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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking news overnight. a shooting on city streets in tampa just feet away from a tampa police officer. i'm lindsay logue with the breaking details. >> then seven families get a frightening middle of the night wake-up call abruptly out of their homes after fire destroys several condos in tampa. who fire officials are talking to now that could help uncover how it started. >> our crews on the field now getting updates and will update you coming up at the convincing of what, 5:30? coming up shortly. for now weather and traffic. it was glorious yesterday afternoon.
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>> today we're more comfortable from start-to-finish. rivergate tower tampa camera again. winds are becoming more east to southeasterly today which is more warmth. our coldest area once again this morning is citrus county but the temperatures are well above freezing. we're at 35 degrees in spot. 36. take a look, across hillsborough county a lot of 40s, even 51 in tampa now. plant city is 43. take a look in pinellas county, more comfortable side this morning. st. pete beach at 52 degrees are in the mid-40s. now, as we move through the day warmer this afternoon than we were yesterday with a high of 72. no rain in sight for the today.
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tomorrow may be a little messy coming up in a bit. janelle, what is going on with you? we have an accident, actually happened late last night but look at this, the car took out some power lines. so we have some wires in the roadway. this is completely blocking south 50th street, closed right at 17th avenue south. this is just south of the selmon expressway. so a lot of activity out there. you definitely want to avoid this area if you can. corey dierdorff just arriving on the scene and is going to try to find out more information and hopefully tell us when this road will be back open. here it is on the map. south 50th street closed now at 15th avenue. work your way around this by using south 56th street, there's other options for you as well. either way just avoid this, it's also highway u.s. 41. i will let you know as soon as it clears. let's look at the interstates. looking great at the polk parkway along i-4 so if you're heading out the door in the
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tampa you should have no trouble making your way in. let's check drive times. >> it's still in the green, let's hope it lasts. 5:33. breaking now -- an intense scene in south tampa after a shooting overnight. this is the massive response he's possibly been shot at. jail. tampa police department with the breaking details. you just got new information, the person who fired the weapon actually admits to pulling the >> reporter: dan, he did. he told police he fired a his name is nicholas caldwell, now. but he says he didn't know it
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was in an unmarked patrol car. let's go back to the scene after 1:00 this morning on south new jersey avenue. the police officer said he had been following caldwell who pulled up to a house on south new jersey. moments later a gunshot, then the officer saw caldwell standing in the front yard. the officer thought he had been shot at, called for backup. dozens of officers responded on the ground. overhead the police officers circled the neighborhood. during questioning caldwell told police he got into an argument with someone earlier in the night. he thought that the officer in the unmarked car was that person and caldwell says he fired his gun into the ground to scare him off. caldwell reiterated to police he didn't intentionally target the police officer. he said he never pointed his gun at the police officer. this morning he is being processed now in to the jail and faces a charge of discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood. live with tampa police, lindsay logue, abc action news.
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morning at the west chester manor condominiums on west central avenue. several families now displaced at the complex located between i-275 and the home depot on florida avenue just south of busch. at least one is a complete loss. the fire quickly spreading to the connecting homes. right now not clear how it started but officials are talking to someone who lives in the home where the flames started, to get a better idea, we'll be staying on top of this and bring you updates as soon as they figure it out. 5:35. we're learning about a new proposal to better protect people with concealed carry permits. the florida sheriff association released new information, they want to better protect law asiding concealed carry permit holders from getting arrested or prosecuted if their weapon is accidentally visible. it happened to someone in citrus county in 2009 had had a permit. he was arrested after an officer spotted the gun under his shirt. >> most concealed carry permit holders, the vast majority of
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they don't want to break the law i think this defines the law, narrow enough that there should be really no excuse for somebody being prosecuted for openly carrying when it was obviously a case where the wind blew his jacket open or something like that. >> the proposal would create immunity for a gun owner who accidentally displays a firearm, officers would be required to let the person explain the mistake. that doesn't happen and then the person wouldn't be able to be convicted. to be arrested a person would gun. baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will now move forward after a judge ruled officer william porter won't have to attorneys had argued that porter's upcoming appeal in march could have delayed the other officers' right to a speedy trial. despite the ruling porter is still under a judge's order to other baltimore officers. a total of six officers are
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gray suffered a fatal neck injury while in police custody last april. porter's case ended in a mistrial last month. he's facing a retrial in june. colorado movie theater shooter james holmes is in a prison in a different state but law enforcement not saying where. a spokeswoman says revealing james holmes' location would impact the purpose of the agreement. holmes is serving life in prison for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others when he opened fire in a suburban denver movie theater in 2012. european travelers who want to come to the u.s. could soon find it more difficult to enter the country. as soon as today the obama administration may introduce new he visa requirements, in an effort to keep europeans who fought for the islamic state from coming to the u.s. to launch attacks. europeans who traveled to iran, iraq, sudan or syria in the
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visa to travel to america. however, syrian and iraqi refugees fleeing isis won't be put through those extreme measures to resettle in the united states. senate democrats blocked a bill that would require new fbi background checks and signoffs from three high ranking federal officials before a refugee from syria or iraq could come to the united states. some fear isis militants will pretend to be refugees so they can get to america. in the fight against isis easier for the u.s. military to strike terrorist targets in afghanistan. until now the military could only pursue isis if they posed in a specific area. under the new rules isis is now organization allowing u.s. forces to actively pursue as needed. 5:38. almost 10 years since she disappeared and jennifer kesse's parents are trying to bring renewed attention to the case. in a news conference set for tomorrow the parents and orlando detectives will talk
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the tampa native went missing from orlando. police believe she was abducted after leaving for work in 2006. in a post on their web site the kesse's say there's been no new leads in the case. new this morning, polk deputies need your help to track down a thief caught on camera shoving seven bottles of perfume down his pants. you see it in the images before he walked out of the department store without paying. he's been on the run since last monday after deputies say he stole from a j.c.penney in davenport if you recognize this guy you can call crime stoppers with a tip, possibly for a cash reward. this morning hunters are going to continue to search for invasive pythons that are devastating wildlife in the everglades. as of monday 17 pythons had been caught in florida's month- long python challenge. this 16-foot 10-inch long burmese python, what a florida wildlife officer found sunning itself in miami-dade county. that officer could have won the
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longest snake caught but he's not eligible. the gasparilla children's parade is this weekend and local police are getting ready for the next two weekends of celebrations. tampa officers want to remind everyone to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, if you see something say something. 21 agencies will be helping tampa police department keep you and your family safe. police say they will target underaged drinking and something new this year, drones. >> i think it's a good idea because people don't know how to control those things. it's like -- can you imagine a remote controlled car running around in the parade? it's the same idea. >> next week a voice mail will be going out to all parents in hillsborough county reinforcing that zero tolerance policy. if you're -- you have time off today and want to hang out in the back yard a little bid or maybe get yard work done, whatever you have in mind, today's looking fabulous.
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soak it up because it's not going to last any longer than today. begin coming up in florida's 5:41. still ahead, up in flames, from a popular gift many got under the tree. a new tech toy set this house
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the man dubbed the most
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explain under oath why he raised the price of a drug used by aids patients from $13 to $750 a pill. yesterday martin skreli tweeted a photo of his subpoena from the house of representatives. he wrote "found this letter, looks important" and he debated whether or not he should even show up for the hearing set for next week. last month martin skreli resigned from the pharmaceutical company a day after he was indicted for security fraud. meanwhile the scared "affluenza teen" could be back in america within a couple of weeks despite early reports it would take months to get ethan couch to return from mexico. couch had been challenging his deportation but attorneys say they are backing off now. you remember he fled to mexico with his mother as investigators looked into whether he violated probation for a deadly drunk driving crash. a 5:45. e-mails concern that staffers were concerned about water
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months before it became public knowledge. it shows in late september, that it was questioned about the water supply after switching to a new water source to try and save money. the chief of staff also told the governor the people of flint were "caught in a swirl of misinformation." right now families in flint are only drinking bottled water. 5:46. let's check with meteorologist shay ryan. you started the day so wonderfully. >> this is the best day of the week from start-to-beginnish. temperatures are much more mild than where we were yesterday morning. in fact we're starting off in the low 50s in tampa. most of the area really is in the 40s and then citrus county we still have mid-30s. but again nothing near freezing so we're in great shape as we're starting off the day. you may want that extra layer but you'll be shedding it later on as we make to it a high of 72.
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day here intap tampa bay. tomorrow a different story. we start with the morning commute looking pretty good. i'm requesting to reverse this just a little so you can see where the storm system is today. this is thursday morning, this area here around louisiana and mississippi and into alabama and even the panhandle of florida is where there's a risk for severe weather today. but, as we put this in motion you can see the line of storms that at 2:00 a.m. are still well out in the gulf for severe storm remains well to our north in the panhandle and that is where it stays for the whole day. our batch of rain and storms will move through any time from late morning to early afternoon. may still see a few showers saturday, i think there's a rolling across the area. it's because of that strong wind pattern coming in off the gulf that it could just kick up a little extra moisture and
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so partly sunny skies on saturday. breezy with some wind gusts up to about 30 to 35 miles per hour. things calm down on sunday but remain on the cool side. so i think the rain for tomorrow may be timed in the middle of the two commutes. that is pretty good news. this morning's weather is fantastic for the morning commute but i think janelle is starting to get dizzy there in the traffic department. what is going on? we have a crash we've been following from overnight, 50th street completely blocked. corey, what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. like you said this accident happening last night. u.s. 41, also known as 50th street or south tamiami trail at south 17th avenue in the tampa gibsonton area. traffic is being rerouted down to south 51st treat and over to 20th avenue south. so a local detour through a neighborhood. not causing much delays as of
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and there's a little bit of confusion out here leave yourself extra time, tico crews are working diligently. that is a new pole which is good news, they are now attaching the utilities and trying to open up this roadway. we'll stay on top of it and let you know when it opens and if the delays get any longer on air and on-line at we're going to show this crash on the map. here it is south 50th street closed at 17th avenue. corey gave you the local workaround but if you're heading out the door now you may take causeway boulevard up to 56th street. that will get you around this. look at the red on u.s. 41. definitely want to avoid that area if you can. let's check the other area roads. starting at the courtney campbell causeway, the tampa side of the bridge, nothing happening here. you have a smooth ride all the way across. your drive time across now just eight minutes.
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frankland and eight on the gandy bridge. 5:50. the dangers are hoverboards, once again proving true this morning. fire officials in santa rosa, california say the popular toy sparked this raging fire earlier this week. officials say that fire started in a girl's bedroom where the hoverboard was being charged. no one was home at the time but the family's two dogs were killed. this is the 40th reported hoverboard fire in 19 states. consumer product safety commission looking hard at the lithium ion batteries that power those products. and is offering refunds to anyone who bought hoverboards on its web site. the consumer product safety commission called on other retailers and manufacturers to do the same. despite the decision they still sell hoverboards on its site. coming up -- hollywood stars boycotting the oscars. now the academy acts.
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done after mounting complaints. then the nfl makes history. why some somany are calling
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can see the camera shaking a little. winds between 5 to 10 miles per hour. nothing extreme going on, we're dry, a few clouds across tampa bay but nothing to bring us any rain. perfectly dry out there this morning but this is what i'm keeping an eye on. it's the leading edge of the next storm system that is going to be rolling on through tomorrow. i'll time out the rain for you and when the colder temperatures will arrive, how farther going to fall coming up in florida's most accurate 7- day forecast. 5:54. academy members responding after several actors decided to boycott the oscars claiming the academy doesn't value people of color. academy members speaking out, some defending the now controversial oscar votes. actress penelope ann miller told the reporter "to imply this this is because everyone is racist is offensive."
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it, it's been going on too long. >> on monday the academy president cheryl boone isaacs said -- the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership. history in the making in the nfl this morning. >> the buffalo bills are celebrating their latest hire, the first full time female assistant coach in the league's history. katherine smith will be a special teams quality control coach. bills head coach rex ryan says smith has done an outstanding job and definitely deserves the promotion. before that she spent several seasons with the new york jets. >> congratulations. still ahead -- hundreds of thousands of collars of taxpayer money spent on a machine the city can't even use. what tampa leaders are doing now as they try to make this costly mistake right. >> we're following breaking news, flames shoot out of a tampa condo complex overnight sending families scrambling. our crews are there live
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a busy thursday morning on abc action news. we're checking to see how many families were displaced in an overnight fire that tore through a north tampa concondo complex. >> and police are trying to get updates on a police officer shot at. first, shay, hand down, come on over, this is going to be the nicest day of the week. >> i was just doing updates. rivergate tower tampa camera clear and dry, looking great as we start the day. it is going to be, i think the most gorgeous day of the week because we're starting dry, the temperatures are warmer this morning, even in citrus county where you were starting off
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look where you're at now. 40 degrees in lecanto, inverness into homosassa, the temperatures have come up over the last half-hour even. temperatures are in the low 50s in tampa. we have the mid to upper 40s across brandon and fishhawk. 45 degrees. as we move through the day we're going to continue to warm up with a east-to-southeasterly flow and we're going to be in the mid-60s by noon, nice and dry and up to 72 as a high today in tampa. so overall looking fantastic. of course no concern for the morning commute due to weather but janelle is taking a look at the cameras across the area and tracking what is going on. are you seeing any problems at this point? yes, we have a crash from late last night but it's causing a messy situation on the roads. we have a live picture, corey dierdorff on scene. it was a car that crashed into a utility pole and now lines are all over the road.
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this is happening at south 50th
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