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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is happening at south 50th street or u.s. 41 and 17th avenue south. this is just south of the selmon expressway so you want to avoid this area if you can. this is what it looks like here on the map. you can work around this by using causeway boulevard, up to 56th street, there's other options for you as well. either way take a look at the red on u.s. 41, you definitely want to avoid that area if you can. i will keep an eye on this and corey will as well and let you know as soon as that clears. hopefully in time -- by the time you head out. i-278275 and 38th avenue south in pinellas county. 275. construction taking up one lane though not causing delays on the interstates. you can tell by the average speed northbound, 70 miles an hour so that is great. exactly the same in the opposite direction. your drive times -- i-275
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to downtown tampa. 6:01. a fire at a tampa condo complex, seven families now without a place to live, it's near florida avenue and busch boulevard, the west chester manor. adam winer there is, what is the fire department saying so far? >> reporter: i just spoke to them. the good news this morning that everybody who lives in the building said to be doing ok, everybody made it out ok, when neighbors and police officers knocked on doors before the fire department even got here to make sure everyone could get out safely. the fire caused a lot of damage, i'm told it's extensive, especially on the second floor. i just talked to a tampa fire spokesman, he tells me that is where the fire started, appears to have started in one apartment on the second floor. of this condo building. then spread through the attic causing a lot of damage. this all started around 2:00 this morning.
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lived in this building, i spoke several of them this morning, they are obviously upset, obviously worried, but many of them including one man who i met who escaped this burning building with his son says he's just thankful to have made it out ok. >> i -- it's like life. you got your life, that's it. that is the most important. >> reporter: jose vazquez and several others meeting with the sure they have somewhere to stay, that they have food and water and everything they need for them and their family. meanwhile fire department fire investigators out here now, second floor into the attic trying to figure out exactly how this fire started and i'm told they are also interviewing the woman who lived in this apartment right up here where trying to piece together
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we'll have an update coming up in the next half-hour. for now live in tampa, adam winer, abc action news. to. a shooting near a tampa police hyde park. we're told a suspect mistook the officer for another person scare him off. 1:00 a.m. police say that officer was tailing a car until it stopped at a home on south new jersey near cleveland street. that is when they say 25-year- old nicholas dwawld duel fired at the ground and ran toward the home. caldwell. when officers arrested him he explained he was not targeting police, but rather trying to scare whoever pulled up to his house. he was still charged with discharging a firearm. 6:03. a st. petersburg man says he's living in fear. he says someone terrorized him for years and it's only a matter of time before he strikes again. >> and making matters worse police say they are having a hard time making an arrest even though the cars at his home have all been vandalized. it started when a dui driver
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he said he testified against claims the suspect vandalized again. three weeks ago cummings says in white paint. he says he's also shelled out times after they were damaged. come in. crime stoppers is offering up to $3,000 to anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest. detectives in polk county are looking for a murderer after a man was found dead. alexander viggo jr. was found dead in a wooded area in davenport. last seen alive by family sunday. detectives say it's a gunshot wound but an autopsy will determine exact cause of death. anyone who knows anything is asked to call the polk county sheriff's office. tomorrow the parents of a tampaa native who disappeared
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jennifer kesse disappeared 10 years ago in 2006, it's believed she was abducted after leaving for work. her car was found about a mile away. her parents will talk about the case. they say no new leads have come in. florida's four-year-long redistricting legal fight is finally over. yesterday state senate leaders announced they will accept this new map approved last month by a judge. voting rights groups sued after the republican-led legislature approved maps they believed were gerrymandered to help incumbents and gop candidates. the legal battles cost florida taxpayers over $11 million. another step forward for the st. pete pier project. in nine hours the city is expected to approve a contract with the company that is going to design the pore project. once that happens the city expects a final design to be completed in just a couple of months. this spring you're going to be asked to weigh in on what the designers have come up with.
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the new pier by late 2016. there may be some smoke near the withlacoochee forest. don't be alarmed, it's a prescribed burn. takes place between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning as long as the weather holds up. swallowed by snow. a thrill seeker's incredible survival and why a ski resort blames him for the avalanche. >> fact or fiction? we're finding out once and for all, why a pro football player
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6:09. check out this video, a snowboarder's brush with death and how lucky he was to escape. >> christian maris had on a go proat the the southern california resort. that is when he became buried in an avalanche. he did get out but hurt his ankle and his board snapped in two. >> meanwhile the resort where this happened says it's going to take action against him suggesting his snowboarding is what triggered the avalanche. apparently he entered an area that hasn't been opened for five ski seasons. two people died in other avalanches out west this week. massachusetts police are putting all questions to rest, they are confirming a new
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fact save a woman from a car crash after some media outlet's accused him of lying about that rescue. over the weekend darius fleming told reporters he played in the patriots' last playoff game with an injury he sustained when he kicked out a car window to pull a woman to safety. reporters from "usa today" and other media outlet's couldn't confirm the crash actually happened and it cast doubt on his story. yesterday fleaming tweeted "people are quick to bring you down, so sad." finally the police department looked through the matter and said fleming is in fact telling the truth. if you're getting the kids ready for school this morning i think they are going to be a little more comfortable as you head out the door. most of the temperatures in the 40s but even in tampa 53 degrees so not nearly as cold as we were yesterday at this time. and later this afternoon when you're picking up the kids from school they are going to be shedding that extra layer they are wearing this morning.
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temperature as you pick up the kids from school. and the beautiful weather today doesn't last, sorry to say but i'll tell you all the details and time out the rain and cooler air moving in with our next cold front coming up in the 7-day forecast. 6:11. if you are just waking up with abc we're following breaking news. seven families now looking for somewhere to go after this huge fire at a north tampa condo complex. we're checking in with fire crews to see what may have caused this and whether anyone was hurt. plus, a tampa police officer tailing a suspect, here's a -- hears a gunshot. why that suspect now behind bars says this was all a
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welcome back. 6:14. bad day to be on the beltway. we don't have the live picture? all right. we were going to show you live pictures of washington, dc. they are bracing for another round of snow. this video here shows crews in virginia treating the roads ahead of the storm. alexandria, 300 plow trucks are gearing up, salt trucks making sure the roads are safe for anyone who absolutely has to be driving. ahead in the next half-hour, how tampa electric crews are planning to help the communities bracing for this storm. shay, we're talking maybe 2
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meg lop police out there. could be one for the history books? it's certainly going to create travel issues. it's going to create travel issues the next couple of days as that storm system really gets cranking later today. i think we'll see more impacts. as least in our area we're off to a gorgeous start, not quite as chilly. we are still going to see lots of sunshine today, to make it even warmer for this afternoon. than we were yesterday. so let's talk about this big storm system because it will be impacting our weather as well tomorrow, as the southern section of this cold front rolls on through. right now you can see all those winter weather advisories, watches, warnings extending from the central u.s. on up into the northeast. so this storm system is just getting going and will intensify not only with the chance for severe storms to the south later today but also that winter weather to the north so this is what we're looking at starting this morning with a chance in louisiana,
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for that line of storms as it rolls through to create some damaging winds, hail and risk of tornadoes as well. into tomorrow though, check this out, this is friday, 3:00 in the morning, that line is just starting to move into the panhandle of florida. that is where we'll have a slight chance for an isolated severe storm. as it works closer to us it rolls through as more garden variety thunderstorms. we'll keep an eye out to see if there's any especially hansed risk or even slight -- enhanced risk or even slight risk of an organized storm or severe weather. doesn't look like that now but check the rain developing across the gulf late friday behind the cold front this. strong flow of air that comes in behind this system is going to keep us with at least a chance of rain all the way through to saturday. so let's enjoy today where we're starting off in the 40s to low 50s. st. pete 56 now.
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degrees but all our temperatures in citrus county this morning have been in the upper 30s to the low 40s so an improvement from yesterday's freezing temperatures. tomorrow temperatures look good but that chance of rain from morning through night with a short period of time where we'll have some heavier rain and thunderstorms. then on saturday like i said, can't rule out a stray shower but i think what you'll notice most are the gusty winds and the cooler air that moves in behind this front. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. good morning, janelle. good morning. corey dierdorff is driving around behind our live drive cam, he's on causeway boulevard heading towards the brandon area. going to check that out. so far where he is now no traffic problems, traffic up to speed. the big traffic story of the morning is the crash in hillsborough that happened last night but still causing a mess. south 50th street closed at 17th avenue south, this is just south of the selmon expressway. so again this road, u.s. 41 or 50th street closed in both
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i want to zoom out so we can look at the alternates. one of your alternates here, 78th street seems to be moving just great in both directions. you can also try maydell drive or 50th street south. any of throats will take you around this. just for the next, until it's cleared, avoid u.s. 41. i'll keep watching this and let you know when that does open back up. let's look outside and see what it looks like here at 275 and fowler. the cars you see here are traveling towards downtown tampa. no issues to tell you about right now. let's look at the drive times so you can see exactly how long it's going to take you. grammy award winner, now world record holder, singer
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"hello" just broke the record for the quickest youtube video to reach 1 billion views, did it in just 88 days. almost half as fast as the music video from gangnam style. it's hard to stop the waterworks at the child's graduation, it goes nor the president as well. >> he was caught explaining why he returned a request from his daughter's high school to speak at her commencement this spring. the president said he's going to be wearing dark glasses and is going to cry. he went on to say he would be too broken up if he tried to speak so said there's no way key give a speech. malia is graduating from high school this spring. this morning a michigan family is getting national attention for forming this big snowman shaped like olaf from the movie "frozen."
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>> it's a traffic cone actually. >> oh. stands 12 feet high outside the home in grand rapids. the homeowner says it took almost an entire day to make it. it started years ago he said when his daughter wanted to make a giant snowman. >> he said kids from all over are coming by to see "olaf." >> it's supposed to be at or below freezing in grand rapids for at least a week so that snowman is not going anywhere. still ahead -- don't ever mess with this one mom. you have to see how far one mother went to protect herself from armed attackers. first, a popular tablet recalled because of a fire risk. here's your business headlines. in today's "tech bytes" -- a recall by microsoft. >> involves power cords for older surface pro tablets, 2s and 3s may overheat and catch fire when they are too tightly
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>> a fix will be released soon. new details about the samsung galaxy s7, on-line reports that the flagship smartphone about featurary 5.1 inch screen, slightly smaller than the i-phone 6 plus. >> it's expected to be unveiled next month. have you ever deemed of taking a private tour of buckingham palace? >> google just unveiled a youtube 360 video of the royal residence, can be viewed on the smartphone on pc. those are your "tech
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6:25. a consumer alert, involves a souvenir many of you mate mia have bought from disney world. two styles of baby onessies' the snaps can become detached and also become a choking hazard. one design under recall looks like an infant darth vader holding a light saber. the other made for disneyland's 60th anniversary. about 100,000 of them were sold last year for about $20. if you bought one you can return it for a full refund. the number you need to call is on our mobile app. 6:25. the man dubbed the most hated ceo in america is going to have to explain under oath why he raised the prize of a drug from
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yesterday martin skreli tweeted a photo of a subpoena from the house of representatives, wrote "found this letter, looks important." debated whether or not he should even show up for the hearing set for next week. last month martin skreli resigned from towering pharmaceuticals the day after he was indicted for securities infrared. he and other companies are being investigated for sky high drug prices. 6:26. another check with meteorologist shay ryan. it will be warm and sunny. >> yeah. looking fabulous for the kids who have after school sports today. outdoor practice of whatever kind. it's going sob so much more -- going to be so much more comfortable than the last few days. topping out in the low 70s. 3:00, pretty nice, temperature of 71. even at 6:00 looking at temperatures in the mid-60s, not bad at all. even after sunset. the temperatures will be pretty mild overnight tonight but that's because the clouds are thickening up ahead of the next
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impact our weather throughout the day tomorrow coming up in the 7-day forecast. 6:27. crews have been working hard overnight to get you updates on two of the big breaking news stories. first how many families are looking for help now that a fire damaged their homes. plus looking at whether a police officer was targeted in
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it's too much. it's like huge fire. >> very busy morning at abc action news. we're tracking two breaking news stories. first, seven families are looking for places to stay after this overnight fire at a north tampa apartment complex. abc action news reporter adam winer has been on the scene for hours. what have you learned? >> reporter: i just not new information from the property
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chester apartment complex here, telling me he spoke to the lead investigators from the fire department and turns out they think right now this fire started with a washing machine up here on the second floor apartment building of this apartment here. according to the fire department that fire started in that apartment building, then spread through the attic causing a lot of damage. this is a condo building, most of the people own the property that they live in here. this all started around 2:00 this morning here, again the westchester manor condos, next to the walmart in sulfur springs. i'm told now a total of 14 people who lived in this building, right now are going to be displaced. they tell me, because i talked to several of them this morning, they grabbed what they could and ran when they were awakened this morning. many including one man i met who escaped the burning building with his brothers says he was really just thankful to have made it out ok.
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happened if i was still sleeping. i'm happy my neighbor woke me up. i'm happy the policeman was there. i'm thankful for that. >> reporter: a lot of those people getting help from the red cross this morning. i'm also told that the folks from the apartment complex may be helping them set them up in some new apartments, at least temporarily so they have somewhere to stay. actually, that guy you talked to there says he was just a couple of days away from moving into a totally different home, a couple of days too late unfortunately. now he's lost a lot of property. again the fire department telling the property managers just a moment ago a washer may have been the cause of all of this. for now live in tampa, adam winer, abc action news. 6:31. more breaking news -- a man is behind bars as police investigate whether he targeted an officer. it was overnight in tampa. we're told the officer was on patrol following a truck leaving a bar in the soho neighborhood.
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driveway on south new jersey avenue and the two people inside got out the officer heard a gunshot. the department tells us the officer was not hit, never saw a gun. lindsay logue talks about why the suspect says he just made a mistake. today may be a good day to have lunch outdoors. you you say it's going to be beautiful. >> for a winter day in tampa this is awesome. in fact we're starting off quite a bit more comfortable than we were yesterday at this time. equally as clear conditions as you're hitting the road, you don't have weather concerns this morning. the rivergate tower tampa camera looking over part of downtown tampa, harbor and davis islands, the wind speeds miles per hour at the highest. the temperatures this morning out, much more comfortable. even varying a little this morning anywhere from the mid to upper 30s, even close to 40 degrees at times, but right now homosassa at 35. beverly hills at 36.
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mild. we're in the low to mid-40s across all of hillsborough tampa. as we get past sunrise the up very quickly, in fact we'll be up to 66 by noon. and 72 as the high. the unfortunate part of this, today's the only day that is going to look this fantastic out of the next seven. i'll show what you to expect with our next cold front and what commutes may be affected as we work through that next cold front moving through tomorrow. how's the commute? right now weather not affecting traffic at all. i-275 through downtown tampa. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. your drive here to the howard frankland just about five minutes. exactly what it should be. a live look at i-4 around the plant city area, no crashes or breakdowns to tell but on i-4. let's check drive times so you can see exactly how long it's
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drive from lakeland all the way to tampa. about 22 minutes. 14 minutes from county line road to 75 and just 8 minutes from 75 to 275. the big story is the crash in hillsborough, south 50th street completely blocked, action air 1, captain al is flying over this right now. >> reporter: good morning. you've done a wonderful job covering this earlier. you got the details pretty much right. good morning palm harbor. this is your neck of the woods. 50th street also known as u.s. 41 a little south of here, apparently a car hit a pole a little north of causeway down. wires up now. and i think they go across to the east side of r50th street. that is why it's closed in both directions. 50th street. to 24th avenue south and over to 52nd street. volume now. it in mind.
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this for a while. hopefully it will reopen soon. back to you. 6:34. we've got an update to a story we've been following for years. happening in just hours -- usf researchers are going to be meeting with governor scott and lawmakers at the state capitol, her hoping to convince them to come one a plan to bury unclaimed bodies from the now closed school for boys. scientists spent years looking into the reform school where dozens of children were allegedly abused and died this. week usf released the names of two more boys buried at that mariana school. in a few hours the researchers will meet with governor scott and present 168 pages of findings. 6:35. tampa city leaders are demanding answers about an error that wasted at least $350,000 of your tax dollars. we told you last year the city paid big bucks for a road paving machine that was never used. turns out it was too big to fit on tampa neighborhood roads.
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to hear more about the city audit that revealed the mistake. according to transportation officials that audit found the people who signed off on the purchase never followed a business plan. impact usf students. today the florida board of governors will decide whether store on campus. the board scheduled to vote on the matter during a meeting in tallahassee. if approved it would be the very first publix supermarket to open on a college campus. it would be part of a new housing complex set to open in the fall of next year. retired tampa police detective fighting canner now back home this morning thanks to thousands of dollars in donations. cancer. >> people at home saw this story. we told you earlier this week. jose feliciano needed $30,000 to pay for an air ambulance from puerto rico to tampa. >> thanks to family, friends and even complete strangers that money was raised. family members hugged each other and seeing feliciano for the first time when his plane landed at the tampa
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>> i never thought i was going to be able to get him back home. >> tampa police posted this photo on their facebook page of feliciano hugging his former partner. he will start treatment at moffett cancer center soon and we'll keep you updated on his progress. 6:37. still ahead -- refusing to fuse be a victim. how a mom turned tables on two
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captain al flying over hillsborough county, the crash that has 50th street south completely blocked in both directions. a car hit a utility pole and now we have lines down blocking the street. the crews are working on it but for now all lanes on u.s. 41 or 50th street, coming up, we'll this. in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing on a news mini bus. seven employees of the afghanistan first 24-hour newschannel died in the attack. last year the taliban threatened to target tolo news after it reported allegation that's taliban fightsers raped, kidnapped and executed people during a battle with government forces last october. the government warns if tolo news doesn't stop its "evil activities," yesterday's attack
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we told but a 5-month-old baby boy in a freezer over the weekend. detectives are now investigating how this little boy died. >> police say they were tipped off something wasn't right when the mother called 911, she was on a bridge, threatening to commit suicide. >> deputies responded and found paula varg yes, sir ortiz, she had seingested rat poison. deputies saw a baby seat and baby toys and gifling conflicting stories of where her son was. she finally told deputies his body was in a freezer. 6:41. a gun firing way too close to a the reason the suspect gave
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in pinellas county heading to 275, you're in great shape. traffic up to speed at 22nd avenue north. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about there. if you're heading to the howard frankland bridge your drive across looks good now. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. 9 minutes across the court know campbell causeway, just 6 across the howard frankland and 7 at the bottom at the gandy bridge.
6:33 am
about. this is in st. pete, u.s. 19 at 6 2nds avenue north. we were seeing roadblock in the southbound lanes, traffic indicators were in the red but in the last minute or so they switched back to green which tells me this crash is probably moved off to the side so you should have an easy time getting through there. we are still keeping an eye on the crash in hillsborough that has south 50th street completely blocked. let's check in with action air 1 to find out more. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: good morning. crews are still on scene. good morning palm river, this is your neck of the woods. so keep your ears tuned to this if you pass through 50th street or u.s. 41 coming up from ruskin perhaps? the road is closed in the middle of the shot as they put the power line, a pole, replaced. the road is closed.
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taylor and that warehouse to 52 & causeway, it's a big rectangle but should get you around this. not a lot of volume now and hopefully it will be repaired soon. here's the forecast. we're off to a fabulous start to the day. temperatures quite a bit more comfortable than where they were yesterday at this time. most of them about 5 to 10 degrees warmer. rivergate tower tampa camera showing us a beautiful sunrise, some clouds across tampa bay but not any rainfall. nice and dry out there and it's going to be dry from start-to- finish as well as warmer from start to finish. a few fair weather clouds and high of 72 after starting this morning, mainly in the 40s to low 50s. a really nice winter day here today. but it doesn't last. that is the unfortunate part. tomorrow as this cold front rolls through, take a look at how this storm system develops. so today we do have a -- an enhanced risk, organized severe weather throughout our southeastern states along the
6:35 am
day this also starts to create a winter storm, so if you're going to be traveling throughout much of the plains states into the northeast over the next 24 to 48 hours expect delays but by tomorrow the -- organized severe storm is in the panhandle. not in our area. we will get a round of some thunderstorms in the mix but at this point in time it doesn't look like we'll have any we'll continue to update that, as the path of that low changes at all. that could change the intensity of our storms as well. the strong winds behind this system are going to keep moist air moving across the gulf of mexico, into our area, all throughout the day friday. then into saturday, so that still means we could see some lingering showers behind this front along with those gusty winds to about 30 to 35 miles per hour on saturday, as that colder air moves in.
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still on the chilly side. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter. dan? 6:48. breaking news. mistaken identity? a tampa man admits he fired his gun to scare someone away from his house but that someone happened to be a tampa police officer. police swarmed is that south tampa home, right now a 25-year- old is in jail. our anchor lindsay logue is live at the tampa police department with more. >> reporter: we just got the mug shot. take a look at nicholas caldwell. as you said, 25 years old, during questioning nicholas caldwell told police he intentionally fired his gun to scare the officer away from his house but he didn't know at the time it was an officer because he was in an unmarked police car. let's go back to the scene on south new jersey avenue in south tampa. the police officer said he's been following caldwell who pulled up to a house on south new jersey, then moments later the gunshot.
6:37 am
standing in the front yard. the officer thought he had been shot at, called for backup, dozens of officers responded and overhead the police helicopter circled the neighborhood. during questioning caldwell told police he got into an argument with someone earlier in the night and he thought that the officer in the unmarked car was that person and caldwell says he fired his gun into the ground to try to scare that person off. caldwell is under arrest now, is currently in jail and faces a misdemeanor charge of discharging a weapon. discharging a gun in a residential neighborhood. live in tampa, lindsay logue, abc action news. shay just told you we're in for a beautiful day today, but we want to show you now a live look at washington, dc. what some of our family and friends are preparing for there as cities across the northeast now plan for a historymaking snowstorm. it's expected to hit the nation's capital, philadelphia and baltimore hardest. in fact some polices could see up to 2 feet of snow.
6:38 am
are preparing for this historic snowfall. overnight a light snowfall created this traffic nightmare that you see behind me. there it is. even the president's motorcade got stuck in the traffic headache. at home tampa electric, are sending more than 200 crews up to north carolina, they are trying to help restore power since outages are expected. if your planning a trip up north, major airlines will help you change plans without charging you. american, united, delta, southwest and jetblue are all offering travel waivers and refuntdz for people traveling to to or from cities impacked by the snowstorm. count on to us stay on top of any flight delays, we'll let you know how much snow that region gets. 6:50. the so-called "affluenza teen" could be back in america in a couple of weeks despite earlier reports it could take months to get ethan couch to return from mexico. couch had been challenging his deportation but his lawyers say they are backing off now.
6:39 am
investigators looked into whether couch violated probation for a deadly drunk driving crash. new developments in a poisoning of a russian spy a decade ago in london. the widow of alexander litvenenko is relieved a british public inquiry found that russian president vladimir putin was likely behind her husband's death. his widow is urging the government now to take steps operating in britain. he was given tea laced with poison at a london hotel in november of 2006. officials say he repeatedly targeted putin with highly personal public criticism. in democracy 2016, the republican frontrunner adopted donald shared the stage in oklahoma yesterday with the former alaska governor sarah palin. a day after she endorsed him for president. trump is hoping the palin support will boost his conservative credentials and stop ted cruz' momentum. a new national poll shows trump way out in front morning republicans receiving twice as
6:40 am
on the democratic side bernie sanders says his plan for a government-run health care system from cradle to grave is like medicare for all. the plan would include full coverage for longterm care, most dental care, no deductibles and zero co-pays. sanders would pay for the plan with large tax increases on both companies and individuals. you've heard the saying nothing gets between a mother and her children. we have the video proving that to be true. this is surveillance video from florida. two teens try to carjack a woman at a gas station. a driver gets into the seat. the woman walks over -- and smash him out of that seat. she even ripped one of the ski masks off one of the suspects. police say that woman had good reason to fight back. >> what that bad guy didn't know, in the back seat of that car, two kids and she was not going to let them be taken, so she fought, dragged the guy out
6:41 am
away like cowards. >> don't mess with mama. 9 two suspects ran to a wetting getaway car, the two waiting people and driver all arrested after crashing during a police chase. all three suspects now face multiple charges. to a story we first told but last year. one of two formerly conjoined twins from jacksonville is now back home with his parents. connor and carter were born as conjoined twins in december of 2014. last may they were separated during a 12-hour surgery. connor finally went home yesterday. his mom says the last 13 months have been tough but it's finally worth it. >> we definitely had our downs, we also have our ups. and there's certainly things we struggled through but the boys are little fighters, they made it through everything so far. >> carter is still in the hospital. doctors say he may need another surgery before he can go home. 6::53.
6:42 am
a fire at a tampa condo complex. adam winer has more information, about a possible cause for the fire that displaced seven families. >> reporter: apparently a washing machine may to be blame for this fire. we often report on fires at apartment buildings and it's a dry they're -- drier that is usually the culprit. in this case, investigators believe, they are pretty sure it started in the second floor apartment building, in the middle of the night. and that it was a washing machine that likely started the fire. a total right now of 14 people who lived in the building looking for a new place to stay. i talked to many of them, many grabbed what they could and ran before smoke filled this building. i'm told all are doing ok this morning. though many lost property and are getting help from the red cross. for now live in tampa, adam winer, abc action news. hillsborough deputies are
6:43 am
important to lock your car doors. they are hunting for the men caught in this video breaking into unlocked cars and even getting away with a loaded gun. thieves hit several cars in the rivercrest subdivision in riverview january 7th. we shared this video on our facebook page. your 401k is likely to take another hit. the dow fell more than 500 points at one point wednesday before closing down 249 points. futures now point to another bearish day, futures down 91 points. a blood drive is happening today. this one is happening in st. pete. it's going on again from 10:30 this morning to 4:30. 1650 third avenue north. again in st. pete. hosted by the st. pete water resources department. good morning. we are keeping our eye on 275 through the downtown tampa area. of course dale mabry where we have seen a lot of congestion. here at ashley, traffic up to
6:44 am
let's check your drive times. typically supposed to take only about five to six minutes to get from the bridge up to downtown right now. downtown there at the bottom it's taking eight minutes. six minutes in the opposite direction. captain al is over an incident in the palm river area. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. 41, highway 50 between causeway boulevard and selmon closed both directions as they repair power poles from an overnight accident. you may want to use the 22nd street causeway. most of the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. off to a warmer start to the day. we'll be ending the day in the low 70s. lots of sunshine and dry but tomorrow the cold front rolls through with a round of rain and some storms. >> enjoy today. "good morning, america" is coming up next. >> keep up to date on air and our mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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