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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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clearing out for the weekend. abc action news starts now. 4:30. the clean-up continues after tornadoes ravage two bay area counties. the decision governor rick scott now has to make about the >> democrats debate. the man bernie sanders says was deplorable? would be a key adviser in hillary clinton white house. >> caught on camera, space x rocket explodes. why weather may to be blame. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm ashley glass. >> i'm lindsay logue. a path of destruction through sarasota and manatee counties after a tornado yesterday morning. >> a couple died when the twister threw their mobile home. situation. >> reporter: randsy sharpe now
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neighborhoods and friends. kelly and steve wilson. >> he'll never be forgotten. him and his family? they are two of the best. i can't describe it any better. >> reporter: sunday afternoon sharpe along with other neighbors and friends started to dig through the rubble. the tornado left behind, they found a few personal items and family photos to salvage. >> i still can't believe it. that was our home. just -- i can't believe it. >> reporter: sharon barnhill says the couple's son came to her house looking for help after the storm and she drove him here to the family's property. she could hear the four scared, screaming. moments later they found kelly wilson who friends referred to as "katie." go. then she died. >> reporter: first responders
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ambulance headed to the hospital. friends found her husband steve wilson dead. still those here grateful the couple's adult son, three kids >> hope our community comes together for a family that not a lot of people knew but those that did, knew, really knew people. and their generosity. >> reporter: a generosity they hope lives on to help the survivors and their loved ones clean up the mess left behind. >> friends of the wilson family set up a gofundme page to help the family cover funeral, medical and clean-up costs. we have a link to the page in the story link section of let's check with ivan cabrera -- really.
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about this for months and we'll be talking about the next storm system arriving later this week with the potential for strong storms. right now clearing out behind the front that brought us severe weather, temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s, but the thermometer still going down before we can get back up later today. temperatures by this afternoon, struggling to get out of the 50s. i think we'll make it at the airport around 60, 61 degrees. we'll do that with mostly sunny skies and we'll have the details on the extended forecast coming up. 4:33. live look outside, tip top of the sunshine skyway, 400 plus feet up from the bay. traffic in both directions now moving fine. 10 minutes between the tolls. we'll check with the roads again in 15 minutes. the tornadoes that tore a path of destruction three two counties and ripped apart homes in siesta key. >> homeowners were shocked
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neighborhoods torn to shreds. >> siesta key, a haven for residents and vacationers, some parts now in ruins after at least one tornado ripped through the area, this condo complex among the most heavily damaged. >> i woke up and heard this loud, loud noise, like i had >> reporter: the force of the storm startling this quiet community. all starting around 3:30 a.m. >> we're finding things that came from across the street over here. >> reporter: just a few hours later governor rick scott to took in the damage and listened to residents as they tried to pick up the pieces. >> we have a lot of water damage. a pipe let loose and came down. >> reporter: in this community alone we're told early estimates of damage at least $3 million but that could climb. many snow birds now forced to evacuate. a rental manager scrambling to find some homes and telling us
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five, six weeks and we have no place to put them. they are already rented. >> reporter: in nearby sarasota, residents are also trying to deal with mother nature's wrath. >> it's about 10, 15 seconds of, just unbelievably loud noise. you could hear stuff breaking and crashing. >> reporter: the roof on this home collapsed. fire crews thankfully got the two people inside out. they suffered only minor injuries and thankfully will survive. although for this entire community it will take some time to try to not think about a system that in a matter of minutes changed lives. >> i grew up on an island so hurricanes. i'll take that all day. this was bad. a resource center opens today for the people affected county. if you need help, stop by
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between 11:00 to 2:00. you'll find representatives from florida power and light, the sheriff and other officials. scott told the victims he will do whatever he can to help. the governor is still weighing whether to declare affected communities a disaster area. that would make homeowners and business owners eligible for more help. allowing state funding to assist in paying for clean-up. governor scott says it's still too early to know whether he will make that declaration. >> hopefully we can get a little bit of relief, like you often hear fema money, whatever it might be, to offset some of our expenditures. >> business managers say it will take months to fix all the damage. for now the community is relying on city crews and neighbors to do the best it can. >> homeowners cleaning up the storm damage, officials are urging caution when it comes to where you discard all that debris from your property. sarasota county officials ask that people leave debris next
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so it doesn't block emergency vehicles. quleenup crews will pick up that debris as soon as they can. sarasota county says don't stack debris by utility poles, power lines or next to cars, mailboxes or fences. don't block fire hydrants or storm drains. they recommend separating garbarge from branches. into the strong line of thunderstorms ripped through parts of collier county as well. many of us have family and friends to our south. our scripps sister station in fort myers saw downed trees, signs, even power lines and flooded parking lots in naples. >> it was real still for a while, then all of a sudden it sounded just like a big freight train going through. >> this tree overhung the house. the roof of the house. and it blew back this way so that is good. >> a week ago a tornado touched down in the same area. that community only saw minor wind damage yesterday. time now 4:37.
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land a falcon 9 rocket in the disaster. satellite into orbit the rocket attempted to land upright on the platform in the pacific. fortunately, whoa -- not a success. musk tweeted one of the four legs didn't lock into position the landing. he believes ice build-up due to heavy fog at the launch may to be blame. what do you make of this? this is probably going to happen many more times. it's new technology. it's going to be a while before they can perfect that there. the goal there is to be able to retrieve the rockets and make it more economic to be able to go up in to space and bring it right back. temperatures now falling in the 30s already across gainesville. 40 in tallahassee. we'll be in the mid-40s this morning.
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well to the south clearing out. we'll talk about the extended forecast and the next chance of thunderstorms in a few minutes. coming up -- the nation jr. day. but there's controversy at this morning's mlk leadership awards breakfast. it's happening in st. pete. >> the nfc championship and afc next weekend. plus, on the ice lightning made quick work of the panthers.
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4:42. this quick reminder, this morning starting today a new afternoon line-up on your abc action news station. "right this minute" is moving from 3:00 to noon. and "the dr. oz show" moving to 3:00. the new line-up begins today. two weeks from the iowa caucuses. the first time ballots will be cast in the presidential race. last night the democrats held their last debate before the caucuses. >> during that debate former president clinton became a topic of discussion. not raiders asked bernie sanders if he regretted saying things about bill clinton's past. his transgressions saying they were disgraceful and unacceptable. >> yes, his behavior was deplorable. have i ever once said a word about that issue? no, i have not. i'm going to debate secretary clinton and o'malley on the
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people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. >> moderators then asked hillary clinton about her husband and what would be his role in her white house. she said he would be one of the very best advisors she could have. >> you bet. i'm going to ask are to his ideas, i'm going to ask for his advice and i'm going to use him as a good will emissariy to go around the country to find the best ideas we've got. because i to believe as he said everything that is wrong with america has been solved somewhere in america. >> coming up on the news at 5:00 beer 5 -- we're going depth. leaders appear resigned to the fact that ted cruz or
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traditionalists. republican candidate secured the party's nomination in recent history without winning yesterday cruz began a five-day bus tour of new hampshire. he plans to court religious and social conservatives and pro- gun libertarians in the states. boost in a state where donald trump is currently leading in the polls. we're waking up with very chilly temperatures though i have a feeling a lot of folks are going to be sleeping in today and not blocking the roadways. that is good. but right now we have 40s and you have to factor in the winds, it's still gusty. that means, you talk about hour. if you are getting up early and going outside, that is going to put an extra chill in the air, literally. look at the temperatures now as far as the feels-like as you step out. upper 30s, lower 40s. in fact, look at zephyrhills,
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it's not sweater weather now, needed. in fact the next few days i think that will be the case as we continue with very cool temperatures. clouds well down to the south. area of high pressure in charge across the southeastern united states. we have snow across tennessee which i showed you earlier. that more brighter white color, there. that is actually the temperatures, you can imagine if it's in the 30s here, it's fog be colder to the north with the temperatures in the 20s. looking ahead to our next thunderstorms. this week remaining dry, mainly through thursday but by the time we get into friday, with another shot of showers and thunderstorms. so we're going to watch that closely for the potential of strong storms, the models still haven't decided what they want we'll keep fine tuning it the you posted. temperatures 60 to 65. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s.
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there's the front on friday with showers and thunderstorms 60%. live look at i-275 -- this is right on the sunshine skyway bridge. not many cars on the road like ivan said. it's a holiday, we're not expecting heavy traffic for the morning commute. an eye out for problem spots that should come up. 4:47, breaking overnight in st. louis -- police officers robbery suspect. some of the people who gathered at the scene began chanting in protest against police. you might remember ferguson, a suburb of st. louis, was the epicenter of anti-police protests, the shooting of an unarmed black teen in 2014. the case appears to be much different this time around. police say a witness flagged down an officer to report a man robbed at a kfc restaurant with a gun. that officer went into the kfc, confronted the suspect that refused to drop his gun, raised it towards the officer.
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life says he fired two shots killing the man. authorities are now investigating and say there's video from in the restaurant. federal aid is on its way to help people in flint, michigan. they are dealing with this major water crisis there. yesterday civil rights activist reverend jesse jackson called for justice after lead ended up in flint's tap water. jackson says people who live there have been betrayed. >> this is a disaster zone, not just emergency. maybe there should abduct tape -- be a duct tape around the city because flint is a crime scene. >> the city switched to water from the fingerprint river, a cost cutting move. it caused lead to leach from old pipes. authorities have been distrishting bottled water and filters to city residents. rescuers say they found a
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the military says two helicopters collided off the shore late thursday. so far no signs of survivors. one of the missing marines, 22- year-old corporal thomas jardes is from fort myers. the tampa bay lightning finally looking like the champs we know they are. they took care of the florida panthers at home. here's your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for joining us. the bolts have dominated their in-state rival panthers winning 14 of the last 20 games over the last five seasons but none of the matchups as important as last night's game. the first place panthers led the lightning by seven points entering the day. no one saw that coming this late in the season. second period no score. that changes. top shelf. 17 -- kuch not in the game that.
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14 minutes later the lightning strike again. this time jason garrison, the puck gets deflected off the glass but an schuster cleans up the missed shot. bishop gave up just one goal but saved 26 shots, bolts win their fifth straight last night 3-1 over the panthers. bishop improves to 7-1-1 in its career against florida. the lightning's third goal last night came on an empty netter by kucherov. the offense rolled all over the seahawks in the first half. 31-0 at last. second half though here comes the seahawks. russell wilson somehow eludes the sack, will scramble, go to the end zone and germane is there with the touchdown grab. three touchdowns, two interceptions and 366 yards
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seven. seattle goes for the onside kick but carolina recovers it. panthers win 31-24, nearly blow their 31-poiptd lead but doesn't matter, they win and head to the first conference title game since 2005. afc, steelers at broncos. pittsburgh fumble and denver drove all the way down the field on the one, cj anderson touchdown. broncos take a lead. broncos up with 19 seconds left and just like the seahawks the steelers need to recover the onside kick to stay alive but they don't. broncos win 23-16 in the mile high city. conference champs are all set now for next weekend -- that's your morning sports.
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our big cooldown underway as temperature fall into the 30s and 40s. we do have another storm system on the way. we'll detail the timing of that later this week and also how cold it will get through the overnights. take a look at this little guy. right here. 4-month-old bay bay, the smithsonian zoo's newest panda cub.
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no worries, if you can't make it to the national zoo, you can watch the panda on-line on the zoo's panda cam. >> love it. an oregon state college basketball player may be in a heap of trouble this morning. >> the conference going to learn exactly what led jamal reed to trip a ref intentionally. you can see it here. >> reed sticks out his leg, you saw it, he intentionally tripped the ref. the ref immediately ejected him. after that oregon state will go on to lose the game and may lose reed to a suspension. coming up next on the news at 5:00 -- pot pore pain relief? we've heard about it before, there's a new chronic condition
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marijuana may be able to fix. and the hunt many are taking
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