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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  January 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it is 7:00 on a saturday. >> man, we wish we were the >> right? i would love to hear what they're doing with it. that story coming up.
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back out to a story. the closure of worst shore boulevard near san jose street, south of kennedy, because of a vehicle accident there. we understand right now tampa police are momentarily about to after that crash. they are taking out -- you can road there. we'll let you know as soon as morning. bill, some changes on the way in the forecast, and it's not just cooler temperatures, right? >> we do have a nice day today, but the rains are coming in tonight, and then the cooler temperatures come. that's a beautiful shot there from the river gate tower cam, as the sun comes up, and an even nicer shot as we take a
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radar. we're expecting a nice day today. rain rolling in after midnight. for today, though, 75 for the high. tomorrow, 69 degrees will be the high. we'll reach that in the morning, and then the temperature will plummet after we get through that rain, which again will be earlier on in the day. more details on the timing of those storms are coming up in less than 15 minutes. right now, back over to you. friends, and people will remember former marine math yule jifdermer with a
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new year's eve. he reflected on how great his life was in 2015, saying i done know where i'll end up tonight, but do i know where i wind up is where i'm meant to be, and he was be the killed by a drunk driver are that very night. today the christian motorcycle group fast lanes for are christ is holding a memorial ride beginning at grace family church at 8:00 this morning. >> the lake alfred murder are mystery is solved, and the suspect ask waking up in jail. press say alfred jenkins killed terry. a tip from a cornify dential inform aren't a revealed that jenkins was holding a long- standing grudge more than five years ago. the victim turned in jenkins for stealing from the union where they both worked, and jenkins was fired. >> me personally, i w i would like the same thing done too him that was done to my husband, but i don't want him back out.
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anybody else. >> well, sheriff grady judge telling us after in the trip all of the evidence fell into place. jenkins car matched the description of the car scene just before the murder. >> a winter haven man has been arrest for hit-and-run case that happened nearly a year ago. john hague may jr. has been charged with leaving a crash involving a death. detectives say they have surveillance video that shows may parking his evacuate a gas station, running back to the scene, and going back to his car, not before looking a at the front of his car and then driving away. price say the investigation took a long i'm, because they had to build a case against their suspect. they were waiting for forensic evidence to return. well an a shopper center in venice is in need of a new roof after high winds ripped it away. sharp aluminum panels fell into power play lines and on to at
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navalfully no one was hurt, but 12 businesses are had to be evacuated. 15 dogs were rescued from a dog grooming salon. fire crews say there is no structural damage. cleaning up from a tornado touchdown on friday. say it sound liked train began bearing down on their homes. an 18-mile ef1 tornado was on the ground just two minutes, but that was enough time to rip staircases. thankfulfully no one was hurt. well, federal investigators are now looking into a diddley accident at the port of tampa on friday. a worker named joseph lamblynn was trying to move a pallet of powdered sulphur, but it shifted like an astros and buried him a-- avalanche and buried him alive.
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attack breaking overnight. fire and explosions as terrorists seized a popular hotel in west africa. overnight security forces stormed the hotel, freeing 126 hostages. early reports indicate that at least 20 people have been killed. not clear how many are terrorists. al-qaida is claiming responsibility for this attack. we're going to update this story as much as we can this morning, as soon as we get new details, on air is and on-line at in hawaii this morning, an update in the search for 12 marines missing at sea, now feared dead. the identity of three of them are being revealed by their families. loved ones tell abc news the three were there in one of two helicopters that collided during a training right in off the coast of hawaii. the navy, the coast guard, local rescue crews are looking for signs of survivors are. officials say the bad weather
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investigating the cause of the crash. now to an update on the boston marathon bombings case. the surviving boston marathon bomber must pay his victims more than $101 million. yesterday's rooming came from a federalle judge overseeing the case. restitution payments for the 49 victims and their families must begin immediately. the judge also denied the defense team's motion for a new trial. he was sentenced to death for the attack that killed three people and wounded more than 40 others. well, new this morning, we are just getting word of a u.s. journalist that has been found dead while vacationing in 39-year-old ann swainy was ination for americans when police there say that her body was discovered in a river yesterday. thursday. swainy is an executive producer for are abc 7 in chicago. authorities have a person of
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one of three winners of the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot has come forward. john and lisa robinson hit it big in tennessee, and they say they're going to take the lum sum. >> we just wanted a little piece of the pie. now, i'm real grateful that we government the big piece of the pie! >> they bought their ticket at a neighborhood store near their small town in munford. they plan to continue working, and pay off their daughter's student loans. two other winners. melbourne beach is where one of the tickets was sold, and the north california. winners are current remain tape nonmuss. >> yesterday defensive coordinator dirk koetter was announced as the new head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. he went on to become head coach at boise state and arizona state.
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nfl, but has never been a head now. challenge. one of the best things you can do is surround yourself with a >> we wanted somebody that would establish a winning culture, that eventually would bring championships to tampa. >> well, koetter is responsible for turning the bucs offense from one of the worst to one of the best in team history. he has already named atlanta falcon coach mike smith as the bucs new defensive coordinator. >> a few initiative to keep children safe from predators. >> they're doing it with a little help from hollywood. coming up, the actor committed to what he calls the most important rome of his life, and how you can help. >> plus fives, guns, and mace. the more reason thatat fans are
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david keith is taking a new role. >> he is best known for working alongside richard gere in the movie an officer and a gentleman, but now he is taking on the most important rome of
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exploitation and sex crimes. >> eric has our story. >> reporter: david keith's drive to protect children was first inspired by a movie he saw is as a kid. sib ill, with sally field. >> they had pretty graphic scenes of her being tortured in the kitchen, and it truly scaredmy for life. >> reporter: he started working with the national association to protect children, using his star power to successfully lori for stricter child abuse laws in his home state of tennessee, and then on a capitol hill. >> if there are people out there that are actively hurting children by the hundreds of thousands in this country, and, you know, i want to go after them. >> reporter: in recent years, he helped form the hero corps, where wounded veterans are trained to rescue children from on-line pred, to. >> we put them right back to hunting bad guys here, and these bad guys to me are the worst is on the planet. >> reporter: sadly there is no
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>> the red dots on the map are the locations of computers known for sure to be trafficking in child pornography. >> reporter: keith is in pac- 12 county -- in pasco county to promote the efforts. >> they're going to be solving cases here, helping our detectives. >> if you build a case based on child pornography, you don't ever have to put the child on the stand. you never have to retraumatize the child. >> reporter: there will soon be more than a dozen he he core agents working in the field. >> if you want to join has cause, we have a link to this story on our website, >> good for him. >> that's cool. >> yeah. well, hey, bill, we have some
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today. another nice shot from demon's landing as the sun comes up, and we take a look at our weather headlines for today. it's going to be another warm saturday. mid-70s for tampa, but then those storms will move through overnight, and then we get the changes coming in clearer and cooler for sunday and into the rest of the workweek. right now it's not clear that shot from the tower cam showing
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you move further inland, and you're seeing visibility down to nothing in some areas. wesley chap sell socked in. so be careful as you're heading out. i know the sun is up. the temperaturation is to just let the headlights go off, but leave them on, it will help you burn through some of that fog and haze that will be around until 9:30, 10:00, and then it will start to burn off. 50 in tallahassee. 63 still in miami, where there are some lingering showers finally moving through. cold across the midsection of 29 for st. louis, a little east coast. 47 in charlotte. atlanta with 50 degrees, same as this cold front finally pushes through, and it will push through with a vengeance tonight, but it's going to move
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quickly. as this progresses from 1:00 in the morning, to towards 3:00 and 4:00, to about 5:00, we will begin to see some clearing along the coast by 6:30, 7:00 in the morning, and maybe a few link erring showers by the time you head off to search. then the cool weather makes it's way in. we're going to watch the pretty much stay down, as we work into the workweek. so frog around right now, moving up up to 74 by noontime. a nice day with a high of 75 degrees. what about those monster trucks out at raymond james stadium? how are we looking for the forecast for that? the monster jam cast shows are gates opening with 73 degrees, and the throttles opening at about 69. you can see those changes into the workweek. my goodness, overnight lows in the 40s. we could see some upper 30s in our northern neighborhood we're
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that's my twitter address. an i-team report from emily arena. they they say a have seen an increase in weapons since the drift attacks in paris. >> some of the surprising things that people try to get through security, all at a lightning game. mary? collection of items that's we have discovered in our search coming into any event in our building. >> reporter: all of this is from the past year. >> we're averaging about 20 knives per game. >> reporter: mary milton has been working average the arena for 16 years. she heads up security, and said recent terrorist attacks have more people bringing guns to the arena, which are not allowed web eve for offis-duty law enforcement. >> so since paris, you've seen an increase.
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>> reporter: an additional 12 guns have been discovered at lightning games since september. >> since paris, people are concerned for their safety, and you're saying more and more of the population looking for ways to protect themselves personally. >> reporter: since september at lightning games, security confiscated morn than 500 knives. >> we're seeing a plethora of knives. fives in every shape, capacity. >> reporter: including clandestine knives like this one. >> it fits in your wallet like a credit card. >> reporter: but when the plast sick folded, it becomes a knife. screeners have also seized nearly 200 canisters of mace or pepper spray. >> what we are starting to see more of is what we call tin cat, or brass -- these are a new version of brass knuckles. >> reporter: mary beached up security and law enforcement throughout the building since the paris attacks.
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point here? >> they do. we always have, no matter what the event is, we always search. >> reporter: some of the other security measures you won't see, their more eyes scanning crowds, a team monitoring numerous cameras, and the office is strategically placed near the loading dock, so they can see what vendors are doing and what is coming in. we're posting all of the items you're not allowed to bring to the arena on our website. you can check them out at >> well, lego land is putting its finishing touches on a building in lake wale. >> and we'll look at what is being built inside, and how
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playing with legos is a job come true for many. >> we got an inside look at
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>> reporter: for every lego loving kid, it's like christmas job. >> it's a dream job for sure. >> reporter: lindsey wayne is one of dozens of local model builders who can't wait to come to work every day. her playground? this brand-new lego land hub in lake wales, or as the lego masters call it? >> factory of key ateddivety. >> reporter: this is off limits to the public, but this is where all of the lego land models you see around the world are built. >> they're going to be shipped completely around the world. >> reporter: they had to find a building with high ceilings, because if you've ever been to lego land, you know these models are huge. many had to be shipped around the world in sections. these start as simple concepts.
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for an excavator for a presentation in chicago. >> we do get somewhat instructions. we get the picture on the computer screen, but it doesn't tell us what pieces we need to use. that's where the creativity comes into play, true artistry. add a little glue, and voila. >> they are good with their hands and creativity, then we're very much looking for those skill sets. >> reporter: imaginations coming to life. well, the dog was missing for nearly a decade. we'll have more on the reuniting in a couple of minutes. the only thing i could see him as was this person who was going out of his way every day to end my life. >> she despised him. he felt the same way. now this unlikely duo are banning together to save lives. their story is coming up in our
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welcome back to ibrahima this morning. here is what we're -- to abc action news this morning.
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on west shore boulevard that completely closed the road for hours near san jose street. west shore is now open in both directions. a car hit a light pole, and then it overturned. one person was in the car, and that person was rushed to the car in critical condition. we'll continue to update you on this story. >> and a memorial motorcycle ride will be held today for a former marine, matthew jeff dirmer. he was killed by a drunk driver new year's eve. more than 600 drivers are expected to gather at grace church at 8:00 this morning and ride to st. petersburg. a winter haven man, john hague may jr. is in jail charged with a hit-and-run case that happened nearly a year ago. he is accused of hitting 52- year-old tamara pursong as he crossed the street. police say this video shows may parking his bmw, running back toward the scene, and then walking to his car and driving away.
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death. >> checking out florida's most accurate forecast. it's going to be a great day today. tonight, tomorrow morning, not so much. a off to church, or maybe doing a run, it's going to be okay. >> i'm doing run tomorrow, bill, 13.1 on st. pete beach. >> it's going to be nice and cool, the rain will be mostly gone. i'll show you the timing on this coming up in just a little bit. right now, look at this beach. that's a beautiful beach view. that's right there on holmes beach, manatee county, looking out for our vantage point, as the sun comes up. gorgeous, all though you can see, there's just a little bit of a chop on the water, as we've got those winds that will be coming in from the west and southwest today. also seeing just a couple of showers trying to make their way in toward the nature place. that's mostly verga.
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the time it reaches the shore, all hover that associated west the front that moved through yesterday off of the florida straits, down to cuba. the dewpoint and temperature smash together, and we see those clouds forming right at ground level. kathleen, frost proof. you're all socked in despite now. about a mile and a half visibility. so be careful heading out this morning. temperatures on the mild side, a little cooler than yesterday. 53 in lutz, and 50 currently in bartow. as we go through the day today, we'll see that fog around through about 9:00 or so, warming up to about 70 by 10:00, and then 72, 73 by noon. we're looking for a nice day, all told, with a high temperature of 75. but we do get those changes in storms coming in overnight. i'll show you exactly when they're going to hit. the action weather forecast coming up in less than 15 minutes.
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flight to miami has six people on the mend this morning. 5 passengers and one flight attendant were hurt yesterday after an american airlines flight hit heavy turbulence over jacksonville. now, that flight was able to land safely in miami with more than 160 people on board. rescue crews treated two passengers at the airport, and the flight attendant went to the hospital with a broken nose. >> more problems for troubled allegiant airlines. our i-team learned that the company's chief operating officer is stepping down following several high-profile issues just within the past year. steve harfst was hired in 2014 as the company's coo. allegiant planes are make up for about 95% of the flights at saint pete clearwater airport, and just in december alone, there are five emergency landings by allegiant flights
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pilots accuse the airline of cutting corners on safety measures, and alikant maintains it's a safe airline, and the pilots are just upset over a long-running labor dispute. foughts need your help in sarah so -- deputies need your help in sarasota county to find these two men involved in a robbery yesterday. this is from the racetrack gas station. deputies say just before 4:00 a.m., the men forced clerks to empty their cash registers. deputies say they then robbed theshell gas station about an hour and half later. this is what happened. you see them pointing the gun at the clerk. anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers. >> an update on a viral story. you've probable listen seen this video by name. the video of a former taco bell
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of hit be an uber driver. it got him fired. now he is suing uber for $5 million, claiming it was filmed illegally. >> it's time to upgrade your compute if you're still using window's 8. microsoft now ending support for the original release of its system. they said that all users should upgrade to windows 8.1 or windows 10. that means the 50 million or so worldwide windows 8 users there no longer get updates. all window's 8 users can upgrade to windows 10 for free. >> the on-line music videos that your kids may be watching, they could also be loaded with dangerous messages. a new study out of england compared internet videos and adds to tv shows and commercials. on-line videos are filled with images of alcohol and tobacco. they also found 13 to 14-year-
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reference more than any other group. they urged parents to pay attention to what your kids are watching. >> the cdc is considering new travel guidelines pregnant women going to south american countries because of the a virus called zeca virus that is a.key tow borne virus. there is no treatment for the virus, and it causes serious neutral -- newer logical problems for newborns. florida governor rick scott said he will work with lawmakers during the current session to try to get some safe guards put in place.
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changes this morning as a result of its recent e. coli scandal. all of the company stores will open several hours late on february 8th, so employees can take part in food safety meetings. chip oath lay usually opens at 11:00 a.m., but on the 8th, they won't open until 3:00 p.m. the chains sales and tanked lately after an e. coli outbreak that came to light in october. >> n early december, it got dozens of people sick. a family reunited with their beloved dog that went missing nine years ago. joe joe ran away in 2007. his owners hoped someone found him and he was in a good home. he was. a woman that adopted joe joe all of thiessen years ago recently passed away, and while the dog was waiting to go to another home, he scaped. they found a microchip in joe
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and they reunited the two. >> the dog lottery. i would say so, yes. like the, you know, the $1.5 billion dog lotto. it's just the fact that he was loved this whole time is what makes it better. >> i live this story. sin thee in a con i said she always missed joe joe, but is clad he was loved and had a good home, and is even happier that he came back to the family, and stressed how important it is to get your dogs microchipped. florida rv super show and sale is back in tampa this weekend. coming up, we will tell you why it's the right time to buy if you're interested and you're planning on hitting the road. >> plus a new local laundromat. an app based service allowing you to leave the quarters at home. we'll tell you where to find a
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happy weekend, plenty of martin luther king event tuesday choose from. happening this weekend, you can check out some of the big success and most technically advanced land yachts as the rv super show and sale. thousands have come to this event in tampa now for the part three decades. this year, they've given us a look at life on the gotten. >> that's right. looking nice out there. >> and they had a record crowd
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they are so excited about what's going on because gas prices are going down, interest is going up. >> reporter: through the weekend, outdoor enthusiasts and wannabe wanderings are choking the florida fairgrounds midways in what has become the largest show place of take it on the road with you lodging. >> they're outdoors, and they're enjoying themselves, they're enjoying their are free time, and it's just a fun industry. a. is interest up? >> oh, think it's up quite a bit. and not just here in florida, but across the country. >> reporter: one of trip mariner reasons is because prices are so low. >> when we bought this coach, diesel was $4 a gallon. we got it for $1.8 a year coming down here -- $1.80 a
7:34 am
that you shouldn't have, and i'm glad. i get rid of it. >> reporter: of course all of the weather. you knew i was going to talk about the weather. for instance, tonight, they're going to have to put in all of these awnings, but on the newer models, that's pretty much automatic. >> normally before we leave during the day, i'll bring in all of the awnings to be on the safer side. besides all of that, no >> reporter: but it is go, and they can. >> if gas prices go up, are you going to have to curtail your travelles? >> absolutely not. we will still travel. we budget our money, and, you know, make sure we have, it that we can keep going. >> and they are going to keep going, they say, when they retire, they're going to sell their house in ohio, they're going to get one of those rv pads near florida, and then just keep driving. >> live life on the road. i love it. >> it really is a cool lifestyle. i'm actually interested in doing it.
7:35 am
whole hog and pay a quarter 0 of a million dollars for a rig right off. maybe take a test drive or a test vacation to see how you like it. that's what they recommend at the show, too, rent it, go for a week or so, and see whether it agrees with you. >> let's do it. let's take the morning show on the road. >> that's a good idea. this would be a great day to get out on the road and enjoy some nice driving, as we take a look across the water. and it's going to be a nice boating day, too. more on that in just a second. looking across from beer can island into south tampa, that is our south tampa camera. thanks again to air rescue for giving us those beautiful shots, and another beautiful shot i just tweeted out moments ago on the twitter machine, using the social media. a nice saturday, as john deal gave us a nice picture from down around davis island yacht club, as the sun came up, and just a gorgeous day ahead.
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head out today. this is the difference in temperature from this time yesterday, about 10 degrees cooler in spring hill. a few degrees cooler in tampa. 5 in clearwater, but a dozen degrees cooler than it was yesterday in sebring. colorious sunshine out there, with winds right now out of the south. as we go through the day, the winds will turn from the south to 0 southwest, and we're going to see those temperatures climb to about 75 degrees, which is good, but we have changes coming, and we'll take a look at the national map, so you can see where those changes are coming from. bitter cold air across the northern planes right now in the single digits and teens. cooler weather across the middle of the country, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s, and here is the cold front that's going to be pushing in our direction very slowly during the day today, but once an area of loan kicks up and pulls along with that front,
7:37 am
rapid movement. by about 1:00 in the morning, storages starting to come on shore, and then we'll finally clear things out to get her -- for lindsey to get her run on on the beach. we'll still have some cloudy skies, maybe a scattered raindrop or two by noontime, and then the cool air moves in, and we really see those temperatures drop. england. that's where they're playing football later on today. 4:35 kickoff at gillette stadium with the patriots hosting the chiefs. should be 38 degrees and some clouds. we'll also see some clouds around, but warmer temperatures, they'll probably have the roof closed there if arizona, as the card are naturals host the packers at about 8:15. now, the beach forecast for us today looks fantastic, except with those west-southwest
7:38 am
so that is is the only fly in calm before the storm. storm is coming in again tonight into early tomorrow, and then look at those temperatures for the workweek. highs only in the 50s and 60s. overnight lows in tampa in the wednesday morning. that means we'll insure the 30s in our northern neighborhood, so going to have to throw an extra blanket on. of course we'll be constantly tweaking this forecast. and your time right now 7:48. city leaders in clearwater are hoping that and discounts and freebies will help get you to recycle. the team is teaming up with a company called recycling perks. those points can be redeemed for up to $25 in discounts, restaurants, tanning salon, and more, if you sign up by either day, april 22nd, you could win >> and in tampa, you could see four of the best women's soccer
7:39 am
teams from the u.s., france, england, and germany, will compete in a three-city tournament in march were they'll play march 3rd at raymond james stadium. tickets for the matches are on sale right now. we have posted a link to buy those tickets on our website, just look at the what's happening now bar at the top of the page. >> well, a tampa tech start-up is putting a new spin on how you do laundry. >> forget using quarters to play for washing and drying. we look at how smartphone users can do it all at the touch 0 of a button. you'll no longer be stopping at the bank before hitting up the laundry mat. gone are the days of bringing your quarters. all you need is your smartphone and the free wash lava app. >> the first time they came, we ask them to create an account.
7:40 am
debitor credit card, and you'll ready to roll, or are should we say spin. you can remotely reserve a washer and drier, and it will be held for 15 minutes. want to leave a laundromat while your clothes wash? no problem. >> you swipe to the right and request a transfer to the dryer and we'll move it for you. >> reporter: you also get real- time updates telling you how many minutes are left to wash and dry. the machines stay locked, so nobody can steal your stuff. don't want to hold? you can add that service on with one click of a button for $4.99, and don't worry about your safety. when you show up with your phone, only you can open up the automatic doors after hours. >> we offer 24/7 support. you're never alone, with a phone in your hand, you're never' loan. >> reporter: if you don't have a smartphone, you're not going to be able to do your laundry here. in other words, you'lling left out to dry.
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coming up, where you can get a free oil change just for giving
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okay. so take a look at this guy right here. he may be man's best friend,
7:43 am
world's largest dog. look at him! he's a great dane. his name is rocco. >> he looks like a horse. >> he does. he lives in nevada, and he's just two years old. he stands at 40 inches. that's from his paw to his shoulder and he's more than 7 feet on his hind rigs. so he should win this this, right? i think so. so now his owners are are making a bid to get him in the guinness book of world record. the current record is held by a great dane in michigan who died in 2014. >> we'll keep you posted on that one, because i want to know. >> yeah, cute story. an unlikely pair pinned against each other by tragedy are teaming up to save lives across the country. >> we look at how they went from seeing each other as enemies to being partners for the future.
7:44 am
>> reporter: jessica and best friend from kindergarten, lori gorman ready to conquer the world. freshmen at two different colleges, sometime inseparable. >> she was more of a officer than a friend. >> reporter: and then two 18- year-olds, too much to drink. >> we never thought it would impact us. >> reporter: jessica managed to drive impaired for almost 30 miles before hitting a tree and killed laura on impact. >> when i was a prosecutor, i was very tough. >> reporter: despite her pleas for forgiveness, gorman's family wanted her in prison. >> i despised her. i didn't think that thiessen talks she was doing were genuine, and she obviously looked at me as the enemy. >> i didn't do anything to him, why is he doing this to me? >> reporter: the case dragged on for two and a half years. he pushed for the maximum of 15 years, the judge offering jessica four years as a
7:45 am
took it, and behind bars, a surreal moment. a 20/20 interview that would again change the course of her life. she asked if laura was alive, would she want jessica behind bars? >> he said if that was my friend, i wouldn't want him to go to prison. >> reporter: when she got out, at a restaurant. >> i knew she was still doing these talks, and i i proposed, together? >> reporter: the pair has traveled across the country. an unlikely duo, one mission. >> if one life is saved because of this, it's worth all the pain that it has caused. >> time for a check on what's happen not guilty the bay area today. >> music fest, promises a foot- stomping good time. it's in saint pete. line-up including bands from several genres. that's at 11:00 this morning. part two of the family is in
7:46 am
earlier today, but if you're into big trucks, stop by raymond james stadium tonight for monster jam. >> month stir jam! >> there you'll guest to see giant custom designed trucks crushing cars and school buses for the competition. tickets range from $16 to $125 tonight. >> it's national blood donation months, and today a local car dealer ship is teaming up for a blood drive. your doughtation could save a life. florida avenue. donate blood, and in exchange, and car wash. anytime today between 11:00 and 4:00. her is what is coming up next on good morning america. >> hey, good morning. coming up on gma, a huge weekend in politics. we're only about two weeks away iowa. this morning, the river braces from that trump-cruz showdown,
7:47 am
carolina for a big debate tomorrow. and what is happening on wall street? this is the worst ever start to a few year on the market. the dow crashing on friday. what does this mean for your family and your retirement savings. rebecca is here to break it down this morning. and finally, the powerball mystery. two of the three winning tickets from wednesday's historic jackpot unclaimed this morning. meanwhile, we did just meet the winners from tennessee. they came to click it their more than $300 million check, and brought their dog with them. america's newest members of the top 1% are both hart warming and hilarious.
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