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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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identified. it is 5:30 on march 23. it's wednesday. halfway there. good morning. thank you for being with us. a lot milder today than it was yesterday at this time. the radar is clear.
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sprinkles >> right around the time the airport bombs went off. he describes the exchange he had with his brother who lives in brussels, trying to ensure their mother made it on the plane before the blast. >> i woke up 6:00 a.m., four hours later and i see -- he tested me there's been a bombing brussels airport, i want to know if you heard from mom.
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minutes before the blast she was on board. keep it here for continuing coverage and coming up at 6:00 a.m. we are live in brussels with more on terror in belgium. a safety alert, coral gables police releasing a sketch of a man they say sexually battered and robbed a woman. take a look at this man described as a white hispanic male possibly driving a white suv or van. anyone with information is asked to call police. police searching for a man who head up a subway restaurant in miami. video shows the man walking up to the counter. police say the man threatened an employee with a gun before taking off with the money. anyone who recognizes him him
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today more broward deputies will be wearing body cameras. now there are 50 cameras in use throughout broward county and eventually 1500 officers will have the new technology. the cameras show the deputy's perspective. the cameras will foster better trust in the community and help investigations they say. the miami open kicked off this week and serena williams pened an editorial. >> reporter: serena williams playing at the miami open this week took to the pages of the "new york times" to explain why tennis needs the miami open. her article recalls her days as a child when her dad would take her and her sister to the park to watch the greats compete.
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kid, you know, brings memories i'll never forget. >> reporter: her story comes after the owners of the miami open lost the final legal appeal over possible renovations to the site that is miami public park. serena williams reacted. >> it will be really sad, but it's here for another couple of years at least. i love it here and done well here in miami. >> reporter: while her words may be heart felt, it's also important to remember she's represented by the same agency that owns the miami open. the tournament lease doesn't expire until 2023. a call to the miami open organizers for a response, they stopped short of calling a move premature issuing a statement that says in part, the miami open has always been the place where players continue to come back year after year and enjoy the diverse, energetic and
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nowhere else in the world. >> we watched people play tournaments and it was cool. >> reporter: attendees call it unique. >> see how people play, see all the great players,. >> reporter: we ran into the former president of the carribean tennis association in town for the tournament. he says miami open is different because it has set many stanleys for 10 -- standards for tennis events around the world. >> let's hope at the work that out. >> do you play tennis? >> not well. >> i don't play at all, so you're better than me. trip advisors out with a list of favorite places around the world. >> and a bunny brawl caught on camera. why a shopper and a man dressed as an easter bunny went at it in the middle of the mall. >> the wind has switched into the east and that means milder ocean air moving in.
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warming up as we head later
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you ha all. the wind has switched to the east-southeast today. now than yesterday. wind speeds, not as winds e as yesterday, still between 10 and 14 miles per hour. the arrows indicate the wind direct coming in off the
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temperature is in -- this morning lower 70s out the door. you can leave the sweaters and jackets at home. highs of 80. 71 in miami. 71 pembroke pines and 71 for pompano beach. light sprinkles off the ocean, but nothing that will slow you down. 80 at 2:00. sun and clouds. warmer day. by 6:00 p.m.,78 with mostly cloudy skies and mild. the high pressure that got us the chilly weather has shifted to the east, just east of jacksonville. the wind has turned more into the east. but later this week and upcoming weekend we'll notice the winds becoming more south to southeasterly, increasing the rain chance.
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notice as we get into the day tomorrow and friday and saturday, a lot more green on that map. that means higher humidity and more moisture. easter sunday we may luck out with a little bit of drier air rolling back in for the holiday sunday. 2to 4-foot seas. 80 today, sun and clouds. rain thursday through sunday. time for traffic. >> starting to see improvement on the florida turnpike in hollywood, we're looking at 95, probably your better route at this point, because it's flowing beautifully northbound and southbound. turnpike hollywood boulevard north and southbound we have the inside lanes blocked off from earlier northbound accident. emergency vehicles there on the southbound side. still a little bit tough if
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95 may be the way to go. back to you. the heat look to stay on track in new orleans, plus dolphins' owner is speaking out. jim berry has your sports report. >> heat get things done last night in new orleans and tonight they're in san antonio taking on the spurs. last night the pelicans don't have davis, and he had 24 points. heat of course relying again on his defense. after that, they're off to the races. heat go up by 15 before the lead gets trimed to 6. dwyane wade has to be the closer.
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president obama in cuba yesterday as the tampa bay rays take on the cuba national team. long homerun for tampa bay and the game really no contest, but the folks in havana do have a moment to cheer about when the cuban national teams slugs this solo homerun in the 9th in this. but rays win 4-1. but the folks there have something at least to cheer about. ryan has signed with the tampa bay buccaneers after the dolphins released him in the offseason, partly because of his outspoken wife. dolphins' owner said he had had enough of her tasteless tweets. >> i'm not getting down to that level.
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represented and i think the dolphins moved on from brent and mico. >> i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports. joe is live, i missed you yesterday so nice to talk to you on this wednesday. >> thank you, vanessa, how are you? >> good. we have to talk about the cuba national team. they played the rays yesterday. cuba lost 4-1. what did you think of the game? >> i felt a little dirty. i like baseball a lot, but watching castro sit next to our president after knowing what a lot of people in south florida went through, there's a lot of parents and grandparents alive in this country here in south florida that were run out and it just, until things change, i didn't feel good about what was taking place over there, not to
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i wish there were more changes before we played that baseball game. i understand what it's about and trying to get things started in the right direction, but i watched about half that baseball game and i didn't feel great about it, as long as castro is still running things over there, i feel like it's still the dirty secret over there. >> i think a lot of south floridians agree with you, joe. let's talk about serena williams. they wrote an article in the "new york times" asking the miami open to stay put in south florida. could potentially move somewhere. do you agree with serena? >> it's one of the best events we have and i'm a huge tennis player. that's a bad combination. it's a great event. the players love coming here. we have a great tennis community. and they got the money in place to fix it up and make it even better. instead we have one man from
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in the key over at key biscayne that's controlling things and he doesn't change his mind, we're going to lose that event. it's sad. the players know it, the word's out. could be moving, could go to orlando, could go somewhere else. but it should never leave here. we have a great tennis and golf event, we should never lose those. even roger federer will be playing this year and we should never have to lose that event. >> do you play? >> i play tennis almost every day. >> you know who always plays is walter. i think we should have a little competition. i'm going to put it out there. >> i want walt so bad. i want walt so bad. and bring jim berry, too. i want to take jim berry down. >> i'll be the ref.
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thanks, joe, we'll talk soon. >> goodbye. caught on camera, an easter bunny getting into a brawl at a mall in jersey city. a shopper got angry when his child fell off the bunny's lap. both were charged with assault and both had outstanding warrants. police say the warrant on the bunny was for fare hopping. >> all right. i like it. bunnies jumping around and fighting. >> didn't pay his fare. time, 5:53. five reasons experts say the retirement crisis is getting worse for average americans. >> plus, what's your favorite place in the entire world? new list. we have details in this morning's money watch. >> we're watching the latest in the terror investigation in brussels.
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report on that and all welcome back. do you have faith in your financial future? a new study finds the divide between those on track and those falling behind is as
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here are five reasons experts say the retirement crews is getting worse. retirement confidence is leveling off. it was at a record low between 2009 and 2013 following the financial crisis. also there's a big gap between those who have a retirement plan and those who don't. third, most americans are falling behind in their savings despite their improved confidence levels. plus, most workers haven't taken basic steps for retirement planning. only 48% have tried to figure out how much they'll need to have stashed away by the time they stop working. and finally, many workers expect to work past traditional retirement age. on the money watch, uber is looking for flaws in its system, plus what we can expect to see at the new york auto show. jill wagner is joining us live from the new york stock exchange with details. good morning. >> the new york auto show opens
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big cars and suv's as gas prices remain low. hyundai is rolling out of a new hybrid. uber is looking for a few good hackers. they're launching a "bug bounty,." samsung australia created a prototype for a device that could be worn during contact sports. samsung says research shows players are taking hits equivalent to a car accident. walter. >> great to see them putting resources into technology that can tell us more about concussions and also what to do about them, jill. >> yeah, absolutely. once you can diagnose it in real time, i think it goes a long way into treating the problem. >> the other thing i've been looking forward to talking to you about, new tips about where
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>> that's right. travelers weighed in and ranked new york city the number one place to visit in the united states. trip advisor says this is based on reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions. vegas is second and in florida, orlando is third. somehow, miami did not crack the top 10. i'm not buying it. >> i'm not buying it either, not for one second. >> with those beaches, sign me up. >> all right. thanks for that report. we're going to have to do a recount i think. >> or what about hawaii? see if hawaii is on the list. i'm sure it is. >> got to be somewhere. that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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