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tv   Action News Weekend 7PM  ABC  January 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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bears and washington. 1940. and the baltimore colts against the browns in 1968. the third time that would happen if the score holds up. 30-0. and most of the 70,000-plus are gone, except for the chiefs fans wearing red. the texans fans showed up in their red, as well. sammy bonn, that 71-0 game was asked if his pass for a touchdown was held? he said we would have lost 73-7 instead of 73-0. >> jon: i put a premium on coaching, mike, as an ex-coach. what a staff. doug pederson. rumored to be a hot head coaching candidate.
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how about dave toub, the special teams today? kickoff return for a touchdown. three punts inside the 20. seven touchbacks. they get it done in the meeting room with their coaching, too. >> mike: two knees and close this out. let's talk about houston for a moment. they're going to play a first place schedule. the bengals and patriots in denver next year. the afc north. the tough schedule ahead. they'll play kansas city. they'll be in the market for a quarterback. no doubt about it in their offseason. look ahead for kansas city. as bill o'brien's season will end, 9-7, first playoff game. what about the chiefs going forward to denver new england fo potentially maclin, it's a big bite out of your skill on offense. over the last 13 games, mike, with this included, they've
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cow can ride that a long way. andy reid knows it. >> mike: trips to houston have been good for kansas city teams in this great sports year. this that wonderful city, world series champ royals beat the astros in a memorable game. and a playoff shutout for andy reid and the chiefs over the texans. 30-0, here today. alex smith, a second playoff win. standing by. >> lisa: thank you, mike. in the second half, you started to make it look easy. what came together and started working? >> um, i think a little by just identifying how they were going the play us. a lot of unfelonious knowns. been a long time. seeing how they would treat formations and personal nell. got some of that ironed out in halftime. >> lisa: what impact did the opening kickoff return, what did that have jump-starting everything? >> you never expect to start a game like that. that's what we feel like. we can play flee
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football. >> lisa: you're moving on. it could be without jeremy maclin. your thoughts on that? >> we'll find out. you know, i'm sure. but, you know, obviously, he's a huge player. tremendous player for us outside. anytime a guy like that goes down, i mean, it's hard. it's hard. he's such a leader for us on and off the field. we'll see. right now, we don't know. >> lisa: 11 consecutive wins after starting 1-5. what is going on with this team? >> it's everything. it's hard to explain. you know, a little bit like i said, three phases of football. high-character guys that put in the time and sacrifice. to so, yeah. >> lisa: thank you very much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike: number one overall pick. alex smith. found that man, andy reid. chopping their way too the last eight in the nfl playoffs. kansas city is moving on. he gets a kiss from his wife, tammy.
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stay tuned for the gmc post game on "sportscenter" coming up next on espn. when we come back to houston, we'll reveal the wild card gruden grinder. it's been a presentation of espn. and a kansas city win in houston. in the playoffs. again. for the first time in 2years, the chiefs have won playoff game. they do it with they won the last playoff game. in houston.
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came here and beat the oilers. time for the gruden grirnd. this is big. a wild card grinder. who is it? >> i would like to give to it the chiefs. i'm picking travis kelce. the tight end. pro bowl tight end of the chiefs. what a game he's had here today. eight catches. 128 yards. he did it all day long. corner route. beautiful pattern. he beat jackson. went up and got it. and then just a simple flat route. he gets the first down. hehe beats kevin johnson. another first round draft choice on a deep cross. then he goes down and gets a low ball. make johnathan joseph ss. he's off to the races. he kept the chains moving. he picked up the slack. when maclin went down. if maclin can't play, it will be a lot more kelce. >> that's the way it was last year. the offense did the job. special teams, defense. reid's team gets a shutout. never happened before regular
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the most games as a head coach. see you in hawaii. see you for the pro bowl. enjoy the rest of the playoff. good luck to our friends 59 fox, cbs and abz. those of you on espn, we'll go to "sportscenter." those of you watching on abc, your local station will pick up with regularly scheduled programming. we say good night from houston. 30-0, kansas city. sfx: rocket blasting off (ding) (dong) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding)
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this is abc action news. now on abc action news. saving lives, a project to protect other students and a student who inspired others to take action. good evening. tonight a student is being remembered on what would have been his 20th birthday. >> dozens gathered for a service honoring enrique hernandez killed while walking to school. kara shows us his loved ones are taking action to save others.
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the young man was killed walking to school two years ago. the group young american dreamers have organized and worked with his family to come up with a plan to improve safety along this route. an area that a lot of young people walk through to get to a nearby high school. since his passing, almost two years ago they have been successful in getting two sections of sidewalk installed near the school and they are not done yet. they say the final phase of the project is extending that sidewalk all the way to this intersection of old dixie highway and u.s. 92. they feel that would certainly help in providing a better cross way for many people that walk through the area. they also hope to get lighting installed along that path. they say it is part of their mission to keep his memory alive. we will have more on their initiative and what is next on this project for you coming up tonight at 11. reporting in polk county abc
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a man is called an online predator that targeted a 15- year-old. 24-year-old joshua austin reached out to the girl in a chatroom. he mailed her adult toys and condoms and accused him of sending sexual videos. he is locked up tonight and will be brought back to polk county to face charges. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. well i will tell you what, we had rain today and this is video coming in from our many facebook friends letting us know that showers were coming down. all over the bay area. we had hard rains and we are still seeing some of those very hard rains coming down mostly moving off to the south of us. really tough drive out there today. folks, please, whatever you are doing, don't put your flashers on while you are driving, it makes it tough for the rest of us. most of the showers moved to
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bay area proper. we are still seeing light rain from gulf gate estates to sarasota and back to the bloomington area up towards lakeland. most of the heavy stuff again has moved off to the south and east of us and that's going to be pretty much the way we look at things throughout the next several hours. 68 right now in tampa. clearwater and st. pete the winds shifting and the rains ends. we will get down to 64. then the temperature drops. i'll show you how low it will go coming up with the action weather forecast looking ahead seven days in less than 15 minutes. we are learning new information on the capture of a the notorious fugitive el choppa guzman. he is back in the same prison he escaped from.
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break out in july. the mexican navy caught him on friday after raiding a home. authorities raided a home. he reached out to actresses and movie theaters. he was looking to make a film based on his life. he is responsible for providing heroin and cocaine. organizers are trying to extradite him for fear he will escape again. the powerball jackpot up to $9 million. it hit 7 million on thursday after no one won. the 18th drawing without a winner. the next drawing happens before 11:00 p.m. those planning to get in on the action, the odds are 100 in 200 million. but the chance is enough for people to flock to stores to buy their tickets. the latest person to get kicked out after donald trump rally.
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standing up. in democracy 2016 a new controversy is brewing out of a donald trump rally in south carolina on friday night. a woman wearing a moslem scarf was kicked out of the convenient for simply standing up. rose hamad stood up in protest when donald trump refugee to isis. police escorted her out. officers said the donald trump campaign asked them in advance to remove anyone causing a disturbance. hamad said she was there in peace and wanted to introduce
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she says they booed on her and chanting and she blames donald trump for enticing anger. the bucks coach just interviewed for a different job. who else is interested coming up in sports.
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the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. meteorologist bill logan joins. a good day to watch the game. >> kind of a wipe out. so too was the weather. we knew it was coming through. mostly through as we take a look live from the river gate tower cam. we are seeing most of the big stuff moving off to our south and that's the good news. the bad news is that well the rain is ending this evening. we are going to be seeing some cooler weather as that front moves through. wait until you see the temperatures as we go to the work week. there's the front. a fast mover. kind of pitching in through the
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towards the east. it's mostly moved off to the south and east of us across tampa bay. current temperatures mostly in the upper 60s, lower 70s. we will see they drop as we work through the evening tonight. and those showers continue to move through and clear things out tomorrow and into monday. once we get that front out of here, oh, boy. it is going to get cool. not so much tomorrow morning. about 65 in tampa and 66 in lutes and 67 for apollo beach. by monday the temperatures will come down. through the evening tonight, upper 60s. down to the lower 60s by 7:00. to start off the temperatures it will be 62 as the sun comes up at 7:23 in the morning. out on the water, we have seen those temperatures drop.
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the gulf water temperature warming up and high tide before 1:00 in the morning. and by monday in the 40s to start off. we don't get out of the 60s until thursday. that's what a cold front will do, guys. it didn't take long for buccaneers coordinator curt cutter to get an interview for a head coaching job. according to the sacramento bead. he interviewed for the 49ers head coaching gig in tampa. he is a strong candidate for the bucks job. cutter seems like the natural choice. san francisco was not the only team interested in him.
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he is the 4th coach to be hired without head coaching experience joining fillbin and cam cameron. lsu and florida, ls u freshman sensation simmons having incredible season. he had a great game and florida played better. casey hill goes the other way and knocks it in the rim rocker and florida up by five and later on there's simmons in the lane. he will get the runner to fall. goes onto win over lsu68-62. florida state and miami. florida state can't hang with the canes, the 13th ranked canes, 72-59. big win for the canes, still undefeated in ac c play. 13 and 1. we will have more on this game and the nfl playoffs
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and the news continues on abc action we will see you back here
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