right here on thursday night. before this big game, jim has a plan. tonight in louisville, he says the team will play baseball inside of the team hotel.
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ballroom. >> watching angel rodriguez over these first couple of games, it reminds you like few other sports tournaments, you can take one player and ride him all the the way to the championship. >> it helps if he's a point guard. ange jell asked and i said, some players seem to shrink but you enjoy it. why? >> i don't know. maybe it's my upbringing but clearly he has played huge with 28 points last game. villanova might be keying in on him. >> people saying trader the gator. i can't believe she's saying that. i standby it. go koehn. the gayers aren't playing this year. -- good day -- >>reporter: a high speed police -- a high speed police chase that was caught on camera. a cement mixer. an occasional beer or wine
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what a new study is saying. why one expert says probably not and what you can do about your password. hey, lauren, speaking of the canes, graduate of the university of miami so i will say go canes all the time. it is mild out there with the low 70s. is it gonna be another chilly night tonight and what can you expect the rest of the week into the holiday weekend? i've got your complete here fast. the sheriff's office giving many more deputies those body cams to wear. how they working out? south florida congresswoman taking to the house floor
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the occasional beer or glass of wine may not be so good for you after all. the benefits of moderate drinking is being called into question. canadian researchers saying none at all, sorry to have to report this to you. a deeper look at the data indicate moderate drinkers do
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a lower risk of heart disease. starbucks said they'll aim to contribute 100 percent of left over food to feeding america which run as national met work of food banks. it came from servers behind the cameras including to give meals this year. still ahead, a high speed police pursuit. >> this one involves a cement mixer. wait until you hear who was behind the wheel. how do you get rids of 80,000 honey bees causing a
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we'll show you ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will.
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caught on camera, a police chase in minnesota involving a cement mixer truck. cell phone video taken by someone on the other side of the highway captures the high speed pursuit, police say a child stole the truck from a construction site. the chase came to a stop after several minutes where police arrested that child. today the blain jells are commemorating a huge milestone in pensacola. after three months of winter training in california, the squad room roared into their 2016 season after a special flyover in downtown pensacola.
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cheering fans. the event helping kickoff seven decades of blue and gold. >> we're normal people doing normal things. i think it shows to the young kids that whatever your dream is, work hard, rely on the people around you, and you can get it done. >> good advice. today's event will launch a season long celebration that will end with their homecoming show in november. a little too windy for flying in my opinion today. >> yes, the weather cooperated sort of because of the mainly dry conditions but the breeze is really kicking into gear and that's getting some hasser douse conditions on the beach. we're gonna county to see the windy weather. next couple of days and warmer
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that east breeze now also carrying some clouds from our biscan bay. this morning was chilly. we woke up with the mid to upper 50s across south florida. our average low is 65-degrees so well below that and temperatures quickly rebounded to be 70s. high pressure is continuing to shift to the east towards the western atlantic and once we start to see the winds more off the ocean that helps to moderate the air and the numbers. in fact, we're sitting in the low to mid 70s right now. 74 for you in pompino beach. 74 down through key west. there it is that east breeze anywhere from 14 to 17 miles per hour. it feels nice, we're seeing those peak wind gusts from 25 to 28 miles per hour and high pressure will remain in control the next couple of days as we
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stale breezy and see more of a southerly southeastly wind flow. it is gonna be steamy and highs in the upper 80s. checking in on the national map. the west dealing with wet and wintry weather and the great lakes right now, some snow and a big spring storm system could bring severe weather to portions of the planes and the midwest for us tonight. not as chilly. upper 60s near the cost and the winds out oo-- coast and the winds out of the east. tomorrow, 80-degrees so will be warmer and breezy. partly chunnelny skies and seeing the dangerous rip currents at the breeze. not safe to go swimming. choppy on the base. tomorrow back in the 80s and we'll see the mid 8 0s but thursday with spotty showers and scattered showers possible in the upper 80s into your holiday weekend.
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all the buzz. >> more than 80,000 honey bees made a tree their home and causing a bit of commotion. a worker mowing the lawn came across the nest. experts believe the bees started building there more than a year ago. an expert was vacuuming them into a box and piece by piece, taking apart the hive. >> we save the bees so they don't get killed. carry them to a safe place so they can live out their life. >> we have to have bees. they pollinate all kinds of things: without bees, we got trouble. >> they'll be take ton a new home where it's safe for them and safe for people too. >> safe for us. >> 'til ahead at 5:30. >> think your passwords are strong enough to protect your acts? probably not.
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florida man apple had said helping the fbi hack the phone would set a dangerous precedent on user privacy. you've heeder it before, your e-mail, bank account, you name it, the more complicated the password, the better. >> hackers have billions of password combinations to break into accounts. passwords are a way of life in this technology age. >> pet name, family names, nicknames from the past. >> i've used my favorite
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>> doctor is a security expert at the university's sign lab. creating strong password is vital because hackers have billions of password combinations to break into accounts. >> they're going to use pick their of pet name ands family name ands try all possible combinations and can try many, many guesses. >> it's important to have passwords that quintain upper and lower case letters and numbers. mix it up. >> one tool that people can use is password manager. >> there's a number that can remember your password for you. >> most of them have a feature which lets you automatically generate a new pass ward for every act. >> if you use the same password, one right guess can allow a hacker get into all of them. >> that makes me so stressed
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>> i'm guilty of making a complicated password then forgoing it. i need a compass word manager. but what if those get hacked. historic visit in the books. president obama departs cuba after making another push for democracy and taking in a ball game. live coverage from ha valley verdeen that. -- ha have havana. terror in brule sells. -- brussels. caught on camera, more sheriff's deputies wear those body comes. how they've been working out. cbs 4 news at 6 starts right now. now at 6, president obama's historic visit to cuba is over. he departed after a day in
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with dissidents and took in baseball. good evening. elliott reporting live from havana. air force one took off about an hour ago. the president and the first family on on their way to argentina. the first president for 80 years. during the time he was here, president barack obama had a lot of activities. he also today responded to the terror attack in belgium. more on that coming up in just a moment. but historic cuban national theater today by president obama? the audience, 1,000 people there and this was heard throughout this island. the historic event with the president encouraging cuban people to embrace change and not fear it.
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last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> calling for change and freedom, the president spoke before a packed house at cuba's national theater. the speech was broadcast live on cuban state tv and cubans tuned in. in old havana, i met 44 year- old who invited me in to watch a part of it. >> he says the government is willing to change without pressure. >> one change the president said is more internet access and at this hot spot, cubans who logged on agreed. >> he says, an advance for the cuban people for what the president said. >> why? >> he said it'll be good for the country for the development of the country and the future. >> people here have been detained some in the past and
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as i've said consistently, part of our policy, with respect to engagement with cuba is not simply me meeting with president castro to government relations. >> after the speech, the president met with dissidents calling an end for unnecessary detainment. ladies in white were hauled away. mr. obama said all voices need to be heard in cuba, including he said, those of cuban americans who have left the island but maintain their ties to it. >> all of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage, they have spoken out on behalf of the issues that they care deeply about, some of them represent specific con touch


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