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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good thursday morning, someone in florida not us is a whole lot richer this morning. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm deiah riley? and i'm dan -- the. >> and i'm dan shaffer. one of the tickets sold right here in florida. >> we're still waiting to find out where in the state the ticket was sold and also who bought it but you're witcher this morning. -- rich they are morning, congratulation -- richer this morning, congratulations to you. >> people swarming and cheering at a chi know hills, california 7/11 after lottery officials announced that store sold one of the three winning powerball tickets. it's a suburb of los angeles.
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out and here are the winning numbers on this screen right now. it will split in it half and 12 other tickets matched all five numbers here in florida and each ticket is worth at least $1 million. congratlations to you and give us a call. [ laughter ] here's sharon now with a look at the forecast. >> take a look at the temperatures outside this most of them are in the 50s. and we do have a few 40s though off to the north. so again, this morning, it's starting off much less than what we've seen the last couple of mornings. nothing too extreme out there. but as we move on through the day we are going to see a lot of cloud cover and a slight chance for a shower inland later this afternoon. but most of the area is going to be nice and dry today. just a lot of cloud cover.
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in fact some pretty heavy rain and storms into tomorrow. more on that coming up in florida's most accurate seven day. jim? thanks guys. the morning commute, this is i- 275 at 22nd avenue. traffic is moving smoothly right now. but somewhere nell is in and track -- checking the traffic cams are and a complete -- cameras and a plate look at the morning commute coming up. backstreet boys and "dancing with the stars" runner up nick carter has been arrested after getting into a fight inside a key west bar. a look at the new mug shot. he's currently being hold in jail without band and one count of misdemeanor touch or strike. the backstreet boys are declining to comment on his arrest. the 35-year-old is expecting his first child with his wife lauren. also following breaking news out of indonesia. terrorists attacked multiple locations in the indonesian capital of jakarta including a
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entertainment district popular with foreign tourists. authority says they imitated the terror actions used in paris throwing grenades and engaging in gun battles with police. any other serious -- many others seriously wounded. it's the first major attack in jakarta since 2009. speaking of combating terrorism, secretary of defense ash carter will be in tampa today visiting macdill air force base for talks on how the military campaign to defeat the group in syria and iraq is proceeding. as soon as this afternoon, we could learn if they will officially be allowed the look for a new stadium. the st. pete city council will vote on a deal allowing the wave to explore options to move out of tropicana field. the rays could look for another stadium in pinellas or hillsborough county. the team will be required to help pay for a master plan to redevelop the 86-acre site that
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and it would require the rays to make an yum payments to -- annual payments to st. pete if they leave before 2027. on the now tampa bay. investigators are now blaming hillsborough county school bus driver for a crash wednesday that injured students. troopers say the bus made a left turn and hit on suv in river view. 31 students were on board and two students went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they both went really fast into each other. so everyone started to like -- go forward. and then my head hit the seat. >> troopers issued the bus driver a woman is take for failing to yield -- a ticket for failing to yield. photos of the critics have been circulating. >> investigators found no reason not to let him keep them.
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with the dog's owner who said neighbors need to mind their own business. >> i love you. >> reporter: this man agreed to show us his dogs after animal enforcement officers paid him a visit. loving. they are bad animals. >> reporter: he doesn't live leave the dogs here. >> they have a big enough couch but i think they have a big enough house, that's my fault. >> reporter: according to authorities someone called worried about the dogs. >> great shape, great health. great everything. >> reporter: according to hillsborough county met resourcesser -- pet resources the dogs were allowed to stay. the owner was given 13 citations. >> i have no clue why they tell you that, that's not my business. may have done that to get them off their back. >> reporter: tj fletcher yesterday said it didn't look good. >> the backside of the house which is just completely full
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and there's no running water and no electricity at the house. >> reporter: fletcher was in the neighborhood when he said he saw two loose dogs. he was surprised about what he was told. >> we have two dogs we let them out and somebody didn't want them. >> reporter: fletcher believes one of the dogs is unhealthy and he wonders about the otherser. >> actually save the dogs. >> authorities tell us they are continuing to investigate. right now we're waiting to hear back from them about the different citations but owner of the house was also cited. central florida substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy is behind bars again. police say sarah moore was trying to get rid of evidence on her phone while out on bond. according to the arrest report, she won't to a very -- went to a verizon store and told them she was in trouble with police. pass code on her phone was reset. authorities made an arrest
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we first told you about the ashley olsen case on sunday night. italian media say police arrested a man last night. investigators though are not commenting on the arrest. olsen was in somer haven on the east coast of florida. her body was found in florence on saturday and investigators say she'd been strang lgd. a become news reported -- abc news reported that authorities were looking for a man walking with olsen on the way home on friday. changes are coming to keep you safe and you'll notice as soon as you walk up to the grans gates. adding hundreds of new security personnel to operate the new metal detectors they enstyled last month. if you've been to disney recently probably noticed the employees with black and yellow jackets. include of using the private firm, disney will now use their own in-house operation. it's not surprising.
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first park to see the switch. people living in a neighborhood got a better night's sleep. >> applauded as the police arrested several suspects and seized drugs and weapons and also cash. abc action news reporter cameron polom now reports. >> a big relief. i can get up and walk around safely. >> reporter: that's because michael says just around the corner, police have busted a home that's become a serious nuisance to the neighborhood. >> complained about this being a crack house, today we sevenned a search -- served a search warrant. >> reporter: inside, investigators found crack, cocaine, cash, and other prescription drugs. but getting inside wasn't so easy either. the home was fortified with steel doors and bars as well as surveillance cameras. >> off the door they had there. >> reporter: once inside detectives say a suspect tried
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quickly tossing them into a lock box and pouring as id on them. in the -- acid on them. in the end four people were arrested and neighbors even applauded officers as they cleared the suspects into squad cars. >> just awesome. i'm so happy to see this. >> reporter: and while investigators say another house is likely to pop up again. >> wherever they go we're going to be right behind them. >> reporter: in . pete, i'm cameron polom, abc action news. all right, if you're headed out this morning for a round of golf or even just a jog or a bike ride, things are looking pretty decent this morning. temperatures near 50 degrees in tampa. and we'll be up to 60 by noon. topping out today in the mid 60s. winds from the east at about 5 to 10 so shouldn't cause you too much of an issue today. whether you're golfing, bike riding or jogging outside. i'll have the forecast and it gets wet and even possibly stormy coming up in florida's most accurate seven day. deiah?
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hospitalized after being hit by a car. why police say one bicyclist could be cited even though he was the one struck. >> nfl coaching jobs -- been filled. could the buccaneers be the third one?
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17 minutes until 5:00. tonight, seven republican presidential candidates will take the stage for their first
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republican party is starting to get worried with less than three weeks to go until the iowa caucus. >> that's because 12 major gop candidates are still in the race, the party is preparing for a contested convention if nobody wins enough delegates to win the nomination. this morning ted cruz who is second behind trump in many polls is being criticized for failing to disclose where he got money to finance his 2012 he relied on $1 million in loans including money from goldman sachs where his wife works. a cruz spokeswoman calls the error a mistake. he also continues to be battered by criticism that as a former dual canadian u.s. citizen, he is not eligible to run for president. last night a pensacola, donald trump is worried about what would happen if cruz won the nomination and then deemed ineligible. >> supposing he runs and everybody's banking on him. and then the courts rule that he can't run. that's not so good. what do you do?
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clinton or to crazy bernie? [ laughter ] right? i mean, bernie? i don't know who i want to run against more. i don't know. >> well, wake up with abc tomorrow morning after the debate our partners at politifact will fact check the candidates' statements and let you know which ones are telling the truth and which ones are stretching it. hillary clinton continues to turn her attention to vermont senator sanders who is now running ahead of the former secretary of state in both iowa and new hampshire polls. clinton is now attacking sanders on his voting record in congress. in an attempt to raise questions that sanders flip- flops on positions. clinton's raising questions about his votes on a single payer health care plan and support for a bill to protect gun manufacturers from liability. sanders counters he's been fairly consistent his entire political life and both will meet on stage this saturday night in the final debate before next month's iowa caucus. weather changes over the
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meteorologist shay ryan here with florida's most accurate forecast. >> today is the nice calm day. rather cloudy but mostly dry out there throughout the daytime harasses live radar right -- hours so live radar right now scanning skies and all is clear and dry. well, again we're going to have a mostly cloudy day. and it's going to be on the cool side again. but the showers will start to begin after sunset tonight. i can't rule out an isolated shower especially inland or to the south. late this afternoon. but the majority of the -- of the rain chances really don't go up until after sunset. so on friday, this is the storm system we're keeping an eye on. it's just starting to gather itself together here this morning. and we'll start to see it intensifying as it works its way across the gulf over the next 24 hours. so our rain chances and the stronger storm chance really begins tomorrow morning and then will continue into the afternoon. there is a slight risk as that system moves on shore that we could see a little bit of spin where we get some damaging
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even a brief tornado is not out of the question. so of course, we want to keep a very close eye on this. and just want you to be alerted that tomorrow morning as the rain and the storms start to develop, that you want to keep an eye out for any warnings that could be issued. and of course storm shield is a great app to have on your mobile device so you can get the warnings on the go. 51 degrees in tampa right now. we have 42 in brooksville. 48 in lakeland. 53 bradenton. and our temperatures are starting off near average. we're going to end the day though a little below average as a result of all that extra cloud cover and the cool breezes. our winds are mainly from the east to northeast here starting if day but they'll -- the day but they'll start to shift more southerly which will pump in some weather as we head through the even asking that will allow us to see that warmup into friday and saturday. but our next cool front follows quickly behind it for sunday. that's florida's most accurate seven day forecast. back to you guys. now a live look at traffic.
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janelle martinez checks the starting at 5:00. check out this massive fire oklahoma. the flames started on the oil a fleet of semis. parked nearby. you can see them all lined up there. and at one point 17 of those big trucks were in flames. several nearby highways and thankfully every oil workers escaped that fire unharmed. right now there's no word on what started it. here's some news that will make your skin crawl. the pest control company or kin is reporting the tampa st. pete area is the 31st worst in the nation for bedbugs, it ranked cities by the number of bedbug treatments they serviced from list. number 38. miami ranked 43rd. and this morning two pest control companies claim the florida boy are to blame for
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family's home was fumigated in august. our scrips station wptv in west palm obtained court documents showing terminix and sun land pest control claim payton mccough fee's parents were careless and negligent. they should have known the boy was being poisoned when they started feeling sick after they reentered the home. the apartments argue they left a home saying the house -- parents argue they left the home saying the house was safe. >> i started to feel sick as well. >> the florida department of agriculture suspended florida sunland eastlins. a criminal investigation for -- sunland's license. a criminal investigation for sunland is ongoing. we have learned a kind hearted man has already taken care of the funeral arrangements for the little boy. funeral director is offering to bury lonsi free of charge.
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people who have searched for him deserve some closure. it could be weeks before the remains are positively identified. this morning, we're still awaiting word on who the tampa bay buccaneers will choose as their new head coach. tom coren explains an announcement could be just hours away. >> reporter: good morning everybody. i'll say this. it's been quiet, real quiet over one buc. suspiciously quiet. but things might be speeding up behind the sense. the browns got the -- scenes, the browns got the ball rolling yesterday by hiring hue jackson and the giants hire offensive coordinator ben mcauditory place tom coughlin. cleveland is counting on the strong record working with quarterbacks. this move guarantees the browns will draft a quarterback with the number two overall pick in the draft or does it? here's jackson on johnny manziel. >> this is what i would say to that. i need to get in this building and have an opportunity to sit
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i don't know johnny personally. i know who he is. but at the same time, i think i have to give everybody on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are. to truly learn who they are. and then make decisions from there. >> all right, the hiring of jackson takes away one of the 49ers' head coaching candidates they like and we're going to find out pretty quick how enamored they are with dirk cutter, we're hearing mike shanahan could be the guy and cutter is the top candidate for the bucs' job. and also hearing that cutter is assembling a staff just in case he gets the 49ers or buccaneers job. and like i said, it's been very quiet over there. which could signal the calm before the storm. so so far though no white smoke coming from the one buc chimney. and that is your morning sports update. enjoy your day. >> it is 4:51. coming up at 5:00, big developments in the oregon standoff. the county official who
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those protesters. >> but first, madonna collapses on stage. the emotional tribute she gave
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the oscar nominations come out this morning. watch it live at 8:30 and also be streaming it live on the mobile app. a musicians and stars around the world are paying tribute today to david bowie from died monday from liver cancer and madonna is among them. >> her tribute is going viral after she got so emotional during her concert in houston she collapsed. you can see a picture there of bowie on the big screen behind madonna.
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singing his song "rebel." she changed her life after she -- he changed her life after she saw him in convert in detroit. the drawing is over and now we're on winner watch. coming up where the winning billion dollar powerball tickets were sold. >> what they are saying happened to the ten u.s.
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