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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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as i've said consistently, part of our policy, with respect to engagement with cuba is not simply me meeting with president castro to government relations. >> after the speech, the president met with dissidents calling an end for unnecessary detainment. ladies in white were hauled away. mr. obama said all voices need to be heard in cuba, including he said, those of cuban americans who have left the island but maintain their ties to it. >> all of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage, they have spoken out on behalf of the issues that they care deeply about, some of them represent specific con touch
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some of them have broader concerns regarding democracy. constituentys. constituentys. >> he really included cuban americans during that speech. >> he understanding this complicated and troubled history between the exile between the united states and oudin cubans. he thinks the embargo is only hurting people on the island and time for a new future. >> cuban americans given the opportunity to have individual freedoms, look how they have succeeded. he's known cuban americans in the united states for years and always been impressed about what they've been able to accomplish but impressod by what cubans have been able to accomplish on the islands.
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dissidents but there were one, the head of the group of ladies in white, we reported yesterday she had been detained on sunday. she was on the official list that was put up by the white house of the 13 dissidents that met with president obama. other who is don't have a voice in this island, they don't get any attention but the president talked about them during the speech and met with them individually. >> then he took in baseball. cuban national team playing the tampa bay rays. the rays won 4-1. the people coming to the island and getting to interact with each other. playing sports, this is a type of diplomacy in itself. >> we saw derrick jeter and the mar lance allens have a lot of
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-- marlins have a lot of presence here. i was here in 1999 when the organized family y'alls played the cuban team. >> that's right. we will send it back to rick and lauren now. >> all right, thank you so much. live from havana. south florida congresswoman has been apposed to the president's -- opposed to the president's visit to cuba since it was announced. >> this will be president obama's legacy, mr. speaker. the president who advocated america's role of defender of interningal human rights for a narcissistic play as the president who restored america's relations with dictators and tyrants who will do anything to harm our country. >> the congresswoman called
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our coverage of the president's visit continues tonight on the cbs 4 news at 11. now to the day's other big stories. still developing now at 6, the twin terrorist attacks in brussels. now the death tole reached 3 dozen. a bombing at the airport and a subway station. the group isis is responsible for the deadly attacks. >> the brussels airport is closed through tomorrow and belgium begins mourning. jonathan in brussels. >>reporter: we're standing just a few blocks away from the metro station that came under attack earlier today. it remains shut down this encyclopediaing. people very much on -- evening. people on edge, police and military troops are here as they search for at least one suspect that got away.
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baby pick themselves up off the floor moments after an explosion tore through a terminal. it blew out windows and caused the ceiling to cave in. travelers ran for safety. >> everyone's panicking. >> i saw two people with really covered in blood. >>reporter: the security cameras captured these three men they believe behind the attacks. they believe the two men in black blew themselves up and issued a wanted warning for the other suspect. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnelings. there is still the strong possibility of another terrorist attack. people here in brussels have been allowed to return back to the streets and the subway system is slowly reopening. speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together
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race or faith in fighting against the scourge of tougher rim. >> the -- terrorism. >>reporter: attacks come just days after the suspect in the paris' attacks was arrested. the one thing that's shocking to me is that you've had in the wake of the paris attacks, another sophisticated coordinated attack under the nose of europe authorities. it's unclear if the attacks were moved up in the wake of his arrest. police have been conducting raids today. in one of them they discovered an isis flag, chemicals, and bombs used in today's attack. >> the attacks quickly resinated right here in south florida. . >> we had coverage of a man who's mother was leaving brussels to come here.
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a lot of extra security tonight. ted. >>reporter: yeah, rick and lauren, taint what you're gonna see is more armed officers. there's always heightened security on heightened alert but tonight it's more. we don't normally see police walking around south florida airports carrying guns as big as these but today miami mayor said the county is on heightened alert after that deadly terrorist attack in brussels. >> we have no specific threats here in miami county but we have taken increased measures. our department has increased security as vulnerable spots that we have in miami. >>reporter: it's the same at fort lauderdale hollywood international. dogs and deputies on heightened patrol. passengers be on alert too. >> it keeps you on your toes and look around and make sure
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supposed to do. >>reporter: for belgium travelers they're unsure when they'll get home. >> worried about things that happened in belgium. >>reporter: passengers in miami will be leaving on the plane that landed in orlando a few hours ago then make its way here. 269 compass jerry peyton nationals on board leaving brussels just moments before the attack. they did not learn until moments they touched down in south florida. >> it could have been my bag needs to be checked again and i could have been in that situation. blest today be back. >> on the board you can see the
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luxe, belgium and that's because the airport is brussels is closed. american airlines said they don't have any direct flights from miami. they won't be going back until at least friday but that could change. live at mia, cbs 4 news. we turn to cbs 4natalia who's been speeching with people -- speaking with people in south florida with ties to belgium. >>reporter: there's about 5,000 belgians living here in florida and as news of these terrorist attacks spread, many of them jumped on their phone and reached out to each other during this difficult time for support. while terrorist bombs sent the airport in brussels into chaos, dennis was fast asleep. he had no reason to worry about whether his mother danielle had
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>> i woke up at 6:00 a.m. two hours later and see nine missed calls from my brother saying there's been a bombing in brussels' airport and i want to know if you heard from mom. >>reporter: his mother texted 29 minutes before the attack. >> i'm sitting in the plane and taking off in ten minutes. looking forward to seeing you. >>reporter: he felt relief when he checked online and saw his mom's flight took off right before. >>reporter: has he waits to hug her tight before her two week visit for her grand kids, he can't help but feel for the victims. >> it's a big relief but i'm thinking of all these people dead. >>reporter: manuel has been on the phone with belgians living state side. >> they're living here and are
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>>reporter: he's planning an event to bring south florida based belgians together. >> to make us stronger so i think now more than ever, i think it's very important to show that also. >>reporter: along with countless others relying on social media including facebook safety alerts to ensure friends have marked themselves safe. all of his loved ones are accounted for but remains informs for the potential for this kind of attack to happen again. >> if this still happens. >>reporter: guston and anyone else desiring to call loved one can do so for free through at&t. they're offering free call ands text on mobile and land lines to belgium and offering today through monday. as you might imagine, if you're 4 to 600-miles away from your
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only useful but helpful. >> thank you. so glad his mother is okay tonight. the news is expanded to one hour tonight to cover all the developments from belgium. that begins at 6:30 after the news at 6. straight ahead, calls for help after a shoot inning key west. one man who dialed 911 after
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new at 6, we're hearing the 911 calls after the shooting yesterday. >> someone was shot out front on duval street. he's upstairs with us. we've got pressure on the wound. i'm not sure but i think it's in his arm. >> is he breathing is this. >> yes. >> she was shot in the arm? >> yeah, we've got towels on it and pressure on it right now. >> okay, we've got ambulances rolling. stay with him, okay? >> three people were hit including reed ogden who's
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the shooter is in jail and facing several charges. tonight more south florida law enforcement are wearing body cameras as part of their standard uniform, that includes many sheriff deputies who have used video from those cameras to help settle dispute. joan murrey has a look. >> i was just stopped up there. >> you're watching a traffic stop for speeding in a school zone. he recorded on his body cam. >> ma'am, i need you to lower your voice. >> how you gonna tell me to lower my voice when you pulled me over for something i didn't do. >> it shows the officer or deputy's position. see things you wouldn't be able to capture on surveillance footage. ooi'm gonna put the camera back
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in order to turn the camera on, take the top button and slide to the right, within a few moment, it's up and ready to go. >> the cameras are so important because they don't tell the whole story certainly but you can't you didn't do something if if it's on the camera or not on the camera. >> the camera's will translate to greater trust in the community, help investigations, and allow deputies to refute false claims. here, the driver filed the complaint saying the deputy was racist and unprofessional. he was cleared. >> they'll spend a thousand dollars a year for each deputy to equip with cameras. it will generate one million videos a year. >> i know a year from now there won't be a deputy on this agency or one in the unit of america who's not gonna say,
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>> right now, 50bso deputies have the cameras. more added this summer. eventually, 1500 will have them. they do not have to tell you when the camera is rolling but it is recommended they do so. joan murrey, cbs 4 news. little breezy this morning. >> i don't know, my favorite is the one that points at the beach. >> tailgate party data base. there you go -- tada there you go lauren and rick. good encyclopediaing to all of you -- evening to all of you at home. lots of spring breakers but quite windy. see how dangerous the surface and really rough. see those folks there in the water, not a good idea. not safe. that will continue tomorrow with the high risk of rip currents. the palm trees are swaying and cameras are shacking. miami, couple clouds in the mix as we look at the skyline there and check inning on our lows
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the 50s when our average low is 65-degrees. highs in miami climb to 76 and the normal high is 86. we woke up to 55 key west. low of 60-degrees. it was chillier this morning as we had high pressure providing with a northerly wind component but high pressure continuing to move to the east and western atlantic providing for more of an on shore flow. there are the we say out ott the east -- winds out of the east, northeast pumping in humidity and 25 to 28 miles per hour. provide control for relatively dry, stable add moss fear as we head into wednesday and turn to see the rain chance increase since the moisture will also be on the increase thursday, friday, even into the weekend. that's what the green represents on this map so it's
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the next couple of days. in the meantime, we're looking at wet and wintry weather on the east coast and higher elevation and know and wet weather across the great lakes. we'll dip down to the 60s but not as chilly but -- chilly but breezy tomorrow. gusts of 25 miles per hour. leading to dangerous high risk of currents. that small craft advisory will continue. extended forecast, highs in the
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upper 80s through the weekend jim with sports. as an event, if mad history. -- made history. picture withs the cuban team and he and his teammates shake hands with president obama who sat behind home plate. this defense gem as it is thatten navigatorrenned. james with lits that no one can reach. a 2-1 home run. rays ran a home run in this game. >> i've said this before, that's the power of baseball and the power of sports. it can change attitudes sometime ins ways that politics
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>> the team is bound for louisville, kentucky. this turned the sweet 16 into an even sweeter plateau. the canes are still alive in march madness after beating buffalo then wichita state. good luck, guys. villanova. a two seat over a very convincing win over iowa. what's new for them. >> we're always gonna be the underdog. we're excited and we're gonna go out there and play as the we can. >> why did he move on? probably the way he managed the quarterback. he thought he stunted his growth. >> i think so. he's had one coach in four years in the league.
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ready to crank up big time tennis. one star says losing the tournament could be a big time change. hard hitting andy murrey. the tournament's long term future is because of an long term legal battle. put. >> it'll be real difficult travels sad but it's -- really sad but it's here for the next couple years. i've done well here in miami and coming here when i was a kid. it brings memories that i'll never forget. >> that was the understatement of the year is i've done well
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the eifle tower lit up the only thing after this morning's deadly terror attacks. that's our news for now. a special one hour edition covering all of today's news and the president's trip to cuba. >> a remind ore, you can -- reminder, you can watch % >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war.
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debt. -- captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with the breaking news from brussels where the toll continues to rise in the terror attacks at the airport and the subway station. the coordinated bombings killed at least 31 people. 250 were wounded, including some americans. isis claimed responsibility and warned today that there will be more "dark days. " officials believe the two men there on the left were the suicide bombers who attacked the airport and a search is on right now for the third man there on the right. we have extensive coverage tonight. first we go to d'agata doing at the airport where 11 died. >> reporter: even through the dust and the chaos, there is no mistaking what had happened.


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