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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fo a retired tampa officer fighting a deadly disease. and we will let you know
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temperatures coming up next. fighting the cold to clean up the damage. neighbors and friends are coming together to clean up siesta king. it is neighbor helping neighbor in sarasota county. people working to build together businesses devastated by the storms. mare. there is a ton of damage out here especially in this neighborhood. you do have pieces of wood and scrap metal that flew from all over the place, even pieces of
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the wind and shattered the glass of rv, you had neighbors that lost everything. looking around the front kathy and tim know the time will be consumed with cleaning tornado. >> it doesn't look as bad looking down the street but we have work. >> the tornado knocked down several trees and pulled apart the staircase and their roof have. they don't know how bad it is the insurance company show up. they just said don do anything until you talk to us and they have been on us. they would have have been here here except it was a holiday. >> there is damage totaling up to ten million dollars. >> sid will never forget this weekend. quick. popped up and get a warning and
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>> and what is not over is the help that he and his neighbors have received from friends and neighbors. >> home depot came over with buckets and these big heavy construction bags and water and out to use. >> we could not have asked for more support or better people. >> reporter: you can see all of that water, those buckets and bags. people here thankful that they dropped this off as well a food truck giving people food and a lot of the neighbors are thankful for that support. reporting live. >> this is what the radar looked like saturday night and sunday morning when the tornadoes moved through from
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the storms move to florida they back behind it cold air. in effect for the northern counties for tomorrow night. temperatures in the 50s and night colder. i will have the details coming up in a couple of minutes. we will touch back with you. the national weather service tonight investigating how poke and five other central florida counties lost the weather alert service on sunday. we are being told that the noah weather alert failed before that line of damaging storms swept across the state. investigators telling us a verizon phone circuit that send alerts from the weather service somehow failed keeping the alerts from going out. now to breaking news in tampa. police investigating a deadly motor vehicle accident. officers telling us the unidentified rider lost control
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the rider died instantly. no others were involved. he risked his life to take down some of tampa's drug dealers. a retired detective is in the fight for his own life after being diagnosed with cancer. why family and friend need $30,000 to fly him home to tampa. >> reporter: jose fa lee see anno be hoping to fly this get treatment and hoping to bring him home. the 61-year-old veteran detective did not wear a uniform and spent his life on the streets investigating investigating cocaine burglaries. and his nephew alex castro is
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steps and the officer took over his number as well, number 674. >> i wear this badge over my heart and that it serious. there is no words to describe how i feel and how i honor him every day and continue his legacy. >> castro got back from puerto rico last night and his uncle is so sick he could barely recognize him. >> we are asking for help. we need to get him here. >> he is a sick man. >> anthony tyson knows he may be able to beat the odds. >> it takes a special person to protect people. >> fee lee see anno protected >> he needs our help and will survive. >> reporter: now once that number hits $30,000 family
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bring faleciano by monday or wednesday. michael, thank you. doctors at bay front medical center are treating abradenton boy hit by a car. he rode his bike into traffic. he was thrown to bay front with leg and head injuries and will recover. officers telling us tonight that driver will not face any charges. right now a west palm beach pest control company facing federal charges. sun land pest control infumigated peyton's home and left him with severe brain damage. the company is being charged with using dangerous pesticide and lying about it. those american hostages set
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for the first time in in 18 midnights. one is home and three others getting medical care and they are being reunited with family. a 5th american chose to stay in iran. >> he is doing okay. he has been neglected for a long time. >> we are looking forward to meeting him hopefully soon. we are very excited. well in exchange for their freedom president barack obama agreeing to release 7 iranians charged with violating sanctions and dropping arrest warrants for others on top of paying $1.7 billion to settle a dispute with the iranian government. a suspect is in jail accused of killing a ohio police officer. herschel jones expected to be charged soon for the murder of officer thomas catrel. a woman called 911 trying to warn authorities in danville ohio that her ex-boyfriend was
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the call came just minutes before officer catrel was killed. his body found just moments later behind the danville municipal building. well it looks like nothing is stopping a scammer in the bay area. a third business has come forward saying they got tricked over the weekend. check out this surveillance video. the owners of yoyo juice in valrico saying this man paid for a bottle of water with a $50 bill. when he got the change he slipped $20 in his pocket and insisted he got shortchanged. this came after two other stores got hit by the same guy. >> it is only $20 that we know about from three locations. how many more locations have been short $20. >> these cases are all under
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cashiers are being retrained to count the change in the customers hands. passengers on a tampa bay cruise ship talking about a dramatic rescue at sea. it happened as the carnival paradise cruise line was cruising towards grand cayman. spotting 8 cubans waving for help from the make-shift boat. the refugees had been adrift for 18 days. passengers telling us that some people were concerned that the cubans may be pirates. some people didn't want them on there. they were mad that the ship came close because they thought they were pirates and they would pull guns out. the ships continued onto the grand cayman islands. under an agreement between the u.s. and cuba. cubans rescued at sea would be returned to the island nation. the u.s. coast guard giving us a look at the rescue of two people that went adrift following a violent storm in
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the man's ship had a torn sail and a broken hull and taking on water in key west. it is said that the rescue took place in the worse conditions he had ever seen in the gulf. guns down. tonight south florida ships full of motorcycles to celebrate the martin luther king, jr. holiday. hundreds of bikes working their way through broward county. passengers hanging out windows. in an effort to end gun violence and honor martin luther king, jr. at least two of the riders were injured in incidents. meanwhile bands and floats making their way bay shore drive for the local celebration of mlk day. parents telling us they are using this opportunity to teach children about dr. king's
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pretty much we can be more peaceful and stop the violence that needs to end. tampa bay mayor bob buckhorn took part in the parade. still ahead. some important recall information for your family. trader joe's recalling cashewss. five planets visible in the night sky. the best day to catch this. counting your calories, the hottest fitness trends of 2015 coming up. download the new abc10
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glenn frey, the man that founded the eagles died today. he had one of the best selling albums in history. he recorded the heat is on and others. gas prices fell below a dollar per gallon. one station at 47 cents a gallon. across the street 54 cents and michigan is the first state welcoming back gas prices below a buck. the price now a buck 89, the cheapest since march of ' 89 and predict it will fall a dime more. if you shop for trader joe's this is for you. officials warning us that
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asking customers to throw them away or to return them for a looking for ways to burn through the same boring work outs. our abc10 reporter ashley will tell us what trends can change minds. >> reporter: slimming drumsticks hanging upside down with resistance coils. fitness classes and in 2016 are unparalleled. the owner of sole rooster studio back to tampa. jamming to the music hiphop cardio class forgets you are working out. rowe gives life to a museum and burning up to 800 calories a
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and any body can crop in. try aerial fitness. or strong. at new level dance, you anyone can do it. >> let's give it a whirl. >> the instructor says you will see results once a week and a kids. >> yes. >> other parent friendly classes to try vertical ventures rock climbing gym and air head trampoline arena. both with entertainment for your kids. back on the ground ... >> trying to get healthy and strong er. > working your body at once with zero impact our joints. >> what makes it so intense using your own body weight for resistance and instead of going slowly.
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beginners are welcome and classes $18 each for a package. i feel like myself shrinking a little bit. trainers say you need to shock your body to get in shape. these workouts can definitely do that. in tampa, i'm ashley yori. abc news. space x latest attempt to land a rocket in the pacific ocean. it came down softly but toppled over and exploded on impact. you see it there. the company revealing one of the legs failed to lash on the platform ice build up to heavy fog at lift off to blame. the rocket successfully carried a satellite before exploding. speaking of space. ten years since we have seen five planets from earth but it
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starting on wednesday, and lasting a month, mercury, venus and saturn and mars will be visible from earth. you should be able to seat planets two hours before sunrise and the best day to see them, sunday, february 7th. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. and i'd have to think there needs to be clear skies to see that. there will be. that is kind of cool. everybody is worried about the gravitational pull. actually something cool. we got this video and pictures sent to us today. this is called a fire rainbow. crystals up high and the sun retracts through the ice crystals serous clouds and turns into this. pretty cool and pretty cold by tomorrow. thanks for sharing the pictures
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to low 40s and it is going to get colder tomorrow night as the freeze watch is in effect. not tomorrow but either way bring in the pets because it will be chilly and down right frigid for our standards. temperatures in the low 40s across the northern counties and upper 40s to low 50s elsewhere. tampa checking in at 50s and partly cloudy skies and clear 50s and skies are clear. winds have been gusting over the past couple of days and the wind will come down by tomorrow and that's one of the reasons why tomorrow night should be even colder. with those clear skies that wendy talked about. temperatures, wake up time anywhere from the low 40s in our northern counties and mid- 40s elsewhere and warming up in the upper 50s for forecast highs. typically this time of the year we should top out at 70 degrees. ten degrees or 15 degrees below normal and tomorrow night is
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30s across most of the area. 40s closer to the beach and up north pretty good chance of a freeze and with light winds frost will be an issue even as far as hillsborough county and pasco county. starting to warm up later in the afternoon and got another front coming in on friday. more on that in a second. satellite pictures shows a little bit of cloud cover and not enough to warm things up too much and otherwise partly cloudy skies overnight and mostly sunny skies to tuesday and tuesday night to wednesday. and with the clear skies, that's when the temperatures will drop. another storm system comes in friday. a very good chance of showers and thunderstorms. clearing and much colder. clearing for the kids parade and noticeably colder. highs in the 50s on saturday. here is a picture and we talked about the storm track and the subtropical track.
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even though temperatures are frigid up north. there is a glancing blow and by the weekend and next week new gfs numbers coming in colder by sunday and monday. winter is arrived after our extremely month of december. for the bothers 10 to 15 knots. the winds will come down later in the afternoon. with the clear skies and calm winds tomorrow night that's why temperatures will be dropping. there are the tide and your sunrise and sunset. the seven-day forecast, 58 is the high on tuesday. 64 on wednesday. thursday looks good. that rain chance thursday night. friday, showers and storms. yes, one or two could be severe. we will keep our eyes that and clearing and turning colder by the weekend. thanks, dan. bucks running back doug
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in sports stick hello folks. it was quite a season for
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martin. he has landed every honor you can have. named all nfc by the profootball writers of america. martin is the first buccaneer major in history to make the all nfl team. dante davis made the all nfc team. 20 days to go on the 29th. those interested in the lightning's young stud jonathan drewham will have to pay the piper. a dozen teams reported to have interest in him. 18 hands had interest in the syracuse game in rochester and that includes the canadians. tsn out of canadian is report that montreal is putting a more significant package on the table for drewhan. more significant than what? we don't know. we know that steve icenman is
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myself in his shoes do i trade him to a team in my division? who knows. the canadians are falling off the cliff without price. it is doubtful at best. my instinct is that drewhan team like anaheim. think he is. lightning organization. too impatient and has to realize that the bolts are healthy with tons of talent. the odd man out and stay that way for a while and the team picking up steam. jonathan duehand has his own agenda and the lightning have their. they are top three in their division but they want more. they want the division and there is one reason for this sudden turn for the better. >> i would say health. >> cooper has had to whip up a
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combinations because of injuries. but now everybody is back. the parkades and the johns and all of those that have missed time you can go in the lineup and say you will be effective. one major difference is how active they are on offense. vicor edmond shuster. come on there is no secret why they are back on a roll. >> look at the balance we have with johnson's line and phil's line draws pretty tough assignments on a nightly basis. i don't know. it has been good. i kind of getting back to the deep lineup we have. all right. finally the usf women are 15th on ap's basketball goal. miami 16th and florida 22nd.
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november of 1999. we are back in a minute and change. closed captioning brought to you by lakeland toyota. save
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we have continuing coverage at abc action have a great night.
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