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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> we begin with two breaking news stories. action air 1 is live over the scene of a shooting. you are taking a look at live pictures where we are told someone was shot at the hope and north 22nd street. up to the shooting or the condition of the victim. tampa police are on the scene and four schools in the area on a modified lockdown.
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scene on ground to bring us latest. as new developments come into our newsroom. we'll have a live report we are expecting an update from yakima sonville on the case of a toddler missing since july. look at the baby on left happened side of your screen. this is lonzie darden. remains were found on the south side of jacksonville. we is not been told if the two are related. lonzie's mother and her boyfriend were charged with her disappearance. once the press conference starts, we will bring it to you. >> >> alleged child of child abuse. even the police officer investigating it said it took her breath away. take a look. these are the parents charged out of sarasota.
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what they are accused of serena. >> reporter: everything is detailed in this criminal affidavit in i'm holding right here. investigators say the children, a set of twins only four years old can you ever suffered from starvation. two of the children apparently also beaten with a belt. tonight tonight, the children's parents. are in jail, both facing five counts of aggravated child abuse. the couple lived together in these units, among the more shocking allegations, one of the four-year-olds was only 22- pounds. that's typically the weight of an 11-month-old baby and the six-year-old had marks down his back from a belt beating. >> the best way to describe the children, extremely malnourished. doctors explained to us that everybody is born with the ability to chew. if you don't use it, you can't
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unfortunately, the children have never been able to chew food in their lives because they have never been fed food. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, the children survivedded on pedia sure and sometimes had key toes. parents remain in jail on $50,000 an $60,000 bond. coming up at 5:00. how detectives learned of the case in the first place and the surprising reaction from neighbors. reporting live from sarasota, abc action news. students are back in class at usf after a long holiday break. campus police are warning about a guy possibly preying on women. a man approached a student who unpacking her things, asking her where he could buy an umbrella. as she gave him directions to the book store, the man wrapped his arm arms around her waist
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he eventually let her go. he is black, slim build. wearing dark framed prescription glasses with no facial hair and short shaved hair. police are reminding of the safest supreme court service. call 974-safe. if you know anything about the crime, you are asked to call the police. >> >> police are searching for a motorcycle driver accused of shooting another driver early this morning in tampa. this happened on fowler and the you bullet went through the drivers side window. the driver was conscious, thankfully, able to pull over. a witness seeing the after math >> we saw this motorcycle drive by really fast and i heard a loud noise. they were moving really slow. is 36 years old and is in the hospital in critical condition. person on the motorcycle was
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miles. he is described as a white man in his 40s or 50s, with a long gray beard and graying hair. if you have you any information on this shooting, you are asked to call the police. >> >> right now, talk of the town, talk of everything, powerball jackpot is so big, it doesn't fit on signs any more. check it out. signs will only go up to $999 million on billboards, but today, it jumped another $100 million to an estimated $1.4 billion and it's still growing. rolled over 19 times since november 7th on the drawing that day. it's the world's largest jackpot, ever, the next drawing is this wednesday. we are still waiting to find out who in the bay area won a million dollar on saturday's drawing. they bought the winning ticket at the winn-dixie in tampa. >> >> powerball ticket sales are
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know that the lotto is the second leading cause of gambling addiction. there are warnings about the danger of buying lotto tickets, especially with people with gambling problems. >> it can be a big temptation for individuals in recovery that have been in recovery for many years. inability to avoid temptation. >> that's deputy director jennifer cruz were concerns that people with gambling problems will risk anything. her advice it for compulsive gamblers to avoid buying lottery tickets, but with advertisements everywhere, she said it's hard for people with an addiction to do that. if you have you a gambling problem, call the hotline, 88- admit it. they offer recourses, treatment programs for people negatively
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>> turning to weather outside. it was a cold start to the day. >> it could get to freezing tonight. we'll talk about that. temperatures out there recovering nicely by the afternoon.
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thank you, ivan, deputies in hillsboro county need your help finding this man who held up a starbucks employee at gun point before running off. the employee was sitting in his car when this happened. he told the robber he didn't have the cash, but the robber was not buying it. he made the robber go he made the man go to an atm, forcing him to take out cash. we are just getting pictures of this. if you are recognizing this man, you are asked to call crimestoppers.
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exclusive search for many days we. 38 agencies represented from all over the south east came to help us to do that. we scaled back that large scale search on august 2nd of last year, but i want to make the point, today that our work this case and have worked it for the last 142 days, nonstop. we are here, today to tell you we strongly believe we have found the remains of lonzie barten in a nearby wooded area. with that, i'll turn it over for additional details. >> sheriff williams outlined our investigate to have effort, ongoing since day one that i
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case to the media and asked for the public's help. our goal from the beginning was to find lonzie. that didn't stop our efforts and didn't stop the interest of the public it is a very sad day that we find
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somewhere that is peaceful, not somewhere that is basically a garbage heap of that's just wrong. this case is not over. there are alocal of legalities. some about how we got out here, today. working with the attorneys pretty much every step of the way, again, specifics as we discussed this many times, i have not been able to give you specifics. and the lack of my specificity is because i don't want to jeopardize the judicial process of this case. justice is sometimes slow and sometimes, piece by piece. today, it's just another piece of the justice that we have. finding a body is a very, very large piece of that and this community, i can tell you from
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since the beginning of this. this family, this family of this community is really will every longe's family. and they love him, the investigative team, i can tell you, they take it with them to bed every night. to -- today's actions, today's recovery, what lead us here is a piece of that justice. kid certainly let you know that our efforts are not threw. today is not the end, today is just another step. it's most important that this opportunity is aware that the efforts -- investigative efforts, decisions that were made in this case by the sheriff's office and working with the state attorney's office were the goal of taking that child from places unknown today to a specific place and
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>> again, we are just listening in on a press conference out of jacksonville florida, where investigators are telling us they have found the remains of what they believe to be the missing toddler, lonzie darden, who was been missing since this summer, since july. they are giving us an emotional and sad update. the toddler, missing since july, found in a swampy area. parents both arrested, it's actually the mother and mother's boyfriend charged with child neglect in connection to this toddler's disappearance. we'll continue to bring more updates as they become investigators giving us an emotion at press conference about a disappearance and the finding of what they believe to the toddler, lonzie darden >> we are following a breaking
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at the top of our newscast, action air over the shooting at the hope store. you can see how many police cars are surrounding the area, right now, we have a crew on
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we are continuing our coverage of the breaking news story we first brought you at the top of the hour. a shooting at a grocery store, in tampa, mlk street. clifton french just got to the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: what we are getting is all preliminary information, but what we know inside of this store, a man armed with a knife that tried to rob that store. the clerk, then pulled out a gun and shot that robber in the head. we are told that robber, still alive at this point, taken to the hospital in critical condition. we are told that this happened right around 3:30, today.
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alot of investigators, still doing this. one thing we are told on top of the clerk inside, there was one other witness. police questioning the other witness. right now, still gathering a lot of information here, but what we know, the robber, the suspect, inside of that store was shot in the head. to be safe. several of the schools around this area have decided to go on a modified lockdown. i just asked the police department what they think about that, if there should be a lockdown. they said they wanted to let parents know there is no concern that anybody is out here. if they are on lockdown, it's precautionary. the one person that was a danger, once again, shot in the head inside of this store by that clerk. we are continuing to dig up more information. we are talking to some other people who we believe are witnesses on the other side of the road. we will bring you as much information as we can
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or 5:00 show and our 6:00 newscast. i'm reporting live in tampa, right now, clifton french, abc action news. >> thank you, clifton for that update. >> >> now to weather, the tornado that ripped through cape coral over the weekend t happened saturday, a couple of counties south of us. >> significant damage, in fact, now from the national weather service, we know this was damage from an ef2 tornado u winds about 132-miles an hour, tor through just about 3 1/2 miles, there. that's how long it was on the ground, essentially, trees toppled over, homes damaged. some of the walls and roofs tearing through, even cars damaged, flipped over as well. now, take a look inside some of the homes i want to take you you in where the significant damage occurred. shattering, sliding glass doors
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tearing through the kitchen, family room and it left debris scattered everywhere. >> all of the wind just started to break and pop and explode. it was just the most -- it was unbelievable. >> nothing you can't believe. >> when you are you in the dark, scrambling for a flashlight, the wind is blowing, rain -- house is shaking, it's like this side of hell. >> reporter: no question about it. the tornadoes with el nino -- at night, and it is difficult to be able to see them, there, luckily, no deaths, but we understand three injuries and obviously, as we have been showing you, significant damage, estimated at upwards of $5 million. contractors saying their phones are ringing off the hook as you can imagine. >> i want to take you back. this was doppler radar back on saturday night. we'll put this into motion as the storms begin to roll in. some of the storms weaken, but this particular cell right here
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as it prove moves through, there you see the tornado warning, ft. meyers, cape coral. this one held intact. the winds estimated 132-miles per hour. el nino, storm track. this is the time of the year where we don't see this kind of weather, but we see it during el nino seasons. this was a survey from the national weather service. ef2, 130 mile-an-hour winds, which, by the way is a very potent hurricane. thankfully, it did not take any lies >> timed doppler radar at this point, the storm is well down to the south and east, the trail in front is what came in later after the storms and brought us the dry cold air that we had been experiencing over the last several hours. this morning, in fact, from pensacola, gainesville.
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literally, 32. we made it to 44 in tampa. the national weather service has decided to put a freeze warning for a couple of our northern counties. not so much coastal, but certainly into citrus, freeze warnings and temperatures expected to go into the lower 30s. we'll watch from that. 2:00 to 8:00 in the morning, the rest of our counties not in that freeze warning and no freeze watch either. we should stay well above 32. certainly in tampa. and we'll see mid-to upper 40s, further to the south and east. as far as highs tomorrow after a cold start, a nice recovery, 60-65, el nino is busy. we have another line of storms that will likely move through here late in the week when i >> next. new claims about the man caught on camera shooting a police officer in philadelphia. what investigators are saying about the man who claims he
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a developing story. investigators looking into claims that the man you see shooting a philadelphia police officer may be part of a bigger terror plot. the officer survived are he was hit three times in the arm. the suspect edward archer said he attacked in the name of islam and was inspired by isis. now, there are claims he is part of a larger group of radicals an the threat is not over. >> he is an urban terrorist, whether it was islam, isis
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to be looked at if it is credible >> the fbi is working with philadelphia police on this case. >> >> and the winner is the honda civic. just named the 2016 north american car of the year to kick off the biggest auto show in the nation starting in detroit. the civic has been completely redesigned, you can call it a comeback of sorts. the last redesign in 2011 didn't go over so well. -p sales fell. it has staying power, an earlier version of this civic won the same award 10 years ago. >> >> ahead, the world mourning the loss of david bowie. coming up, a few little known facts you probably didn't know about the artist, including why he changed his name.
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we are bringing you back out to breaking news we have been following on "the now tampa bay" action air over the scene of a shooting in tampa where we are told someone was shot at the health food store at the mlk corner of north 22nd street. our reporter, clifton french, giving us an update, saying a man with a knife walked into the store, some type of threat to the clerk and the clerk shot him in the head. his are questioning people involved. this is still a very active investigation. you request see how heavy the police presence is outside of that store. again, this is in tampa on the corner of mlk and north 22nd street, one person shot in the head. we are told people are questioning the people
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who is a shooter and the witness as well. >> >> we are also following some breaking news out of jacksonville where we just listened to a press conference where investigators have told us they have found the remains of missing toddler lonzie darden. investigators working this case 142 days, giving us a sad and emowingal update. the toddler first reported missing in july. his parents arrested in connection with this case charged with child neglect and we just listened to the press conference with investigators giving us an update about the remains of what they believe to be lonzie barden found in a swampy area of jacksonville. >> it's a very sad day. the first step in justice. i mentioned several times that the little boy didn't need to
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trash. today, we are able to take what is believed to be him from being disposed just like that in the hopes that he can spend his eternity in somewhere that is peaceful and not somewhere that is basically a garbage heap. >> now, a live look, now at glendale, arizona, the site of a little football game tonight, alabama and clemson playing in the college football playoff championship. bama playing for their fourth season under nick sabin. clemson has not won a national championship since 1991. they are the underdog there. kickoff at 8:30 on espn. i was looking at the forecast
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listen, have you been edge joying the cold weather? take a look outside. nobody in the waters as far as i can tell. temperatures -- in fact, today, warmer in the water than the air temperature. temperatures as we head through tonight. sunset at 5:53. that's exciting. we are getting close to 6:00. then, we'll be into the upper 40s tonight and tomorrow, if you are heading out to the links, 46 in the morning. bundle up. you willing able to peel off the layers by 4:00, we'll be in the 60s again. moderate chop for the bays, two to three foot seas, winds out of the northeast for boaters, low tide coming up at sunrise. we'll see you awe little later
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>> you hear it, one of the classics david bowie will be remembered for. germ man's foreign office tweeting in reference to that song -- the legendary rocker died yesterday following an 18 month battle with cancer. >> tributes pouring in all over the world, including the series of animated sketches that you saw by a british ill straight tor. memorial growing outside of his new york city apartment. tonight, a central london landmark is lit up with "rest in peace david bowie." his long time producer called the latest album the singer's parting gift.
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we found some things that you may not realize about him. >> kind of a shocker about his death, didn't know he was sick. did you know david bowie not his name. he changed it from david jones because of the grow popularity of davie jones, lead singer from the monkeys. he picking bowie as to after the boeing knife. ability to cut both ways. >> >> bowie's first pr stunt was an appearance on the bbc as a 17-year-old he joked "we have had comments like darling" and he said "i think it has to stop, now. >> some of the others, moonlanding, bbc uses space odyssey in its coverage of the moon landing. repelling him -- propelling him to fail. >> and bowie lead the change in
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he released the first ever downloadable single by a major artist, putting out "telling lies" on his website in 1996. >> >> also, well-known, one of my favorite movies ever, believe it or not, "labrinth" and "the man who fell to earth" as well. >> wouldn't it be cool to be knighted? >> not if you are david bowie. >> he didn't so. >> he turned it down when the honor was given to him by the queen in 2003. he said "seriously, i don't know what it's four." >> amazing. we'll show you how this terrifying situation unfolded. window washers stuck on a dangling skivered at a high- rise in houston.
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over the past few months, we have seen girls with the names isis experiencing difficulty all over the world thanks to the terrorist group of one 7th grader with the name is sharing her story, hoping to help others. for the last three years, she said she has been bullied. it got so bad, she had to transfer schools. >> i have been called a terrorist. >> her name is actually isis and it comes from her parents say the egyptian goddess overwise come dom, her dad telling us people have always loved her name and asked where it came from. now that it is spreading hate, isis is spreading her own
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hard or you get picked on. keep your head up. know you are special for your own self and know there is something about you that is unique. >> there you go. she's taking to social media with the message, hoping to help others. daring rescue unfolding in houston, take a look at the video, a couple of window washers had to be rescued by firefighters when the scaffolding they were on collapsed. the motor failed causing the big rig to become unbalanced. it took and hour for firefighters to remove a window and pull the workers, thankfully, to safety. >> >> coming up, how this picture posted by mark stuckerburg is reignited the debate over childhood vaccines. >> >> if you like to shop local, a
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great idea to get the word out. >> >> credit card cloning, criminals getting more sophisticated creating duplicate cards stealing your money. the three easy things you can do to find out if someone else is out there spending your
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a mysterious case italy hopes does not turn into another amanda knox-style case. a woman was found dead and ashley olson's death is -- there are reports she is from florida, south of st. augustine and her friend there said she can't imagine what she went through. >> no one deserves to go through that. whoever did this to her, i hope they get what is coming to them. because it's really hard. she was just just the best person her boyfriend found her
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he had not heard from her in days. police say the 35-year-old artist had bruises and and scratches on her neck, which shows she may have been strangled. investigators say there are no signs of someone breaking into her apartment, which indicates she likely knew her killer. is there >> right now, the mother of so- called affluenza teen trying to get her bond reduced. tanya couch is being held on a $100 million bond. if bond is reduced and she post it is., she will need to turn in her passport and wear an ankle bracelet >> mothers against drunk driving getting involved in this case. they are demanding that ian couch be moved to adult court. he is fighting extradiction from mexico.
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police say he violated probation for killing four people in this crash. he got probation instead of jail time after his defense said he was too rich to understand right from wrong. now, mad said transferring him will make sure his probation goes past his 19th birthday in april. they are trying to get 30,000 signatures before the transfer hearing is set for next week. >> newer video just in this afternoon. released by mexican officials of its navy raiding a house where they arrested notorious drug lord el chapo right now, he is in solitary confine ant, fighting extradiction to the u.s the process could take months. that's the biggest twist. turns out this guy right here, scene penn met him after he
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hiding out in the jungle. the drug lord wanted him to help with a movie about his life. penn's interview was in "rolling stone." >> tomorrow, governor rick scott will be pushing tax cuts that he said would give a needed boost to florida's economy. governor rick scott will have his red pen out again, looking at a billion dollar in tax cuts. and also $250 million in business incentives, one of the moves many people might like a 10 day back-to-school sales tax holiday -- using face time, i newport ritchie. she is on the road and said she doubts scott will be able to cut a billion dollar. >> there are so many things in the statement that i think we can talk about.
4:37 pm
about is the amount of people that have mental illness and drug problems. >> reporter: rights hotly debated again this year. lawmakers continue to push for a plan to make florida an open carry state. there is another plan to allow those with concealed carry-s to bring people on public campuses. >> i have a feeling the republican majority is for both of them. >> there are other bills on the table. $200 million a year to restore the everglades. >> we have to get started, first find out how bad things are and which form is in the houston study, it will take many steps, but we have to get started immediately. >> other bills to watch out for, school testing. controversy of drilling for natural gas known as fracking. one bill to buy lottery tickets
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>> and also on the table for the session is a bill to allow concealed carry guns on college campuses, right now, owners are required to leave their guns inside of a parked car or hand it over to university police. florida is also considering an open carry law this session. >> >> outside, today, ivan, we began with a cold start. >> and in fact, so cold we have freeze warnings for some of our counties, we'll talk about that, first of the season as we check in outside, nice afternoon. nice recovery with temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s. we started in the 30s and 40s. i think we'll head that direction once again as we head through tonight, quickly falling off as we lose the sun here. we have citrus and partial hernan doe county that's not the coast as you would expect the warming influence of the water, freeze warning, temperatures expected into the low 30s between 2:00 and 8:00
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we'll watch for that again, that's only for two counties to the north, the rest of us not seeing temperatures in the 30s. a long time -- 10 degrees above that mostly clear skies, tomorrow, nice recovery, good 20 degrees, plus by the afternoon. temperatures in the lower 60s. we have this el nino malt earn. try storms will visit us here, one after the other. usually, we have a nice little break up until thursday and cloud cover begins to increase. friday, we'll have to watch closely, line of showers and thunderstorms, severe weather potential on that day as we get gulf. kind of similar conditions to what happened saturday. so certainly keep it in mind. we'll keep you posted if that changes with temperatures warming up in the lower 70s, sara? >> thank you, ivan. >> >> if you didn't make it to the
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chance to see the elephants. ringling brothers are stopping their elephant acts, because of concerns about animal cruelty. they will retire in may. they were not originally supposed to retire since 2018, but the circus said building the closures for the elephants at their new home didn't take as long as they thought it would. the animals will be doing something unexpected in their retirement. they will now be a part of the effort to fight cancer. the disease is much less common in egg fans than elephants than humans scientists say future research confirms it, they could try to develop drugs for
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>> facebook founder stirring up a debate over childhood vaccines, mark stuckerburg's latest post show as picture of himself and his daughter at the doctor's office. now, talking about the global reaction. >> reporter: the cutest, most controversial picture on the internet, right now, with more than three million likes, more than 30,000 shares and more than 80,000 comments. not all of them are supportive of mark zuckerman vaccine nateing his daughter -- the colorado children's immunization coalition hopes that parents will follow his lead and get their children vaccinated. >> i saw the picture. i was so excited and pleased to see such an adorable photograph from someone who is so
4:42 pm
>> stephanie wasserman said hollywood seems to have taken up both sides of the vaccination debate. it started with a study in the late 90s, but has been retracted. even though the data didn't add up, the idea struck a chord with parents, as recently as last year, pleasle's outbreak, connected to unvaccinated kids. the value is not just for one child, but for entire communities. >> if you led that herd immunity go down -- >> they say a picture is worth a thousand works, but when mark zuckerberg posts it, the whole world weighs in. >> >> shopping local just got a little more convenient. a usf student launched a monthly description service delivering pro dubs made in tampa bay. now, kristi post has what you can expect and how it is
4:43 pm
>> in the same room she studies for college. jaime runs her business -- >> this is my school space >> inspired by all of the things made in tampa bay, the 20-year-old usf student started a monthly subscription service that delivers up to seven randomly selected items to your door step. >> i want one to open bread box and say to themselves "wow, i didn't know they made it here." i'll give away one surprise, one will be deodorant. >> the first shipment sold out. 50 subscribers got everything. every month, she's finding new products >> i'm going to at least three markets every weekend. ma what makes it fun is that you know what brands are participating in the box, but you don't know what you are you
4:44 pm
>> reporter: on average, the box costs $40, but what you are getting inside is valued at $70 you can cancel at any time and the money you spend goes back to the community, five percent of every box goes to a local charity like pet pals. bay businesses. credit and debit card fraud
4:45 pm
of dollars. more than 31 million americans falling victim to this in 2014 alone. the number is growing. as "the now's" laura harris tells us, brooks are cloning your card. >> very scary. i'm a small business owner. they used my company credit card to make this purchases. >> reporter: recently shocked with the news he became yet another member of the credit card fraud club. >> capital one sent me a text -- >> reporter: when he got in touch with the bank, he explained not only was the overnight purchases made when he was fast asleep at home, but was at a fast food joint he never goes to. that's when he gave him the lowdown about how his hard
4:46 pm
with a duplicate credit card. >> capital one told me while we are sleep at night, these guys are generating numbers at night. i wasn't the only one. they are catching onto the system on how they do what they do. >> law enforcement working fraud specific crimes are telling people in addition to checking your transaction, always select credit instead of debit at gas pumps and retail stores. take this advice from joe saying things would have gotten not worst if he had not done all thing. >> however you receive alerts, i recommend you sign up for it. >> he got all of his money back and a squeaky clean new credit card and number, but he hopes others will learn from what happened to him. all wall keeping a great attitude. >> you could have called me on my phone and asked me for $19.73. >>
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invest in a shredder. it significantly decreases your chances of becoming a victim to fraud. i'm sara rockair quo, rosario. tampa bay action news starts right now. >> this is a crisis, these guys are solving their problems with guns. >> after a series of fatal the is pledging to put an end to it. the million dollar investment he is making for a safer saint pete.
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