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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it's even colder this morning and a freeze warning is in place for citrus and inland hernando counties so the temperatures still may fall a few more degrees before they start to if back up today. we'll have -- to go back up today. we'll have more in a few. if you were not already cold think about that. good morning, everyone. >> thank you for joining us on abc. folks in the bay area could be scraping some frost off the windshields this morning. >> i heard there's a freeze warning in effect. where is it, shay? >> if you have stormshield on your mobile device or our abc action news app you will get that information first. and that's i believe was deiah riley was hearing on her phone. this morning as you were heading out, if you have not already realized how cold it is take a look at these temperatures in citrus county. we're near freezing in homosassa, crystal river 34. lecanto 36. the biggest concern with these
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your plants and pets inside. make sure you're also aware too, with kids you want to make sure they are nice and bundled up especially if they are going to be out for any significant period of time early this morning. by about 9:00 we'll start to see the temperatures coming back up, and things will start to significantly improve, but we have the mid-30s across much of hernando county as well, hernando beach at 34 degrees. in and around tampa bay though the temperatures get a little more mild but this is still cold in comparison so-to-what we're used to this time of year, low to mid-40s. as we move through the day it will be much like yesterday with plenty of sunshine, no weather-related issues as you hit the roads this morning or even this afternoon. janelle, what is going on this morning so far? no weather-related issues but we have construction. this is affecting people coming off the howard frankland. northbound 275, look there, closed now for some construction, you can see this is right at the kennedy exit.
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275 northbound right on to kennedy. you can see it here behind me as well. let's show you this project on a map. again i-275 closed northbound all the way to dale mabry, what they are doing is making cars get off at kennedy and they get back on at himes. keep in mind also you won't be able to get on 275 at westshore and the other entrances heading northbound. you have to go to himes or even howard. this detour is expected to wrap up by 5:30. i'll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as it does. elsewhere across the bay area we're in pretty good shape. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. many in florida, by florida standards are cold this morning. we're trying to find ways to stay warm. that is why we sent adam winer outside to see how people are hand lick the big change in the temperatures. hot coffee probably does the trick? >> reporter: was this your idea to send me out here?
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yeah, i got hot coffee from a local coffee shop. there's some 24-hour shops at the intersection of howard and kennedy, that are 24 hours. we've met a lot of people coming in and out to get hot coffee. a lot of them finishing up after work. i met a guy who is finding warmth after working at a local bar on south howard. another guy who is a baker at panera was actually wrapping up hits shift and was -- told us he was really just stopping by to get warm and get coffee. a lot of people stopping in, making fresh pots of coffee. none of the people though were complaining about the cold too much. many saying they don't mind the change in temperature too much. my big question for them this morning is what they were doing, asking them what they were doing to stay warm. how many layers they were wearing this morning. take a look. >> coat, work shirt, hats and boots, that's it.
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to survive the rest of the morning? >> i'm going home. >> reporter: how many layers? >> oh, man, two. >> reporter: one, two. plus the shirt? >> village inn, all right. >> reporter: that guy was on his way to work this morning. like a lot of you are. if you want to give a quick heads up of what you need to do to stay warm, i just got extra heavy socks on myself here to keep my toes warm. me, i have the freeze jacket, i have the sweater. then a shirt after that. i'm ok now but if you're going to have the kids in the cold or something to keep your fingers warm. just remember the extra extremities, if you have the hat, something like that. it's not too bad at the moment but i know etc. extra cold in pasco county and some of the other spots. stay warm, from here in tampa. live in tampa, adam winer, back
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an explosion in instanbul, turkey killed several people overnight. it went off in the historic district near a mosque killing 10, injuring at least 15 others. authorities sealed off the area as they work to figure out who was behind the attack. that blast comes as turkey is facing threats from multiple groups including isis and kurdish group known as the "pkk." an armed would be robber in critical condition. police say the suspect never finished his crime because the clerk at the store he targeted took matters into his own hands. in tampa yesterday police say the clerk shot the suspect after he tried to rob the hope food store with a knife. the clerk told police the man came in with a knife and demanded everything in the cash register. after trying to negotiate with the suspect and warning him to leave the clerk pulled out a handgun and shot the suspect in the head. >> you have it right below the counter, he apparently was quite prepared for this. >> emts arrived and gave the suspect cpr before he was taken to the hospital.
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the store. 5:05. three pitbulls attacked a blind man's service dog. the man is worried his guide dog will be too scared to go outside. these are blurred images along with a video. they are too graphic. notice the blurred video, 4- year-old andy the dog was bit multiple times in the next while out with his owner in bradenton last week. the blind owner was helpless to fight back. someone who witnessed is was able to jump in and fight off one of the dogs. he says the police showed little compassion for the dog's injury. >> the dog is my eyes. the dog was on the ground bleeding, coughing up blood. it was ridiculous. i wonder if the police dog was shot in the line of duty would the police wait an hour and-a- half to fill out the paperwork before they got their dog to the vet?
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5:06. we're following what will happen next after authorities believe they found the remains of a missing 21-month-old jacksonville. were found in a wooded area nearly six months after they started their search. detectives say their lead suspect, william ruben ebron led them to the remains. barton's mother. he and 26-year-old lana barton were accused of child neglect. lana barton pleaded guilty just last week. now she could be called on to testify against ebron. the sarasota parents behind me are waking up in child charged with beating and starving their children. police say kimberly haygood and anthony jones didn't feed their three children. one investigator says a 4-year- old boy weighed only 22 pounds and looked like a skeleton. he had no hair, couldn't even walk. his sister weighed only 26 pounds. >> it's our fault we never said
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if you have an idea something is going on people should call. >> with all due respect then, why didn't you call authorities? >> i have no idea. stupid. not trying to get in nobody's business. >> reporter: right now all the children are being treated at all children's hospital in st. pete. officers say their conditions are improving. in new york right now police still searching for the final suspect in a brutal gang rape. four teens, one only 14 years old are already in jail. officers say that gang confronted a man and his daughter in a brooklyn park pulling a gun forcing the man to leave. police say they gang raped his daughter while her frantic father tried to summon help. in oregon a group of armed protesters who took over a federal building at a national wildlife refuge are now going through filing cabinets. the group says they've not accessed computers used by federal employees. they are trying to expose how the government is in their terms mistreated local ranchers who use federal land in the area.
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at the refuge january 2nd. major test changes. starting in march students will take a completely revamped s.a.t. the new test has fewer multiple choice questions, optional essay, no penalty for wrong answers, far different than before. also kids no longer need to memorize long complicated vocabulary words. testing experts say the changes will make the a.c.t and s.a.t. similar your student can test for one and be prepared for both. >> whichever is better you need to only submit that. >> to help students prepare for the new s.a.t. college boards, we have links to all of those now on the abc action news app. 5:09. let's check with meteorologist shay ryan, downright cold today. you said it was coming. >> yes, we're going to have more cold starts to the day but this morning certainly a big
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we even have 30s to the north in inverness. i like to play a game sometimes on mornings like this. it's called show me your temps. find me on facebook, show me the temperature in your neighborhood, show me who has the lowest temperature. i bet it's not across tampa bay though. 46 tampa. 53 st. pete. most likely coming from our northern counties around citrus or hernando. i think that is the bet. later on this afternoon we'll have plenty of sunshine, a high of 62. i'll show you more of what is ahead coming up in the 7-day forecast. i just want to help the people in distress. >> coming up, people trapped inside this burning building with no firefighters in sight. we've got incredible video to show you of the daring rescue police officers made. they realized they couldn't
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5:14. we're expecting italian authorities to offer up new committee -- details about a woman's death in florence. ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment over the weekend. police say olsen's friend last saw her thursday at an italian nightclub. stayed out. her neck was bruised and scrched which could mean strangulation.
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mean she may have known hercal killer. we're her killer. we're trying to find out when the mother of the so- called "affluenza teen" is going to get out of jail. tonya couch is expected to be released any moment now after her bond was released. ethan couch is still in custody in mexico. at for his mom though deputies will keep a better eye on her for now. she's boeing fitted with a gps monitor before her release from jail. shay, there's a freeze warning in effect? >> you can see inverness 36 degrees, brooksville 38. they expect the temperature to fall a few more degrees before we get to sunrise. so again if you have pets or plants that are outside you
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for a couple of hours. even overnight tonight. we have a cold start. most of the temperatures are in the 40s around tampa, 46 degrees. st. pete 53. bartow 45. a minimum, bundle up as you head out with plenty of sunshine today. it will be a cool day ahead with temperatures in the low 60s. rain really isn't likely today, maybe a stray shower in our southern counties of sarasota or into desoto or highland county but in general, a dry and sunny trend is going to continue over the next couple of days. in fact our highest chance of rain holds off until friday as an area of low pressure works across the gulf. this could be a pretty strong system that could give us a slight risk for a severe storm. so we want to watch this. at a minimum we are going to see some heavy downpours rolling across the area and could have a pretty wet commute friday.
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our next cold front holds off until sunday. a few showers as it rolls through. the temperatures then go back to the mid to upper 60s for sunday. as that cooler air filters in. then monday morning once again we're starting in the 40s and ending the day in the low 60s. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter with more. janelle, good morning. good morning. we're watching this construction project that has northbound i-275 closed from kennedy all the way to dale mabry. you can see it starting here. this is just as you come up the howard frankland bridge. cars being detiered to candidate. you have to get back on at himes. be aware you can't get on i-275 at dale mabry or westshore. you have to get on at himes or even howard. there's another construction project happening overnight tonight and really overnight through thursday morning. southbound 275, the ramp to memorial highway is going to be closed so what you're going to have to do is make sure you get
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to take spruce or even cypress back to memorial highway or if you're trying to get on the veterans. this could cause problems if you're trying to get to the airport, make sure you make that detour on to westshore otherwise it's going to take along time to get around that construction project. checking in average speeds. all looking good, no crashes or breakdown to tell you about. 5:18. heartstopping new video of two window washers stuck on this tilted scaffolding 71 stories up, a building in houston. that scaffolding tilted when one of the electric motors stopped working. luckily windows on that building are designed to come off in emergencies. so firefighters rescued both men by removing a window pane allowing them to step inside. dozens stepped across the street to watch the rescue. >> they were holding on to dear life. they were facing the building looking in.
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tower was probably freaking out. >> the workers were stuck outside for less than an hour. mechanics pulled the scaffolding back up to the roof for inspection. no one was hurt. three police officers in new york are being hailed heroes for this incredible video of them rescuing people from a burning building before the firefighters arrived. the fire started in a furniture store and quickly spread to an apartment building friday. as people yelled for help from upper floors officers grabbed a lader from a nearby construction site. they used to it rescue two people from a second floor window. and also helped rescue four more people from the back of the building. the fire damaged a dozen apartments and three businesses, no word yet on what started it. still ahead -- months after a dangerous drug overdose lamar odom is still recovering but won't face charges related to the drugs. why prosecutors say they just couldn't pin him. plus, leo explains, "the revenant" star sets the record straight about his animated faces after lady gaga brushes
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>> oil prices continue to plunge, now to the lowest level in 12 years. details in our business headlines from new york now. >> reporter: good morning, topping "america's money" -- oil prices at their lowest since 2003. >> analysts say it's a matter of time until crude is below $30 a barrel, maybe even $20. >> leading to big savings but may force some oil and gas companies to go bust. one model grabbing attention at the auto show, the toyota ridgeline pickup. >> it will be offered not only with all wheel drive but front wheel drive too. the only pickup so equipped. it will be available in the first half of this year. there's still time to get free food from carabbas restaurant chain. it started to give away one million vouchers. register at the web site before the end of the day thursday. >> two days left.
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5:23. prosecutors say no charges will be filed against former nba star lamar odom after his near deadly drug overdose at a nevada brothel in october. authorities say a blood sample shows he had cocaine in his system.
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prove possession or that odom took the drug while in their jurisdiction. we're told yesterday odom left a l.a. hospital and now treated at a private facility near his estranged wife khloe kardashian. leonardo di caprio said he had no idea that video we showed you yesterday morning went viral after sunday's golden globes. he explains why he made some kind of funny faces at lady gaga, she brushed by him. nudged him a little as she walked to the stage to accept her award for her role in "american horror story." he tells entertainment tonight, i didn't know what was passing me. that's all. the video has been shared hundreds of times from my facebook page. check it out there if you have not seen it. 5:24. coming up -- he's caught but that doesn't mean he'll be coming to the u.s. any time soon. the big hold-up that is keeping one of the most infamous drug lords from answering his federal charges in the united states. elephants are leaving the circus for good.
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chances to see the animals give their final performances in florida. >> good morning, we're keeping an eye on this closure at 275 in kennedy. closed now northbound from kennedy to dale mabry, should open any minute, i'll let you know when it does, and give you drive times on i-4 coming up in
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