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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking overnight -- terror attack in pakistan. university students gunned down by terrorists who stormed their college campus. >> months after she was nearly beaten to death there was relief this morning for this domestic violence survivor. her response after u.s. marshals arrested her ex- boyfriend. >> a mother charged for selling her 3-year-old daughter for sex. the awful conditions police found that little girl in. thank you for joining us this wednesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. manatee county homicide detectives searching for a killer. a woman walking in a park found a body dumped on the side of the road in palmetto. >> as maricello burgos explains deputies took hours combing for evidence. >> reporter: a typically peaceful road that cuts through the preserve. >> well used by people fishing down the road, a lot of biking. but it's very quiet back here.
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the usually quiet state park. >> the police car came by with sirens and lights going. >> reporter: martha cooper didn't want us to use her picture. she was walking her dogs around the same area. >>i thought what would be going on here? >> reporter: manatee county deputies found the body of 23- year-old jordan finland on the side of the road near the 8600 block of bishop harbor road. they say they have evidence that points to foul play. >> i'm shocked. i just drove across that area. i didn't see anything, there was nobody out there >> there's still a lot we don't know like how long her body was there. an autopsy will determine how she died but if you have any information about the case call the manatee county sheriff's office. shay has a look at the forecast. she's got a weather alert now. >> look at this, freeze warning in place for northern counties. bundle up as you head out. i would say you might want to
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afternoon but after starting definitely want that extra layer as you head out. 42 in tampa. temperatures in the upper 30s. by noon we're getting close to 60 degrees. we top out at 64 today. plenty of sunshine in store. and the warm-up is going to continue. but it doesn't last that long. i'll have more on the next cold front and the showers and storms with it coming up in the 7-day forecast. let's look at traffic at 4:32. quiet on the roadways. not a car -- oh, one car there. gandy boulevard and manhattan, no problems. we'll check traffic again in 15 minutes. breaking news in northwest pakistan -- where moments ago the taliban taking responsibility for a terrorist attack on a university. gunmen stormed the campus shortly after it opened for classes today. at least 20 students and one professor died in the attack.
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pakistani soldiers ended the siege killing all four gunmen. the pakistan prime minister now vowing to wipe out terrorism in his country. the u.s. and south korea are vowing to make north korea pay a high price for its recent nuclear test. u.s. deputy secretary of state met with south korean officials in soul this morning to -- seoul this morning to discuss making changes in the north. south korea's foreign minister says it's time for the international community to stand up to pyongyang. staid sad news from hawaii where the coast guard is suspending its search for 12 marines missing since two helicopters crashed off the coast of oahu. a five-day search turned up no signs of the marines that disappeared during a nighttime training mission thursday night. search crews found the last of four life rafts aboard the helicopters yesterday. authorities say there's no
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one of the missing marines, corporal thomas jardes was from fort myers. a bay area woman viciously beaten two months ago is finally feeling a little relief. her ex-boyfriend, the man she says nearly killed her is finally behind bars getting ready to go before a judge today. >> abc action news reporter michael poluska shows us christie dior always worried that christopher anderson would return. >> they gave my me face back. >> reporter: anyone meeting her for the first time would never know this beautiful smile was teaferl lost after she suffered a brutal beating november 5th. >> his foot was coming down. >> reporter: abc action news interviewed her in the hospital as she made a desperate plea to catch the attacker. months later that plea paid off. u.s. marshals arrested christopher anderson. >> for the first time in a couple of months i will be able to -- sleep. >> dior says anderson not only
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stomped on her neck with boots leaving tread marks up her cheek. >> too often we turn a blind eye to it, women afraid to speak out. and then the next thing you know like, the next girl is not so lucky. >> reporter: she knows she's lucky, despite a few cars on the face she's healing well. the aspiring musician and model hasn't been able to work since the attack, she hopes to get on with her life and anderson stays where had he belongs in jail. >> that's where someone capable of that belongs. otherwise. >> anderson faces two counts of aggravated battery and domestic violence by strangulation. christie hopes they throw the book at him. >> abc action news is committed to taking action against if you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation call the toll free
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you can find that number and local shelter information on homestead, south florida, police say they found a dead baby in a mother's freezer. a autopsy will be performed to determine how the 4-month-old died. detectives are not yet charging the mother pending the outcome of the autopsy. police in arizona rescued a 3-year-old they say was sold for sex, even more disturbing, they say the toddler's mother was involved. mesa, arizona, officers tell us the child's mother left her little girl with a man who sold himself for sex. the toddler was discovered after another man arranged to have sex at an apartment with a person watching the child. that man offered to sell the sodler for sex. police later investigated and found the girl in a garbage bag in a closet, hands, feet and mouth duct taped and she was so weak she couldn't even stand. neighbors now worry there could
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>> the whole thing just makes me really -- really upset. it's a child. it's a baby. how many kids could have have nabed out here? >> the mother shaved her head trying to solicit donations. the mom and male babysitter are in jail. the girl is in a safe place now in state custody. caught on camera -- a man sits down and steals an i-phone on a crowded hart bus inches from his victim. look at the surveillance video. the victim lays his phone down on an empty seat next to him and forgets about it. detectives say the suspect then sits down next to the victim and then reaches quietly down and pockets that $650 phone. that suspect is charged with felony grand theft. right now police in ocala are searching for three violent jewel thieves that douse people
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trio -- surveillance camera captured the trio as they entered the jewelry store, they used pepper spray and used hammers to open display cases. so far the suspects are not let's check again with shay for a look at the weather >> take a look at our forecast for the beach today. water temperature of 57. plenty of sunshine today but certainly on the cool side, if not cold side this morning. fortunately though we'll be warming up through the afternoon. the 7-day forecast coming up. fox to the rescue. academy award winning actor jamie foxx saving driver seconds before his truck burst into flames. >> we'll show you highlights in
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4:42. covering pasco county this morning, parents are trying to school possible. >> our abc action news reporter shows us there's a lot of expanded magnet program. >> reporter: thousands of pasco county parents will spend the next two weeks racing to apply to the area's newest magnet school. >> for our middle schools it's the first year we've had this application process for a magnet theme. >> reporter: the two new
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school and bayonet point middle school now join sanders memorial elementary school as the district continues to grow the popular education model. >> we've had about 750 spheets sheets to fill at sanders and we had close to 1,800 applicants last year. >> reporter: officials expect the same for the two new middle schools, each feature cutting edge tools and learning space that's would make google employees jealous, allowing students to dive head first into the future of education. >> i was pretty excited when they opened this theme school so there could be more focus on the technology and the science. >> reporter: magnet schools are playing a larger role these days in giving students alternative ways to learn. torena says she lives on the other side of town but makes the treck to get her son to the s.t.e.m.-focused school. >> we learn on the very, very far east side of the country so it's a 45-minute drive everyday to get him here but it's been worth it. >> reporter: parents have until
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district's web site. they can be expected to be notified of acceptance via e- mail february 12th. let's look at the temperatures now. this is why we have a weather alert. a freeze warning from inland pasco county on north. due to below freezing temperatures for a couple of hours this morning. you can see inverness already below freezing at 30 degrees. brooksville now at 31. hudson, you're at 38, tampa 42. we do mainly have temperatures near 40 around sulfur springs to arcadia. lakeland 37 and zephyrhills also 37. needless to say we're off to a cold if not very chilly start. and we have a little cloud cover helping us in our southern counties to stay just a little more mild, but high pressure in control, winds around it from the northeast today and we do have plenty of sunshine this afternoon.
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so maybe dress in layers today. we're still only topping out in the mid-60s and that is still below average for this time of year. tomorrow morning we'll be starting the day near 50. i think most of the temperature are going to be in the 40s across our suburbs. then topping out at 72. our wet day, potentially stormy day will be on friday as our next cold front rolls through. then on saturday temperature are going to fall back into the upper 50s for highs. it's going to be breezy so it is going to be a little bit of that blustery cold day again. then on sunday we start the warm-up, and quickly warm up into next week. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter. back to you. getting a look at the morning commute. this is gandy boulevard at manhattan in south tampa. oh, not a lot going on now. at 4:45. but janelle is watching the traffic cameras and she'll have another look at your complete morning commute coming up in
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in democracy 2016 -- ben carson and his campaign staff are in mourning now. after one of his volunteers died following an accident in western iowa. that crash happened yesterday morning, a van transporting 25- year-old braden joplin and three other campaign staff hit a patch of ice, flipped on its side and then was hit by another vehicle. carson temporarily suspended his campaign to fly to console the victim's family at the hospital. >> i hope his death will not be in vein. he wanted america to be a kinder and gentler place. where some think there's no room for kindness and gentleness there is. >> a number of presidential rivals including ted cruz and marco rubio tweeted their support for the campaign team after the accident. donald trump received what
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endorsement. sarah palin endorsed him last night in iowa. >> the former governor of alaska and vice presidential candidate says trump is the man to undo the damage done to the country under the obama administration. >> we are mad and we have been had. they need to get used to it, this election is more than just your basic abcs, anybody but clinton. it's more than that this go- around. >> palin told supporters trump would be the leader to take america, to make america great again. it comes as trump is locked in a near dead heat with texas senator ted cruz in iowa. hillary clinton also received a major endorse yesterday -- endorsement yesterday. the endorsement comes at a good time, since a new poll shows clinton trailing by 37 points in new hampshire.
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fire for using a private e-mail server. intelligence community inspector general wrote in a just published letter her server included some information even designated above top secret. there's still investigations going on into her e-mail server. the action will be fierce on the court tonight, but there's a more important competition happening off the court. the sun dome is collecting new and gently used clothing before the game. it will be to hand out to the homeless in the bay area. if you're going, look for the designated blue bins at the gates. here's tom with your morning sports now. good morning. lightning head coach john cooper finding the right time to put on ray's net, gave bishop a rest last night and wound up winning his fifth straight game.
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good news the bolts scored six. two in the second period. 3-2 go ahead goal coming off the stick of andre, his fourth of the season, later in the period, andre again, this time with the shot that ricochets high in the air, sl lady from behind the net, gives the bolts angle to make it count. in the third brian boyle makes it 5-4 on a shorthanded goal. assist by co-burn, the empty netter and bolts win 6-4. next up the red hot chicago blackhawks thursday night. buccaneers vetted four assistant coaches, they are john holk, jay hayes, mark dave kaxner.
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smith later today. and four going to the team. including jameis winston. that's your morning sports. enjoy your day. 4:50. heading to tallahassee. coming up at 5:00 -- the trip cancer patients are taking this morning they hope will save lives. >> next, roaring into tampa. the best days for available
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if you're heading out the door tower tampa camera, we're nice and clear and dry. the area, harbor and davis islands looking fantastic but what you can't see in the live image there is just how cold it is outside. we have temperatures that are below freezing, in our northern counties. citrus, hernando. there is a freeze warning in effect through 9:00. as you can see in tampa we're starting closer to 40 degrees. by noon we're warming up to 58. at 4:00 today we'll be making it to highs in the mid-60s. quite a bit warmer than what we were yesterday. so if you are planning on a round of golf, maybe dress in layers, bundle up for the early
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with lots of sunshine and winds out of the northeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour it should be a rather decent day, for a round of golf, jog or bike ride, whatever you have in mind or even take the kids to a park after school. just on the cool side instead of so much cooler than what we saw the last few afternoons. i'll have florida's most accurate 7-day forecast with more of a warmup, coming up. one of the popular broadway musicals returns to tampa, "the lion king," it brings to life the adventures of simba and more. it will play through february 14th.
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cheese today only. what is your favorite? >> i like all the melted cheeses. anything italian. we're going to continue with the whole foods thing. coming up, the state fair is nearly here. how you can choose which burgers are going to be on the menu this year. >> a virus you need to know
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4:59. you're walking out the door to some temperature that are below freezing in our northern county. a freeze warning in the northern counties i should say. freeze warning through 9:00 this morning. >> police car came by with sirens and lights
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