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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to us here in florida. straight ahead. >> >> we'll tell you the startling number of drivers that police say illegally pass school buses in florida. >> >> more money, more problems, the tragedy one family is dealing with months after hitting the lotto jackpot. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us. >> weather, massive winter storm system expected to dump feet of snow >> we'll start with shea. >> right now, we are getting into garden variety showers, i think we'll see a few isolated storms rolling through for the morning commute. it's what's behind this, the main line of our cold front that will be a bigger issue or possibly a bigger issue as we move into the late morning and through the afternoon. right now, you can see part of
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this is garden variety and as we get into the late morning to early afternoon, that's where we are going to get that strong line of storms that moves across a lot of our area with a slight risk for severe storms, our temperatures top out mid- day and then start to fall as the storms end and the gusty winds come in behind this system. we'll still have a chance for a few showers even tonight. i think the impact will be pretty minimal as far as rain goes for the morning and afternoon commute. between that. how are things looking on the roads janelle? >> i have been checking. here's a a live look at 275 at ashley. no trouble on the interstates right now, if you are heading out the door, you will have no feed to be. one crash from overnight.
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north of hampton. someone was hit by the car, possibly trying to cross the street. investigators on the scene trying to figure out what happened. we know this is a serious crash. emergency crews on the scene, give yourself a few extra minutes. let's check your drive times, u.s. 19 southbound. -- . >> >> 5:02, right now, historic blizzard is looming over the nation's capital, weather forecasters are warning it will be a doozy. more than two feet of snow could blanket washington starting today. state merge emergencies have been declared in five states. >> >> airlines have started to cancel flights ahead of the storm, taking aim at a good portion of eastern united states.
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more than 3,000 flights today and tomorrow have been canceled. american airlines said it would suspend operations in washington and baltimore on saturday. united airlines said it would suspend flights at the washington dulles hub this afternoon. amtrak said it plans to run on a modified schedule in the northeast because of the storm. 75 million people are in the storm's path, near 30 million under blizzard watches or warnings right now. >> >> 5:03, a new study found that in one day, nearly 11,000 florida drivers were recorded illegally passing school buses or were stopped. now, the state is considering action that would protect the children on those buses. department of education said compared to last year, more people are racing pass school buses when the lights are
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it bill could bring a law that makes for a ticket. >> >> a man looking for love got robbed. >> you don't do a background investigation on your own of anybody you date on a website, you can end up with a lot of surprises. >> investigators had no problem finding the accused attacker. the teen-age girl foolishly used her real picture on the profile and deputies knew
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right now, a registered sexual predator back behind bars accused of raping a teen- age girl at knife-point. ambrose has previously served time for sexual battery. >> >> a saint pete man recovering from a vicious attack. his jaw shattered during a home invasion. two men asked to use the phone and were attacked when he opened the door. police are searched for a >> >> a u.s. marine freed by iran finally made it home. he had traveled to iran to visit his elderly grandmother. iranians took him into custody, accusing him of spying.
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>> new this morning, the marine corps said the 12 marines in two helicopters that crashed off hawaii are considered dead. status changed to deceased on wednesday after five days of searching for them. marine corps said each family has been notified. the search for the marines began last thursday when a civilian on a beach reported seeing the aircraft flying and then a fireball. six minutes after 5:00, a georgia man is dead after police say he was targeted because he recently won the lottery. now, his family is begging for justice. birch had recently won more than $400 thousand. three mask ed men busted their way into the home and demanded
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>> he said "please don't do that. i'll give you my bank card." his girlfriend said the men shot her after they realized his water was not in his pans. he died instantly. friends say birch recently used some of his lottery winnings to >> >> a groundbreaking ceremony held today in perry 50-miles south east of tallahassee on a solar facility. when the facility is completed. 22,000 solar panels will cover the sides of 20,000 football fields. duke energy is currently building another solar facility near disneyworld. >> >> investigators believe a high school graduate abducted while walking to her car to go to work in january, 2006.
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her car was found a mile away. a pan was seen on video parking that car, but he could not be identified. >> >> weather alert, we have a strong cold front heading our way. if you are planning on doing any boating, think again. small craft advisory in effect. gail warning will go into effect as winds and seas continue to build ahead of the front. we do have gusty winds and expect some rough seas out there. we'll continue to have updates and i'll have the timing on the heavier rain and strongest storms coming through. >> >> 5:08, coming up. heartbreak spreading across tennessee after a two-year-old boy missing for a week is found dead. where investigators found his body. >> --
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pair of drug smugglers, why two men caught their pursuit short by calling the cops on
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12 minutes after 5:00, we have a heartbreaking update to tell you about this morning. sadly, investigators have located the body of a two-year- old boy missing from tennessee. noah wandered away from his grandmother's house.
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crew within a mile and a half of his grandmothers. search effort combed thousands of acres of land, cold weather, rough terrain, making finding noah quickly nearly impossible. >> >> a pair of criminals, dipping into their stash and ultimately landing themselves in jail. they started to get a bit paranoid. frustrated that the police were not arresting them fast enough the two pulled off the highway and called 9-1-1 themselves. >> hi, we are the two that got caughtrying to bring stuff and all of your cops are driving around. i would like for you guys to end this. if you could help me out with that.
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down the cops so they could be arrested. police found 20-pounds of pot on the men along with nearly $600 in cash. both were arrested and charged are trafficking marijuana. >> >> four people arrested after an attack at a subway in sacramento. one person walked in and got into a dispute with two employees after he was denied a sandwich. according to reports, the suspect left, came back with three others and an employee was assaulted. police did not say why the person was defied a sandwich. >> >> hot sauce fans have reasons to revoice. srichaa available in portable packets. it has gained a foody cult following since it was first under deuced in the u.s. in 1980. >> >> more good news for foodies,
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founded by three burger loving brothers with a reality show have finally set a date for a new location. 200 south orange avenue. a & e will be filming and all three wahlberg brothers, mark, donnie and paul will be there. >> >> we are in a weather alert mode. i think everyone is a little more alert for the potential of severe weather given what happened last week and similarities we are seeing. >> it's gentlemen going to get morning. from 10:00 in the morning. right along the coast, through 3:00 this the afternoon, inland, we are going to have this line of strong storms that move through with the mainline, right here of the cold front, we have a little time before ahead of it. we do have scattered showers and heavier downpours approaching the coast, right now, the key timing here, 10:00
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is when the strong line of storms will move through and when we'll have the slight risk for severe storms. you can you see as we look closer, garden variety showers, stronger storms off shore, but it's the main line back lear that we want to keep a close eye on and has sparked off a few watches and warnings. you can see the severe thunderstorm watches and a few -- actually, two tornado warnings right now in panhandle there is the potential for severe storms to the south, including oraria, but it is the winter weather, boy, oh, boy, that you can see hovering so many of the states that will create a serious travel mess right into the weekend. if you have folks heading in from that area or trying to head in from that area, you need to use extreme caution, especially if you get on the ground. now, our temperatures this
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comfortable as you are walking out the door. things will change as we move on through the day, we'll be topping out in the upper 60s behind the front. the winds start to pick up. even as the line of storms move through, you will notice the winds picking up. the biggest concern is for damaging winds, can't rule out an isolated tornado, but behind the front, the winds continue to be strong. a bit blustery, so you want to bundle up the kids. gusts up to 35-miles per hour. a few showers possible with mixed skies out there. sunday looking better with less wind, but still chilly and a lot of sunshine. a warmup into the first part of the week. good morning, janelle, how are things?
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crash 301 at i4 is all clear. you are good to go there. here at i4 if you a heading out the door at lakeland, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about, a 22 minute drive from here in downtown tampa. >> >> okay, we do have a road closure to tell you about. it's happening all weekend. be aware -- your alternate -- to work your way around that. good news, you can still get on and off thetic state at hyppeds and 275. >> >> all right, let's quickly check your drive times, all in the green, 18 minutes on the veterans. six minutes on the summit expressway from 75 into downtown and six minutes on the summit -- >> philadelphia police are trying to be hip, trying to
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spots ahead of the impending snowstorm. >> they are using a paridy of rap songs. psa showing the rapper -- police are saying they cannot save parking spots they have shoveled out if someone tries to save a spot, they will be fined up to $100. country reacting to sara pailen system for trump speech. not what she said, but what she
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much attention. why the sweater is so important. >> >> topping america's money, a huge car seat recall. >> because the handles can break. >> it covers the about safe 35, elite and the travel system made between october 2014 and july of last year. >> experts are predicking an unusual trend in the wine business saying for the first time in 20 years, consumption is going down. >> baby boomers willing to spend money on fine wine being replaced by millennials that >>
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>> it's 5:24. sara palin got a lot of attention after she endorsed donald trump for president. it wasn't just about what she was saying when she was there. >> a lot of people are trying to figure out what she was
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storm >> it sold out everywhere. that sweater retails for $695. department stores, you can still get one on e bay. >> >> while are you in a shopping mood, check it out. world. it uses motion tracking sensors to follow you wherever you go. it has a battery life of six hours. it is still in the planning phase, once it hits the market next year, it will cost you -- coming up. taking action showing you a new tool that will keep you from getting burned by a scammer. how you can see the thousands of scams being pulled across the country to better protect yourself. >>
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drive looks great across the howard franklin bridge. coming up, we'll check your drive on 275 from the apex to
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good friday morning.
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