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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 as president barack obama prepares for his p>>laura: as president obama repares for his final state of pthe union address, we'll take a plook how he did on keeping the roms he -- promises he made plast year. p>>russell: some florida puniversities are telling pstudents to leave the hover pboards home. p>>laura: and powerball fever has ptaken over america.
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psomeone out there is just six plittle numbers away from making pa fortune. pa billion dollars. pare the odds in your favor? p>>dave: 36 degrees in crystal priver as we speak. pwe're down to 34 in brooksville. pthat's chilly stuff. p45 in tampa, brandon, even spots pin the 50s yesterday to the psouth are in the upper 40s. pgrab the jackets. pyou'll need them. pand how about the sprinkles? parcadia over to lake placid, pshowing us a little light rain pthis morning. pit's not going to go any further pknot and it should be out of phere soon enough. artly cloudy to mostly sunny, pseasonably cool with high ptemperatures in the lower 60s. p>>russell: a major shift for ptraffic on i-275. pthe latest phase of the massive pinterstate project wrapped up pabout a half hour ago. pand this should mean a smoother pride on your way into downtown ptampa.
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pshayla reaves is live at the pdale mabry exit. p>>laura: we got peek ready for pthis yesterday morning. pwalk us through what's changed phere. p>>reporter: good morning to you pguys. pwell, dale mabry highway, ossibly himes avenue and i-75 pnorthbound are all part of your pmorning commute, you might pnotice a few changes when you pget on the roadway this morning. pi'm here off dale mabry why we pwatched car after car throughout pthe morning, beginning to putilize that new ramp here pheaded straight onto i-275 pnorthbound. pso once you get on i-275 pnorthbound, sheer what you need pto know. pright now if you're travelling pin this particular stretch, pyou're looking at an animated pview of the changes here, pauthorities with florida pdepartment of transportation say pwhen you're in that stretch, pyou'll probably notice narrower planes and then you won't have pmuch of a shoulder at all to pwork with. pso they're urging drivers to be pextra cautious, be alert at all
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pof the vehicles making their way pout of i-275 northbound from now pdale mabry highway and also phimes avenue as well. pso once you're up there, some pother things that you'll see pthat will visually look pdifferent include a straighter psection of roadway once you pass pthe dale mabry highway area, pthere will be no more dip, no pmore curve in the area and then pyour visibility will be improved pbecause of some of these changes pso you'll be able to see a plittle further ahead of you as pwell. pnew overhead roadway, new bridge pover himes avenue but what has pnot changed is the number of planes there on 275 northbound or p275 southbound at this point. pright now there are three lanes ptravelling in each direction and paccording to the florida pdepartment of transportation, pthis particular project is pactually moving ahead of pschedule so originally they panticipated getting a fourth plane open in the fall, toward pthe end of the year. pright now at last check, i'm ptold it could be as early as pthis summer.
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peven when we see those four planes open and that's when pyou'll really see a huge impact pas far as your travel routine on p275 northbound. pso be sure to give yourself a plittle extra time and be sure if pit's not just you, the other pfolks sharing the road with you pare getting used to the traffic attern changes that they'll be pdealing with as they get on the proad today, guys. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>reporter: we'll be watching pconditions and speeds along the pnew trech of 275, just making psure that drivers are navigating pit easily. pso far, so good. pwe have green sensors in the pnorthbound direction approaching pdale mabry, looks like we're 55 pmiles an hour which is all you pcan ask for at this point in the pmorning. pa big crash is taking place at pflorida avenue and busch pboulevard. pmulti vehicle crash, maybe four por five vehicles involved. pyou'll want to avoid that pdirection of florida, either ptaking north boulevard or pnebraska avenue. p>>russell: right now, we're
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pstaying on top of a news alert. pthis is comes out of turkey. pan explosion in istanbul has pkilled at least 10 people. pofficials say it was likely pcaused by a suicide bomber. pabout 15 others have been hurt pin this blast. pso far, no group has claimed presponsibility for the attack. pfollowing the explosion, germany phas warned its citizens to avoid pcrowds outside of tourist pattractions in istanbul. pstay with us as this story pdevelops. p>>laura: just one day of a new psemester and there's a warning pfor students at u.s.f. pcampus police are looking for a pman that attacked a student pwhile she unpacked her car and pit happened in parking lot 52 in pgreek village at the corner of pmaple and holly drives. paccording to police, a man pwalked up to the student and pasked her where he could get an pumbrella and she gave him pdirections. phe wrapped his arms around her pand kissed her. pshe tried to run away but he pgrabbed her again. peventually he let go and took poff.
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olice have a person of interest pin mind but so far, no arrests. pofficers are telling students to pbe aware of their surroundings. p>>russell: a would-be robber got pmore than he bargained for after phe threatened a convenience pstore clerk. pthis happened yesterday near pnorth 22nd street. pa man with a knife walked into pthe food store with a knife. pthe clerk grabbed the gun, shot pthe man in the head. pneither the clerk nor anybody pelse in the store were hurt. p>> my brother only work to make pan honest living. p>>russell: the robber, p22-year-old brian, was taken to ptampa general, life threatening pinjuries. pwe're working to get an update pon his position. olice are investigating the pshooting. pno charges have been filed. p>>laura: we have a sad update to pa story we've been following psince last summer. pauthorities in jacksonville
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premains of a toddler who was preported missing last july. plonzie barton was 21 years old pwhen his mother's boyfriend preported him missing. pearly yet morning, he led pdeputies to a garbage heap in a pwooded area about nine miles pfrom where barton was last seen palive palive. pin that heap, authorities found pthe body of a baby. p>> our goal in the beginning was pto find lonzie. pit turned obvious pretty quickly pthat wasn't going to happen with phim being alive, but that didn't pstop our efforts and didn't stop pthe interest of the public. p>>laura: so far no cause of pdeath has been determined. pthe trial for child neglect was psupposed to start yesterday but pwas postponed. phe will likely face new charges pnext week. pas for his mother, she pled
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pguilty to child neglect and plying to police. pbarton agreed to stuff at his ptrial. pshe's facing five years in rison if convicted. p>>russell: tonight president pobama will deliver his final pstate of the union address. pand jen is here with a preview. p>>jennifer: the white house romises an upbeat look at where pthe president is nearly seven pyears after he took office. phe's going to highlight progress pon many goals he set last year. pone analysis confirmed by fox pnews shows the president has artly or fully achieved 11 of p20 major goals outlining his p2015 address. pthey include renewed relations pwith cuba, and iran nuclear deal pand international agreement on pclimate. resident gets a failing grade pon the promise he originally pmade campaigning in 2008 to pclose the guantanamo bay prison pin cuba. p but the president may deliver pon that promise soon. panother detainee was released pthis week after 14 years at the rison.
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psome lawmakers believe the resident may side step congress pand use an executive action to pclose it once and for all. pand the president also failed to pdeliver on his promises to psecure immigration reform. pand to end the war on pafghanistan which is now the plongest conflict in american phistory. resident is also expected to play out his goals for its final pyear in office. pthose will likely include a pfocus on gun control and pnational security. pwe'll hear it tonight at 9:00 pand you can watch it here on fox p13 p>>russell: and nicky hailey pexpected to give the republican presponse to the state of the punion address. pshe also called for the removal pof a confederate battle flag pfrom the grounds every the pstatehouse. pand some are calling her a otential vice presidential pcontender. p>>laura: the republican party pwill need to pick a nominee pfirst. plast night the fox business pnetwork announced the candidate
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residential debate. p they've all qualified for the rime time debate and it looks plike paul will be a no show. plast night his campaign said pthat he will not participate in panything other than the prime ptime debate. pinstead, they say he plans to ptake his message directly to the pvoters of new hampshire and piowa. pthe next republican presidential pdebate, that's thursday night on pthe fox business network. pthe early debate starts at 6:00 pwith the main event at 9:00. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: governor scott will pdo his state of the state paddress. phe will ask for more than one pbillion in tax cuts. plegislative leaders have said it pwill be difficult to endorse the
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phe's scheduled to speak at 11:00 pa.m. pthe state of the state address pkicks off an election year plegislative session. plawmakers will need to move past pthe gridlock that haunted them pin 2015. pthe next two months they'll try pto tackle everything from gamble pgambling to guns. plawmakers will also look at a pbill that could block some prefugees from entering florida. pbill comes two months after pgovernor scott called for pclosing florida's borders to prefugee -- kef gee -- refugees from psyria. p>>laura: it's been difficult for phover boards. pand now fox 13 walter allen has plearned that some florida puniversities want nothing to do pwith them. phey, walter. p>>walter: good morning to you. psorry, marty mc fly. pthe university of central pflorida has decided to place a ptemporary ban on hover boards. puniversity of florida and f.s.u.
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pare banning them at residence phalls phalls. pthey don't hover but some have pexploded sending dozens of eople to the hospital. pnational association of fire pmarshalls issued a warning pregarding several instances of phover boards catching fire. pthe consumer product safety pcommission launched an pinvestigation into hover board psafety. pu.c.f. is concerned about the otential fire hazards and they pwant them off campus. p>> once something is a danger to pother people, i can understand pwhy they don't want it in the phouse. pi can put it in my car. p>>walter: students have until ptomorrow to remove the hover pboards from campus. pu.s.f. has not banned them but pthey're putting up flyers like pthis one. pit has a list of hover board psafety tips. psome of the tips include, do not pleave chargers unattended. pnever use chargers near pflammable or combustible pliquids. pdon't smother them with other pelectronics while being charged pand avoid overloading outlets. p>>laura: thank you. pwe're talking about what
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pthat billion dollar powerball pjackpot. p>>russell: there's a reason why pyou have to come forward in pflorida and the one way, though, pyou may be able to protect your panonymity if you win. pwe have new video of the raid pthat led to the capture of one pof the mostmented -- most wanted pmen in the world. p>>dave: 6:13 and tampa is 45 and p52 in st. petersburg. poverall we're a couple of pdegrees cooler than yesterday at pthis time, want -- not to pmention a few sprinkles. pthey're not going to move pfurther north. pit should be out of here later pthis morning. p62 for a high today. p64 tomorrow and get back to the
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3 (dave) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 (dave) 3 wx live p>>dave: over 6:16 on this ptuesday morning. pstart with our weather pheadlines. pwe have a freeze warning out for pcitrus county this morning, but pso far, temperatures have been pabove freezing so that's not pgoing to be a big deal. pwe'll go at it tonight with a pfreeze watch for citrus and phernando counties. pthese warnings are getting quite pchilly. pa slow, steady look at the week. pby the end of the week we should pbe in the low 70s but strong, ossibly severe storms early on pfriday. pthat is the way the time frame plooks now. pnow, it could change by several phours and we'll fine tune the pforecast. pa big area of low pressure in pthe gulf is going to move across
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pthe state. pat the very least, we'll feel pheavy rain late thursday into pfriday and maybe strong storms. p40 degrees in new tampa. pi know. pflirting with the upper 30s in pnew tampa this morning. pit's 43 in palm harbor. pi mentioned mid 30s in citrus pcounty. pbrooksville is at 34 degrees. pyou go further south, upper 40s pfor bradenton all the way south pto the englewood area. pit's 46, 47 degrees wauchula, pdown to arcadia. pbut it's also rainy down there, ptoo. pand we'll show you that in a psecond. pwe have two to five degrees pcolder than yesterday. pit's a noticeable difference pwhen i stepped outside. plike okay, it feels a little pcooler than it did yesterday. pi want to point out all the rain pis very light, mostly sprinkle pactivity heading to lake placid, pmaybe sneaks into sebring as pwell. pit's not going further north. pthe disturbance over south pflorida just riding to the east pso that's not going to be a big
6:17 am
pdeal and it should be out of phere soon enough. pas we get back to mostly sunny pskies today, when we get back to pmostly sunny skies, it gives us pa chance to work our way back in pthe lower 60s and the weather pdoes stay quiet. pthe time frame is late thursday pinto friday afternoon. pthat's when we look to get a pline of showers and pthunderstorms to move through phere but the computer model is pdifferent in its timing. pif i show you one, the other one pis about four or five hours pbehind it. pwe'll fine tune the forecast as pwe get closer to friday but just passume on friday morning, maybe pduring the morning commute, pwe're going to have to deal with psome showers and thunderstorms. pmostly sunny, 62 degrees today. pi haven't used the term pseasonably cool to describe the pweather. pfreeze warning tonight. p43 in tampa. plower 30s in citrus county. artly cloudy, a bit below pnormal tomorrow. pagain, with a high of around 64 pdegrees. pnot only do we have a chance of pshowers and thunderstorms on pfriday, but then after a brief, pdecent saturday, the clouds come
6:18 am
prolling right back in and pbelieve it or not, another pchance of a quick shower on psunday as well. pvery fast moving, progressive pweather pattern. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now sky fox is pchecking out the new alignment pgoing on near dale mabry. p275 northbound is where we're pseeing. plooks like drivers can navigate pthis pretty fine so far but keep pin mind, you might have some pdrivers that might be confused. palso just keep in mind also the pwidth of the lanes to certain arts of the stretch will pactually be shorter and a new pmerging conditions coming from pdale mabry and himes avenue in pthe northbound direction of 275. pso we'll watch that throughout pthe morning but like i said pbefore, it looks like everything pis running up to speed at this oint and largo, we usually have ptwo crashes. pone involves a vehicle that pstruck a tree. p12th street southwest at 18th pavenue southwest. plooks like we don't have any plane blockage being reported
6:19 am
pemergency crews on the scene. psouthbound partial lane pblockage, starkey road at pulmerton road, following a crash phere. p>>russell: and a family of four pis killed in a house explosion pin northeast ohio. pneighbors report hearing a blast paround 8:30 last night and the pbodies of a mother and her two pdaughters found on the first pfloor near the front of the phouse. pfather was found near the back pof the house. pfamily dog escaped. pno word yet what caused the pexplosion. p>>laura: dramatic, new video pshows what led to the arrest of pa notice orious drug kingpin. pgun fire rings out. pguzman was captured after the pshootout which killed five psuspects in the end. pmexican authorities say they are pcommitted to extraditing him to pthe united states. pthe process could take months, pthough. pand before the raid, guzman did pan interview with actor sean enn. pwe've been reporting this. pthis meeting may have led
6:20 am
pauthorities to the drug kingpin. enn says he has nothing to hide pabout the guzman interview. phe and rolling stone magazine pare facing criticism for showing pthe story to guzman before it pwas published. p>>russell: it is the revenge of pthe nerds. p>>laura: and still ahead on p"good day," why the smartest kid pin class really does pay off in pthe long run and the dark side pof the force struck with this pone.
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psoothes it's time to see what's clicking on the web. social media producer taylor katz is in the
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p>>laura: it's time to check in pwith taylor katz. p>>taylor: good morning. phow is it going? p>>russell: good. pyou? p>>taylor: i'm doing well. pthank you. pi'm doing very well because i'm pso, so excited, you guys, to pshare my first video with you pthis morning. p>>laura: then let's get to it. p>>taylor: the first one, you're pright. plet's just get to it. pthere are no words so take a plook at this. p>> i love you. pi love you. pi love you. p>>taylor: how adorable is this pmoment? p>>laura: that's a tiny baby to pbe doing this. p>>taylor: he and his wife were pvideo chatting while he feels pout of town one day, and when
6:23 am
phis wife sing songingly told him pshe loved him, their 15 month pold daughter tried to do the psame thing. p>>laura: that's cute. p>>taylor: here's the unlikely plove we're talking about. p p>>laura: that's why he's a baby plord. p>>taylor: yes. pthat is why. pdarth vader signature theme song psoothes a crying song. ponline people are taking he's a pfuture king lord. plove it. pthat's very cute. pand i think our 6:00 a.m. rulser especially appreciates pthis one. p>>laura: this is chris norman's
6:24 am
pson. p>>taylor: all right. pand lastly -- p>> say cheese. p>>taylor: this is something you pdon't see every day. pnow, we did see something psimilar to this one one day last pyear when a golden retriever pappeared to smile on command for pa photo and that video, we pdidn't see it happen twice. pyou were skeptical and i think prightfully so but in this video, pwe see him -- p>> say cheese. p>>taylor: he responds to "say pcheese" not once but two times pand then we've looped it for you pviewers here, but i mean, two ptimes that dog is just -- pcheese. pthat's pretty cute. pvery, very cute. pit was shot at a no kill animal pshelter in chicago which what is pthere not to smile about? phis name is herbert which is padorable, right?
6:25 am
plots to say cheese about. p>>laura: that's just made it. p>>taylor: we love the video. psee ya. p>>laura: thank you, taylor. p>>russell: the circus had until p2018 to remove elephants from pthe show. pbut it's doing it now. pnow. pthe reason why at 6:30. p>>laura: then ken is helping us pdream big this morning. phi, kenny. p>> let's say you win the big one ptomorrow night. pat least $1.4 billion.
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pmayb (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal
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this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? 3 3 ((russell 2shot) good morning tampa bay .. i'm russell rhodes.((laura)) and i'm laura moody .. it's 6:30 and it's cold out there .. dave.. it's a good morning to p>>russell: i'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pit's cold out there. plet's get straight to the pforecast. p>>dave: 30s and 40s will greet
6:28 am
pyou as you go out the door. pmost spots a few degrees cooler pthan yesterday at this time. pbrooksville is 34. p41 wesley chapel. p45 in the tampa area. pwinds out of north. pthat hasn't changed. pi do have a few sprinkles in de psoto county, highlands county to pthrow at you. potherwise, partly cloudy to pmostly sunny this morning and ptemperatures back to the lower p60s this afternoon. p>>russell: expect some big pchanges on northbound i-275 on pyour way into tampa this pmorning. pabout an hour ago, crews wrapped pup the latest phase of the pconstruction project and this is pnew video from sky fox on the pfinished lane. povernight they finally closed pthe old lanes, replaced them pwith straighter, less curvy pones. pthis should mean better pvisibility. pdrivers should be careful as pdrivers merge. pfdot is going to open a fourth
6:29 am
pthe next two or three months. pbeautiful. p>>vanessa: it will look better pwhen the fourth lane opens. pright now we have the other sky pfox chopper overhead florida and pbush. pearlier i mentioned a crash pblocking northbound lanes. plooks like that's still the case pand it is in the cleanup stages pso several flashing lights out pthere. plooks like they even have the ptow truck so this may be on its pway to being cleared out. palternates i mentioned in the pnorthbound direction, north pboulevard, nebraska avenue. psouthbound traffic appears to be punaffected. p>>laura: this morning we are pwaiting on the autopsy results pof a florida woman found dead in pher italian apartment. pashley olsen, from summer haven, pwas living with her italian pboyfriend. phe found her body naked and pbruised with scratches on her pneck. pthe first autopsy results could pcome back as soon as today and pthey could include a time and
6:30 am
pcause of death. p>>russell: this morning a phillsborough judge set to decide pa plant city teen's fate. p16-year-old hit and killed a man pwhile driving drunk. pd.u.i. manslaughter carries a p15-year prison sentence. pthe judge will need to decide pwhether to call her a youthful poffender and that could be a plesser sentence. p>>laura: and the woman suspected pof robbing jewelry stores across pthe south broke down in tears as pshe faced a judge yesterday. pshe was arrested friday in pgeorgia and authorities say she padd pvetted at least $6 million. pthey didn't do much to cover her pown tracks. pshe used her own cell phone, a prelative's car and never wore a pmask. p>>russell: one of the things pthat bothers a lot of people pabout the powerball is that in pflorida, you cannot stay panonymous.
6:31 am
p>>laura: and a lot of people may plike their 15 minutes of fame pbut the others are worried about pthe dangers of having the cash pand the privacy. p>>russell: so ken is live at the pwinn dixie in tampa, the one pthat sold the million dollar pticket on saturday, right? p>>reporter: yes. pif i won that, you know me, i plove to talk. pi would like to get on the top pof the mountain and scream and pyell and say, i won, i won, but pgood idea. psome states like delaware, pkansas, north dakota, south pcarolina allow winners to be panonymous but as you said pbefore, not so here in florida. pwinning name is going to be out pthere. pso there may be kind of a way paround that. pyou can go to an attorney and pform a limited liability company pso it's a company that wins and pit's the company's name. psome winners have come up with a pmore creative solution. pwhen their name is called out pand that's on television, to rotect their privacy, at least
6:32 am
pto a certain ex tented tent extent, they put pthe big, fat check in front of ptheir face. pit may help. pand if you've been wondering, pgod forbid that i do win, pthere's potentially problems pthat go with it. pkidnapping if you have kids, pkidnapping if you have prelatives. pthere are a lot of concerns. pi've covered lakeland for a plong, long time. pyou know what happened to pabraham shakespeare. phe went from rags to riches. phe won only like $17 million and peverybody and their brother hit phim up and things turned out pvery, very wad badly for him. pthere's a lot of responsibility pthat comes with it as well. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: it's 6:34 right now. palabama defeating clemson in the pcollege football playoff pchampionship last night. ptied one, 45-40. pthe coach gave him his fifth
6:33 am
pin the last seven seasons. pheisman trophy winner scored pthree times. pthe fc p>>laura: big news in the nfl to preport. pthree teams are looking to move pto los angeles. pthe chargers, raiders and the prams. pnow, any plan would need votes pof at least 24 nfl team owners pto pass. pthat vote is expected to happen ptoday. pcharge he weres have played in psan diego for 55 seasons but pfiled for los angeles because pthey may not have money for a pnew stadium. p>>russell: it is the revenge of pthe nerds. pa new study suggests people with phigh iq's live longer. presearchers studied nearly 3,000 eople who took an i.q. test in p1932 and they cracked them down pdecades later, found those who
6:34 am
pwere more likely to live to age p75. pthe connection appears to be pstronger in men than in women. pwe'll be dead tomorrow. psorry. p>>laura: 6:35. pit's the end of an era for the pgreatest show on earth. pif you went to the circus over pthe weekend, you may seen the pelephants perform for the last ptime. pthe barnum and bailey circus is pretiring elephants ahead of pschedule. pthey were supposed to retire in p2018 but the deadline was moved pto may. ptheir polk city facility was pready to take on more elephants. pthey've been a symbol of the pring pringling circus for decades. pright now they have 29 asian pelephants at their 200 acre pcenter and in may 11 more will pjoin them.
6:35 am
pdevoted to the animals' pwell-being. p>> the whole story is the best pcare we can give the elephants. pthat has always been our driving pforce and preventing extinction. pour tag line is endangered pspecies? pnot if we can help it. pevery decision we make is to pbenefit that end. p>>laura: the elephants could phelp save lives during pretirement, too. pthey've been resistant to pcancer. pscientist in utah is hoping to punlock the key to treating ediatric cancer by studying the pelephants' blood samples. p>>russell: and a suicide bomber pleaves nearly a dozen people pdead in turkey. p>>laura: the question now, who pis responsible? pand coming soon, fish farms in pthe gulf of mexico. psome are worried that giant pmutant fish will ruin our water. p>>dave: grab your jackets this pmorning. pin fact, some spots colder than pyesterday. pmid 30s in brooksville at
6:36 am
ptampa sitting at 45 degrees and pslow and steady warmup, 64 for a
6:37 am
pthunderstorms late this p>>dave: and it's every bit of pcold, if not colder than pyesterday at this time. psky conditions look the same. pfrom tampa north, it's really pmostly clear. pas you go further south, there pis a weak disturbance moving
6:38 am
psome clouds to, say, sarasota pand over to highlands county pwith a few sprinkles but that's pnot moving north. pit's moving due east which i'll pshow you. p45 in tampa, brandon at 43. peverybody is in the 40s except pfor st. petersburg at 52 and pcrystal river and brooksville in pthe mid 30s right now. pyou'll avoid a hard freeze pbecause time is kind of running pout for temperatures to get down pto that freezing mark and even pif they got down there for an phour, you should be okay but pthere is another freeze watch ptonight into tomorrow morning pfor hernando and citrus pcounties. pheads up for that. plook at that. p30 degrees in tallahassee. pgainesville, you had to go pthere, didn't you? p29. pjacksonville is 29 degrees as pwell. psome cold stuff for florida pstandards. ptwo to seven degrees colder than pwe were yesterday at this time. pa little bit less wind.
6:39 am
pfeels a degree or two colder pthan it did yesterday. phere are the sprinkles i was ptalking about. pclouds and a few sprinkles in parcadia, running northeastward pto lake placid. pthis is highway 27. pagain, one or two but not a big pdeal and that should be gone pover the next couple of hours. pthen everybody gets back into pmostly sunny skies. pbut with that north wind and phigh pressure to the northwest, pwe'll continue to keep us on the pcool side. pmoderating temperatures will be pthe theme tuesday, wednesday, pthursday as temperatures slowly pwarm back up closer to our pnormal which is 70 for this time pof year. pthen late in the week, what's pgoing to happen is an area of plow pressure is going to develop pout here in the gulf and it's pgoing to start to make a run to pthe northeast, and it's going to pcome close enough with some jet pstream energy aloft and some pinstability and wind shear, you ut it all together, and that pequals showers and pthunderstorms. pand the potential is there on
6:40 am
pfriday morning for some strong pthunderstorms. pjust one computer model. pthe other one may have it phitting, you know, earlier in pthe day but the point is, psometime on friday, probably pmorning, early afternoon time pframe, there's going to be a pline of showers and pthunderstorms we're going to phave to deal with and then that pfront slides through. pso just a heads up now. pit's only tuesday morning. pwe know things will change. pyou know, the timing and all pwill change but just throw it in pthe back of your mind, it could pbe wet and stormy come friday pmorning. pmostly sunny, seasonably cool ptoday. pwe'll pull 62 for a high ptemperature. pmostly clear, tampa stays in the plower 40s. pyou have areas of citrus and phernando counties, especially in pthe valleys, too, kind of ptrapping that colder air. pit should be down around pfreezing for tomorrow morning pand then a bit below normal for ptomorrow afternoon with a high ptemperature of around 64 pdegrees. pi got boating seas, two to three
6:41 am
pnext seven, there are showers pand thunderstorms on friday. pthe thing is, very fast, rogressive weather pattern, we pmay get the clouds back on psaturday again, saturday pafternoon with a couple of pshowers possible on sunday as pwell. pso less settled for the weekend. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pand new port richey, crashes pcausing some northbound lane pblockage. lan extra time going out the pdoor. por take little road to the east. pas we check in on some of our pmajors here, specifically the pselmon expressway, looks like pwe're picking up just a little pbit in that westbound direction. pbasically the whole stretch of pthe selmon in that direction is pa 17 minute ride and eastbound prunning up to speed completely. pthat's 15 minutes. p6:44 is your time. plet's check in with charley pbelcher to say good morning. p>>charley: good day to you. p>>vanessa: hello. p>>charley: what is the ptemperature say over -- i don't
6:42 am
p>>charley: 45 . pis it this direction? p>>vanessa: it's under me, pthough. pit's under my box. p>>charley: it's under you. pokay. pi pretend that i can see you. pit says 35? p>>vanessa: 45. plet's not go there. p>>charley: it's chilly this pmorning. p"good day" to you, vanessa. pwould you like to play the ercentages we often do? p>>vanessa: sure. pthis is a fun game. p>>charley: let's find out if pwe're in the minority or pmajority what people are pthinking. p62% of people say it makes them pfeel good inside when someone plikes their social media post. pwhen they get a like, they like pit. p>>vanessa: that's true. p>>charley: on our fox facebook ages, we like your likes. p>>vanessa: and you know they're plooking at stuff. pit's not just going out to pnowhere.
6:43 am
p>>charley: makes our bosses pthink you like us. pit does make us feel good. p34% of us hit the snooze button pat least three times every pmorning. articularly those age 25 to 34. pi admit, i hit it once. p>>vanessa: you're better than i pam. p>>charley: how many times do you phit it? p>>vanessa: three times. p>>charley: you hit it three ptimes? pi'm too lazy to do that. ponce and i go back to sleep and pthen i get up. p>>vanessa: what's even worse, i pdon't think lucas even hears it. p>>charley: my wife, i don't pthink my wife hears it, either. peither that or she is good at pignoring it. p31% of children have asked their arents to stop swearing. p>>vanessa: okay. p>>charley: my daughter has never pasked. pwe'll leave it at that. pshe never asked me to stop pswearing. pit's obviously because she never pasked. p25% -- this is interesting, pespecially with the 1.3 billion
6:44 am
pus, 25% of married people say pthat if they won the big plottery, they would get a pdivorce. p25%. paccording to the people say, pwell, you can kiss half that plotto goodbye then if that's the pcase. pi guess maybe it's worth it to psome people. pthat's too bad. p15% of people have skipped out pon a dentist appointment because pthey were scared. pi've never done that. pand 10% of car accidents and ptraffic reporter, i'm sure you pknow this, 10% of car accidents pare caused by the driver arguing pwith someone else in the car. pi've never -- that's never phappened to me, either, thank pgoodness. pall right. pthere you go. pthose are percentages for this pmorning. pthere's a 100% chance we can go pa "good day." pjust don't change the channel. pi'm in st. petersburg and i'll ptell you all about station house pst. pete. pthis is a very cool community ptype place that everybody comes
6:45 am
ptogether to do a little work. pwe'll talk about a great morning pfor hot coffee. pwe'll have some hot tea and hot pcoffee. pand this is a community work pspace where you don't have a pbrick and mortar office psomewhere, you don't want to pwork from home, you can come phere and it's a membership kind pof thing and i'll explain it all pand we'll have a "good day," st. ete. pfirst avenue south. p>>vanessa: sounds like a great pmorning for the story. pthank you. p>>laura: we continue to follow a pdeveloping story out of pistanbul. pa large explosion rocked a phistoric central district of the pcountry this morning, killing at ptlooes 10 people. pit is being investigated right pnow as a suicide bombing. pturkey's president believes that pthe bomber has ties to syria. pthe german office has issued a pstatement warning tourists to pstay away from tourist pattractions from istanbul for pthe foreseeable future.
6:46 am
pcoalition air strike destroyed ptens of millions of dollars in pcash belonging to isis. ptwo 2,000 pound bombs struck pmosul this morning. pat least half a dozen civilians pmay have been killed. pthe air strikes have been pincreasingly targeting the pgroup's money-making pcapabilities. pisis funds gets operations pthrough extortion, looting and pillegal oil sales and new pfederal regulations could allow plarge scale fish farming in the pgulf of mexico. pthe move could meet the growing pdemand for seafood but penvironmentalists are concerned. ptypically offshore farming is pdone by breeding fish in large ens. pabout 90% of the seafood pconsumed in the united states is pimported. pmore than half of that is pfarmed. pthe new rules allow up to 20 pfish farms to open in the gulf. pthe concern here is that pdomesticated fish, bred to be plarger, will explain the pens pand outcompete the wild fish. p>>russell: a warning for
6:47 am
pchildren's cold medicine poverdose risks. plauren simonetti will give us pthe details plus four bedrooms, pone bathroom and a well in the pbasement. pone of the creepiest houses in pmovie history is on the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood.
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6:50 am
pcalling back store branded pchildren's liquid cough syrup pand the reason is, potential poverdose. pno overdoses reported, at least pnot yet. pthe dose cup, the four ounce pdose cup that comes with the psold medicine, the markings are pnot correct. pgrape, cherry, sometimes the pflavors taste really good. pi could see how a kid could pdrink too much and that could plead to overdose. p>>russell: let's move on to panother subject. psandwiches. pone day replacing our morning pcup of coffee? p>>reporter: yeah. pyour toast, your morning sand pwitch could put some pep in your pstuff. pa university professor came out pwith flour that used to bake pwith and that flour has caffeine pin it. pyou could use as much as you pwant when you're baking but when pyou do, you're putting a natural ep in your step. pit's natural caffeine and it's pconsidered much stronger than a pcup of joe.
6:51 am
pyou just have to give yourself ptime to bake. p>>russell: and i guess you have pto think about when you're pserving that chocolate cake. pbreakfast or dinner? p>>reporter: and to who? pchocolate and caffeine. pyou'd be up all night. p>>russell: have to think about pthis. pthis is the caffeinated cake and pthis is the decaf cake. psee you later. p>>reporter: i need caffeinated pcake and i think i need it all pthe time. p>>russell: i know what you mean. psee you later. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pand there's something very big pcoming up on fox business pnetwork. pthe next republican presidential pdebate is thursday night. pthe early debate -- his star. bowie died sunday after a lengthy battle
6:52 am
and now-final album "blackstar" was released just this past friday on bowie's 69th birthday. 3 media mogul "rupert murdoch" has announced he is engaged to former model "jerry hall". the pair quietly made the announcement in the births, marriages and deaths section of the times of london. murdoch reportedly proposed while the couple were in los angeles for sunday's golden globes. this will be murdoch's fourth wedding. hall has four children with her ex "mick jagger", murdoch is the founder and chairman of new corp, which owns fox-13. 3 after seeing thousands of actors, it looks like disney and lucasfilm are inching closer to casting their young han solo for an upcoming spinoff. variety is reporting the list is down to about a dozen actors including: "miles teller", "ansel elgort", "dave franco" and "scott eastwood". the movie doesn't shoot until next
6:53 am
want to make a decision soon the home featured in the movie "silence of the lambs"... is having a hard time selling... 3 the three-story victorian home in pennsylvania is where serial killer "buffalo bill" lived in the 19-91 film. the current homeowners are the same ones who lived there during filming. they put it on the market last summer... since then... they've had to drop their asking price from 300-thousand dollars ... to 250-thousand. the owners say the home's notoriety has attracted many curious lookers... but no serious buyers. anthony hopkins won an academy award for playing dr. hannibal lecter, a cannibalistic psychiatrist. he starred opposite jodie foster ... she played the agent who tracked down and kiledl
6:54 am
p>>russell: no part of that. p>>laura: a big health concern pfor younger people these days. pmany don't even know they're phaving one. p>>russell: and that's concerning pbecause the first three hours pafter a minor stroke are pcrucial. pdr. jo explains the warning psigns and what to do if you pthink you're having one. p>>laura: and then what's old is pnew again thanks to star wars. pharrison ford has the pdistinction no other actor has. psweel -- we'll explain. p>>dave: you can see a similar pstart to yesterday. pwe're in the 40s in tampa. pnorth-northeast winds at five pmiles an hour. plakeland, 43 degrees with a few pclouds. plook at the temps to the north. psitting in the mid 30s. pbundle up this morning.
6:55 am
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