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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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p>>laura: a warning this morning pfor u.s.f. students in tampa, pwhy they're being told to stay pvigilant on campus today. lus -- p>>reporter: president obama reparing for tonight's state of pthe union address. pi'm at the white house. pwe'll have a preview of what phe's expected to say coming up. p>>russell: is that tim tebow pwith a pony tail? phair raising picture has many pdoing a double take. pwelcome. pit's the 7:00 hour of "good pday." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pall that ahead and a whole lot pmore. pfirst, parts every the tampa bay parea under a freeze warning this pmorning, right? p>>dave: but some clouds that pcame in over the past couple of phours, i think will take care of pthat which is good. pwill is another freeze watch ptomorrow and tonight. ptampa at 45 degrees.
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plittle bit cooler than that. p43 in brandon. p40 at wesley chapel. pmid 30s brooksville and crystal priver. pthose are spots under a freeze pwarning. pi don't think that's going to phappen as the sun will be up in pa few minutes and start the pwarming up process. pstill, though, it's going to be pa struggle just to make it back pto 62 for a high this afternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pwe'll starting off in polk pcounty. pwe're just getting word of a pserious crash that is more pspecifically in the winter haven parea. pthis is going to be affecting phighway 17 at avenue i northwest pand highway 17 is completely pshut down. palternate first street out there pand according to winter haven olice, they're actually out on pscene. pthey tweeted out this picture of pthat roadway shut down. pit's hard to really see but it plooks like there might be a pmotorcyclist involved so we'll pkeep you posted in more details. plike i mentioned before, if you pcan avoid the area, that will be pthe best bet. pmeantime, we have sky fox pchecking you on the area of 275 pfor drivers just waking up with pus, we had a lane that changed phappen overnight in the pnorthbound direction in the area pof dale mabry so we're going to
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ptalk a little bit more about pthose changes in a bit with a plive report from shayla reaves pbut if you have to head out the pdoor right now, just be aware of pdifferent lanes, different ptraffic patterns in the pnorthbound direction. p>>laura: thank you. pit seemed like yesterday when resident obama made his first pstate of the union address. ptonight will be his last. p>>russell: we're told it's a non ptraditional type speech. pdoug is at the white house to ptell us what all of that means. p>>reporter: the white house says pthis state of the union address pwill deviate from tradition in psome ways. pit will be less about laying out pspecific policy ideas for the pyear ahead and more about psetting an optimistic tone for pthe country. pthis is the last time that resident obama would make this pwalk down the aisle for the pstate of the union address. pthe white house is trying to pmake the speech resonate even as pthe administration winds to a pclose. p>> i'm working on my state of pthe union address. pit's my last one. p>>russell: p>>reporter: the white house
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preleased this presidential review last week. paides say we shouldn't expect a plaundry list of agenda items but plook for familiar themes ptonight. pa push to expand obamacare and pcall for action on climate pchange as well as the trans acific trade deal. pother issues are sure to cause pconsternation like the resident's still unfulfilled romise to close guantanamo bay pand then there is gun control. pfirst lady's box tonight, there pwill be a single empty chair to prepresent the victims of gun pviolence and already the resident has used his executive ower to expand background pchecks for gun buyers. p>> i think it's not a pconstitutional question. pit's a question of protecting pthe american people, 30,000 of pwhom last year died from gun pviolence. pthat's too many. p>>reporter: it has raised pconstitutional concerns for pmembers of congress, including pthe new speaker of the house, aul ryan, who will officially phost the president tonight. p>> i don't want to see us get pdistracted from doing what we pneed to do to keep the country
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psafe which is the focus on pterrorism, not on frustrating pthe second amendment rights of plaw abiding citizens. p>>reporter: as usual, prepublicans will have their own presponse when the president pwraps, delivered this year by psouth carolina governor haley. pthe biggest audience will be pwatching this on television. pthe white house will also deploy pa whole array of social media ptools from twitter to facebook pand this year, that will include palso snap chat and genius. pat the white house, fox news. p>>russell: it's back to work ptoday for florida lawmakers. p60-day session will start with pthe governor's annual state of pthe state address. phe'll urge republican leaders to pembrace his $1 billion tax cut ackage and also request money pto lure businesses to florida. p but the priority on day one robably is going to be making pup for any hard feelings left at pthe end of the last session. plawmakers had to work extra days pto agree on a state budget.
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p>>laura: jacksonville police pfound the remains of lonzie pbarton. phe was just 21 months old when phis mother's boyfriend reported phim missing in july, his mother pand that boyfriend have been pcharged with child neglect. phe led detectives to a wooded parea that they're saying they precovered what may be the premains. pinvestigators have not said how pthe boy may have died but say pthe entire situation is pupsetting. p>> that little boy didn't need pto be discarded like a piece of ptrash. ptoday we're able to take what we pbelieve to be him from being pdisposed just like that in the phopes that he can spend his peternity in somewhere that's eaceful and not somewhere that
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pis basically a garbage heap. p>>laura: this came the same day pthat the boyfriend's trial was pto start but he waived his right pto a speedy trial and now rosecutors are considering pupgrading original charges that pincluded child neglect and pgiving false information to olice. pa warning for students at the pmain u.s.f. campus in tampa. p>>russell: a man grabbed a pfemale student while she was punpacking her car over the pweekend. pthey were in lot 53. pthat's in greek village at the pcorner of maple and holly pdrives. pthe man came up to her and asked pfor an umbrella. phe eventually put his arms paround her waist and kissed her. pshe tried to run away and he pgrabbed her again. p>>laura: a robbery suspect is pfighting for his life this pmorning. p22-year-old bryant robbed the phope food store in tampa on pmonday. olice say he had a knife but pthe clerk had a gun and he shot pbryant in the head. pno one else in the store got phurt. pdetectives are investigating the pcase but they believe that the
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pclerk was acting in self pdefense. p>>russell: police investigating pa string of home burglaries and psome of the nicest neighborhoods pin south tampa. phomes were broken into saturday pmorning. pdetectives think the thieves pcased the homes waiting for peveryone to leave. psurveillance cameras caught the pimage of a small, white car and pthey think it could be the pgetaway vehicle. pdetectives are chasing several pleads. p>>laura: polk county deputies prescued more than a dozen cats pfrom a filthy home in lake palfred palfred. ptwo cats were dead inside. pbut 16 others, 16 are getting pmedical attention. psome have leukemia and prespiratory issues but hopefully pthey'll recover. pdetectives arrested cease -- pcecil miller. pthis is the third time he's been pcharged with animal cruelty. p>>russell: after years of pconstruction, brand new lanes pare now open for a smoother and
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pfox 13 shayla reaves is there to psee if things are any better. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you, prussell and laura. pright now we're off dale mabry phighway where we've seen a pnumber of folks taking advantage pof some of the changes here that phave just opened up this pmorning. pin fact, we've seen a number of pdrivers making their way onto pi-275 northbound and once you pget onto i-275 northbound, phere's some of the changes that pyou'll see. pright now you're looking at an panimated image of what is pexpected to take place here at pthis location. pwhat officials are telling us pright now, if you're on i-275 in pthe area of dale mabry highway, pyou'll probably notice the proadway appears straighter. pyou don't have more dips or big pcurves. pvisibility has improved. pyou can see a little further pahead of you plus, of course, pyou've got the new northbound proadway, the new bridge over pdale mabry, the new bridge over phimes avenue. pbut what you do not have yet is
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p275 northbound or on the 275 psouthbound side. pwhat officials are telling us, pthe florida department of ptransportation, is this articular project is actually pmoving ahead of schedule. pthey anticipate getting that pfourth lane open, both pdirections, in the next two to pthree months. pso several months ahead of what pwas anticipated but if you're pgoing to be getting on the proadway this morning, give pyourself a little extra time to pnavigate some of these traffic attern changes. pone of the things you'll want to plook out for if you're on i-275 pnorthbound, once you get to the parea around dale mabry, the planes are a little more narrow pthan maybe what you're ulzed to pseeing there and recent months pand that means in some places, pyou may have a small shoulder or peven no shoulder at all. pso the florida department of ptransportation is reminding pdrivers, stay alert, stay pcautious when you're travelling pthrough the area and be on the plookout for folks who are going pto be merging from dale mabry
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pthat those ramps are open. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: choosing the wrong arking spot. pone driver's car is not starting pthis morning because of where he pleft his. pwait until you see why. p>>russell: and sometimes a pstroke isn't just something that eople over 50 need to worry pabout. pwhy people in their 20s, 30s, p40s should start paying better pattention to the symptoms. p>>dave: getting ready to walk pout the door, grab your jackets pbecause once again, 30s to the pnorth, mid 40s in the tampa bay parea. pwe should warm up in the 60s pagain today. pit's a beautiful start. p44 brookdale bayshore. pback to lower 60s. pa little warmer tomorrow, storms paround on friday. pwe'll talk about that in a few pminutes. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: we know it's cold by pflorida standards out there. plow temperatures in the 40s pacross much of our area this pmorning.
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pwarm last night in ybor city but pbefore you moan and groan, take pa look at this. pthis is from buffalo, new york. pimagine if this is your car. pthe entire car under a thick player of ice. pthe owner made the mistake of pleaving it next to the shores of plake erie. pyou get that spray. pit froze under extreme pconditions. pi have no idea how you get that pcar out. pi don't know where to begin with psomething like that. pthat was the scene in buffalo, pnew york. pi don't even know what kind of pcar it is. pworse comes to worse, they'll pfind it in april. pthere it is. pwe've got that 7:14. pa pretty start to the day, too. pthe further south you go, you do prun into a little bit of cloud pcover and some of that cloud pcover stopped our cooling povernight. pfor many of us, especially phernando, citrus county, you're pheaded down to freezing.
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pbut then just a little bit of pthin cloud cover moved in, and pthat's all it took to at least pstop that freezing temperature ptemporarily. pwe have bradenton beach with a plittle cloud cover. pnotice that thin little layer of pclouds this morning. pi mean, it helped us a little pbit. pwe're still at 45 degrees in ptampa. pwest chase, sitting there at 42. pnow, we do have freeze warnings pofficially out for citrus and phernando county. phowever, none of the hourlies pare showing us the freezing ptemps. pthat's not to say in some of the plittle dips and valleys we don't phave 32 degrees but overall, you pdodge a bullet here. pi also can tell you citrus and phernando county tonight into pwednesday morning under a freeze pwatch. pso you'll likely want to check pback in this evening with paul pand see how that plays out, if pthey upgrade that to a warning por not. pupper 40s bradenton, sarasota,
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pin the upper 40s and also upper p40s for our inland locations as pwell. pmany areas running two to four, pmaybe five degrees cooler than pyesterday at this time. pand we still have those north pwinds as well so not a huge pchange to the forecast. pwe struggle, and i mean pstruggled yesterday to make it pup to 60 degrees and i'm looking pat this weak disturbance moving pout of south florida, bringing pback mostly sunny skies for peverybody. pother than an isolated sprinkle pin southern de soto county or peastern highlands, i don't think prain is going to be an issue so pas that disturbance moves out, ostally sunny, temperatures ptoday respond but still below pnormal. ponly 62 degrees for a high ptemperature and grab those pjackets again tonight. pthe freeze is possible. pi mentioned that in citrus, phernando county tonight. ptampa 43 for a low and tomorrow artly cloudy, still a bit below pnormal with a high temperature pof 64 degrees and as soon as we pget our temperatures to get back pnear normal, a strong cold front
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pand the accompanying area of low ressure come back on friday. pthere's a really good chance of pshowers and thunderstorms on pfriday morning. psome models say early, dark pbefore the morning commute, some psay after the morning commute. pwe'll fine tune that as we get pcloser but throw that in the pback of your mind for now. pokay? p>>vanessa: okay. pthank you. pand 7:16. pa crash we're following out of inellas county does have some plane blockage to report along pu.s. 19 at gandy boulevard. psouthbound lane blocked here. plooks like more of a safety pconcern than a delay concern. pwe have some green road sensors pfor you. pkeep an eye out for crews you pmight see working on scene and pthose vehicles involved in the pcrash taking up a travel lane. pthere's a live look at the ptraffic coming over the howard pfrankland bridge. pthis is southbound heading ptowards the bridge, coming north pbound over the bridge. pthis is all the traffic that is pheading towards that new traffic attern up near dale mabry and pwe're seeing some delays pstemming from that point of the pinterstate. premember, there's a new merging attern up near dale mabry, that pentrance ramp.
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p>>laura: welcome back. pthe time is 7:21 and an pexplosion this morning in turkey pmay be an act of terror. p>>russell: at least 10 people we pknow are dead. p15 others are hurt. pthe explosion shook the central pscare in the city of istanbul. pvery popular with tourists. psuicide bomber, no group is pclaiming responsibility at least pnot yet. p>>laura: the texas mother who phelped her son escape to mexico pis expected to leave a fort pworth jail this morning after osting bond. ptonya couch will have to wear a pg.p.s. tracking device. p18-year-old ethan couch is a
7:20 am
pfelon responsible for killing pfour people in a drunk driving pwreck. phe didn't get any time behind pbars for that, but a probation pviolation sent him on the run pfearing a trip to prison. phe right now is fighting his pextradition. p>>russell: and we're getting a plook inside the house where pmexican marines found drug lord pel chapo guzman. pthere are bullet holes in the phome. phe had an underground tunnel pwith a metal hatch that led to pthe city's storm sewer but he pdidn't have time to use t. his pcapture came six months after phis escape from a maximum psecurity prison. phe's responsible for a lot of pthe drugs crossing the border pinto this country. pmaybe most. pu.s. officials want to prosecute phim. pthat extradition may take more pthan a year. p>>laura: oscar pistorius is pappealing his murder conviction. phis lawyers will not say why but pthis could delay his sentencing pdate in april. pwe don't know how long it will ptake a judge to rule on the pappeal. istorius faces at least 15 pyears in prison for the murder.
7:21 am
phe fatally shot his girlfriend pthrough a bathroom door. phe told police he thought she pwas an intruder. phe is currently on house arrest. phe is staying at his uncle's pmansion. p>>russell: david bowie's band layed tribute to him on the pwalk of fame last night. pthe memorial was now a gathering lace for fans to talk about the p-- their love for the legendary psinger. pi wish we had the video to show pyou but we seem to have a roblem with it right now. pdavid bowie died sunday after a plengthy battle with cancer. phis latest and final album pcalled "black star" was released pfriday on his 69th birthday. p>>dave: 7:24. pi'm looking over the bay and a preally pretty start to the day. pgranted, it is quite chilly poutside and most of us in the p40s. pone or two exceptions along the pcoast, maybe hanging on to 50 pand you do have 30s up in citrus pcounty and hernando county but
7:22 am
pmany of us, a few degrees cooler pthan yesterday at this time. psunshine for today, 62 for a phigh. p64 on wednesday, 69 on thursday. pbut auto friday, there's a pchance of showers and pthunderstorms, probably a line pof storms comes through here, pmaybe during the morning show. pmore on that in the next half phour. p>>vanessa: see you then. pin the meantime, looks like we pdon't have any new incidents on pthe roadways as far as crashes pgo so that's good news for pdrivers. pbad news is we're starting to pget towards the heavier travel ptimes on the veterans pexpressway. pup to 30 minutes now in the psouthbound direction. pstart to hit the severe delays paround ehrlich road where paverage speeds are around 16 pmiles an hour. penjoy that northbound direction. pjust a 12 minute ride. p>>russell: coming up, new pmammogram recommendations for pwomen. p>>laura: the search for a pmillionaire. pit may be someone you know. pken is covering that story. pthat ticket is hidden somewhere. p>>reporter: i have $1.4 billion
7:23 am
pminus 200,000. ptaxes, you know, what would you pactually walk away with if you pwon that big powerball tomorrow pnight?
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p>>laura: welcome back to "good pday." ptime right now is 7:28. pand someone watching right now pcould be a millionaire. p>>russell: they're holding a pticket with five of the six pnumbers from saturday and that pwas sold at a winn dixie. pnot the winn dixie where i pbought mine. pken is there. pgood morning. p>>reporter: i'll split it with pyou. pi don't know if we can work out pa deal but it sounds like a lot pof money to me still unclaimed. pa couple of days go by, still punclaimed. pi like it when some regular old erson just wins it. premember a couple of years ago pthe 80-year-old lady wins $590 pmillion. pthat's cool. pbut this one again, still punclaimed. pi want to give you the winning
7:27 am
pthey include lucky 13. pa million dollars up for grabs pbut nothing in comparison to pwhat is going to be auctioned poff tomorrow night in the big pone. pthe powerball that everybody has ptheir eyes on, that one, as you pknow, right now is $1.4 billion. robably much higher by the time pthey pick those winning numbers. pyou can take it in a lump sum or pyou could get, drum roll please, p$868 million. pnot all of it yours. p40% goes to taxes. pyou would end up with $520 pmillion. pstill a pretty penny. pthe big thing in florida is no pstate income tax so none of that pwould go to that. pin many states, you can remain panonymous. pthey include delaware, kansas, pmaryland, north dakota, ohio and psouth carolina. pbut here in florida, everyone pwould know that you won, at pleast they announce your name. psome people, as i said earlier, phave a big check and they put it
7:28 am
pin front of their face but you retty much still know that pyou're a winner. pthat brings up issues like what pabout privacy? pwhat about your own security? pcould you go to publix? pcould you come to winn dixie by pyourself? pcould you go to a movie? pwould you hire a security guard? pi've covered the governor for pyears and years. pwhen he comes through, he has a plot of security guards around phim. pthey all look the same. pblue suits and the little thing pin their ear, the i.f.b. so you pcan pick them out. pif you had a security guard if pit got to that point, everybody pwould be saying, who is the guy pwith the security guard? pit would be very, very hard to pkeep a low profile. plots of fun, lots of buying ower but a lot more presponsibility than your paverage, every day person. pbut i think i would be willing pto take a chance on it. pthat would be kind of fun. pit would be a fun ride. p>>russell: it would be but it is psomething to consider and i pthink the state should probably prethink it, too. pi think you're bringing up a pvery interesting and actually pscary scenario. p>>reporter: yeah. pi mean, i don't really punderstand.
7:29 am
pthere's got to be some logic to pthat but i don't know what it pis. p>>russell: i don't, either. p>>reporter: other states are pletting you be anonymous. pwhy can't we? p>> i don't know. pi'm not in charge. p>>reporter: we have to run. ptalk later, okay? phere's another interesting and preally kind of sad statistic in pall of this. p44% of past lottery winners pspent their entire winnings pwithin five years. owerball drawing, you probably pknow this, is tomorrow night. p>>laura: when it comes to ptreating a stroke, every minute pmatters. pif you don't add quickly, pstrokes can be fatal or cause pserious damage and the first pthree hours are crucial. punfortunately, that's a message pmost young people are not pgetting. pstrokes in young adults have pgone up considerably. pbut a new survey says that few pof them know what to do. pfox medical team dr. jo joins us pto explain. pgood morning. p>> yeah.
7:30 am
pabout a 53% increase in the pamount of strokes in younger eople. pwe're talking about 45 and under psince the 1990s so we've seen pthat jump and they say they pestimate from about half a pmillion to $800,000 people in pthat age group have reported phaving a stroke in their plifetime. pyou know, when you think about pstroke in younger people, it's pnot really what we would expect pwith an older person but about p15% of strokes do occur in pyounger people. pnormally it's going to be people pmaybe that smoke, maybe taking phormonal contraception, those pthat have migraines have an pincreased risk so there's lots pof reasons and then another one pcould be just spinal pmanipulation. pthat's another reason that eople sometimes have strokes pbecause they've been manipulated pand that vessel sometimes pshears. p>>laura: how young are we ptalking? p>> individuals under the age of p45 in this study and they wanted pto focus on that group. pthey felt like those were the
7:31 am
eople that were less likely to pseek out care and sure enough, pthat's what the study found. p73% said if they had stroke psymptoms, they would not go to a phospital. pso some things that you really pdo need to look for, and i ptalked to the researcher last pnight, he said that most young eople have the same symptoms as pan older person. pthey'll have a weakness. pface droops or there's a face roblem, there could be weakness pin the arms or in the legs, you pfeel like you can't move psomething or can't control it, pthe speech can be affected, pmaybe garbled speech or can't punderstand, can't answer, that's pthe time to call 911. p p>>laura: are they mistaking pthings for other issues? pare they not paying attention? phow can you ignore a symptom plike that? p>> that's what happens. pa lot of times the symptoms are ptransient. pthey come and they go and they pcome and they go and they just pshrug it off.
7:32 am
pmaybe my foot went to sleep or pmaybe it was a migraine or maybe pit was something else but again, pit's -- you know, what they're ptrying to say is get help, get pattention, get it checked out pbecause it may not be. pand i said, i'm talking to the presearcher last night and i said pi don't want to panic everybody pany time they have a symptom but phe said if there are symptoms pthat are that significant, they pwarrant you checking it out. pin the case of a stroke, the pfirst three hours is paramount pto get help and especially -- pmost of these are not phemorrhages but sometimes they pcan be so, you know, the classic psymptom for that, it's called pthe thunder clap headache. pit's the wos rst headache of your plife. pthose are other signs and psymptoms. pnot being able to stand and you pknow, one other thing, too, if pyou feel like you're having a pstroke or having stroke-like psymptoms, you've got to tell eople. pbe your own advocate, make sure pthey do a full neurological
7:33 am
pexam, take a look at you closely pbefore you go home. p>>laura: and you say the first pthree hours. papart from the hemorrhaging of pthe brain, clearly that's a pwarning sign that needs to be paddressed immediately. pbut those first three hours, pwhat is the risk if you don't paddress it? plet's say for a minor feeling plike an arm going to sleep or psomething that you may dismiss pfor whatever reason. p>> right. pif you don't get it -- go there pin the first few hours, you lose pthe opportunity to have some pinterventions that are available pto us now. pthey can use different things. pthey can go in, take the clot pout, they can open up the blood pvessel and, you know, restore pthe function. p but the longer that function is pgone, you can't move a body part por you can't speak or your face pis drooping, like a droop on the pside of the mouth or maybe one pside of the face looks like it's pnot symmetrical with the other, pthen you can boost that popportunity and it's a golden popportunity that you want to preally take advantage of. p>>laura: that's a disturbing ptrend, up 53% for young people.
7:34 am
pother health news now, a u.s. ptask force has finalized their pbreast cancer screening precommendations. pthey say that women between the pages of 50 and 74 years old pshould get a mammogram every two pyears. pand for women 49 and under, pthere's no recommended time pframe on the screening. pthe experts say individuals pshould make their own decisions pbased on their health and family phistory. pthe task force says for women poutside of the typical age prange, mammograms could lead to pfalse positives, unnecessary pbiopsies, overdiagnosed cases of pbreast cancer and they say no pmatter what your age, if you phave symptoms, you need to see a pdoctor immediately. pand then coming up in the next phour, dr. jo will talk about pmore guidelines differ from the revious recommendations. pthey seem to change all the time pbut we'll find out what this pmeans for all of us coming up at p8:00. p>>russell: 7:37. pdid you make the circus over the pweekend? pif you did, you have witnessed phistory. pworld famous touring elephants
7:35 am
pare about to retire sooner than pexpected. pjen is here. p>>jennifer: call me whatever you pwant. pit's the end of an era for pringling brothers. pcurtain is closing on one of the pmost controversial acts, the pfamous touring elephants are pretiring 2 1/2 years sooner than pexpected. plast march they announced they pwould retire all the elephants pby 2018. pbut that date is now pushed up pto this coming may. pcircus spokesperson says once pthey started planning the pdetails of retirement, they prealized it could happen sooner. pright now they have 29 elegants pin retirement, 11 are touring pthe country and will be joining pthem soon. pthey will spend the rest of ptheir days at a 200 acre pconservation center in polk pcounty. panimal activists across the pcountry have long accused the pcircus of abuse. pahead of last weekend's erformance, animal defenders pinternational health protests in pdowntown. pthe group says going to the show pmeans supporting an industry
7:36 am
pthat brings cruelty and psuffering to animals held in pcaptivity. pringling denies the claims. pa spokesperson says new panti-elephant act ordinances pmade the use of animals -- pthey've been proven to be presistant to cancer and a pscientist in utah is hoping to punlock the key to treating ediatric cancer by stud i pdidn't go the animals' blood psamples. p>>russell: interesting. pthanks, jen. pall right. plate night drama in the college pfootball championship game. pdave is here with that. p>>dave: it was one of the best pgames in quite a while, an pabsolutely crazy fourth quarter. plots of scoring. palabama head coach made a gutsy pcall after a field goal made the pscore 24-all in the final score.
7:37 am
ass to go up by seven and then pafter a clemson field goal, palabama scores again with this. p95 yard kickoff return. pi'm watching for a second here pon the screen. phey. pthe teams combined for a total pof 37 points since that on psidekick. pa couple of people had a chance pto get him, too. pclemson held on to win 45-40. pthat'sr palabama. pthe fifth for nick sabin during phis career. ponly the legendary bryant from palabama has more at six. pquarterback had a heck of a game plast night. pcareer high 335 yards passing lus a pair of touchdown throws. phe's been through a lot of padversity in the past few years. phe spent the first two seasons pat florida state and ended up pbeing a backup to jameis winston pso he made the transfer to palabama but he didn't get the pstarting quarterback job that
7:38 am
pyear. phe finally won the competition pat the start of the season. phe obviously made the most of pit. pno need to open the boxes in psouth carolina. pthey contain national pchampionship gear for tigers if pthey had won the game last pnight. pemployees at a sporting goods pstore were under strict orders pnot to open the boxes unless pthey had to. pthey were ready to work all pnight until all the t-shirts and phats were sold. pall that inventory might end up pjust being a colossal waste of pmoney. pwhat? pyou'll never be able to -- pthat's not real. pcan't be. pyes. pthat's tim tebow with a pony ptail? pthe picture was originally ptweeted out by college game day pto show t tebow and urban meyer pstanding on the sidelines but pthe internet looked like he's procking a tone pony tail. pit's not. pit belongs to the woman standing pbehind him.
7:39 am
pa few hours later, college game pday tweeted another picture palong with the caption, sorry, pinternet. ptim tebow does not have a pony ptail. pi was going to say, that looks plike somebody next to him. p>>russell: but it had me for a psecond. p>>dave: the angle of the icture. p>>russell: wow. pkind of cool. pwhatever. pi don't think it's tim tebow's pthing to have a pony tail. p>>dave: me, either. pit's okay. p>>russell: i don't see him with pone. pyou know? p>>dave: i'm with you. p>>russell: thanks. p>>dave: be good. p>>russell: 95 yards. pthat was crazy, wasn't it? p>>dave: can you imagine that? pi didn't get a chance to watch pthe game but back and forth, pmust have been just awesome to pwatch. p>>russell: looks like a good pgame. p>>laura: i'll bet you my dad and pmy brother were going wild. p>>russell: i'll bet they were. pdid you talk to them yet? p>>laura: no. pnot yet. p>>russell: all right. p>>laura: the top grossing actor pof all time in this country.
7:40 am
ptry to guess who it is. pthe answer is coming up. p>>russell: what was he thinking? pnow we know. pfind out what leonardo dicaprio psaid about the eye roll after pthe encounter with lady gaga at pthe golden globes. p>>laura: and dave is back with pthe forecast chld that should be pinteresting. phe says you're going to need a pjacket today. pit's cooler than usual and then the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
7:41 am
find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
7:42 am
p>>dave: i can see it now. pmainly to the south first thing pthis morning and today is going pto set up, i think like pyesterday where it's going to be pa slow, slow, slow climb and peventually making our way back pup into the lower 60s for high ptemperatures. pit's pretty, though. pit's beautiful. plook at this january morning. plooking out over the gulf, quiet pwaters as well.
7:43 am
phaven't seen a lot of people pgoing for the morning jog. pit is quite chilly even at the pcoastline this morning. pfor instance, clearwater is at p48 degrees. ptampa at 45. pwe managed to stay above pfreezing this morning in citrus pand hernando counties. pnow, tomorrow morning may be a pdifferent look because we do phave a freeze watch up for these ptwo counties for this time ptomorrow. pthey may be around the 32-degree pmark. p43 brandon, 45 in bartow. pall the way down to venice, pthey're at 48 degrees as well so pmost areas are cooler than they pwere yesterday at this time. pthe jackpot, who wins it, right? ptallahassee, 28 degrees this pmorning. pyes, this is cold by florida pstandards. pit's still quite mild down over psouth florida, they're in the pupper 50s and lower 60s. phigh pressure dominating weather pfor now. pthat northerly component to our pwind, but things will be pchanging slowly over the next pfew days. pan area of low pressure is pexpected to develop out in the
7:44 am
pmiddle of the gulf so here's pyour map. pby thursday morning at 11:00, pwell, let's fast forward this to psome time late thursday into pfriday. pdon't focus on this time because pthe time frame will change by a pfew hours either way. pbut it does bring a focus for pheavy storms and some -- well, pheavy rain and some storms to ush through here sometime on pfriday morning. pso let's look at the rainfall pforecast right now. pby friday morning at 2:00, not ptoo much but notice how we swing pthrough and by monday, wow, pyou've got three inches of rain pin venice and an inch and a pthird in tampa. pso it does look like we're going pto be dealing with some heavy prain on friday, maybe some pstrong storms. pi know i'm giving you a bunch of pheads up but we'll fine tune pthis forecast as we do get pcloser to the friday time frame pbecause you know things can pchange a lot so 62 degrees ptoday. penjoy the seasonably cool, pmostly sunny day we've got for pyou. pmostly clear tonight, that pfreeze possible to the north pwith a low of 43 and then partly pcloudy tomorrow with a high
7:45 am
pwhile we make it back to the 70s pon friday, there's a really good pchance of rain and pthunderstorms. panother quick shot of rain on psunday and this is what happens pwith an el nino pattern. pcooler and wetter than normal. pwe're beginning to get showers pevery few days now. p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe're checking out 275 pnorthbound right now where we've pbeen watching some delays kind pof building throughout the pmorning. premember we start at the new plane shift at 5. p306789 this morning when they preopened following that pconstruction close -- closure povernight. paverage speeds around 16 miles pan how werement it's pretty slow pand you can see it backing up pover the howard frankland pbridge. ptaking a look at travel times, plooking pretty heavy in that pstretch from the tampa side of pthe bridge coming up to the pinterchange. pthat's 26 minutes so definitely lan some extra time out the pdoor if you have to head that pway. pmeantime, we have moderate pcongestion northbound along 75. pthat's a six minute ride from pthe selmon expressway heading to
7:46 am
pi-4 and then 14 minutes i-4 pwestbound between the 75 exit pand 275. p>>laura: thank you. pthanks to his role in the new pstar wars movie, harrison ford pis the top grossing actor in the phistory of the box office. paccording to box office mojo, pford's move ies brought in $4.7 pbillion. pthat beats the previous record pheld by samuel jackson. ptom hanks is number three. pit will be hard to watch pharrison ford, though. phe's working on a -- he's pworking on a few more movies. p>>russell: leonardo dicaprio was pcaught giving lady gaga that pweird look at sunday night's pthere it was. pthe singer turned actress was pwalking to the stage to get her paward for best actress in a plimited series, american horror pstory, when she bumped into pdicaprio.
7:47 am
pwell, needless to say that one pglance has gone viral. pnow, the actor says he just pdidn't realize who was passing pby him and he was caught poffguard. pothers think there's more behind pthe revanant store t t star's eye roll. psome say he looks scared. peven after fighting off the pbear, the blood sucking countess pin american horror story is pstill terrifying. pi think it was an innocent look pover the shoulder. p>>laura: you were saying this pyesterday. pwe were making too much of it. pby we, i don't think you meant peveryone but the look after that pwas what caught everyone. pit was like a -- p>>russell: i'm going to cut him psome slam. p>>laura: i will, too. p>>russell: and is he good in pthis movie. p>>laura: i know. pi know. pyou saw it sunday. p>>russell: epic. pcharley belcher, good morning. p>>charley: epic, dude. pepic.
7:48 am
pthat's a good word, epic. pi like that word. pi decided i'm not going to pcomment. psometimes any filter works. pcharley, the little guy on this pside says, charlie, don't say panything. pthe other angel says, go ahead. pthey'll be fighting. pi'm listening to this one. p>>russell: there's a lot going pon in your head, isn't there? p>>charley: oh, yeah. pyeah. pwatch out. pwe're at station house st. pete. pwe'll talk about the tea, about pthe coffee but first i'm going pto tell you about this space. pit's so interesting and how it's pused. pit's really a popular business pmodel that's catching on.
7:49 am
phouse st. pete when " (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
7:50 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher. pwe're on first avenue south in pst. petersburg. pit's station house st. pete. pbeautiful building, restaurant pdown stairs, all kinds of poffices, different businesses poperate in, a coffee shop, a tea pshop and steve, who owns the
7:51 am
lus space for yoga classes and poutdoor space. pdue outdoor yoga. phow did you put it all together? pwhat are your models? p>> well, you know, i think we pwanted to come up with a plifestyle brand and more for the pmodern day entrepreneur so it's pno longer 9:00 to 5:00. pit's kind of all day, different phours during the day, vacancy prates are getting a lot lower pdowntown so we wanted to have psomething that's affordable to psmall and large businesses that pwanted to be in the downtown pcore. p>>charley: these offices, people prent office space and it's pcheaper than doing their own pbrick and mortar but a little pmore professional than you have pat home. pis that the kind of clientele? p>> yes. pand the conference rooms are pavailable for rent. pthe offices come furnished. pyou don't have to find furniture pfor them. pwe have lots of amenities on psite, including a rooftop, a pfitness center, yoga, we have psister properties, hotels that pwe allow our tenants and members
7:52 am
pto use as well. p>>charley: this is community pspace open to the public. pcome in and do your work on your plaptop and enjoy some tea or pcoffee. pyou want the community vibe in phere as well. p>> absolutely. pwe create a lot of synergies. pwe have all walks of life, tech pcompanies, real estate companies pand we think we've created a lot pof synergies here in town. p>>charley: and the restaurant is pdownstairs. p>> that's where you close the pdeal. p>>charley: i like that. pi see how it works here. pwe'll explore station house and pchilly morning. pwe're definitely going to enjoy psome hot tea. pthis is the newest location. pnow they're here, too. p>>laura: that's right. pthat is good. pvery good. pthank you. p>>russell: see you later. pit's a tough spot for anybody to psee. pa homeless man without a shirt pshivering in the cold weather. p>>laura: how a good samaritan
7:53 am
pwas all caught 3 ((russell sticking to its guns.. despite controversy - a psticking to it's guns despite pcontroversy a medical task force pis standing guy with pcontroversial mammogram pguidelines. pthis morning a dr. jo explains pit and weighs in. pdon't hover here. pmany big universe are banning phover boards from school grounds paltogether. pusf is taking a very unique pstand on the issue. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day
7:54 am
ptampa bay. pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pwe thank you for waking up with pus on this tuesday, pjanuary 12th. pweet get over do the way we palways do with check of the pforecast. phey, good morning. pit's still quite chilly outside. pas sun has been up for about 40 pminutes now. pwe're still in the mid 30s pcitrus county hanging on to 34 pdegrees in crystal river. p36 in brooksville. p40 wesley chapel. p43 in brandon area. pyou get it, yeah it's running pabout two to four degrees colder pin most spots. pand than it was yesterday at pthis time. pi think we'll be about two pdegrees warmer overall. pstill seasonably cool this have pa noon high temperatures only psqueeze back to the lower 60s. p>> let's check roadways here p8:01. pgood morning, dave. pskyfox checking out the tampa parea. pmore specifically their over pflorida where we can awreck that pis actually involving a vehicle plooks like it struck either a plight post or power pole of some psort inter-yukon street we're pdealing with southbound lanes.
7:55 am
plane heading in that direction. psou you can see traffic is assing through. pbut it might be a little butt pslower than you're used to for pthe extra stretch. pa few extra minutes there. pmight need a little bit more pthan few extra minutes if you're pheading northbound along 275. pbasically severe back ups from pthe mid span of the howard pfranklin heading up towards dale pmabrey. robably something to do with pthat new traffic pattern going pon. pfollowing that closure povernight. pactually have to talk a little pbit more about that. pyour commute, eventually is pgoing to be a bit smoother and pfox 13 shayla reeves is going to ptell us a little bit more about pthe shift that happened povernight out a that dale mabrey pexit with what's happening now. pgood morning. p hi, good morning to you. pthere are a likely a lot of pfolks on the roadway that are ptrying to get used to this ptraffic pattern change. pright now we're off dale mabrey phighway where right around 5:30 pthis morning just a little bit pbefore we saw those first cars pmaking their way on to the ramp pand making their way on to 275 pnorthbound.
7:56 am
ptraffic flowing here behind me. phere's what you need to know ponce you traveling there on 275 pnorthbound, near dale mabrey phighway. p>> right now, if you're on that proadway you'll likely see that pthe lanes are a little butt more pnarrow, we're told by at florida pdepartment of transportation pthat particular stretch, three planes are open, but you do not phave a shoulder in some places por in some cases that shoulder pis very small. pin addition to that, you have pthe folks here on dale mabrey pwell. pthey are going to be merging on pto 275 northbound. pdrivers are being urgeded to use pextra caution. pbe aliter look for drivers that pmaking there way on to 275 pnorthbound from roads just pmentioned. pbut in addition to that, though, pwhat you'll see as you're ptraveling that route is the proadway, just after dale mabrey. ptoday. pcompared to what you probably psaw yesterday. pno more dips or big curves in
7:57 am
pthe roadway your visibility is pimproved so you will see further pahead of you. pknow northbound roadways new pbridge over dale mabrey new pbridge over himes. pand we're told this particular roject is even ahead of pschedule. pso at this particular time pflorida department of ptransportation told us it could pbe in at fall when they panticipated getting fourth lanes popen. pthe fourth lane on the psouthbound and northbound side popen. pbut it last check yesterday i pwas told it could in next two to pthree months when they are able pto get fourths lane open in each pdirection. pat that point, it's when drivers pare really going to see a big pdifference. pwe're told on 275 northbound. pso, today go ahead give yourself pa little extra time as you try pto navigate some changes out phere. pback to you. p>> yeah shayla thank you. pi'm sure drivers over next pcouple of days will be a little pbit confused getting used to all pthe changes out there. p oh, absolutely. p all right we're continuing pto follow this news alert out of pinstan bull turkey a few hours
7:58 am
pago, an explosion shook the pago, an explosion shook the pheart of the historic city pkilling 10 people injuring at pleast 15 others. pistanbul governor's office pblaming explosion on a suicide pbomber with ties to syria. pjust good an hour ago european punion asked travelers to stay paway from city for now standing pwith turkey in its fight against pall forms of terrorism. pwe we will continue to follow pthis developing story throughout pmorning. p also university of south pflorida police investigating an pattack on the tampa campus. psaturday police say a female pstudent was unpacking her car in pgreek village when a man came up pto her asking where he could pfind an umbrella she was pattempting to give him direction pwhen she says he wrapped his parms around her tried to kiss pher. olice say she tried to run he pgrabbed her again before running paway himself a person of pinterest has been identified. ptampa police are asking all pstudents to be aware of their psurroundings and to call police pif they see anything or anyone psuspicious.
7:59 am
p it is 8:05 now. pafter near willing 6 months of psearch remains of lonzie barton pa missing toddler from pjacksonville has been found. pmain suspect led them to little pboy's body. plonzie barton disappeared pjuly 24th and it a sparked a pmassive months long search. pthey worked with a boyfriend of plonnie's mother to find boy's pbody. p bronn originally claimed boy pwas strapped into back of his pcar when it was stolen. pjury selection for the trial on pchild neglect charges was set to pbegin yesterday but he's pattorney asked for continue panswer in light of this pinformation. pand bronn is expected to a plead pguilty to aggravated pmanslaughter in connection to plonzie's death. ptoddler mother plead guilty to pchild in glekt she could face up pto five years in prison. pshe'll also testify at bronn's ptrial. p8:06 a manatee county man padmitted to police he pulled his pgirlfriend's child of a couch
8:00 am
pand broke her leg by slamming pher on the floor. p>> now that man is facing paggravated child abuse charges. pmanatee county sheriff's office psays roger young was arrested pjust after 8:30 friday night pafter being questioned by child rotective investigators. pyoung was watching the little pgirl while her mother was at pwork during an interview he padmitted to detectives what phappened. pand also told them it wasn't the pfirst time it had hit her too phard. phe is still behind bars on p$75,000 bond. p a man walks into a pconvenience store with plan to prob the place. pbut tampa police say this he was pmet with a gun instead. pthis happened yesterday pafternoon, near north 22nd pstreet and east dr. martin pluther king, jr. boulevard. pinvestigators say a man armed pwith a knife walked into at hope pfood store and demanded cash. pbut it didn't end there moments plater the clerk grabbed a gun pand shot the man. phitting him in the head. pthe suspect was taken to the phospital with life threatening pinjuries.
8:01 am
pthe incident and so far, no pcharges have been filed. p lock your doors, set your palarm even if you're home, olice hope that those deter prents will help ward off the erson breaking into homes pacross south tampa. p>> but it's good advice for all pof us. pfour homes were broken into psaturday morning in pam see an pand park land estates. pinvestigators believe they are pcriminals are watching homes and pentering when they think no one pis home surveillance cameras pwere able to catch image of this psmall white car we're waiting pfor it. p>> police believe that white car pmay have been used as a get away pcar. p>> it is the tradition spanning pmore than a century. pit is coming to an end. pjust four months from mo pringling brothers circus will pretire its elephants two years pearlier than first planned. pspokesperson there's enough pspace polk county facility right pnow to house all the elephants pso they've moved up the date. palready 29 asian el fans living
8:02 am
p200 acre center remaining 11 ptouring elephants will join them psoon. pwhile activist claim elephants pare being abused the circus pdenies that. p>> okay. player up. pthis morning before you walk out pthe door. phave you felt it yet? pis cold outside. pdave's got forecast coming up in p5 minutes. p8:30 we will show you what usf pis doing to prevent hover board paccidents on campus. pfirst, dr. jo joins us to pdiscuss this new mammogram study pthat has come out new guidelines pfor us. pit's important information for pevery woman. p>> and we go to charley belcher pright now. penjoying tea, coffee which one pat this point? p>> i've had a nice, you know, pyou'll enjoy it i had gold pgolden monkey a perfectly titled ptea for me. pa tea called golden monkey nice pblack tea. preally good. preally good. pbut that's what we will talk pabout next. pnow at station st. pete first
8:03 am
pstick around everybody we'll get get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill, get your fill, and celebrate all year. climb, launch, roar, and soar all year. pay for a day, play all year. and if you get the busch gardens fun card now, you'll also get an adventure island fun card for free. p visit busch gardens tampa dottcom for details. hurry up! offer ends february
8:04 am
3 ((laura 2shot)) we have important health news this morning - about breast cancer.. and mammograms.. pwoof some mornt health news pabout breast cancer and pmammograms. pspecifically when women should pstart getting them. pfox medical team dr. joette pgiovinco pjoins us now to break it all pdown. pthis is a story that just keeps pgoing on. pdoesn't it? pevery few months we have another pstory about this. pwhat if anything makes new precommendations different from pthe previous ones? p>> you know, russell there are pno different really that i can psee from the u.s. preventative pservices task force prior precommendations. pnow remember what they do is pthese are a group of experts, pthey take the literature, they pgo through all the studies, and pthen they come up with a what pthey think is the best course of paction based on those studies. pso we heard before that that was pstarting routine mammograms,
8:05 am
pfamily history. pthey start at age 50 do it every pother year and they stop them paround age 75. pand they are sticking to that. pso that is what they are saying. pthey say if you try to go pyounger you're not preventing pthat many deaths. pin fact they even quantified pthat. pthey said if you get screening pmammograms between age of 39 and p49 you are prevent maybe three pout ten,000 deaths. pthat goes up a lot when you get pinto 50s, 60, 70-year-old pcategories. pbasically that's what they are psaying. pdr. jo, you know the thing about pthis is that and we've seen this pespecially with their earlier pmammograms earlier mammography prules, women are willing to go a plong way to prevent florida prisk. pthey will go the distance to try pand make make themselves healthy pyou say there greater risk of punnecessary very invasive psurgery, right? p>> well, you know, there's a lot
8:06 am
pof controversy surrounding this, pyes, definitely. pi think that there's a balance pthere. psxu aalways have to look at the prisk benefit ratio. pwhat they say is when you get pthese screening mammograms, when pyou're younger they pick up pfalse positives. pyou can go through lot anxiety pgo through biopsy various other pthings to try to irrelevanting pif out is it cancer, is it not pcancer. pthat's why i think the u.s. reventative task forces want pyou to start a later time. phowever you've got to remember pthat other huge organizations pyou know last october we saw pguidelines from american cancer psociety. pamerican college of obstetrics pand gynecology both of those pdiffered. pwhen you an american cancer psociety they are saying well, no plet's go ahead and start the an page 45. pmake it every year until age 55. pafter 55 you can go to every pother year. pthen obstetric and gynecology pgroup no we're going to start at page 40 just like we always have pand we could have breast exam, pyou know every year when you're
8:07 am
p19 and older by a doctor. pso, all the guidelines are very pdifferent. pthere's a lot of confusion. pi have tell you i've heard a lot pof different critic says they pdon't like what u.s. reventative services task force pis saying they say lot of their pdata is old. pit may be based on older types pof technology. pmaybe the older mammograms. pand oh they say with newer ptechnology that it i ma be pbetter. pthey have the other problem is pthat women with denser breast ptissue have are an increased prisk how are you going to know pthat breast tissue is dense punless you do a screening pmammogram? pthat's true. p>> right. pso those women may eventually is pit studies showing those women pin combination with an pultrasound and have a bigger ick up. pand a greatness out there right pnow but don't worry, because the pfunding for 40-year-old and polder is out there a be will p2018 we left door open for pindividuals that have increased prisk for whatever reason.
8:08 am
pto get those mammograms at age p40. pand you know you just have to premember too removing into an page of personalized precision pmedicine. pi think overtime we're going to psee more and more ways to sort pout who needs this and who pdoesn't. pin meantime i think just going pto unfortunately this really, preally gray area when to get pthem when not to get them and pbest place to go to talk to your pdoctor first find out if you pneed them sooner or later. pbut don't just ignore it. pjust because you think you're pnot supposed to start until pyou're 50. pthat's true. pi will say i'm 37. pand the recommendation from my pdoctor was to go ahead and just pget a baseline. pthat way you know moving forward pwhat you're comparing it against pwhich i was very glad to get. p>> yeah. pand again i think that your pdoctors really going to be erson to talk to, they know you pthey know your history and pagain, i, you know, i hate to pkeep reporting all of this, peverybody gets so confused. pthey really do. p>> yeah. pi know you do. pbut everybody gets so confused
8:09 am
pbut really i think that the pbottom line is eventually it's pgoing to get better. pit's going to get better. pbut for now really trust your pdoctor. p>> frustrating it musting pfrustrating all right joette pthanks. p>> we will get over to dave pright now with forecast. phey fwud. pgood morning, quite chilly poutside. pthere are still spots here in pthe 8 o'clock hour. pthat are in the 30s. pbut it's pretty out there. pand even though we had a little pbit of cloud cover mixing in you psee it on tampa cam spinning paround to show you how beautiful pit is as you're overlooking priverview. psee the way the sun shadow kind pof moved there clouds are moving pthrough. pthat was kind of cool out toward pbeach we're look thing good as pwell. pi mean yes, it's wintertime for pus. pand new tampa is the first one pin hillsborough county to get pdown to the upper 30s. pi'm excited about that. pi'm not that excited. p42 in westchase. pthey are not that excited. p41 in plant city. pmid 40s in brandon. pso real, this is the coldest
8:10 am
poverall that we kind of have pseen since february of last pyear. pso it hasn't be that cold poverall. pthe one good thing i can tell pyou is that there was a freeze pwarning out for citrus and phernando county. pbut so far, we're in the mid p30s. pso we stay above freezing. pgranted cold but still above pfreezing up 40s from bradenton pdown through inglewood. pmid to upper 40s inland as well. pso very chilly start. pthere was quick little pdisturbance moving through south pflorida that exiting out mostly psunny skies are coming in. pand while it's going to be a phuge struggle today, we should pget back into the lower 60s. pwe're running about 8 degrees pbelow normal for high ptemperatures this morning ptonight overnight lows near 43 pdegrees. pnow here's the thing, heads up pcitrus hernando county. pa shot you might get down to pthat 32-degree mark. pa freeze watch is out for ptonight. pcheck back in with paul paul pthis evening to see if that
8:11 am
pcloudy and bit below normal for phigh of 64. pwe're gradually going to warm pthings up throughout week. pbig day is going to be on pfriday. pbecause some time during a day ossibly in the morning good pchance of showers and pthunderstorms, maybe maybe a few pstrong storms i've giving you pthree day heads up on saturday a pbreak in action before few more pshowers around on sunday. pvanessa. pall right dave, thank you. pin palm harbor area we've got a pcrash cause something slow downs palong u.s. 19. pthis is reported near alderman proadblocking a left lane. pyou can see both in that pdirection as well an in pnorthbound direction in very, pvery moderate fashion. pwe do have a delays. pso extra time out the door is pgoing to key for you there. preally want to give you heads u pveterans expressway normally ptypical to see 30 minute rides psouthbound direction. pbut we're up to about 41 pminutes. pwe don't have any incidents preported really just overall pheavy congestion that we're pseeing. pand definitely cause to leave a pbit earlier if you have to take
8:12 am
pbottom 41 minutes and you do are pthose average speeds around 28 pnear ulrich northbound drivers preally not dealing with too much pstill sitting about a 12 minute pride. pcoming up at 9, why you should pnever wear shoes inside your phouse. p>> apart from other reasons. pnational anthem from national plast night championship game. pnot song but the singer. pand what she was wearing. pit's cold outside. pand charley has what you need to
8:13 am
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p tea anyone? pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a st. petersburg this pmorning from inside station st. ete on first avenue south. pi'm hanging out with abigail. pyou, your original home base on pdavis islands p>> yes. pwe spent the more thanking there pwith you one time. pthen awe branched out to pobjection fort exchange? psouth tampa and nouf you opened pthis lyle tea shop within pstation st. pete p>> yes. pcongrats. pthank you. pthank you. pwe love being in st. petersburg. pthis is our third location. pwe partnered with a p>> we're going to talk coffee a plittle butt later this morning pnow it's all about the tea. pall right where do your teas pcome from?
8:16 am
pall over world we source from 7 pdifferent countries at the pmoment. pwe have a variety here today on pdisplay. pfirst one we're going to show pyou from china. p>> yes. psir. p>> yes. pwhat do you got there a white ptea called mint julep with eppermint and rose petal that pis happens to be one rarest teas pin the world. pso now does it come that way padid you mix that up we added eppermint rose petal and plavender bud white pa are the psilver needle. p>> that's fantastic. p>> thank you. p>> caffeine it has caffeine and pactually quite a bit closer to a pcup of coffee. p that is tasty. pwhat's that? pour florida orange blossom a pgreen tea it has floral notes pand citrus notes with orange pblossom, lime and tangerine. pvery citrus smelling. p>> yes. p>> one of our most popular green pteas by smell i didn't think i
8:17 am
pcan was going like it, but pthat's pretty good. pespecially if fruity on the back pend. pit's great in this cold weather pwith a little hone, hot,ths very opular. p>> so many jokes one running pthrough my head. pearl gray lavender. pearl gray with lavrn der and pjasmine. pi bought some of this last time pwe will be blending it in a pminute. pthat's tasty. psomething about that lavender, pso i drink get all hyped up and pthat calm right back down. pherbal blend, lemon cello a pgreat caffeine option. pand technically not a tea. ptechnically not a tea, correct. pthis is from south after caphe phigh anti oxidants and caffeine pfree a little bit of lemon and porange and vanilla. psometimes it gets a little grags pand herbs and i don't like it pbut that i like. pi want to bring in russell prhodes was texting me about a articular tea that i couldn't
8:18 am
peven pronounce, russell what is pit in pit either. pi'm sorry. pthe desk. pone text. phang on. p>> all right. phere we go. p>> so that's actually a smoked ptea that's intentionally smoked pover pine. pso it's a black tea and there's pa great story with it actually pwas carried across the desert on pcamel back years and years and pyears ago when it was harvested pin china and brought to market pin europe. pmerchants would sleep with it pvery close to their person they pwere worried about it getting pand they absorb scent it an pabsorb scent of camp fire and pnow intentionally smoked because eople developed a taste for it. p>> that's incredible. pwe carry a davis islands plocation. pit's incredible. pi got to try it. plook at you russ pell an it pwhole new aspect of my segment. p>> just fun to say.
8:19 am
p>> i'm coming to get some. pi'm going to go get some. pthat's probably his password at pwork. p>> our new password. pi like it. pdon't share your password with panyone. p>> see you later. p>> some florida schools around pbanning hover boards. pat 8:30 we will show you where pusf stands on all of this. pfirst excitement continues. pken suarez is talking powerball pthis morning. phey ken. p>> hey good morning. peverybody is dreaming about what pif they won this big powerball p1.4 million and going up all ptime. pyou think if you won it you'd be pable to buy anything your heart pdesired. pnot so much i'll tell you what powled be able to afford pincredibly what you wouldn't be the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
8:20 am
find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
8:21 am
3 3 3 ((laura 2shot bw)) it's still what almost everyone is talking about--the powerball and what they would p it's still would what almost peveryone is talking about that owerball jackpot. pand what they do would all of pthat money. pwhile all of those dreams pcontinue, fox 13 ken suarez is plive on what you can and cannot pafford. phey kenny, good morning. p>> i can tell you one thing i pwould not cleaning my house pwhich i don't do very well or pvery often as it is somebody pelse would do that for me. lus a lot of other stuff. pi'd get a horse, another horse pi've got few of those everybody phas laundry list of what if. pright now, i kind of smell money paround this place we're not talk pabout big powerball yet we're ptalking about the one here. pmillion dollars yet to be pclaimed. pit was ticket that was sold at pthis wynn dixie why we're here pthis morning no one has stepped pforward on that one. pthat uld would be nice to have a
8:22 am
pthere's an even bigger p11.4 billion, billion with a b pdollar one going to go off ptomorrow night. plet's just imagine for a moment pwhat it would like if you won. p>> you can either take it in 30 ayments, most people take it in plump sum. pin this case it would be p$868 million after taxes. robably $500 million or so. pso how would you spend all of pthat not so hard earned cash if pyou're football fan, what about pbuying dallas cowboys no you pcouldn't do that they had cost pyou about $3.2 billion. plakers, 2.6 billion. pfacebook, get this 245 million pyou wouldn't be a rich as you pthought what could you buy? pyou can get myspace for p$35 million. pi'm not so sure so many people puse myspace so much any more a pbigger player than what most eople are now. pnow how do go about winning?
8:23 am
pi understand that 75 percent of pthe people that can win whey pthey buy a ticket use it by use pcomputer leave it up to chance. p75 percent of the winners use pthat method. pthat's not a bad method. pbottom line is there an expert pout there who says i know how to pdo it, what you have to do is pbuy every single combination. pand that would cost p$584 million. pthe problem is, how do you pull pthat off. pone person is no the going to do pit. pyou need a whole team of people pif you are doing it by yourself pone ticket after other after the pother it would take you nine pyears. pwe only have what, a day or so. pso that's probably not going to pwork. pin theory sounds good, but maybe pyou just go out there plop down pyour two bucks, i'm crossing my pfingers on this one. plot of people are doing just pthat. p all right. pkenny, thank you. pnow if you do walk away with all pof these millions of dollars, pdallas mavericks owner a pbillionaire mark cuban has padvice for you on how to be
8:24 am
pfirst, and kenny was talk hire a ptax attorney to help you sort it pall out. pnext, cuban suggests, don't take pthe lump sum. pmark cuban says don't take lump psum. p>> really? p>> if you weren't happy pyesterday the money won't make pyou happen yesterday, if you're pyou will happier tomorrow pbecause you won't have to worry pabout the aal bills. pthing about for a second learn pthe word no. peverybody's going coming to you pfor money. pand while you can help some you pcan't help everybody. p>> also, don't make investments. pout it in bank let it accrue pinterest. pyou can live off that money palone. p>> great advice. pit good advice. pit is from man who knows. p>> yeah. p>> 8:34 now a man who robbed a pconvenience store in hollywood pmight have remembered to cover phis face. pbut it's something else that pcould get him caught. plast month, this shirtless man, pthere he is, pulled out a gun pand demanded money from a clerk pat the marathon gas station on
8:25 am
pfederal highway on a federal phighway in hollywood. olice say thee got away with pabout 500 bucks. pand then they need your help pidentifying him. pif you look closely, he has pseveral very distinct tattoos. olice say that while they may pbe hard to see, one is a pswastika on his chest. phe's his arms, shoulders there pare others on his leg too. pif you've seen this man called pbroward county crime stopper p954-493-tips. p you know hover boards weaver ptalking about them a lot lately pthey are hottest thing going pright now. pbut they are also being banned pfor safety. pfirst reports now some puniversities fox 13's walter pallen is live at usf this pmorning. pthey are not banning them but pthey are taking a different papproach. pyes? p>> hey good morning they are ptaking a different approach. pstill a proactive approach much plike university of florida, pflorida state, central florida. pthey are being proactive of as pwell. pbut, south florida taking a pdifferent approach putting up
8:26 am
pfliers much like one i have in pmy hand that has a bunch of pdifferent things, reminding eople how to be safe with hover pboards for instance do not leave pchargers unattended avoid poverloading outlets never use a pcharger near flammable pcombustible liquids they haven't pgone as far as banning them only psign age we could find here on pcampus saying you cannot ride phover boards inside the marshal pcenter right behind me. pbut, still in this proactive papproach, let's get to what some pof those other universities are pdoing. puniversity of florida, florida pstate and now central florida. pthey are banning them from presidence halls. pthey are saying they haven't had pany instances of them catching pfire much like we've seen in pother parts where houses have pburned down. pthey haven't had anything like pthat. pbut they are trying to be roactive and make sure that pdoesn't happen. pbut big question is how is it pgoing to be policed. pthe information that we could pfine they are not going to law penforcement involved more it's pgoing to be up to the ra's on pthe floors to police that. pand have other community members
8:27 am
pon those floors that they see to plet ra know. pnow we do have some interview psound that we want to play, this pis one gentleman's idea of well pif you can't put it in his dorm proom he's going to put it psomewhere else. p the thing to concern once psomething become a danger to pother people i can understand pwhy they don't want it in their phousing i will put it in my car pinstead. p so there you go. phe's going to put in his car and phope that it doesn't end gadly. pand that doesn't catch fire in pcar catches fire. phere on university of south from pcampus we haven't able to find pany signs like this i've reached pout to communications department pto see if that's something that pis going to rolling out in pcoming days. pguys. pback to you. pall right walter, talk later, pthank you. p well it is back to work ptoday in tallahassee for florida plawmaker legislative session pbegins with governor scott state pof the state address. pand big issue on the agenda for pthis session is immigration. p7 anti immigration bills have
8:28 am
pbeen filed. palso in the on the agenda pmassive water protection plan pbills aimed a helping disabled pstudents a casino deal and push pto lure companies to the psunshine state. pbut, the most passionate debate pwill likely be over guns and pthere are two proposals on the ptable right now. pone, would allow permit holders pto opening carry their handguns. pthe open carry. pother would allow them to carry pthem on college campuses. pthe session is starting two pmonths early because lawmakers pdidn't get much done last psession since they had to pass pthe state budget. p>> a little over 12 hours resident obama will get his plast state of union speech of phis presidency. pthe president is expected to phighlight progress made on many pgoals he set last year. pover last seven years. pit will include the improved peconomic outlook. prenewed relations with cuba iran pnuclear deal and international pagreement on climate change. pit won't just be about looking pback. pbut also looking forward for his pfinal year in office. pthe president will put a lot of pfocus on gun control as well as pnational security.
8:29 am
pyou can watch it tonight, p9 o'clock right here fox 13. p utahs chilly when you walk pout the door this morning. pa hard day to dress the kids ptoo. p>> i will say because it will pget warmer, later, right? p>> it will. pbut not as warm as you think. pnot going to get back to normal. pwe're still going to be 60s for plater today. pour weather headlines, it's a pquite chilly outside. pwe still have places like citrus pcounty hernando county in 30s pright now. pa freeze watch is up for tonight pinto tomorrow morning for those ptwo counties he didn't make it pto 32 which was awesome you may pget closer to tonight and ptomorrow. pcheck back in with paul later ptoday upgraded if warning or let pit slide. pslow steady warm up through the pweek. pbut it's going to slow process. pit's going to take the next pthree to four days just to get pour temperatures back to normal. ponce we do, a bigger area of low ressure is going to develop out pinto the gulf.
8:30 am
pthe state, so strong, possibly a pchance of some severe weather pearly on friday. pand i'm just going to say early pon friday. pit may be 1 o'clock in the pmorning it may be noon time. pwe'll fine tune that friday pforecast as we get a little bit pcloser. pbut i just want to point it out pto you now. pmid 30s in brookville. pcrystal river, tampa 46. pwesley chapel 42. pst. petersburg at 52. pgot a good deal of sunshine ptoday, but still we're starting poff cold and going to be a pstruggle to get us back to 62 pdegrees. pwe 62. pthat's still 8 below normal for pthis time of year. pas soon as that sun goes down ptonight we're back in the 40s, pwith the exceptions of areas to pthe north where you will be 30s pfreeze watch possible. pfreeze possible from hernando up pto citrus county. ptomorrow partly cloudy, a bit pbelow normal high of 64 degrees. pboaters today seas run two 32 pthree feet north wind 10 to 15 pknots. plet's look through next 7 days
8:31 am
pshowers and thunderstorms on pfriday. pquiet on saturday. pbut another little chance of prain for the second half of the pweekend. pvanessa. pall right dave, thank you. pand right now fur aheading oh pevery bay side bridge in pnorthbound direction, keep in pmind that we have some debris pthat's reported in the proadblocking a center lane. pso this is going to be on north pend of that northbound pdirection. pcertainly a safety concern to pkeep in back of your mind. pseeking of crossing bridges pgoing to be pretty trick over pthe howard franklin bridge this pmorning a live look courtesy of pskyfox where you can see it is retty jammed up. preally seeing most of our delays pstarting dale mabrey where of pcourse we have that new traffic attern starting in that pnorthbound direction of 275. pbacked up all the way across the pbridge. pso fury heading northbound, pcheck out these travel times. pthis is really terrible. inellas bayway heading up to pfletcher avenue. pyeah, it's like an hour and 12 pminutes. pso, if you do absolutely have to phead that way you got to give pyourself extra time outdoor pbetter yet if you can avoid that pbridge particularly howard
8:32 am
p13 minutes southbound 75 is your ptime from fletcher to the pselman. pand then i-4 westbound looks plike we're taking down with ptravel times. pjust nine minutes coming from pmlk to the interchange. p all right vanessa thank you. pwe've heard the phrase he had pgive you the shirt off his back, pright is this this morning good pday good deed exact what phappened here at fox 13 jen pepstein to explain. p>> this is just a great story. pit happened on subway in new pyork city appear shirtless man pwas sitting down he was pshivering. pa complete stranger just pcouldn't handle seeing that and phe gave him the shirt right off phis back. pit was all caught on cell phone pvideo. ptemperatures dipped below 45 pdegrees. pit was definitely too cold to be pwithout even a jacket much less pa shirt. pwell this good samaritan walked pup to him, offered his shirt. pand even helped put it on the pman. phe said man was so frail he pcould barely move. phe also put a beanie on the
8:33 am
pstranger's head to keep him pwarm. pgood samaritan also offered to ptake the man to the hospital to pget some medical help. pthe man behind the camera says phe doesn't know if man made it pto hospital although he did pagree to go with him and since pvideo was posted over the pweekend, it's racked up millions pof views. pyou can clearly see why. p>> that's something. pisn't it? pnot only taking it off but phelping him put shirt on. pjust, yeah. p>> i hope that turned out well. pi hope so too. pi hope so too thanks, jen. p>> well, a once popular soup is pno more. psimple reason you no longer see pturtle soup. pand black holes they are known pfor eating up matter in the puniverse.
8:34 am
pto tell us3 3 ((russell 2shot)) turtle soup--it was once so common campbell p8:46. pturtle soup was once so common pcampbell used to sell it in cans pyou hardly see anywhere any pmore. pi can't recall ever seeing it p>> i did. p>> yeah. pyeah. p>> well it turns out there's not penough turtles left to eat. psounds gross to even say. pbut let's talk about it, dave. pthat's one of those things that pi'm not sad i don't see it any pmore. pbut the reason you don't see it pany more is because there's not
8:35 am
pthing is turtles one imperil pgroups animals on the planet. pall different species of turtle pand honest will it is our fault. phabitat loss or primarily the pbig reason why we don't have lot pof these turtles any more. pcondominiums. pyou know drain fields that they pstuff like that. pbut other part we don't really prealize what you talked about is pbecause they are still precovering from a decades of pconsumption. pby humans. pif you go back to the great pdepression, okay. pthey became such an a huge pimportant source of meat in the psouth, and rural south because pthey didn't have any money. pthey didn't have any food they pwere actually called hoover's pchickens named herbert hoover pback in the depression. pyou take decades of eating plus pthe habitat loss and most of pthem are endangered species plist. pi'm glad they are being
8:36 am
rotected but even as they get pback up to numbers i hope we pdon't see them back on the soup pcan. p>> yeah. pkind of a 2-fold issues going on pwhat what's going on with turtle pi don't think people in this day pand age people would eat that. pdo you? pi feel like there such a pmovement now environmentally. pthere. pi know you can still find it, pbut alligator snapping tart els pare typically what you would pfind. pthose ones that typically, i pdon't want anything to do with i pwant turtles back up to where pthey were millions of years ago. pmyself. pokay. phere's a story. pnow you got to stick with me you pknow what black hole is right pnow in space. pbusiness massive things you, plight can't even escape them plike big vacuums they suck pthings in, now this is, this is pinteresting. pnow scientist ever are saying ptheir reputation is about to pchange. pthey think that they found a
8:37 am
pbetter term has belched out pgasses. pbasically helping to build or pfoundings building blocks of pgalaxies black holes in general pkind suck things in taument they pmay spit them back out belch pthem back out that's how perhaps pgalaxy ies are made. preason they found this was they pfound something that was from pthree, a few million years ago. pthey found a burp that finally preached us. pi know that's best way to put pit. p>> it's effectively. pthey found this belch from a pblack hole. pwhich happened to millions of pyears ago. pso they are thinking maybe that pbuilding block for galaxy ies pbecause he just. pi'm illustrating i'm pillustrating. p>> but, think about that, they pmay have found perhaps one way pthat stars are formed.
8:38 am
pmaybe ingest stuff in and back pout again. pmaybe galaxies formed or certain pones are certain things based on pthat different terms of matter i pthink it is stunning stunning pthing they just found. pbut imagine that, that belch, a pfew million years ago detected precently by our scientists. pthat's what i think is most pamazing thing. pit's fascinating. pall in presentation of it too pwith all scientific terms you pcould use belch i tried to bring pit down to russell level. pi tried to bring it down to prussell level so he could punderstand it. pthat's kind of where i was going pwith this. pthank you. pi'm here for you guys. p>> thank you for pwww.keepfoxon.coming things at pmy level. pby way next week i want to talk pabout a new agency that's been pformed within nasa. poh, okay. pto head of the apocalypse. pyou know, some things you just pcan't prevent. pi'm just not so sure.
8:39 am
pokay. pwe'll see you later. p>> all right. pthis morning it is perfect pweather for some. p>> nice. phot tea. pcharley is out enjoying like pthat pause. pi did. pvery dramatic. pthere he is right now. pwhat do you have for us now? pfrom dave o. the science proto pcharley b with tea. pi like it. pi went to school for this, we pare at station st. pete. pwent to school apparently premembering where you are, i pmissed that class station st. ete. ptea bella tea company who we're ptalking to blending our own tea, ptheir specialty here. pwith an emphasis on the tea in
8:40 am
pstick around everybody and welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
8:41 am
p good day tampa bay i'm pcharley belcher coming to you pfrom a station house st. pete. pnot station st. pete. pstation house st. pete. pi knew that didn't sound right pbefore. pwe are hanging out here this pmorning getting tea, a little pcoffee and really cool pinteresting space. pit's a community work space poffices you can rent they do pyoga here a great rooftop. pdoing roof pop i don't ya. pi have. pthat will be, maybe a little too pcool today. p>> but on nice mild florida pmorning.
8:42 am
pthat's pretty nice up there. pfirst avenue south is where we pare. pstation house st. pete. pwe're visiting tea company part pof this as a counter. pshares counter space with coffee pwe will talk about in next psegment. pbut you do some original blends. pwe do. pwhich is a specially tea pcompany. pthis is one of our signature pblends. pwe have have a 5 earl gray pblends in the collection this is pmost popular by far. pwhat makes earl gray us essence pa citrus. pthat's this one right here. pand yeah. pessence of kind of a like, set psumma. plike set summa, like orange it pgrows in a mediterranean in pchina. pis really popular in a perfume pand it makes earl gray earl pgray. pwhat is that this is a ptraditional chinese black tea. lain old black tea.
8:43 am
pand then what is that? pthat's lavender. pwe will make this tea into earl pgray. pwhich we're going to add this. pgenerally when you're flavoring pa tea this is all natural porganic compliant flavoring palcohol based oil form. pgenerally the rule when you're pblending a tea it's about three pto 5 percent weight of the total ptea. pwe started with a pound of our pbase tea and we're going to add pequivalent of about a quarter of pan ounce of the oil. pwhen you're blending a tea a tea pshould really have beauty, pbrains and depth. pand so to make it the earl gray pwe're adding this. ptv reporter i have none of those pthree. p>> i was going to say you've got pall three. p>> well you don't watch on a pregular basis. p>> all right add this oil to pmake this earl gray now we can ptake this earl gray and turn it pinto any of our signature earl pgrays. pthis is officially earl gray ptea. pcan i add the lavender. pthat's the whole thing.
8:44 am
pwe will add two ounces of plavender. pit already smells fantastic a plittle bit of lavender oil as pwell. p>> there are some botanical oil pdo about two cap fulls there. pwe have a little bit of oil as pwell. p>> i just spilled it on my hand. pi love that smell. p>> there are worse things to psmell like than lavender. pi once heard you always blend pclockwise. pjust superstition for me now i pblend clockwise. pin this is final ingredient. pwhat is that? pjasmine. p>> adds a little bit of light pfloral note and there you go. pall right. pand this is what our earl gray plavender looks like finished. psteep this 3 minutes at 195 pdegrees. p>> beautiful. retty simple. pwell done. pthey are located on davis pislands. pthey've got a counter in oxford pexchange and here at station
8:45 am
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