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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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massive tree collapse. >> i come home from work and see the tree pierced in our house and living room. >> no one was hurt but they are left with a gaping hole in the ceiling and shaking nerves. >> the cook family, pittsburgh vacation cannot belonger. >> we are just happy to go and have the best time we can. >> even though she maybe the only one, mom is happy about this snow storm. >> they don't play much in the snow so it should be fun. >> snowball fights and billing snow man. >> that'll happen when they make it to pittsburgh. rightnow the bulls eye is on washington dc. of course, you cankeep track of the storm on our website on abc action news and on, search for abc action news. >> reporting live, i am ashley yore. >> take a look here, this is a scene in washington dc. alive look of the white house
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themayor is warning resident to hunker down and put. >> washington dccould break record could break records. >> wendy as you see, it is already snowing and snowing heavily at the washington dc area. >> it will shortly make it all the way down to richmond sdb turning to ice around charlotte. folks who are trying toget to charlotte or some where else. you will have largedelays there and nafk, ice is in fact, ice is really difficult to travel. they are pushing into the area and leaving to a cold and windy forecast for part of this week. we'llpinpoint details coming up >> breaking news right now, a 4
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student arrested today in threats of using a knife against other student. of the 14 years old. michael is joining us life. what can you tell us. >> reporter: wendy, good around, we are getting information on this case. this 4 years old 14 years old boy had a folding knife with him. he showed that knife to another student and it was in his backpack. principal involved and when they checked his his backpack, they found his knife. they found a note with anumber of student names on it. they found the note withother student names. that's why it is risen to the levelthat it has. this is a felony just having a campus.
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chargeswill follow. we are not if this is something that the kid is trying to do to scare other. we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00. we are live here at head quarters michaelmichael, abc action news. one of the suspects is out of jail on bond and the others are held without bond. still, neither has been have been charged with murder. >> douglas is charged with kidnapping. he's being held without bond on a charge of violating his probation. thesecond suspect, dwayne cummings bonded out of jail. themurder charges is against cummings. officers jimmy houston and his canine were chasing the 19
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holding him under water when he opened fire. a report from the stateattorney says houston was justified in the use of force. >> the family has asked for an independent investigation. all new tonight, a united states senator is offering pray to the university of florida scientists. >> the final forensic was presented on the dolzier school for boys. tonight, abc action news carson chambers isspeaking with senator nelson who's offering an apology to survivors to family. >> they are doing every bit. an apology from the u.s. of florida. >> and a pledge to never repeat a chapter of florida's darkest history. >> if you ask the white house boys, that they'll tell you
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monument and some kind of memorial so that in the future people who visit that site will know what happened there. >> and i think that's very appropriate. >> now, there is debate among survivors and family members and florida's cabinet how to honor the site, boot hill semitrar where 15 boys remains and more than a dozens using artifacts age. >> it is a great relief for those families that's still pending. whether the unidentified dolziers boys will be buried or arrested before. >> ultimately, i think to find
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the best for the best one. >> in tampa, i am carson chambers, abc action news. >> we have the full report on our website on jamieson. >> now to a celebration of life today for a woman credited saving the lives of thousands in the bay area. >> linda ottoman died last month. she was the long timeleader of domestic violence center. >> i know how many thousands and thousands of people she touched and the lives she saved and she did it always coming from a place of what mattered the most. >> linda was 66 years old. here she was part of the abc action news taking action against domestic violence campaign. a south florida police officer is recovering in the
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miami guard police sayofficer dade starlling filling out a report in his car. that's when a black suv backed up and opened fire. >> she was shot but able to call for backup. >> officers chased the suspect and he fell out of the window and he's now in custody. >> the officer is in the hospital. >> west palm beach, one person is still in the hospital tonight with serious injuries after being shot while driving on the interstate. it happened on thursday nighton i-95. no arrests have been made. the palm beach countysheriff's office is still investigating. >> traffic is flowing again tonight on little road. it wasbacked up during the morning commute. this suv flippedover. highway patrol tells abc action news a 77 years old driver ran off the road into a ditch and hitting a fire hydrant and a power pole. no word tonight on that driver's
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taking a look at tomorrow's traffic. janelle martinezhas a look at some construction project sdz avoiding backup for tomorrow's gasparilla children's parade. >> hi everyone. starting tonight and through mondaymorning. your alternate, cypress and produce to work your spruce to work your way around that closure. you can get on and off the interstates at times. hillsboro avenue onto the veterans, that'll be close all weekend as well starting tonight and through monday morning, your alternates here, take ben benjamin and up to waters and get on the veterans that way. tomorrow, children's gasparilla will have bay shore befld boulevard closed the entire
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the route is from bayto bay all the way to edmonson and the to work your way around this, cross town. that'll get you through south that traffic. children's parade on my facebook page at abc action traffic. a birth defect is growing right now. eight newcountries have joined the list of destinations of pregnant women should avoid. >> that makes 22 countries now where the zika virus is a concern. babies have small heads and abnormal brain development. now to this dashcam video here that's gone viral. itshows gainesville police officer shooting hoops with some guys in the street there. it has been viewed more than
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more thoon 100, 000 than 100, 000 times. >> the officer was called out to the neighborhood for a noise compliants complaint. >> not only officer white tell the kid he did not have a problem with them but he then picked up the floor and playing with them. you see it there, the dashcam rollingthe whole time. >> before leaving, he promised the kid he will be back to play a full game and he asked them not to be too loud. >> the department says they are happy to have kids praying ball in the streets. they are concerned dealing with realcriminals. jamison. the water crisis in flint michigan. the allies siding with residents and who lost their jobs because of this. >> i end ed in the hospital because of the fume from the mess. >> neighbors taking matters in
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therisk that's lurking inside condemned homes in their neighborhood >> the new warning for parents tonight about a social media app your kids could be using.
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tonight iverness residents are taking their community back. our jacqueline speak with people who are not concerned not only for their own health but their safety. >> meth pipes all over the ground. >> chemicals left opened and exposed. >> you could smell something in the air. >> i ended up in the hospital from that week because of the fumes from the mess. >> i didn't put myself in the situation. >> i have been put in this situation. >> a squatter has turned this condemn into an meth lab over the 18 months. >> they managed to rig up the
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danger again. >> most of the residents here at the mobile home park off u.s. 41 are retired and living on a fixed income. >> we are here because we cannot afford to be some where else. >> when they were first called of someone squattering here, deputies did not find someone but something of an meth lab venlt . >> it is scary to know that if something were to happen, that's my children's home. >> twelve hours later, jeffery smith was called holiday inn. he was committed of meth factoring charngs ing charges. >> absolutely, i want him gone. >> the only way the get rid of
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mobile home once and for all. >> abc action news. new video released by the hacker group pledging allegiance with the residents of flint michigan and those responsible for the water crisises there. there. >> what governor rick snyder will learn that we'll not forget and forgive. any wrong ing will be recollect rectified. >> the city of flint got a murder. >> the epa overseeing michigan, susan head man announced her resignation. >> this is the new face of the flint, 's crisis. >> you can see rashes all over his face.
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being dumpedinto the city's water system. >> now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abcaction weather. >> well, i know we have been focused on this blizzard in dc. we have some chilly weather coming here and the gasparilla parade tomorrow. the afternoon is going to be better and cloudy and great word in the morning and in the afternoon we'll see more sunshine but it is still going it. there is roanoke virginia. >> it is raw. >> if they have any bit of good fortune out of this, this is happening friday afternoon and friday night so they'll have little bit. apollo beach. strong storm andgusty winds out there. >> for the next six hours living along the coast, you
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thereit is, the snow continues to come in. rielth now, about aninch and a half and two inches of snow so far. thenational zoo in washington and the totals, around charlotte, sleet accumulation of two inches. you can driveon snow and you cannot drive on ice. that's going to be abig issue if you have anybody that's plan or thinkning or thinking of going to charlotte. >> they'll have the ice accumulation that's more dangerous. for us, we have the winds and storms. most of the rain isout of here and over the next day or so, we are right back in the deep freeze. >> floridians' style >> temperatures dropping down in the 40s or 50s tomorrow night and again on sunday night. tampa bay at 65 and clearwater at st. pete.
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high as a tropical storm. we'll talk about that injust a over the next couple of days, the area. there is a look at the future cast this evening and cannot rule out a quick shower but more than anything, it will be cloudy and windy and cold. if you see a shower where you minutes. are. we'll see more sunshine. that's notgoing to help warm temperatures up. we'll see high in the50s and tomorrow night and sunday morning, i think we'll see a freeze in citrus and hernando county. right nowthere are no freeze watch in effect. those counties iwould not be surprise if we see it later tonight or a freeze warning just issued by tomorrow for our extreme northern counties. highs on saturday, these are the highs,low to mid-50s. you factor the northwest winds about 20miles per hour, it is going to feel like it is in the
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later in in the day. two or three feet of snow west of washington dc. >> this is going to arrive of the 1979 blizzard. by theway, i was living there at the time, it literally shuts down the city. not nearly as much snow in the northeastand new york may still get six to nine inches. boston toprovidence only a few inches of snow. >> this is an atlantic storm and not so much of the north atlantic storm. >> for us, the afternoon will be windy and cold t. high is only in the 50s, both saturday and sunday. look at whathappens next week and another chance of strong >> all right, thanks thanks safety. the dangerous reasons this infant's car seat isnow being realled, coming up. called coming up.
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go sns ? and coming up this car without a spare tire. >> the tactics that officers feared could lead to something
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the safety commission is recalling of thousands of these seats. the handle can be break off while being used. >> the seats were manufactured between october 1st 2014 and july 1st july 2015. we have al link a link on our
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30 million vehicles on the road right now don't have a spare tires. turns out miss cars replaced the spare tire with inflation kit. the inflation kit don't work for alltypes of flat tires. >> going through the tread of the tires of nails or screws. the kit is not going to boric well. >> aaa is calling on car companies to put spares back in cars. >> tires are so good these days that flat tire are rare. >> next at 5:30. a popular app lands a man in jail after he uses it to prey on under age girls. >> coming up, the two things you need to know before your child hits download. >> the snow is falling in washington dc. the city isbasically in lockdown as we are preparing what could be a historic
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now takeing lye look at the radar, the east coast is bracing for the potentially record setting storms os. >> thank you for joining us. tonight, washington is rekov recovering from the storm. abc alana zack is in washington. >> the snow is already falling. blanketing north carolinawhere
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