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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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bayshore you want to bundle up a little more than normal because our temperatures certainly are below average as we're starting off the day but we're nice and dry out there. and our temperatures are going to be below average through the afternoon. as well. so again, take a look, 40s now in most areas, we're at 50 degrees in largo. longboat key 52 degrees. we're only this mild because of the cloud cover we've had overnight. we lose that tonight and that's where temperatures are going to be falling mainly into the 30s across the area. so let's enjoy this morning because tomorrow is going to be even colder. up to 58 degrees as the high today. no weather-related issues to cause a problem as you hit the roads this morning. really no weather related problems through the afternoon either. the question is for janelle, do we have non-weather related issues? what is going on? >> traffic still pretty light. still early in the morning. we're going to check in with corey dierdorff who is behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's on westshore boulevard
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not a lot of cars out there, but he's run into no problems and he's been all over town. he was in pinellas, now back here in tampa. if anything does happen he's going to let you know, i will let you know here. i-275 and 38th avenue in pinellas county i saw flashing lights in the distance, probably some construction that they are doing in the area. looks like they wrapped it up. this was in the southbound lanes. if you do run into any construction projects make sure you slow down and move over. give the construction workers space to work. let's check drive times. this is seminole to i-275, 11 minutes eastbound on olmerton, 11 minutes, the same eastbound on park. checking more drive times on some of the major roads, starting u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay, 12 minutes. 17 minutes, still in the green on the veterans from 54 to 275.
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from fletcher to waters. it is coming up now on 5:32. happening today -- a big education rally in florida state capitol going on. >> thousands are expected to show their support for a tax credit scholarship program. abc action news reporter adam winer is live at the tampa bay christian academy on rome avenue where those buses just departed for the state capitol. >> how many people are getting ready for the big rally? >> reporter: about 100 students and parents just took off. they gathered first at the tampa bay christian academy and just hit the road for the trip to tallahassee. they are expected to join 10,000 people and as well as other rally goers at the state capitol to march to show their support for a state scholarship program that gives money to low income families to help send their kids to private schools like the tampa bay christian
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you can see the people who are gathering this morning before they took off. they are going to be joining -- they are among about 80,000 florida kids that use that scholarship every year. but there's a lawsuit now by the florida teachers union to end that program. parents at this school i talked to this morning said they would be extremely disappointed if their kids had to leave this school if that 15-year-old program came to an end. >> there's nothing wrong with public school. i love public school. it was not fit for my children. they needed something a little smaller and closer, it's a christian school, so goes with my beliefs. >> reporter: the teachers union association of florida -- sorry, the education association says they are suing because they feel like this program takes too much money out of the public education system. you're going to be hearing more and of course we'll have more coverage later today about the rally.
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winer, back to you. in washington, your child's attention. >> a senate committee will vote more flexibility to schools over what healthy meals they decide to serve kids. >> it would delay an upcoming deadline to cut sodium levels. the vote is expected tomorrow. we'll let you know. 5:34. loved ones are holding on to hope that 12 marines will be found nearly a week after two helicopters crashed near hawaii. search teams found life rafts carried on board the choppers, some even inflated. the coast guard is still searching for any signs of life from the air and a u.s. navy ship is supporting the underwater search efforts. officials say even five days after the choppers collided it's still possible there are of survivors. the kidnapping of three american contractors in iraq is raising questions this morning,
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this is a map of baghdad, now iraqi troops are going door-to- door in dora, a neighborhood in baghdad searching for those contractors. we're told that as of yesterday morning the kidnapping occurred at the home of their interpreter but it is now appears it occurred at an apartment known to be a brothel. meanwhile the family of robert levinson says they are devastated he was not include in the iranian prisoner exchange president obama agreed to over the weekend. he's a former fbi agent and disappeared in iran nine years ago while on unauthorized mission for the cia. iran deneeds it's holding him. the family doesn't believe the iranian government and says iran officials do know where he is. the fbi is offering a $5 million reward for information on levinson. democracy 2016 -- senator ted cruz close behind him in polls, donald trump looking to evangelicals.
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he goofed when quoting a biblical verse in his address while vowing to protect president. he drew laughs when he says it was coming from core ridge 2corinthians instead of second corinthians. bernie sanders told a crowd of 5,000 in birmingham he would fight for a higher minimum wage, paid health leave and affordable tuition cuts. among black voters hillary clinton continues to lead sanders by a large emergencyin. the water crisis in flint, michigan has been a hot topic. rick snyder hardly brushed it off after hillary clinton said he acted as if he didn't care about the crisis. he shot back saying this "politicizing the issue doesn't
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meanwhile the flint mayor is heading to washington to secure a federal disaster declaration to make more government money available to people impacted by the water crisis. people in flint have bottled water now that their own water supply is contaminated with lead. there are protests. regarding a gas leak at socal gas reported in october. a utility company says they plan to stop the leak by the end of february or sooner. officials say it's the worst environmental disaster the entire country has seen since the bp oil spill six years ago. for the first time this morning we're hearing the 911 call of a warning that came too late to save the life of an ohio police officer. we first told you about this yesterday morning here on abc action news at 6:00. now we know herschel jones could be charged soon for the murder of officer thomas cottrell.
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warn authorities in danville, ohio, about her ex-boyfriend. >> yes, i'm in danger. cops in danville are in danger too. >> what is going on? >> my ex-boyfriend is out in camo looking to kill a cop. >> it came mints before his body was -- minutes before his body was found. jones is in custody for prosecutors say it's enough to hold him until charges are filed. someone seems to be a quick trick. a third business now coming forward after an incident over the weekend. valrico say a man paid for a bill. he got the change and quickly slipped $20 of the money in his short changed. it comes days after datz in
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brandon got hit by what appears to be the same guy. >> it's only $20 that we know about from three locations. how maybe more locations -- many more locations have been short $20? >> right now the cases are all under investigation. in the meantime cashiers are being retrained to slow down and count the change into the customer's hand. if need be they are told to shut down the register and recount the drawer. 5:39. will you look at these gas prices? $1.75. that is how low they are dipping in the bay area. this is at the wawa in the 1,700 block of west hillsborough avenue in tampa. right now the national average is even higher, $1.88 a gallon. it's been impossible to see it for the last decade but your chance is coming up. soon you will get to see five planets from earth at the same time. starting tomorrow mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter
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you should be able to see them two hours before sunrise and the view will last for a month. if you want the best day to see them, be sure to get up early and check it out on sunday, february 7th. no you'll need that extra -- you'll need that extra layer outside today. a chilly start and cool afternoon by our standards. highs today in the upper 50s. plenty of sunshine, we'll be dry so no weather related problems but this is not the coolest day. well, coolest morning of the week. i'll show you just how chilly it's going to get overnight tonight coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 5:40. still to come, working to survive and killed on duty. one officer's fight to stay alive at his battle with cancer comes to an end when he encounters a fugitive. >> let's not get it confused.
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kids in the trunk of her car.
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welcome back. 5:44 now. traffic is moving well through downtown. no issues to report. it's chilly this morning, 47 tampa. 45 bartow. details on traffic and weather together coming up.
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killed by a wanted fugitive over the weekend. authorities now say officer doug barney volunteered to work sunday to help pay off medical bills for bladder cancer treatment. barney was shot sunday when he confronted a fugitive who left the scene of a car accident. responding officers killed that suspect during a shootout. another officer was wounded but is expected to make a full recovery. authorities say there had been an arrest warrant out for cory henderson since last month. st. louis police identified a man killed by an officer during a fast food restaurant robbery. police say 52-year-old craton west had a history of holdups back in the 1980s. his mother says he had been living with her since being released from prison in january of 2014. police say west was killed when he pointed a gun at an officer while robbing a kfc on sunday. that uncounter was caught on camera but so far the video hasn't been released. the officer involved is on paid leave. a tennessee elementary school tutor accused of driving
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the trunk of her car says investigators got this whole story wrong. >> this is pretty hard to believe. investigators say all of the kids are her students. a customer at a gas station called police after spotting andrea james opening the trunk to let the kids out. police say surveillance video backs up the 911 caller's story. >> the children range in age from 8 to 10 years old, james says she picked up the children from a basketball game and they spent the night with her at her home. >> all of them didn't get into the trunk now, let's not get it confused. all of them never got into the trunk. >> investigators say james had the total of nine kids in her car, something else she denies. she's now charged with reckless endangerment. want to check with shay for a look at the forecast on this tuesday. another chilly one but is a warm-up on the way? >> there's a warm-up on the way. at least for the afternoons but i was just updating our freeze warning. i'll show you more on that in a moment. take a look at the temperatures
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we're starting off in the 40s, and we do not have any freeze or frost concerns this morning. our temperatures are a little more mild because we've had some cloud cover overnight but through the afternoon lots of sunshine, but we're only topping out at 58 degrees. with clear skies overnight tonight we're going to see those temperatures falling into the upper 30s in tampa, but the suburbs to the north and now including interior pasco county as well as hernando and citrus county, we do have a freeze warning. this is where temperatures are expected to fall, from 26 to 28 degrees for several hours overnight. into tomorrow morning. again, this morning still in the 40s but overnight tonight be sure you bring the plants and pets inside and we bundle up more as we start the day tomorrow. we continue to warm up. thursday looks like a pretty average or on target with
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then friday, next strong cold front rolls through. it will give showers and thunderstorms to go with it. we're still waiting to fine tune that forecast but at least we'll have a period of wet weather from late morning into the early afternoon. then saturday the much cooler air settles in behind this front. so we go back to highs in the 50s for saturday. a slight chance for a lingering shower early in the morning and then clearing skies through the day. and sunday another cool day ahead. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter with more. now for the roads, janelle, what is happening? yes, we're just getting word of a fatal accident, corey dierdorff behind the wheel heading to the accident now in gulfport. as soon as he gets there we'll bring you some more information. again all we know is that at least one car was involved in this fatal accident that happened overnight.
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again, it's in gulfport, 49th street south at tangerine avenue south. we're seeing slowdowns here along 49th street, you may want to consider 58th or 37th street. we're going to keep an eye on this and we will let you know if this is causing any backups and of course when corey gets there he'll give us the details as to what happened in this fatal crash. let's check our cameras outside. this is i-275 at fowler, as you can see traffic moving pretty good for this time of the morning. the cars you see here are heading guards downtown tampa taking about eight minutes to get there from this point. and checking drive times from the east on i-4, 21 minutes from the lakeland area to downtown. 14 minutes from county line road to 75. and just seven minutes from 75 to 275. 5:49. we now know more about the deaths of three people at a home near a college campus in new york. >> police say 24-year-old man
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with his girlfriend and that colin kingston took his own life after stabbing his girlfriend to death along with another man she was with. police found all three dead in a home with a knife near state university of new york. police say kingston called his father before taking his own life. his father called police who then found the bodies. today texas authorities are scheduled to hold a hearing on the so-called "affluenza teen" ethan couch. prosecutors are set to ask a judge to move couch's case from juvenile to adult court. couch remains in mexico where he's fighting extradition. he fled to the -- the u.s. last year over fears of violating probation. couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013 when he was 16 years old. he only received probation after his lawyers used the affluenza defense claiming ethan was so rich and spoiled he didn't know right from wrong. >> i won't be at the academy awards, and i won't be watching.
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empty seats on oscar night. why some hollywood stars are boycotting the awards show. >> then we say goodbye to another music legend. what ended the life of the
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dry start but it's chilly. the rivergate tower tampa camera showing you how nice and clear we are. no visibility issues to speak of this morning. if you're planning to head to the beaches today, keep this in mind, temperatures are going to be in the mid-50s. the water temperature 60 degrees. plenty of sunshine but we will have a chilly breeze close to the beaches today. most areas though the wind speeds will be between 5 to 10 miles per hour. now, we are going to have an even colder start to the day. i'll tell you more about that and when the warm-up kind of forecast. take it easy take it easy >> this morning we say goodbye to glenn frey, founded the eagles with don henley. 67 years old, passed away in new york yesterday. died of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.
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am bums in history. he went on to include solo hits as well. controversy is brewing this morning over this year's oscar nominees. >> the second year in a row all oscar nominees are white. >> now some actors are boycotting the show altogether. director spike lee and actress jada pink yet spit are calling for people of color not to watch it on tv as well. >> none of the 20 acting nominations went to a person of color reviving last year's controversy and the viral hashtag "oscars so white." >> the 2012 oscars investigation found academy voters are nearly 94% white and 77% male. the presidents of the academy, cheryl boone iceacs who is black says she's sought to improve the diversity. >> we are working inside the academy in order to make sure we have inclusion. >> this year's oscar host chris rock also referenced the lack
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a 15-second video clip friday awards." the academy awards airs on your abc action news station february 28th at 7:00. still ahead -- a message of strength in the face of unspeakable horror. the song a domestic violence survivor wants everyone to hear this morning. >> do you feel like men complain more about feeling sick than women do? the one virus that could actually hit men harder and why women are so much better at
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at 6:00 -- picking up the pieces after a weekend of violent storms. the way your family can get help, plus one woman's
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won't see anywhere else. with chilly temperatures. 45 degrees at macdill air force base now. >> agencies in sarasota and tampa are opening up doors for anyone that needs to escape the cold. >> and more counties will be opening shelters tonight. download the abc action news information is released we're going to post to it keep you up to date. cold it's going to get and if it's going to stay this way. is a warm-up possible today? >> a warm-up is not really in store today. our temperatures are going to be pretty cool in comparison to average this time of year. granted our temperatures will get warmer this afternoon but again, it is going to be a rather cool day ahead. tower tampa cam, you can see we're clear and dry, no visibility issues this morning.
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