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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  March 23, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EDT

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- bigger isn't always better. jonathan: you won a car! - yeah! - zonks are no fun! - big deal, baby! jonathan: it's time for " let's make a deal!" now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to " let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady, thank you so much for tuning in. look, i even got dressed up for you and everything. three people, let's make a deal. (cheers and applause) flight attendant right there, yes. stand right there for me, hon. and you with the blue shirt on, yes, ryan. and the loofa, the loofa, everybody else have a seat. have a seat, sit down, congregation. amy, come on over here. you are patrima. - yes, sir, i go by trima. wayne: trima, nice to meet you, that is an interesting name. is it an amalgam of something? like patrick and your mom's name was lima. - that is my dad's name, patrick.
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very nice, now what do you do? - i work in a photography studio from phoenix, arizona. wayne: are you a photographer? - no, i'm assistant manager. wayne: i got you, got you and you are a male exotic dancer. go. worst strip club ever. ryan can show you the world. (cheers and applause) ryan, what do you do? hit it! yeah, i like that move, that was a good move. (cheers and applause) all right, all right, this isn't a lakers game. stop, stop. he is getting into audience participation and whatnot. and you are amy, nice to meet you, amy.
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wayne: what do you do, loofa? - i'm a server. wayne: you're a server, go! no, don't do it, no, no, welcome to the show. now we have a little something for you guys. i've got money in my pockets like i do. just got finished. yeah, cool, right? i just got finished cutting some lawns. i got some cash in my pocket, $1,000 for you. $1,000 for you. and a high five for you. i'm sorry, i ran out of money. - i didn't get anything. wayne: no, you know what, you got the satisfaction of a job well done. - i do. wayne: you get the satisfaction of living in an amazing country. and you get the satisfaction of being here with me. - that's right. wayne: no, but seriously, you don't have any money. so because it's not my fault, right? now the thing is, you do have money. - right. wayne: so i am going to make a deal with you. and whatever you decide to take, let's say there is a big box
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you can take that big box. if you take that big box, then i'm going to give you the money, amy. - okay. wayne: but if you decide you want to keep your money, then amy gets the big box. so what do you think? (audience shouts suggestions) - okay, wayne, i choose the box. wayne: are you sure, tri tri? - yes. wayne: all right, this money is yours. what's in the box? jonathan: it's a pair of scooters. wayne: congratulations. - no way! jonathan: dash around town on these deluxe scooters from ssr motorsports featuring a four-stroke 150cc engines, efficient automatic transmission, electric starters and convenient underseat storage. this deal is worth $4,054. (cheers and applause) wayne: patrima, do not get on the scooter right now because your dress is kind of short. (laughter)
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in your pocket. - my wish came true. wayne: this isn't-- this is a sugar bowl, ooh, aladdin is sweet. hmm, rub it. (laughter) so you have got $1,000 in your hand right now, right? you can keep that money or you can take curtain number three. i'm sorry, you've got curtain number two. thank you, jonathan. jonathan: you're welcome. any time i can embarrass you on television. (audience shouts suggestions) - i got to get off the streets, i got to keep the money. wayne: got to keep the money. amy, you've got curtain number two. good or bad. jonathan: it's a new bedroom. wayne: you missed out on a brand new bedroom. jonathan: get a great rest on this plush mattress from casper sleep, we're also including a matching bed frame
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plus pick your own unique wall covering with a gift card to this deal is worth $4,648. wayne: you missed on a deal worth over $4,000. but you've got yourself $1,000, take your lamp. thank you so much, ryan, thank you, sir. have a seat, my friend. (cheers and applause) now amy, you've got $1,000 and you've got a bedroom set. - i know, so excited. wayne: so you can keep that, this brand new envelope. now before you say no, now before you say no to it, just look how shiny this envelope is. handcrafted by the envelope artisans at " let's make a deal." here, do you want to shake it? - it could be anything. wayne: it could be.
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(audience shouts suggestions) - i'm going to keep my door. wayne: so she's keeping the bedroom set and the money. (cheers and applause) you passed on an alien abduction trip. (zonk horn) jonathan: you would have been beamed up for an exciting journey across the universe, mingling with some extra terrestrial friends and exploring undiscovered planets. this deal is worth nothing. wayne: give her a big round of applause. she is leaving with the bedroom set, and $1,000. congratulations, amy, thank you so much, sweetheart. - can i give you a hug. wayne: now i feel clean. more " let's make a deal" right after this. (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, r nobunny knows easter
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wayne: welcome back, who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause) green-- no, it's the statue of liberty, it's lady liberty, yes? hello. you are? - remy. wayne: nice to meet you remy. - hey, wayne. wayne: now what do you do? - i'm in marketing. wayne: you're in marketing-- any time i meet somebody that says they're in marketing, it is really vague, it's like being in real estate or in sales. well, nice to meet you. - nice to meet you, wayne, i'm a big fan. wayne: well, thank you very much. this is my buddy jonathan. jonathan: hi there. - hey, jonathan, hey. wayne: now... (laughter) jonathan: that's okay, that's okay, you don't have to applaud when he says my name. wayne: jonathan mangum.
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jonathan mangum. jonathan: thank you. wayne: jonathan mangum. jonathan: a little too much, too much. (cheers and applause) that's marketing, right there. wayne: that's marketing. jonathan: see that. wayne: that's what i just did, i'm marketing. jonathan: good marketing. wayne: thank you. jonathan: you're welcome. wayne: now we have something for you behind curtain number one. tiffany coyne. jonathan: it's a new scion. - oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! jonathan: ride in style in this scion xb featuring a four-speed automatic transmission, a touch-screen audio display and remote keyless entry. this deal is worth $18,865. - are you making fun of my costume? wayne: no, i just wanted to see the heft of her torch. it's a-- you know, it's-- she did a good job with the flames. jonathan: yeah.
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torch i've seen this week. - i painted it. (cheers and applause) i painted it this morning. i used my acrylic for you, just for you on the show. wayne: wow, well, i can't tell you, i just can't. (laughter) now to help you win that car a little three of a kind. here's how it works, on this board we have six cards. a queen or a four. if you match three queens, boom, if you match three fours, boom, you win the car. if you don't match, you don't win. pick three numbers. - oh my god, okay. (audience shouts suggestions) five. one. i don't know...
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wayne: one more number, one more. - ssss... three. wayne: numbers three. jonathan: ssss... three. wayne: numbers three. okay, so five, one, three. number five. queen. number one. queen. (cheers and applause) three queens could get you a car. but what if that three is a four? - oh. wayne: i tell you what, i'll give you a sure thing. tiffany, what's in the small box over here? jonathan: it's a new laptop. (cheers and applause) wayne: woo! jonathan: this 15-inch macbook pro features lightning fast processors,
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this deal is worth $1,999. wayne: that could be yours. - i would love that. wayne: then take it. - oh my gosh. wayne: take it right now. - and then what happens? wayne: and then you've got a computer and we high five, yay! because if you take the computer, you can't go with your guess, but if your guess is wrong, then you get a sure thing. but maybe you might give up a car for a computer. so what do you say? who did you come with? - i came with me and my little baby girl. wayne: you have a baby-- oh. congratulations. - thank you so much, my husband is in new jersey. i couldn't drag him down with me. wayne: oh. - i need a new car. wayne: do you have a name yet? - not yet. actually no one really knows we're pregnant so they're going to see the show and be like what! wayne: where did that baby come from? - from " let's make a deal." (laughter)
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(audience shouts suggestions) - i got to try for the car. oh please, oh please, oh please. wayne: number six, mr. mangum. now queen, queen, three, two, four. how about i give you the computer plus this... jonathan: shop for your favorite books, music, electronics and more with a $1,000 gift card to amazon. including the laptop the deal's worth $2,999. wayne: so almost $3,000. now a computer and the stuff from amazon, you could buy stuff for little waynisha. it's almost $3,000. - oh my god. wayne: in fact, wait a second, jonathan, what's the balance of it? jonathan: you mean the total value, $2,999. wayne: $2,999. jonathan: yes. wayne: you know what,
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it's $3,000 even, make it $3,000. you want your dollar, chris, i need a buck. this is for my little god niece waynisha. so now the deal total is worth $3,000. so you can take that. it's worth $3,000 exactly right now. laptop, gift card, buck. (audience shouts suggestions) - oh my god. to go with the laptop. i guess they have a feeling about the car being a zonk. wayne: but what does your gut say? - my gut says... that's a queen, so i'm going to try. oh please don't regret this. i'm going to go with it, i'm going go with it. (laughter) i don't want to leave empty-handed, just in case.
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number four. okay, i like you, and i like my little god niece. for her, plus the laptop, plus the $1,000 from amazon. total value now, so let's... it is now $4,000 even. now what do you say? - those are some crazy odds, let's just say, three queens. wayne: three fours. - three fours. i'm here to make a deal so... queen, queen. (cheers and applause) wayne: thank you, chris. - you are taking my dollar.
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one, two, three. go get your car! give her a big round of applause. be careful, you got a baby. take care of my god baby. give her a big round of applause. number two was a four. (cheers and applause) why, why did i do that? this is why you've got to come to a taping here in los angeles, to come and see " let's make a deal." oh, she-- congratulations, hon. more "
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as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness , it's gas. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight. wayne: welcome back. today's big deal of the day is worth over $22,000. in first place, remy, with the brand new car. that was a lot of fun, let's have some more fun. who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause) you, the flower lady. are you a flower garden-- yes, you. and she decided to take the long way, that's okay, cardio, that's all right. what did i tell you. working on her calves , astrid. - hello. wayne: how are you, astrid? - i'm excellent, how are you? wayne: i'm excellent too. so what are you?
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wayne: you are the nectar in the flower. - yes. wayne: that's interesting. right, so you are the entire thing. - yeah, the whole deal, the whole package. wayne: the whole package, the whole floral package. - yes, indeed. wayne: now what do you do? - i'm a registered nurse. wayne: give her a round of applause. (cheers and applause) and i'm detecting an accent. i think i know where you are from. - where am i from, wayne? wayne: a very exotic place. - you're close. wayne: you're from, let's see, cincinnati, right? am i...? - no. wayne: i got it, tampa. - no. wayne: where? - i'm from cali, colombia. wayne: i was so close. because the bus that goes. - yeah, you were warm. wayne: i was so warm. now i've got a little something for you. or actually jonathan has got a little something for you. jonathan: yes, it is an ipad air. (cheers and applause)
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a powerful processer and 128 gigabytes of storage all in an ultrathin package that weighs less than a pound. so far this deal is worth $699. wayne: could you use an new ipad? - i don't have one, i could certainly use one. wayne: okay, but not just the ipad, there is a book called " if i built a car" by chris van dusen. it's a clue as to what is behind curtain number two. so you can keep the ipad and the curtain or take curtain number three. so what does curtain number two sound like? - could be a car. wayne: yes, ma'am. - it could be building blocks, building materials for a toy car. wayne: yes. - if you build a car you can go somewhere, right. wayne: yes. - drive there. wayne: you wouldn't want to drive any car that i built, but yes, or curtain three. - curtain three-- what do i do?
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all right, three is a good number, it's a good number for me, three is a good number. wayne: so you're passing up the ipad and curtain two. what's behind curtain two? (zonk horn) jonathan: you could have won a fur car. wayne: congratulations. so you missed out on a zonk. tiffany: good girl. wayne: so let's take a look at what is behind curtain number three, shall we? - yes! yes! wayne: one, two, three. jonathan: it's a trip to daytona beach. (cheers and applause) wayne: congratulations. jonathan: you're off to florida for six nights in an oceanfront room at the lexington inn and suites daytona beach. lounge by the expansive pool overlooking the ocean or head to the nearby boardwalk for a day of sightseeing and sunbathing. daily breakfast and round-trip airfare are included
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wayne: so congratulations. and you know what, she just told me she's pregnant too, just like remy. - yes. wayne: so congratulations. good job, enjoy the trip, have fun, thank you so much, astrid. have a seat, hon. if you would like to get tickets to join us here at this craziness, you have to go to or call this number. jonathan: 888-533-2550, that's 888-533-2550. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! (rebecca) i've struggled with depression. i thought i needed cigarettes to cope. i was able to quit smoking. and then i started running. now, i feel a lot better. (announcer)you can quit.
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wayne: welcome back, if you're having a good time, say yeah! (cheers and applause) hallelujah! who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause) lionel, lionel, i think, lionel, yes. lionel, nice to meet you. - nice to meet you too. wayne: excellent, so what do you do? - i'm a hair stylist. wayne: you're a hair stylist. so what would you do differently with jonathan's hair? - jonathan's hair? clean it up, just-- he looks good with it, like that. wayne: see i was thinking maybe just shave " let's make a deal"
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- great, great. wayne: see, i like that. now i have to ask, because i have had quite a streak. no baby? - no baby. wayne: okay. because we had two of them, so i just had to check. just had to check. now i have got a deal for you, all right? now this deal just isn't an ordinary deal. - okay, okay, okay. wayne: because now i don't know if you believe in reading minds and whatnot, do you? - no, no, no, no. jonathan: what? he doesn't believe in what i practice as an art form? wayne: don't be-- you just really upset jonathan. - oh. wayne: he is a master at the art of getting inside someone's head and reading their minds. - oh, okay, okay, cool. wayne: do you want evidence? - yes, evidence, i want to see. wayne: okay, jonathan. jonathan: yes. wayne: read this person's mind. jonathan: get anybody. wayne: that guy right there. jonathan: hey, buddy, i'm just fishing for a deal. joke written by wayne brady.
2:10 am
clever. wayne: nice. lionel doesn't believe. jonathan: blonds have more fun. (laughter) wayne: thank you, quick wit. that most people cannot read. the veil of my mind. jonathan will read my mind for a clue for what's inside the big box, all right? - all right. wayne: jonathan, i'm ready, i'm psychically open, go. jonathan: if the trader takes the big box they better know their way around a plunger. wayne: it's so weird how my words were so awkwardly stilted in my own hand. you need to work on that. if the trader takes the big box they better know their way around a plunger. now what does that sound like to you? plunge a toilet or something. wayne: right,
2:11 am
or it could be a zonk. - i think it's a zonk. wayne: how about i give you $500 then. (cheers and applause) well i want that cape. - i'll take the $500. wayne: you'll take the $500. (cheers and applause) one, two, three, four, five. and i'll give you an extra hundred, you know what, i will give you an extra hundred if you give me your cape. because back when i used to work in the theme parks i used to wear a cape in the show and i really miss that. i love that. oh, i love wearing this cape. here, can you tie it for me? i feel so important with a cape on.
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welcome to " let's make a deal," yeah, this is awesome. i feel so much better than when i didn't have a cape. but let's see how good you're going to feel after you see what you have passed up-- tiffany. - oh. jonathan: it was a new pinball machine. wayne: the plunger inside the pinball machine. jonathan: this commercial quality mustang pro pinball machine features eight different game modes, led lighting and a fun sound track. this deal was worth $5,695. wayne: so you missed out on that. but you got yourself $600. lionel, thank you so much for being here, my friend. have a seat. when we return, more " let's make a deal" .


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